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I Blew It With Scott Speedman

It was a dark and stormy summer night. I was supposed to start law school in a month, and I felt a sense of doom. (I would, in fact, drop out a couple months later.) Max, a man I’d been seeing, had just broken up with me because he had "nothing to give.” My friends were going to see a band in Tribeca, and I really didn’t want to go out, especially into Manhattan, but they convinced me. I pulled on some baggy ripped corduroys as a cry for help, and put my hair up in what I hoped was an “artist’s bun.” We walked into the club and I immediately saw a ghost from my past: Steve, a guy I’d lusted after a few years before. I once texted him “Admit we’d have really good sex,” to which he’d texted back “Hmm.” We’d eventually slept together through the sheer force of my will, but he’d broken my heart as expected, and I still wasn’t actually, completely over him.

We made eye contact, and I tentatively went up to say hi.

“Wow, your hair is frizzy!” he said cheerily.

He was right; in the rainy walk from the subway my hair had come out of its bun and was looking extremely “full-bodied.” I smiled feebly, and wandered away.

I was going to become a boring lawyer loser with frizzy hair and have a depressing boring life forever.

I walked out of the club into the night. Streetlights blurred, and the rain on my face mixed with tears. I lit a cigarette and kept walking. I was getting soaked, and crying, but I was also reveling in my indulgent misery. I felt like the star of a movie right before things really start looking up. The only thing I needed was a car to drive by and drench me in a wave. That didn’t happen, but I did drop my cigarette in a puddle.

“Ughhh,” I yelled to the empty street. I paused on the corner, under some scaffolding, to light another.

“Got a smoke?” I heard a deep, sensual voice say. 

I looked up to see the most handsome man I had ever seen in real life. I felt who he was with my body before my mind caught up: Scott Speedman, of Felicity fame. Who cared about Steve, or Max. I wanted nothing but to follow Ben to NYU and work at Dean and Deluca’s and record letters in a tape recorder to my friend Sally. I stared into Scott’s eyes, grinning uncontrollably; he was SO hot, cute, and sexy. After a few moments of my creepy stare had passed, I knew that he knew that I knew who he was. He smiled kind of sheepishly. I tried to hand him a cigarette but my hand was shaking uncontrollably. “Sorry, I’m nervous” I said.

“That’s okay, I feel nervous all the time,” he said.

He asked me my name, and I said Sarah, and he said “Hi, I’m Scott” and I said, “I know.”

“Are you having a rough night?” he asked.

“Yes, I am. But I want you to know you have just made it so much better.”

“Thank you Sarah, that really means a lot to me.” He touched my arm. “I don’t often get to hear that these days.”

Scott and I looked deeply into each other’s eyes. Was Scott Speedman … going to cry?

I wanted to say so much, but all I could say was that I had to go. I simply couldn’t wait one second longer to tell my friends what had happened, even if it meant leaving Scott.

“It was really good to meet you,” he said.

“You too, Scott.”

I waltzed back to the bar, feeling giddy.

The stars are just like us! I thought. Anything can happen in this concrete jungle where dreams are made! There’s really nothing you can’t do!

The next day I Googled Scott Speedman. IMDb provided some of his “personal quotes:”

“Sexy is a girl who's comfortable with herself. Long legs are beautiful ... and also a nice neck.”

Oh my god. I have long legs, and maybe I have a nice neck? Whatever, I don’t know what that means, and he probably couldn’t see my legs under those baggy corduroys but still.

“It's hard to meet good girls down here. It seems like they're all after something and interested in their own lives.”

OH MY GOD. I couldn’t be LESS interested in my own life. I’d be so happy to talk about his life forever!! What was going on? It was beginning to seem like these were written for me.

“You've got to just go do what you do — you can't really worry about who was attached to the movie before.”

God he was smart.

As I continued snooping, I realized that he hadn’t been super busy with work lately. Maybe Scott was bored, lonely, and had been trying to reach out to me. What was he doing wandering around in the rain by himself in Tribeca anyway?

Scott was sick of actresses, and wanted to get to know a real woman. Someone who wouldn’t just be interested in her own life. Someone who would get that you couldn’t worry about who had been previously attached to a movie. How could I have been so blinded by own nerves? Scott needed me.

