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The League of Ordinary Ladies: Summertime

Previously:  Miniature Teas Sets.

Esther C. Werdiger has a weekly podcast and a rich internet life, but also a job in Jerusalem. She's also got two new tote bags available on Etsy. Get 'em before they're gone!

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@chrysopoeia Product review??? I have been eyeing it for a while, but is it better than just slathering stick deodorant on your thighs?


@che Yes yes yes. I will never go back to shorts again. I've put it on in the morning and not noticed any sort of rubbing discomfort until maybe 6 or 7 pm. Then I just reapply.


@chrysopoeia I love that the price range is $5 to $300. Monistat used to make like a gooey version of this, but it required reapplying frequently. This stick looks much better. I assume it works like the blister preventing sticks?


@che My marathon running friend swears by the stuff, so I'm willing to assume it works pretty well.


@Bebe Ha, I know. I think I paid around 7. This is like the blister sticks, not gooey or tacky, but also not powdery dry like the Monistat gel was. I don't even notice it once I put it on.


@chrysopoeia OK, good to know. I like the Monistat stuff, but it does wear off kind of quickly.


@all Sweet. I'll have to try it because I can run approximately as far as to the bottom of the driveway before my thighs start chaffing, and running in basketball shorts is no fun.


@chrysopoeia Thanks! Will have to try it. Currently, my only other anti-chafing tactic is to wear Spanx, but when it is 98 outside, they may prevent chafing but the seem to encourage fainting and sweating.


@chrysopoeia FYI there is a "monostat" brand of that stuff...it is exactly what Stilla, etc. put in their "primers" so, if it's hot I smears some on the down and some on my face! the more you know!!!


@chrysopoeia Can someone help me out here? I don't understand what the chafing is that everyone is in the know about. If it helps, I am pretty active, ride my bike a lot and definitely have thighs that touch. And I wear skirts/dresses a lot.


@Pizzahut When I sweat (which is pretty much always, if it's above 50 degrees or I'm exercising), my thighs get really raw where they rub together.

Don't google "jogger's nipples."


This stuff is the best! I keep it in my purse.

Faintly Macabre

@Pizzahut Some people get bad chafing between the top of their thighs in the summer because of bare legs + legs that touch + stickiness. I magically usually don't get it, despite the shape of my legs, so I think it's some unlucky combination of leg shape + leg alignment + walking style.


@che Body Glide is awesome. I do ultramarathons and the stuff is amazing. Plus it won't stain your clothes or leave a weird residue, which is important when your running shorts were a bargain $75.


@che >my thighs get really raw where they rub together.

Or as I refer to it (for some reason) Broccoli Crotch.


@chrysopoeia : THANK YOU OH GOD THANK YOU.


@Onymous That sounds horrifying.
@EternalFootwoman Respect. I used to think ultramarathoners were insane (maybe you are?), but now I pretend that someday I'll work up to one.


@che I mean, it does take a certain degree of insanity to set out deliberately to run fifty or a hundred miles in one go. But I don't think it's a bad thing (of course, I would say that).

Ten Thousand Buckets

@chrysopoeia Ooh, that's going on my shopping list.

I'm also really glad to hear that this whole chafing issue isn't just me. I felt so bad about myself the first time I realized that bare legs + heat = intense pain (about 10 years ago), I haven't worn a skirt without shorts/tights since. Suddenly, I'm normal again! :D


@Onymous I've always called it Chub Rub.

sarah girl

@che I used Body Glide during a summer trip to HAITI where I wore skirts the whole time, no chafing at all. Infinite thumbs up.


@chrysopoeia I am buying this. RIGHT NOW. I'm so glad I'm not the only girl with this issue- I just thought my thighs were fat :-(


@Kirs @Ten Thousand Buckets: Repeat after me, "We are normal! We are normal!"


@chrysopoeia Bodyglide is kind of awesome. However, I've find it wears off pretty quickly. Do I just suck at Bodyglide?

fondue with cheddar

@chrysopoeia Does it have a scent? Because that would be bad for me.

