Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Emily Hartridge's "10 Reasons Why" Series

For the past 10 months or so, London-based online/TV personality Emily Hartridge has been making "10 Reasons Why" videos — including 10 Reasons Why We Should Be Allowed to Be Drunk at Work, 10 Reasons to Date Someone Unattractive, and 10 Reasons Not to Get Plastic Surgery — and today's theme is 10 Reasons Why He Dumped You.

The videos can be hit or miss, but Emily's consistently hypnotic (which has nothing whatsoever to do with her being impossibly beautiful), and this one made me laugh out loud. Incidentally, she's been emailing every week since June. Haha. 10 Reasons to Never Stop Emailing. (Sorry, Emily! Follow Emily on Twitter and Facebook! Vote for Emily in this thing!)

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Oh the British!


@Emby so similar, and yet so different!

angela adalberto

Well explained logic, that's true and must be followed for best outputs

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1. reason why he dumped you: your a predictable boring English girl.@y

raised amongst catalogs

She's like a mix of Liv Tyler and Kelly LeBrock!


I just can't with the gender essentialism.


@TheRobyn - And don't even get me started on Platonic essentialism!


He dumped you because you pay $2K to live in a literal shoeboxhttp://www.nypost.com/p/news/local/the_living_is_squeezy_mayor_Ucm2MBy8zv8aK88CF4LtoO#.UA6zsB1JBDt.facebook


I JUST got broken-up-with for the 'timing is wrong' reason. Please to let me cry here?


@OwlOfDerision Aw no! It's going to be ok.

Mary McKenna@facebook

Aw dude, I feel for you! It's such a hard one because there are probably so many "it could have been!" thoughts swirling in your head. But take comfort in the fact that it is MUCH MUCH better than breaking up because someone fucked someone over or something. "Wrong-timing" is one of the more dignified categories of break-up, and I think it takes maturity and strength to acknowledge that a relationship needs to end for this reason.
I wish you the best!!

sudden but inevitable betrayal

The comments at the end is hilarious. "No you are!"

fondue with cheddar

She forgot about being dumped because he was afraid he might have sex with you. :/





Sweetheart! there is always another fish there in the sea! He is not for you. You can do better.

taimoor khan

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