That day, I posted a missed connection for Scott. A part of me really, genuinely thought there was a chance he might respond.

I never heard from or saw Scott again. But just knowing he’s out there, hot-ly roaming the streets of New York, makes me think that this crazy world is a magical place.

Sarah Beller is a writer and graduate student. You can find some of her work at thefix, thoughtcatalog, and takethehandle.

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I once texted him “Admit we’d have really good sex,” to which he’d texted back “Hmm.”

oh NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo


@redheaded&crazie That was my reaction, too. "Ohhhhhh noooooooo."

Annie Murphy@facebook

@redheaded&crazie Ugh I know. I hate it when I'm feeling brazen and flirty and I make direct statements like that....and then get knocked down a peg. It's like, where did that crazy power I just thought I had go? Did I let him take it? Nooooo!!!!!


@Annie Murphy@facebook is there anything more deflating than a lukewarm "meh" in response to your A-game?


@Annie Murphy@facebook This is my life lately for sure. The last time I sent something brazen like that the response was along the lines of "oh that was you. I didnt recognize the number and ignored it." I was a sad panda that day (actually still feeling pretty sad).

Annie Murphy@facebook

@iceberg Me: "Do you want to make out a little bit?" Him: "Oh, um, I enjoyed making out with you that one time, but I'm really tired right now". It took weeks for my ego to come back from that. But hey! I'm back to being brazen and first move making without fearing rejection as much because hey, BEEN THERE! And I decided not to take it all so seriously anymore, and that's been working out great. I've been kissing such hot boys lately, because I ask them if I can and they respond with enthusiastic YESes!. Don't let the lukewarm ones get you down. Keep on A-gamin.


@Annie Murphy@facebook the only good thing you can say about getting rejected is it makes it easier each subsequent time.


Annie Murphy@facebook

@redheaded&crazie Eventually, you realize that rejection has a lot less to do with you than it does the other person. Unless you're just way off base and being obnoxious or smelly.

Reginal T. Squirge

It's them, not you. Unless it's you.


@Annie Murphy@facebook "I know I booty texted you twice, but now, seeing you in person again...I'm just not interested."


is so beautiful <3 @y


You wouldn't believe how fast I clicked on this link when I saw the title in my twitter feed.

Goddamnit Sarah you could have had it all!

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@likethestore ROLLING IN THE DEEP!


also the universal dilemma: stay here and continue living this experience, or go back to my friends and TELL THEM ALL ABOUT IT

I always pick door #2 also.


@redheaded&crazie Yesterday my boyfriend was interviewing a celebrity and the celebrity texted me and all I could think was "DEAR GOD HOW DO I TAKE A SCREENSHOT ON MY PHONE SO I CAN PUT THIS ON FACEBOOK"


@jacqueline Who was he interviewing?! Why did the celebrity text you?!


@redheaded&crazie I think that's the smart choice. Leave before things get weird. I mean, you'd still have a good story either way, but you probably come out better in the end if you just let it be short and sweet. That's what I'd do!

Reginal T. Squirge

Has anyone ever had something good come from posting a missed connection?


@Reginal T. Squirge I so badly want to know the answer to this. In fact, has anyone ever had anything at all come from posting a missed connection??


@Reginal T. Squirge A girl I know posted a missed connection for a dude and now they are engaged.

I have no more details about this story.

RK Fire

@Kristen: whaaaaaaaaat??? I need to know more!


@Reginal T. Squirge Yup. I did indeed!


@Reginal T. Squirge
I posted a missed connection for some hot dude with tattoos and glasses who I played softball against, and I got a creepy message from someone (who lived in India maybe?) telling me he really wanted to meet me and that I shouldn't let distance keep us apart. So no, not in my experience.

Reginal T. Squirge


Well, that's all the information I need to justify reading them all the time forever.




@Reginal T. Squirge Um. He was a really adorbs guy who worked at a place I often went. And so I posted a work-themed missed connection about his being fully cute and datable. And he figured out it was me ("we all figured it was you, you were the only person who comes in here mad enough to do something like that"). So we went out once. It was fun.

