Tuesday, July 3, 2012


"Every Girl's Guide to Overcoming the Wear and Tear of Travel"

Before we all disappear into the sunset, let's take one last tip from vintage romance comic book reliquary Sequential Crush, which today brings the world some timeless travel advice from 1970.

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This reminds me that I got some weird foot cooling spray fro free from my internship, and I don't even know what it's for. Spraying your feet on airplanes is apparently the answer?


@Megano! As long as the container's smaller than 3 oz.


I'm not sure what "tight fitting mini but pants" are, but I'm pretty sure they are in fact the perfect article of clothing for every occasion, including airplane travel.


@Yahtzii I was thinking "tight fitting mini butt-pants?" for a while until I mentally inserted a comma between "mini" and "but".


All road's lead to girlhood's Mecca - Man.

I'm so grateful for life right now. Thank you, 2012.


@heliotropegerbil8 Guarantee you this was written by a dude!


"Keep necessary articles in a tote bag: [pulled by TSA], [pulled by TSA], [LOL NOT SINCE 9/11], [Pulled by TSA], cleansing tissue, [pulled by TSA], [pulled by TSA], [hahaha cologne or toilet water IF YOU WANT THE PASSENGER NEXT TO YOU TO HATE YOU], moistened towelettes"...

Cat Jail

Bride of Frankenstein is a baller look and I will not be told otherwise.


'Toilet water' really threw me for a loop for a second there...Initially I thought they were taking sides on the debate between water vs. toilet paper.


Now I have to have a hairbrush AND a clothesbrush?! What is that even? I can barely remember to brush my HAIR let alone my pants.


@allofthecrafts And, like, unless you're taking your cat on the plane, why on earth would you need to brush your clothes?


@Ophelia Perhaps, if maybe you wore a totally cute grey knit wrap (so chic! So practical!) that shed all over your black not mini but pants. Maybe.


Yes, I believe she is "making her own happening," there.


@Probs Ha, I thought the same thing when I saw that picture. "I'll travel where she's traveling!"

Cat Jail

@Probs One of the unexpected benefits of air travel: turbulence.


As a sufferer from asthma this girl is like my nightmare travel companion. Why would anyone spray the back of their knees with deodorant? She is cute, though.

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