Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Things to Find Hidden Within Rocks From Space

"Hidden within a rock from space is a mineral previously unknown to science: panguite."

Hidden within a rock from space is a tiny scroll covered in unreadable script that no one will ever decipher.

Hidden within a rock from space is a beautiful ring, and it burns when I wear it.

Hidden within a rock from space is a small man holding a wand. It has a glowing star at its tip, and whatever it touches turns to light, or to something we don't yet have a definition for. Here he comes now.

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lavender gooms

Please let Element Zero be hidden within that rock.


Hidden within a rock from space is a tiny egg, its shell streaked with ash. It is very light and very small, but as it rolls in the hollow of your palm it burns against your skin.


Hidden within a rock from space is an unfriendly ant who survives on nothing but chocolate graham crackers. This is what happens when you find your roommates on Craigslist.


Welcome back, Edith.


Hidden within a rock from space is a maze of twisty little passages, all alike.


Hidden within a rock from space is a tiny internet comment so special that it will get so many likes that it cannot even be shared.


Hidden within a rock from space is Douglas Adams: he's been there all along.

fondue with cheddar

Hidden within a rock from space is a tiny, sentient space worm who telepathically communicates to you that it will grant you exactly one wish; however, upon fulfillment of that wish someone somewhere on Earth will grow hair over every inch of their body.

fondue with cheddar

Was panguite really discovered by Chi Ma, or was it discovered by this man?


Hidden within a rock from space is the doom of mankind, according to Ridley Scott.


@wharrgarbl or the doomsday device Ice-nine, brainchild of Kurt Vonnegut.


Stars and rocks in space! Now I'm reflecting on how cute La Luna, the short before Brave, was.

(Ahh Brave omg I cried like a baby I love Merida's hair)


@cosmia it made me feel Mom Feelings because omg mothers and daughters who don't live up to their expectations is so relevant to my life right now.


@antipretty Ahh god, same! I saw it with my boyfriend but later when I spoke to my mom she asked how the movie was and I totally almost started bawling again.


@cosmia La Luna was gooooooorgeous. AND I REALLY LIKED BRAVE and then I told my sister to take my mom (with whom she fights all the time) to see it.


Hidden within a rock from space is a house so tiny it fits in the palm of your hand.

the roughest toughest frail

Hidden within a rock from space is a group of women scowling at bowls of soup.


Hidden within a rock from space are all the answers to the universe and Neil deGrasse Tyson's phone number in case you have any questions. Oh, and a towel.


Edith! This is just whimsical enough!


"The mineral’s name is a reference to Pan Gu, a primitive, hairy giant from Chinese mythology who separated yin and yang with a swing of his enormous axe, thereby creating the Earth and sky."

Note to my fellow scientists: this is how you name shit!


Hidden within a rock from space is an entire expanding universe, on a different scale yet as vast as ours, with a rock cruising through it within which is hidden an entire expanding universe...(WHOA I just freaked myself out again)


...a poison ghost-monster who makes the vegetables on a farm grow all technicolor and then crumble into dust, while driving the farmer and his family to madness and death? (and also an extra 'u' despite the author being American?)

(source: "The Colour Out of Space, H.P "the P stands for 'Pretty Racist'" Lovecraft)


The Best Time I Sent Bill Clinton A Chunk of Quartz From My Backyard and He Sent Me a Letter That Said, "Thanks For The Rock"

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