TBH, I was in really bad emotional and mental shape at the time. Oh my god. Depression is the fucking worst. Anyway. So he was super nice and I was probably a train wreck to be around. But whatever, I can say I did it.

Then I moved.

The end.


@Reginal T. Squirge
Oh! I had one that was almost amazing and then totally wasn't. A couple of years ago, I was waiting on a flight home from a wedding and this very, very hot boy sat at a table next to me. He had a full-sized Scrabble set sticking out of his backpack and was reading a physics article, and we, you know, eye flirted for a while, probably 60% of which was in my head but I SWEAR at least 35% was real (5% margin of error). I chickened out in part because I am a wuss and in part because it was early and I was a gross, unshowered, hungover mess (on my way home from a friend's epic wedding).

Anyway, after I got home I kept thinking about Scrabble Boy and finally a posted a missed connections ad. And he wrote back! We exchanged pictures and everything! And we had a date set up, to go drink coffee and play Scrabble!

...and then he stood me up and never called me again, so yeah, missed connections are the devil.


@Reginal T. Squirge Ooooo,oooo! I have a story! My roommate and I used to post very, very silly mixed connections for each other to find. One day, when she was looking for one of mine, she stumbled across one from someone who was looking for a woman that matched her description and who had been at the very place we had been the night before. After I swore that I hadn't posted it, she responded and ended up meeting the guy for dinner. He was hot; she was smitten. They went on a few more dates, and things seemed to be going well until he stood her up one night. When she confronted him about it, he claimed that she wasn't actually the person he was looking for, but he went along with it because she was cute. What the what?!

Reginal T. Squirge

Good stories all around! Keep them coming!

I always just figured it was people fucking with other people. I think I've seen Ghost World too many times.


@Reginal T. Squirge i once followed a missed connections thread a girl had posted for a dude in a park (it descended into hilarity) - i ended up messaging the dude when he finally responded, we started talking, and then we started dating. didn't end up together, but no bad stories!

also: i had another dude post one for me after dancing with him in a club. i responded, and my email had my full name. he responded "you should really hide your last name when responding to the internet". fair point, but it just made me feel like he was secretly an axe murderer so i never saw him again.

also! my office tower was locked down after a suspicious package was delivered, and the haz-mat team included a very cute police officer. he waved. i waved. we flirted through glass. i wrote him a missed connection and although we never connected, a radio station called me up to invite me to share my story on-air. i got a lot of messages from other law enforcement types who weren't MY guy, but thought they could be A guy. ah, missed connections. <3


@Reginal T. Squirge I've had two written about me. I tried to set one of them up with my roommate, since he seemed nice but I had a boyfriend at the time. Alas, nothing came of it.


@rowrow all of these are my favourites! way to rule the world of missed connections.

(all of you are my favourites though)

Disco Sheets

@Reginal T. Squirge I posted a missed connection last year that the dude responded to--and he ended up being even cuter than I remembered and we had a super fun date and made out all night! But then I never heard from him again.... so I guess the answer to your question is no?



I saw you on the Hairpin...


you: red-headed, possibly crazie

me: not actually Franz Sacher

I really feel like we had a...


call me?

(I don't know why it turned into crummy poetry, except that all of Craigslist is crummy poetry.)


@frigwiggin Also, how does anybody even find the correct missed connection ever? Do certain people just go on Craigslist every night looking for someone that might be looking for them? I'm going to fantasize now that people have been posting missed connections for me for the past five years and that I just haven't seen them.


@frigwiggin Also, mine was in a magazine thing, not on the Craigslist. Which might not really have existed at the time. So there is that.


@Reginal T. Squirge : I've seen five Missed Connections that were about me (though one was posted by an ex, so that doesn't count). Three of them I didn't reply to because: #1 was incredibly cheesy and so poorly written (and I know that makes me a snob, but it was SO BAD), #2 was from a guy I chatted with briefly at a bar who was nice enough but whom I wasn't interested in talking to again (yet his MC was pretty presumptuous that of course I would be), and #3 was clearly about me but gave no identifying details about him, so I had no idea who'd written it.

