Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Ghost in No Rush

"I don’t think it’s a ghost. I don’t believe in them. Of course, people can make up their own minds."
—A man who set out a night camera to take pictures of animals instead got footage of this mystery stroller, who has not yet been identified. Nanny?


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The Lady of Shalott

PEOPLE. Have we not learned that setting up a video camera to take secret footage at night will NEVER LEAD TO ANYTHING POSITIVE? You're not going to capture video of someone leaving you bags of money! It's going to be A) a ghost, B) a demon, C) a robber, or D) some festive combination of the three or also possibly a critter of some kind.

Ham Snadwich

@The Lady of Shalott - Or someone doing something disgusting to the food you're eating right now.


Believe me when I tell you that that is no other than a person walking in slippers in front of a camera! It may LOOK extraordinary and totally-not-just-a-regular-ol-corporeal-person-walking-in-front-of-a-camera, but that's our eyes playing tricks on us. Nothing to see here folks.

Genghis Khat

@Emby I don't even see how it possibly looks extraordinary to anyone. Am I confused? Do I not get jokes?


That is exactly the kind of ghost I expect to be. Ceaseless puttering!


I am feeling HIGHLY disappointed in myself for getting super creeped out watching ten seconds of someone's creepy ankles. I thought I was tougher than this.


Edith I am legitimately cry-laughing at the Nanny reference.


That a Ghost!


I am confused, that just looked a regular non-ghost old lady wandering around at night. They do do that somtimes. We had one at my house once.


@Megano! I am also confused. I mean, this is obviously a person.


@meetapossum Those legs look SOLID and there are definitely shadows under the feet. Ghosts do not leave shadows!! Also that doesn't look like 10 PM to me.

Genghis Khat

@Megano! I just feel like I'm missing a joke. It's just an old lady walking down a sidewalk. Why would you ever think that was ghostly?

RK Fire

Can I just say that I love the fact that on my browser, this article is accompanied by an ad from New Egg featuring the following titles:
-Ghost Recon
-Ghost Hunters: The Best of..
-The Backyardigans

One of these things is not like the other...

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