I could use this because I've got fat thighs, but my boyfriend has the same problem because he's got big thigh muscles. (And he hasn't gotten regular exercise in years. Damn him and his good genes!)


@chrysopoeia No scent that I've noticed! I recommend it for ALL THIGHS.

fondue with cheddar

@chrysopoeia Fantastic!


@chrysopoeia LIFE-CHANGING PRODUCT, LADIES for reals.


@Onymous Is that like cauliflower ear?


I appreciate...@j


Esther, you cannot do that. You cannot say you solved chafing and not tell us how.


@travelmugs This.


@Esther C. Werdiger YES that is what I use!


I have totally solved chafing and it changed my life! http://www.amazon.com/Monistat-Soothing-Chafing-Powder-Gel-1-5-Ounce/dp/B0012ZNSWE/ref=pd_sim_hpc_1


@minne_apple I love that stuff. Although my brand-new tube is super liquidy and I don't know if that's because of the heat wave or because it's defective or something.


@anachronistique Heat. Put it in the fridge.

sarah girl

@minne_apple After you solve your chafing, use it as a makeup primer!


@Sarah H. For realz? That sounds so much cheaper than the MAC stuff I've sampled.


I used to make "going vegetarian" my New Year's resolution every year until I finally realized that I can't even make it a week, and so tried to do the Bittman "VB6" thing, where you're a vegan before 6 pm and then can eat anything you want, which I mean come on, easy right?, but no, I lasted only TWO DAYS. Yeesh.


@sprayfaint Could you combine the two and be vegetarian instead of vegan before 6 pm?


@sprayfaint i think i would need to be vegetarian-before-6pm-except-for-brunch because c'mon, breakfast sausage and bacon and eggs. a requirement.


@sprayfaint Just be a VINO - Vegan In Name Only. You can totally claim veganism when you're ating a salad, and conveniently forget about the burgers, steaks, etc.

ms. alex

@sprayfaint I'm a vegetarian, and it was surprisingly easy for me, but I think this VB6 thing sounds like the hardest thing ever. If I get a taste of bacon after six, you can bet I'm going to want it ALL THE TIME.


Random high fives are DEFINITELY a harbinger of good tidings.


@Emby Up high - to the side - down low - TOO SLOW!


@Decca That never gets old.


@Decca Well don't I look foolish.


@Decca Haha. I just tried to teach that to my 5 year old nephew and he gave me the dirtiest look. Until he figured out how to do it, and promptly did it to his parents. Then THEY were the ones giving me dirty looks.


@Emby Was your face ever red!


Hahah oh man, it has been too hot to move so no cool summer shenanigans have really been happening. Plus I need a job.


@Megano! There's a big cloud between me and the sun RIGHT NOW and I'm totally in love with it. I hope it never leaves me.


So - did you go out with the random guy on the street who had pot? Also, what do you wear while camping?


@Bebe I'll address the latter: Jeans and a plaid shirt t-shirt combo if it's 55 to 73 degrees F, if hotter, cut-off jeans and a sleeveless shirt. If it's colder than 55, pack up your forest green Subaru Outback and drive home becasue that is bullshit camping temperature (I'm just kidding I'd totally just bundle up in my sleeping bag fully clothed next to the fire and it'd still be fun.)

The Lady of Shalott

@whizz_dumb Nooo it's fun when it's cold! Wear thermals under your jeans, T-shirt under a nice polartec sweater or something, and maybe a vest or a jacket. Then get moving! If you're hiking or chopping wood you won't even notice it's cold, and then you're around a fire, and then you're inside a tent and body heat.

Actually the real answer to "what do you wear camping" is "anything you don't care if it gets dirty" because wow. Dirt.


@The Lady of Shalott oops late edit. Here's where I say "I'm just kidding I'd totally just bundle up in my sleeping bag fully clothed next to the fire and it'd still be fun."

The Lady of Shalott

@whizz_dumb Not too close!!! Once my mom accidentally melted her shoes by sitting too close to the campfire.


@The Lady of Shalott I dunno, man. My best friend's dad has done snow camping, and I have one word for that: no.

The Lady of Shalott

@frigwiggin I wuss out somewhere before snow camping, but my boyfriend enjoys it and used to go winter camping with his BFF. But they're insane.