I responded to the fourth and we went on a date! He was a nice guy and we had a totally pleasant evening.

Reginal T. Squirge


Maybe certain people do! What of it?


@frigwiggin: One of my girl friends found two of them about me because she read them regularly and we were out together at the time the encounter happened-- maybe she is the ideal wingwoman for MC creating? The other two I found on my own, one on a hunch that the guy would have posted one and the other just because I got bored at work.


@Reginal T. Squirge It's just the kind of thing that would never ever occur to me, because I rarely remember the impressions I make upon people unless they're the morbidly embarrassing kind.

"I saw you at the bar last night. You laughed so hard at something your friend said that you peed a little. I like that in a woman."


@frigwiggin Hmm.


@Reginal T. Squirge I loooove reading Missed Connections. Although I get irritated with the ones that are not actual missed connections but just people who are total pansies. "Foxy redheaded server at Outback" .... just go back to Outback and ask her out.



oh NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooo


@frigwiggin You have to stop being funny. I just snorted seltzer out of my nose. At least I didn't pee a little bit.


@AmandaBunny And the ones that are just insanely vague (I found this one just now to use as an example): "I was on the 7 train from Manhattan at 12p. you were sitting diagonal from me and we both got off at Vernon Jackson Stop. You have a great smile. i also like the way you fixed that black skirt you were wearing."

How would anyone know if that were them??


@Reginal T. Squirge We once posted one for a friend post-Halloweeen and got no response. But then a year later, we ran into him again and he told us that he had printed it out and hung it on his fridge, but he was too chicken to answer it.


Somehow the idea that people have actually gone on dates 'n' stuff via missed connections seems LESS surprising to me than the number of people who have apparently had missed connections written about them and then recognized them. I do realize that makes no sense.


Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...so. I just looked on Austin's missed connections because of this thread, and this MC is not about me, but it is too good not to share:

This is posted to 'English Class Beauty':

"Your smile makes my stomach do jumping jacks and my heart race like a NASCAR engine, your voice is that of an angel, I sure wish you would talk more. I wish nothing more than to be able to hold your hand as we go on dates and wonder aimlessly around the Austin area. To be completely honest, you are one of the reasons I actually show up to that class. I know you look at me from across the room, because I catch you staring at me...because I am staring at you.. But yesterday, that blonde has to block my view. ( didn't intend for that to rhyme)"



@wee_ramekin Also, what if you're reading it, and you have a crush on this guy, so you tried to sit closer, but it turns out...you are That Blonde.

Reginal T. Squirge

There's currently a debate going on in the Portland MC concerning a woman who posted about the time she was hanging out at a nearby beach and some dude came up and started talking to her. He then asked if she wanted a massage and she said yes and while he was giving her the massage, he apparently raped her? She didn't have time to tell him she has herpes so she posted on MC that he should get himself checked out. For herpes.


@wee_ramekin Ahhhh! Okay, I promise to myself that I will not spend any more time on the Stockton MCs because they're mostly super-vulgar and I don't need anybody sneaking up behind me while I'm reading them, but a recent one:

"Saw you at the 6:30 showing of Dark Knight Rises... you had on a short-sleeve shirt that showed off your amazing, buffed arms. Would like to chat -- describe what you were wearing or who you were with, so I know it's you."

BUFFED ARMS. Would you describe your arms as buffed, or burnished? Do you hand-buff them or use a machine? So many questions.


@Reginal T. Squirge Where is there a debate to be had here?

Also, speaking of being a good citizen. Although I suppose she's being a good citizen on behalf of the dude's next victim. But still.


@Ophelia Hahahaha aw. It's like the photo-bombing of the dating world.

"Man, I was totally into this chick, but then some other girl totally That Blonded me when I went up to talk to her. Ugh."

Reginal T. Squirge


I just had my arms reupholstered last week.


Some people are asking why she didn't inform him of her STD at the time of intercourse (and shaming her for it) and she's replying like, "Duh, I was on my stomach when he entered me so I didn't know it was going to happen and by then it was too late!"


@Reginal T. Squirge Whaaa?!?


