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A Window Onto the World of Tiny Homeowners

Chirstopher and Merete built a tiny house and Apartment Therapy has the tour. The key to avoiding stir-crazy, claustrophobic misery? From the accompanying interview: "I like the trim around the windows... installing the windows instantly transformed the structure from a wooden box to something that actually felt like a house... One of the first things that we bought, long before we knew anything about building, were 5 of our downstairs windows... Windows leak if you don't install them the way they are intended. So, at the last minute, we had to buy two new windows from Lowes, and patched up one of the window holes with that oddly-shaped triangle window near the kitchen."

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"Christopher and Merete spend as much time as possible in their tiny house . . . " So it's not their permanent residence? That makes a lot of things more bearable (like eating on the couch, yeesh.)


@sheistolerable It sounds like a vacation home. A lot of the things people were posting when tiny houses first started getting some buzz were basically really creative and well-built hunting shacks and wilderness cabin-type get-aways.

Tuna Surprise


Yeah, tiny vacation houses are sorta cheating. You should've seen the size of my hotel room in Paris! It puts this cabin to shame.


My kitchen alone is bigger than that house and I still eat most of my meals on the couch.


@klaus I considered eating on the couch a step up from eating in my bed.


@meetapossum Eating in the bed! this was definitely a Thing for my mum and me one winter when our heaters broke and we couldn't afford to fix them. Everything from dressing to homework - done under a blanket, usually in bed.


evolution and progression. :)@n

a small sea

Where do they keep their clothes? Where do they get dressed? Are there hidden closets?


@a small sea yes! clothes! where are the clothes?


I covet those built-in bookcases leading up to the loft bed. Yes, yes please.


@area@twitter Needs more books!


these guys are friends of a friend of mine!

= i am famous.


@iceberg your friends of a friend are good looking.


I don't think I could go to that small of a square footage, unless I was living alone. I could do 500 (that's the size of the house I'm in now), but it would need to be more efficiently laid out.


This is all well and good, but the post-poop smell would be inescapable.

New Hoarder

@krisisisipoo I, as well, am concerned about this. Right in front of the stove, too. The ultimate hotbox-ing. Mmmm.


How do they not hit their head on the roof ALL THE TIME when in bed? That would drive me bananas!


@parallel-lines I was thinking about MAKING the bed, too!


It's easy to wax poetic about your tiny house when you've lived in it three months (in other words, since April) and you haven't suffered through a winter in which the tiny walls begin to creep in on you and you hide in the tiny bathroom to gain just a tiny bit of alone time but even that is denied to you because your spouse is there, always, right next to you, fixing a tiny snack in your tiny kitchen and you begin to harbor a tiny fantasy of hitting him over his tiny head (just a tap?) with one of your tiny frying pans hanging from your tiny baker's rack.

Jane Marie

@Yahtzii have you read Caribou Island? that is all.


@Jane Marie A better question would be have Christopher and Merete read Caribou Island, because they really, really should have.


@Yahtzii For these reasons I'm trying to convince my partner that two tiny homes, side-by-side, would be our ideal solution.


@aphrabean Like miniature Tim Burton/Helena Bonham Carter style!

This sounds VERY workable. I like.


One of the best choices I made in rehabbing my little house was choosing and placing landscaping very carefully. The way my new (personally-installed, oh yes) windows frame, from the perspectives of the sofa and dining table, my newish pinon tree and garden wall-climbing silver lace vine in the background, the currant, privet and chamisa shrubs in the mid- and foreground and the seasonal wildflowers in between makes my smallish living room and kitchen feel less restrictive. It also makes the yard seem more settled and mature, as if we've all been living here together for a while.

/Houseproud. Also frequently housexasperated, housebored, housedespairing, etc.


Mr. Teenie and I are just doing a "mini-moon" after our wedding in September, and we found a tiny house to rent in the poconos - he isn't sold on it... yet.


@teenie Yay, do it! It'll be so pretty out there that time of year!


I lost major productivity when I found the Tiny House blog (tinyhouseblog.com), so many interesting houses!

Whenever I see the pictures of them, though, it always reminds me of the insurance commercial with the fake reality show "Tiny House."


@Mabissa There's a reason that "the ____ was built to last but the ___ was built too small" has become a Hairpin meme! (a heme? a peme?)


@NeenerNeener @SuperGogo: I don't think tiny houses are even the worst - it's poorly planned houses! This is my opinion, but with a bad floorplan you're doomed.

Take a "nice" house with plenty of square footage, but... a kitchen that has no immediate dining area and a wall that prevents you from seeing the majority of the rest of the house while you're cooking; a living room with one cable outlet only - condemning your TV to sit in that space forever - UGH!


That place is fucking adorable! Love the wood, the little details, everything. I don't think I'll ever convince my partner to abandon the city entirely and go live in the woods, but maybe I'll build one of these and we can live in the woods part-time at least. (At least!)


"a space that would constantly invite us outside" = "a space that would constantly drive us outside because oh my god, tiny aaaaaa"


@okaycrochet Haha yeah, our friends who have a 196 sf house were in our living room every night. They eventually stopped knocking.

fondue with cheddar


I need more counter space.


Is this where I share that I am very stoked to be speaking at a Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop in Durham, NC at the end of the month? Because I am very, very stoked.

New Hoarder

What happens when you break the bed, from, uh, night gymnastics? There go the kitchen and the bathroom!


@New Hoarder It definitely looks a little head-bumpy as well... Not a lot of space up there.
An the mattress is so thin! That can't be all soft and comfy - buy something thicker!


I am actually quite envious of the tiny house thing. My favorite home was my 500ish-square foot apartment. It was lovely and had more space than I needed. Having that apartment in the middle of the woods would be amazing.

major disaster

For a brief moment I thought this was going to be about tiny people who own homes.


@major disaster I grew up in an area that had an urban legend revolving around a tiny town full of little people in little houses called 'munchkinville' that would come out and shoot you if you drove through too late at night. Right near a large dump, too-so driving around constantly trying to find it was not a pleasant experience. But we did it anyway! We were 16!



Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@Nutellaface POOP KITCHEN. Because really, you are just pooping in the kitchen. Being on the other side of a piece of fabric while you do it does not change that.

Mrs. Coach McGuirk

AH! I know this man. In fact I had a HUGE crush on Chris(topher) from like 2004-2006. He looked like a more attractive version of Elliott Smith. He has actually been on my mind a lot lately, because his best friend from the days I knew him was just very publicly arrested for something herion related. Glad to see he is in a better place!


It's been a while, Hairpin. Welcome back, Tiny Houses!


No way. I could never live in a house that only had space for a dozen books. Deal breaker!


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