@The Lady of Shalott Ouch, hot shoes! Whiskey will also warm you up nicely, but be careful you might decide to have a BB Gun battle with your buddy where you're literally pelting each other with bb's until one of you bleeds. Stupid and reckless, but fun.


@The Lady of Shalott Once I accidentally on purpose melted my shoes to get attention while at summer camp. Did it work? No.

Later I pretended I knew how to play euchre and that's how I learned how to play euchre. (Michigan!)


@whizz_dumb If I don't have to hike, jeans, a t-shirt and this bug-resistent hoody thing. If I do have to hike, quick-try pants, polypro shirt, and the bug-resistent hoody thing. Also, a layer of DEET so thick it should probably count as clothing.


@Bebe Camping in Ontario means you wear your bathing suit pretty much the whole time.


@frigwiggin I did the snow camping once. I "wimped out" (whatever, it was below zero degrees F, in Vermont, there is no wimping out unless you fly south) and stayed in a 4-walled-shelter. BUT the door was frozen open and there was no glass on one window, SOOO basically I slept outside. There were icicles on the screws in the ceiling above my head, from my breath, when I woke up. I wanted to die / when I get a better sleeping bag I'm totally doing it again. It was the moon perigee supermoon thing last year and it was AWESOME.

However, I totally wimp out if it gets above 75 degrees. Hells to the no.


@frigwiggin My uncle used to go winter camping in the Boundary Waters, on the border between Minnesota and Canada. Every once in a while I wish that I had been old enough at the time to go with him once, but then I remember that I hate being cold, so fuck no to that.


@all Oh yeah. Snow camping. My right index and ring fingers tell me all about snow camping every time it's 40deg or cooler, on account of the frostbite I got while snow camping in BC in March. I took my mitten off in my sleep, and then put my hand out of my sleeping bag, and woke up with frostbite. Those two fingers tingle like hell when they get cold.

So yeah. Mitts with velcro wrists so you don't take them off while asleep.

Since I am usually canoeing and camping, I wear:

Chacos sandals, unless there will be a lot of rocks and I need ankle stability, then hiking boots.

Quick dry socks

Quick dry pants/shorts

Thin cotton shirt

Fleece over-shirt

A hat

Sunscreen like woah

Because water really does reflect sunshine up, as does an aluminum canoe. And sunburn on the water blows.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@whizz_dumb My boyfriend's birthday is late October and he REALLY wanted to go camping that weekend and I believe in The Birthday Boy/Girl Makes The Rules, so we went! Of course it snowed most of the time we were out there. I felt like an asshole asking to leave after one night, but I was so sick of being cold and wet. Cold camping, no fun. Even with a fire and a tent and a cold-rated sleeping bag and a big dog to curl up to. Never again!

fondue with cheddar

@The Lady of Shalott I've never been camping when it's cold, but I'm sure I'd like it better than camping in the heat because (a) it is stifling and there's no escape, (b) sleeping in the heat is hard, and (c) I don't like to be sticky and dirty for prolonged periods of time, thankyouverymuch.

The Lady of Shalott

@jen325 Is this the wrong time to tell you that winter camping also frequently features dirt and sweat and filth? Often all at the same time?

fondue with cheddar

@The Lady of Shalott I'm sure it does, but being hot and dirty is so much grosser than being cold and dirty. At least in cooler weather your sweat has a chance to dry.


@che Once I slept in a freezing room by accident, which wasn't quite camping, but it really sucked. Unheated bedrooms in Telluride in November with broken windows where you fall asleep drunk, ya know?

Genghis Khat

Was the donkey named "Apricot" or Mishmish?


@Genghis Khat Mishmish is one of my favorite Arabic words.


@Genghis Khat Oh my god, if I ever get a donkey, I will definitely name it Mishmish now. That is perfect. If I get a mule, it will be Pamplemousse.


@MissMushkila What does that mean?

Genghis Khat

@BoozinSusan Mishmish means apricot.