@Reginal T. Squirge Jesus H Christ. I cannot even.

Gotta say. Makes me wonder what the fuck the critics get up to when they go to beaches and meet women/men. Because the words Stadium Full of Chicago Bulls Jerseys Worth Of Red Flags comes to mind. You know to stay away from people when...

In other words, they can cry me a fucking river.

PS: People are the absolute fucking worst.


@mysterygirl You know, I think it is totally valid to only want to procreate with dudes who know how to spell.
Also I have never had a Missed Connection written about me (though I really have never checked, so who knows??), but my best friend's sister did. She is queer though.
If someone is reading Ottawa's though and sees someone looking for a girl with greasy hair and pink stuff stuck all over her face, well, that one is probs me.

Reginal T. Squirge


The whole thing is captivating! When I read the first post I just said, "Whoa! There's so much going on here!" but then other people joined in and it keeps getting messier.


@Reginal T. Squirge I once posted an MC for this hot guy who I danced sexy hot dancing with at some big NYE event, like, on a stage, in front of a crowd! He was soooo hot, like, super dreamy. He ended up finding it and we dated and had incredibly mediocre sex. He was just so goddammed good looking that I forced enthusiasm but it all ended the night that he suggested we drive down to a rave in Santa Cruz and I was like "hahahahaha this isn't gonna work out."

Reginal T. Squirge

Now I'm trying to imagine "incredibly mediocre sex" and I think you just broke my brain.


@Reginal T. Squirge It's clearly time for a remake of Madonna's "Desperately Seeking Susan"


@Reginal T. Squirge I wrote into missed connections when I was feeling angst ridden about a guy who had asked me out. I initially said I wanted to be friends but then was thinking that was maybe the wrong decision.

Anyway, I posted for advice, and no joke, like 20 guys responded to me. A couple of them were bitter ("Don't say anything! It's like cutting his heart out with a spoon!!"), but the majority of them were really nice and were like, "Give him a chance! Just be honest!"

So I was honest and gave him a chance and now we're dating and it's great.

Queen of Pickles

@Reginal T. Squirge
A tall, dreamy-eyed dude and I made eye contact a few times... then he posted a Missed Connection with the book I was reading (Proust Was A Neuroscientist). We went out for breakfast the next day, and there were NO sparks. But it was a friendly date, we were in good spirits. I think we were both just happy that Missed Connections had happened to us!


@Reginal T. Squirge I had a missed connection posted about me after a Sunday day bartending shift. All I could think was "WHO in god's name would think that my hungover, sweaty, frantic (it was towards the end of the NFL season; we were a sports bar) self looked cute enough to ask out?"

I tried to figure out who it was (based on the description he was at the bar for a while), but had no idea so I never responded. Who KNOWS what could have happened!


toronto MC, title: rabba girl

"I walk close to you i feel like a little kid stuck in summer bliss. i see your hot wheels parked outside and think you've got an awesome man by your side wishing it was me. i compliment you trying not to be creepy yet i just want to ask you out. maybe next time. i think your cool and feel your aura ... probally fustrated by the choads that hit on you all day...maybe im the shining light in your bad company. a girl like like is always sought after....i think i walked past you with your boy few weeks back around bathurst....i'll see you again probally a week or two. you make me blush and full of butterflys and fresh tattoos...cheers love nice nails. "

ok this totally is not me BUT at the rabba in my neighbourhood there is a guy working there who we see when we are getting late night munchies and he always calls me princess and ... the reason i guess is because i'm usually ... you know, doing whatever it is that might encourage one to pick up late night munchies so whatever he/anybody says just makes me grin and laugh.

hahahaha nobody is missing THIS connection


@Reginal T. Squirge On my local MC, some guy asked for advice on how to compliment a female stranger's "38e, maybe bigger" breasts and have her actually want to talk to him. "What's a guy to do. I mean the shirt fabric was under so much duress (it was so obvious) it looked like your assets were going to burst out. Still it was like you didn't want to show them off, they were just there. And gravity wasn't lol. It was ok to say that 'dangerous curves' comment right?"

But this story has a (semi) happy ending, since a woman told him "Don't draw attention to her body parts unless you want to be labeled a creep!"

