Monday, July 23, 2012


Dan Deacon's "True Thrush" Video

Well, this is just delightful. It's a music video version of that game Telephone. A very short scene was filmed and shown to the next two actors. They in turn recreate it, show their version to the next two actors, and so on. Judging by the results, the participants came straight out of Central Happy People With Sunny Dispositions Casting.

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RK Fire



This is how I imagine the bible was written!@y


odif swag


Any other 'Pinners have weird Dan Deacon concert experiences?


@travelmugs many, actually

Mlle Mlle

@travelmugs by weird you mean frickin'awesome right?


@travelmugs I went to Northeastern university, in Boston. In 2010 he played a show in the Starbucks in my student center (that doubles as our "on campus venue"). The sound equipment crapped out as soon as he started, so he led everyone into the adjoining food court, had us form two long lines of people, and directed us in a series of claps and sounds while people went skipping down the center of the lines in pairs.

Then I went back to my apartment with some friends and we were unwinding after the show, which we all thought was awesome. My friend who is in the club that gets bands to come play at our school called and said "Hey, what are you guys doing? Do you mind if we have Dan Deacon's after party at your place?" So of course we said yes, hastily cleaned my ridiculously messy 4-bedroom shared with 5 people, and then that entire school club, Dan Deacon, and his tour crew arrived with complimentary veggie platters and other snacks that Northeastern had given him. Along with anyone who answered our vast "COME OVER" text message.

Our living room speakers were broken and we usually made do with my roommate's bedroom speakers, since she lived next to the living room. After being there for a while, Dan took over the music selection and started a dramatic dance party set to 1. R. Kelly's Ignition and 2. Songs from the Little Mermaid and the Lion King.

He was a super nice dude. While he was in the bathroom during a conversation with my roommate and I, she licked the sandwich he had left with us. We also saved one of the beers he was drinking and left it on display for the rest of the year and a half we lived there. (Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA.)


@itiresias When I saw him, this happened:



@travelmugs i went to college with him...he's pretty much like that all the time!

so what?

@travelmugs i only saw him once five years ago, but it was pretty weird in that it was in an artspace loft on like the 9th floor of a walk up in a pretty desolate area of my city and it was most definitely way over capacity. it was also in the middle of a heatwave and everyone was half naked and sweating profusely and dancing like mad and dangerously hanging out of windows whilst drunk/on some drugs. so basically it was super fun.

also, i really enjoyed that video.


Fun party game: pictionary telephone. Write phrases, pass them along, draw the phrase, pass them along, phrase the drawing, etc. Hilarity ensues.


@RobotsNeedLove played that this weekend! it is always a winner.


Welcome to Baltimore, where it is like that all the time!


@kac We're the sunniest! And we freaking love floor confetti, apparently.


How did the clock disappear from one and then end up in the next if each group only saw the one previous version?

miss buenos aires

@Maria My guess is, someone was like, "Shouldn't there be a clock there?"

D. Von Trapp@twitter

Who's gonna be at North Coast in Chicago and will go to see him with me??? it's gonna be the boomb I promiseeee.

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