Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Modest Ladies

Nate Flagg draws like crazy and loves emojis. He has a website and a doodleplace. He also is an editor of this art mag. He loves making noodles. He lives in Brooklyn.

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I have so much to learn from these decorous young ladies.

Slavon Smartmil@facebook

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I dunno about the lady with the poppyseeds. They are not only very tasty, but they make it look like you've had opiates! Also, you know... seeds.

Esther C. Werdiger

Is this about..... religion

#flashbacks #actualtrauma

Barry Grant

@Esther C. Werdiger
The lady with the inflatable gown made me think of your avatar.

Esther C. Werdiger

@Barry Grant
Yeah! Full disclosure; mine's a breastfeeding pillow.


It's rather sad how long I stared at Miss Lucretia Colby before I realized she was not, in fact, Homer Simpson's doppelganger (as far as we know) but was instead bedecked in a Homer Simpson mask.


@WhiskeySour Oooooooohhhhhh, that makes more sense. And yet, Homer Simpson is hardly modest and decorous.


@WhiskeySour Oh! That makes sense. And makes it less creepy.


I'm torn between DAFUQ? and OMG AMAZE.

Owl of D[redacted to preserve decency]sion, Age 27


I...am not sure I understand this


@Megano! I like it, but I wonder if it's just stand-alone absurdity, or if I'm missing some point or reference.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Megano! I'm with you. I like it, but maybe I don't get the whole gist?


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Yes, I feel like I am missing something!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Megano! As an aside, I haven't been to the comments in a while, and while I recognize that this is probably an exit on the highway to Internet Creep City, I would like to tell you I like the glasses in your avatar.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose Thank you! Those are my actual glasses!
EDIT: also face

Miranda Loeber@facebook

@Megano! I'm pretty sure the point is to poke at the shame women are made to feel for merely existing, especially as it was thrown at them by Victorian society.


@Miranda Loeber@facebook So these are actual books? That's the part I wasn't quite sure of.

Bus Driver Stu Benedict

Did anyone ever figure out what the deal was with Relationshapes??


@Bus Driver Stu Benedict I didn't... and I'm fine with that. No more feeling befuddled every week.


These are only a shade beyond the types of characters I hated in old-fashioned books growing up.


If these ladies had animal ears, this could be an Achewood strip. (I mean that well, I hope it's taken well. Mostly now I just want to go read more Achewood.)


@frigwiggin burn Achewood

Regina Phalange

If I went to a dentist on LSD, I'm pretty sure these would be the types of terrifying visions I'd have. Goodness.


This is amazing!


Obviously Hortense is unaware of the internets large number of balloon fetishists.

Flies in my eyes

I always had a lingering feeling that one reason I am not married to a fine gentleman, was due to my rude suggestions about ants. I do try to be modest and refrain...


@Mel They can lift quite a lot, you know

Flies in my eyes

@Mel Yes they can! Oh don't remind me, I must refrain from suggestions about ants. Let me hide under my lead blankets, even the thought of their little legs lifting such weight, fills me with dread.


I made up the greatest voices for these ladies!!!

Dirty Hands

So... the last lady is "Edi..." TH? EDITH?


"I congratulate you," Don Benedetto said. "What is it about? The war or unemployment?"

"Those are political issues," Don Piccirilli replied drily. "The diocesan journal deals only with religious questions. From the purely spiritual point of view the scourge of our time, in my opinion, is immodesty in dress. Are you not of that opinion?"


My mother relabels chicken breasts as "chicken chests" when she brings them home from the grocery store.

This is the truth.


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