Thus, I am firmly on the side of good things coming from missed connections! Good things like creeps being told their actions are creepy. Of course, that guy clearly has other issues, so it might be a wash.


@redheaded&crazie Maybe by "hot wheels" he means "cool car", but I keep imagining these Hot Wheels, and that MC takes on a whole other creep factor.

Harriet Welch

@meetapossum I read that and thought of those bigwheel tricycle things. Seemed weird.


@Harriet Welch At first I actually thought of Power Wheels, which is even more ridiculous!


@meetapossum "Looking for the girl that was in CVS with her friend (I assume) getting the morning after pill today. You had an amazing body and I would love to be the next reason you have to get another dose of said pill! Hit me up if you're looking for another go round and tell me which CVS it was so I know it's you. "


@BuffyBot this one made me D: out loud

also re: the girl who is disclosing her status to her rapist via MC. I see the point about protecting the guy's possible next victims but that just goes to show what more thoughtful people exist in the world than me because I would not be that charitable. I would be more like "that is your fucking problem you slimy POS"

Harriet Welch

@Reginal T. Squirge

This was on the facebook wall of my favorite coffee joint
Dear patrons of Maude's Cafe: today is your last chance to bid adieu to Ryan *****, our beloved self-proclaimed head barista. Come on in and tip him excessively, confess your secret love for him, or finally sucker punch him for his snarky attitude.

Here is an MC that MUST be him.
You: a barista brown hair and blue eyes. Me: I ordered an iced tea as you danced to Yo La Tengo behind the counter and read things from your laptop with a voice reminiscent of James Lipton. Are you an actor? All I know is that you like punctuation. You also said something about keg stands, or was that your friend. (sigh)
Maybe we can commune. Namaste.

This person clearly has no idea what a near miss they had.


@BuffyBot ... ... That has to be not-real, right?


@Reginal T. Squirge It's not even worth imagining :(

down the rabbit hole

@Reginal T. Squirge My best friend met her boyfriend because he posted on facebook that he saw a pretty girl on the bus and described one of her tattoos, and one of his friends recognized her and got her info for him. They've been together for a year now. I think he put it on Craigslist too, so, yes!


@Reginal T. Squirge I once posted a missed connection in Seattle on the Stranger - dude responded and was totally awesome and liked my fart jokes, but I broke it off bc it turned out he was friends with my ex (who during a year of dating never introduced me to any of his friends). so, i say missed connections - they work!


I never saw Felicity on TV but have been eating it up on Netflix. This story kind of makes me want to start smoking so I can hang around on street corners, waiting for Scott Speedman.


@KatieBarTheDoor OR SCOTT FOLEY, I'm good with whatever Scott really.


@KatieBarTheDoor YES I was always more of a Noel girl. Although I'm also a "boring loser lawyer with frizzy hair and a pointless life" or whatever the author thinks.

Escapade Dunfree

@KatieBarTheDoor I've never rued the day I quit smoking so much!

Although, that day was the day before my wedding, so it's probably best for me, my husband and Scott Speedman that I quit when I did.


@KatieBarTheDoor I related to Felicity SO STRONGLY when the show was first on the air. I was about the same age! I was kind of awkward and took everything too seriously! I remember thinking that her dilemmas were just so REAL.

So I'm taking it as a sign of personal growth that ten years later, when I started re-watching it on Netflix, all I could think was "Damn, girl needs to get laid."


@mirror_father_mirror I recently Netflixed it too and I just thought that Felicity was nice enough but a total meddler to the point where I might have had to slap her, if I knew her and if she were real. But that's no big deal in comparison to Julie! Don't even get me started on Julie. Now Meg(h)an was where it's at in my book.


Scott Speedman, fff. I watched the Underworld movies just because he was in them. And then I ended up really liking the Underworld movies. Oops?


@Scandyhoovian The Underworld movies are basically the best because they are full of attractive people, ridiculous, and surprisingly well-executed. Or at least, that's what I tell myself as I watch them every time they appear on cable.


