Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Things Guys Have Said to Me at the Boxing Gym

1. “So, I’ll make you a deal. You win your fight, you take me out to dinner.”  – The dude named Marco who works there that I mentally call “The Situation” because of obvious similarities. Marco is at least a foot shorter than me and always greets me by yelling “Hey girrrrllll!” and then giggling. Not sure how he thought this was a fair deal.

2. “She’s probably making sandwiches for her new boyfriend.” – My coach, on why I wasn’t in muay thai kickboxing class last week. He’s such a jokester.

3. “Are you OK?” – Every guy who has ever given me a good bloody nose sparring.

4. “Are you OK?” – Every guy who barely hits me after deciding to work on their sparring skills for the first time with the girl. Usually their skills are not so great but they feel really bad about not-hitting me anyways.

5. “So, sorry if this is an impolite question, but… are you straight?”  – My friend Sebastian. I couldn’t tell at the time if he was hitting on me or just making a comment about my lack of femininity. I am straight, I just box sometimes though.

6. “Nice Facebook post yesterday.”  – My buddy Andy, who was referencing a picture of me making out with some dude at a party.

7. “So do you have a boyfriend or what?”  – Marco again. Actually this happens about once every few weeks.

8. “You’re a part of this team.”  – My friend Rich, who is one of the hardest workers I know, after a deadlifting workout.

9. “Let me present to you the 2012 Chicago Golden Gloves Champion!”  – My coach Rick, to the gym at large. A bunch of guys had entered the Golden Gloves tournament, but this time he was referring to me because I was the chick who actually won.

Olivia Curry films things and sometimes hits people in Chicago.

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That's hot.


@vunder Maybe if she wins her next fight, she'll take you out to dinner!


I want to start training muay thai but I have to find a gym and then make time to go and it seems like it would be so expensive.

Nicole Cliffe

@TheUnchosenOne Muay thai is great. Just find a place where everyone has a face tattoo, you'll be in good hands.


@TheUnchosenOne not always, i found one for pretty cheap. if you're looking for a gym check out the kind of people that go there and shop around, if it's all yuppies in lulu lemon it'll probably be more expensive as well as more "customer is always right" which = not as good training. if people there are a little more rough and tumble you'll usually pay less and get better instruction.

Chesty LaRue

@TheUnchosenOne My gym is pretty expensive, but I love the discipline and workout, and every decent gym will give you a free class to make sure you get the right vibe from the place/instructor.
Also, I quit smoking so I could afford it/make it through class, and that is always a good life decision.


I'm disappointed that no one took one look at you and just said, "Badass."


I run into this at my gym, where we do Judo/Ju-jitsu. Some people always wonder why we don't retain many women as members. I say, "it's because when one shows up, some people just start acting like weirdos."


I am also a muay thai enthusiast! The gym I went to was owned and operated by a kick-ass female kickboxer, MMA fighter, and boxer. I didn't get very many comments from the male clientele, other then perhaps surprise(?) that I could do things (sometimes) better than them, like push ups or pull ups or 1000 crunches.

Reginal T. Squirge

Paging Natasha Vargas-Cooper...

Also, comment #1 is like saying, "So, I'll make you a deal: Even if you win, you still lose."

Congratulations on the Golden Gloves, though. That's really, really awesome.


Yessss. I tried to find a boxing place but only ended up feeling weird by guys treating me as above--and also, expensive! Someday my ass-kicking dreams will come true. Any Londoners know of a good, not-too-spendy place?




(I am going to start boxing this summer and I cannot. wait.)


you are my hero.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

So....you're straight? Do you still want to buy me dinner after you win because that makes all the sense in my world?

/jk, congrats on the Golden Gloves and please continue to not take anyone's shit.


I LOVE OLIVIA CURRY! best roomie ever


the making sandwiches joke is always a reeeeeal knee slapper.

RK Fire

@squeee: It's so original and creative, too! How can anyone not love it?


@RK Fire @squeee Don't you get it, guys? It's funny because they don't MEAN IT. It's self-aware! If you don't get it, it's because you are way too PC and stuck up.

RK Fire

@@serenityfound: I was trying to remember what I said, but basically my husband made a joke about women and sandwich making and I told him something to the effect that if he was serious I would make him a "scrotum sandwich"; that is to say, punching him in the balls repeatedly.

I wish I remembered the context a little better, but I suppose you had to be there!


@RK Fire I had a student in a (feminist media studies & studio art) course I TA'd in grad school tell me how dumb it was for people to get up in arms about sandwich jokes. They're funny. She sees that and makes them, why can't all the other ladies calm down?

Also, "scrotum sandwich" = BEST RESPONSE.


