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The Newsroom‘s Most Recent Crimes Against Women

Things Women Can’t Do:

1. Be responsible enough to use heavy glass doors without putting innocent male faces at risk.
2. Subtraction without using their fingers.
3. Really get Rudy.
4. Understand economics.

Things Women Can Do:

1. Be petulant about Valentine’s Day
2. Strip-o-grams
3. Say: “I could have been a doctor, but I didn’t go to medical school or anything.”
4. Attractively explain economics in such a way as to suggest that Sorkin does not, actually, understand financial regulation.

Oh, and then there was a slow-clap moment with swelling music in which everyone gets all “O Captain! My Captain!” over the extremely wealthy male protagonist using some of his extreme wealth for good, as all the underlings make tiny gold offerings of their own.


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