@mlle.gateau This is truth. I was pleasantly surprised at how great they were, and will probably watch the progressively terrible sequels for as long as Hollywood churns them out.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Scandyhoovian Yes. I watched for Kate Beckinsale in spandex/leather unisuits and ended up loving them. Guilty.



Reginal T. Squirge

Rollin' in the deep?


He is a beautiful specimen. Remember when he did those GAP ads? Big photos of him in casually rumpled denim against a white background hanging in the stores? I'd go in there just to look at them. I wonder if there are any GAP stores that have old random Scott Speedman posters in there stockrooms. I'd take one off their hands.


@OhMyGoshYouGuys I had this ad on my bedroom wall my senior year of college. Probably not a great plan, as every guy I met was woefully under-rumpled compared to Speedy. LE SIGH.

Jennifer L@twitter

@OhMyGoshYouGuys He modeled for GAP before???! Damn I'd get my hands on a copy of that ad in a millisec hahahah


Well I just loved absolutely all of this. Brava!


maybe someone will bring his attention to this story and then he'll read it and then he'll remember you it's like a missed connection but on a much larger scale AHHH I'M SO EXCITED SCOTT MAY COME BACK TO YOU!!!


@teenie I'd be pretty surprised if he didn't have a Google alert set up on his name.


@stuffisthings THEN WHY ISN'T HE HERE YET??

Scott, we are all here waiting for you...

Penny Lane

At first glance, read the headline as "I Blew Scott Speedman"

The Hairpin: Rated R!


@Penny Lane With all these "Deleted by user" posts around you it's like your comment made the other comments faint dead away.

Penny Lane

@itmakesmewonder There I go, perving up the party... Didn't think my first Hairpin comment could have such a devastating effect.


@Penny Lane This is extremely delayed, but when I read it I envisioned it like a tv show. "I Blew It, with Scott Speedman!" And the ad would be a photo of him with his palms up making a "Oh no, I did it again!" face.


I am imagining this rash of deleted by user comments all reflect Scott Speedman commenting and then sheepishly deleting them.

Nicole Cliffe

That..just made my day.


@Nicole Cliffe Mine as well.


I forgot how attractive he is. Need to watch Felicity again.
Speaking of Felicity and therefore Keri Russell, I confessed to my friend that I watch way too many Hallmark Channel movies and she was like "THE MAGIC OF ORDINARY DAYS IS THE BEST." And I responded "I KNOW, KERI RUSSELL IS SO GREAT."

Also she was in a movie that was like "Save the Last Dance" but came out before it I think and she did river dancing, maybe?

Fiddle dee dee


I also like the one about pie with Nathan Filion.

So I just cheked out all the missed connections for the last 2 months for my (not very big) town. There was one about walking the dog, from a guy about my age, and I walk my dog around town all the time, hey maybe I have been missing out on being longed for...but the poster specified that the dog was black-and-white. Not brown. Boo.


@Fiddle dee dee There is a movie about pie with Nathan Fillion? How have I not heard of this?


@Ophelia It is called Waitress and it is very cute!


@iheartoxytocin Don't let Waitress fool you, it is sold as an adorable romantic comedy but the ending is the worst.


@HeyThatsMyBike Very cute...and surprisingly good, and poignant. Plus, pie and Nathan Fillion!


@likethestore Oh - yes - buyer beware. It's actually more of an indie flick than a chick flick in spite of the way it's sold!

apples and oranges

@likethestore I love the ending! It's unexpected and kind of badass of her, I thought.


@kangerine Me too!


@HeyThatsMyBike I must see this!!! I will watch ANYTHING with Nathan Fillion in it! Except Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place. Or whatever that was called. That one is bad. I tried to slog through just for him, but couldn't do it.

nothing to give

Scott Speedman would be extraordinarily lucky to have you

@nothing to give IS THIS REAL


can there just be a hairpin post on missed connections?!?! they are so fun. also i somehow manage to convince myself that everyone that could even remotely be about me is, in fact, about me.... how!?


@nbt My ex reads them all the time and sends me ones that he thinks are about him. Usually they aren't, but there was one that I thought legitimately could have been about him. So, it's not just you.


Scott Speedman never fails to make me think, "UNNNNNNF."