That's awesome, congrats! I did boxing (of the, I dunno, tradional? "regular?" variety) for a bit in college. I only had one public fight, and got my ass kicked, but I was in pretty good shape.


I love this! I was in karate as a kid and teenager. Once sI turned into a teenager, everyone started asking if I was okay when I got hit. Even my senseis would punish the guys when they hit me. But they didn't get punished when they hit other guys. It upset me, and made everyone kind of resent me.


@Felicia so you were...a karate kid?

(I'm sorry, that bad pun was staring me in the face)


@beanie If it makes sense...say it? (Sense-say, sensei...HOHOHO I crack myself up.)

Sorry if the delivery was a little choppy, I wish my sense of humor was on a hi-yaaaa level.

LE Correia

Once when I thought I was a badass, I tried a full contact kickboxing class until my instructor knocked the wind out of me the first time we sparred.

Please note! My instructor was also a lady! Please note that I was in middle school and she was an adult! Above all, please note that Olivia Curry makes up for the yoga-doing pansy-daisy I remain to this day.


@LE Correia I'm pretty pansy-daisy when it comes to sports but I love yoga because it actually makes me feel like less of one. Everyone seems really impressed when I show them the weird pretzelly shapes I can make with my body.


I really REALLY want to take up boxing because I have weak arms I need to develop and self-esteem issues and I would really love to be able to respond to dudebros who insult me by writing awesome articles like this.


I used to practice and teach Tae Kwon Do, and all of the boys would ask "so...could you kick my ass?" I was 16, so I am ashamed to admit that USUALLY I would just sort of giggle. But by the end of high school I had just started looking them at the eye and replying "yes". Apparently that was not the answer these boys were looking for? Because they would always start arguing with me, and I would just stare at them and wonder why they even asked.

RK Fire

@MissMushkila: One of the strongest/most athletic women I know competed in TKD at the national level when she was a teenager, and then I met her and recruited her to join my college women's rugby team. She's now in the development pool for the national team.

At some point, it seems like boys just look at you in awe/fear, which probably makes it a little easier to weed some of them out.


@MissMushkila To be clear - these were not boys/men I trained with, they were mostly awesome and appropriately respectful of the abilities of their female peers. This was the rest of the male population. In middle school, I used to lie to them and tell them that I was going to dance class instead of TKD because I wanted them to liiiiike me. And it is a great test to weed them out, which I learned later on.

There is a weird dynamic when you are petite and very feminine generally but like to fight, where boys are like "ooh sexy" if you tell them you are a black belt, but they want to imagine you are a sexy fighter they could dominate. Is what I think was going on.


WHAT! Where do you box in Chicago? I've been looking for a place!


@Olivia2.0 yo i am at evanston boxing club, but i know a few other good gyms if you need advice. evanston is great for muay thai, there are some older gyms in the city that might be better for straight boxing.


@currysauce Please do tell! I'm in Logan Square and am sort of scared to try it, but, I feel it would really be a good option for me! Thanks!


I just came here to say: WOOO! YEH, GIRL! GET IT!


Hah, yeah, I do martial arts (taekwondo & hapkido), and the people where I go are mostly pretty cool, but I TOTALLY FEEL YOU on #4.

I find they usually cut it out after I kick them in the head once or twice. ;)


punch patriarchy.

fondue with cheddar

@renemargarita That's perfect. We need to make a poster.

RK Fire

Your boxing is awesome and you should feel awesome.


this article is relevant to my interests. feel u, girl.

to all of you considering taking up a combat art but feeling intimidated/don't want dudes to be weird about it: START TODAY. having this stuff as a hobby is a great way of kinda automatically weeding out insecure douchebags and guys that can't handle a little playing with gender roles.


@zdravo I agree! Also, most places I've been also have classes that are non-contact. Meaning, you still kick and punch and elbow and knee but instead of using a human partner, you use a large heavy bag. So, you can develop some skillz before being unleashed on classmates. And it is still totally satisfying to hear a *thump* when you have a good connecting punch!

Redheads have even more fun

I always love the one dude that tells you to hit him as hard as you can. So you do, and then he gripes that you hurt him. Yeah, duh.


Yesss this is so relevant to my life! I've recently gotten into Muay Thai and love it so much. I've been lucky to go to a co-ed gym where the guys aren't super douchy and everyone works together, but when other guys find out I do it they get a little weird. I have had guys in class regret telling me to punch them in the face before though, haha.


@BabbityRabbity Related: Does anyone here box or do Muay Thai in the Boston area? I'm about to be moving to Somerville and I'm looking for a new gym up there (and maybe some new workout buddies??).


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