Also, I re-watched Felicity on netflix last Fall. I am so Team Ben.


I was a fierce Felicity fan and never found him that cute or attractive. Then I saw him in person a couple of years ago in SoHo and my heart stopped. No joke, his eyes are like the ocean. He is truly beautiful.


@adrienne My friend is a makeup artist and never thought much one way or the other about him... until she worked on him for some shoot. She said the same thing.

Jennifer L@twitter



Does anybody else remember when Ben had an affair with an older, married woman on Felicity? My mother was appalled that her dear Ben would do that, so in her frustrated running commentary she referred to him as Used Up Ben. Fortunately for my mom, my friends and I were in the room, and he remains Used Up Ben to this day - even though nobody actually thinks he is used up at all.

Jennifer L@twitter

@hungrybee People make mistakes...I like the fact that they drew him to be the not so perfect guy (there was so much depth!) and how our vision is tainted by rose-colored glasses when it comes to what we feel about someone. I think that's why most of us really liked Felicity because its SO relatable- the fact that the characters and script was SO reality like. What Felicity and Ben had I felt like I could tell it was something truly genuine..I mean in relationships, we go through A LOT. I actually think I would've done what Felicity did- follow her HS crush all the way to college and muster up the courage to finally make him notice me. I proudly own each and every Felicity DVD and I always watch it. I never ever get sick of watching it. It still makes me cry!


Oh man, that "interested in their own lives" comment makes me think Scott Speedman is a total douche who just wants a woman to be barefoot and pregnant.


@Megano! Yup.


You guys, this thread here made me look at the Missed Connections and I am so confused! How does anyone ever know if it's about him or her with some of these posts? One from the town I am in just said something like, "You stop by my shop every night" with no description of neither the shop nor the person (other than that she's a woman). And the grammar and spelling, oh man...

emily eileen

I just read the Missed Connections on Craiglist Seoul and they were decidedly uninteresting. And many people who posted did not seem to get the point of a Missed Connections forum.


This entire missed connections thread is captivating. I must get some work done!

Lia LoBello@facebook

i really really love this. reveling in your own misery is the BEST. crying in the rain while reveling in your own misery is even better than that! and then scott speedman is just the icing, especially when you can continue to revel in your misery that you could have slept with him! amazing.


I was just inspired to post a "missed connection"! Except... anyways, here it is for your enjoyment:

blond blue-eyed waiter

In case you think we had a missed connection...
Are you batshit crazy?

Were you totally oblivious to the fact that my boss was telling me and my coworkers a terrible story about his mom dying?? NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO TRY TO TOUCH MY HAND WHILE BUSING THE TABLE OHMIGOD.

I'm sorry I am so cute when I'm dying of embarrassment. Ugh, your bar was the only decent bar downtown, and now I can't go back because I feel you will pounce on me. So next time I come in, I plan to have an army of hunks who will give you the eyebrow and buy me lots of booze.


But, what is he doing now? Well, NPR says: "The third of the ABC dramas is Last Resort, from producer Shawn Ryan, who also made The Shield as well as the sadly short-lived Terriers and The Chicago Code. Starring the marvelous Andre Braugher and one-time Felicity boyfriend Scott Speedman, it tells the story of a submarine crew that questions an order and winds up ... well, "going rogue," sort of, but Ryan is emphatic that they remain patriots who are at odds only with particular leaders, not with the country. It's an intriguing idea, and they certainly have the talent on hand for it to be strong" Source: http://www.npr.org/blogs/monkeysee/2012/07/30/157602006/press-tour-2012-the-view-so-far-part-ii

Jennifer L@twitter

I think I would've DIED right there. you missed that once in a lifetime opportunity with THEE Scott Speedman?! you were probably extremeeeeely anxious, scared maybe? Which is why you ran? :X He seems like a really downtoearth, super kool guy which makes it so much harder to NOT fall for him! Not to mention he's so talented and NOT commercialized! <3 And the way he smiles with his eyes and when he laughs, his eyes crinkle like half moons?! OMGGGGGGGG. if only I had that opportunity, I would've asked him to marry me!!! (BLUSH)


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