@BoozinSusan And also "Pamplemousse" means grapefruit (French), in case anyone was wondering. :))


Speaking of camping, guess who's camping in Shenandoah this weekend? CAPTAIN TWO-THUMBS RIGHT HERE.


@Emby Oh, we are going on a floating trip there next weekend. Have fun!


@Emby i miss virginia :(


@Emby Ooooo, I love Shenandoah. Have fun!

sarah girl

@Emby Oh, Shenandoah! I long to see you!


I like the idea of using Robespierre to get a sense of perspective on things.


@teaandcakeordeath Like: Robespierre has read more than Esther Werdiger, but less than Nicole Cliffe?


That was EXACTLY what I was thinking!


Into the Wild is my favorite nonfiction book, and I feel kind of guilty about it.


@yeah-elle One of my favorite Alaskan writers, Sherry Simpson, has written a really great essay about Chris McCandless that is excerpted here:http://andrewlacerenza.blogspot.com/2008_03_01_archive.html. It's worth buying the book. She has a very sane view of him, which must be tough as most folks in Alaska think he was kind of a dumbass.


@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside just kidding, it's fully available here: http://aplangandcomp.blogs.rsu1.org/files/2011/05/simpsononmccandless.pdf


@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside Thanks for the link! I'm excited to read it when I get home...I admit to being pretty (morbidly?) fascinated with McCandless.


@yeah-elle me too. I think it's an incredibly sad and humbling story. I've lived in Alaska almost my entire life, and know many people who live or have lived off the grid in the wild, and his story flummoxes me, because I know from personal experience how humbling and overwhelming the Alaskan wilderness can be. So the fact that he did that seems like a death wish more than a search for meaning.


@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside You pretty much pinned the reason why I get really annoyed/angry with Chris McCandless. It's really hard for me to talk about the book or the movie with anyone without getting really frustrated. I just feel terrible for his family, and he strikes me as incredibly selfish. I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but geez, take help if it's offered to you if you're going on a sojourn through Alaska.

The Lady of Shalott

@meetapossum Yeah, this. If you want to go live off the grid away from other humans, fine. But prepare yourself, you know? And if you DON'T and you're doing it to commit suicide in a wildly painful way that will undoubtedly cause immense distress to your family....that seems incredibly cruel while also being selfish.


@The Lady of Shalott @meetapossum I don't disagree with you, but part of what strikes me about McCandless' story is that, in the end, he was essentially killed by a mistake. Preparedness only goes so far. The linchpin really was how off the grid he wanted to be, and the question of whether you are really off the grid if you take the precaution of making communication with others a possibility. The most seasoned outdoorsman could find himself in mortal peril by merit of just tripping and breaking his ankle, if he doesn't supply himself with some method of reaching help. And I can see the appeal of wanting to cut yourself off from that capability for communication. Of course it's dangerous, and selfish. But I can understand it, I think.


@yeah-elle I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think of that article. I think she touches on a lot of that in a wonderfully eloquent way. I might be biased because I have hometown pride involved in it, though.


@Mame Dennis-Pickett-Burnside Ooh, thanks for that! I live pretty close to Alaska, and I've always had trouble verbalizing how I feel about McCandless, and that article illuminates it a bit for me. I think it's because out in the bush, community is *everything*, and always has been everything ever since the first people showed up, because that's the only way to survive out here. To just slap away all the knowledge and assistance provided out of some childish notion that if you do it all yourself, you're somehow better, is offputting to the extreme. I think he was just a young, misguided, kind of dumb (in the way we're all dumb when we're young) kid, but I get annoyed that he's often portrayed as a hero instead of a warning.


When I have my Retirement Home for Wayward Farm Animals ranch in the rolling hills of New Mexico, I will have a burro and name her Apricot. Apricot in Spanish is 'albaricoque' which may be the provenance of 'Albuquerque', so it's all coming together for me thanks to this comic.


What is visibly peeing yourself? Like, visible to others? Because whoa.


@okaycrochet Was there a puddle on the ground? Because WHOA.


@okaycrochet Maybe just getting a small spot on your pants. Who hasn't done that?!?

Also, let's all do some kegels right now.


@alpelican doing them right now.

oh! valencia

@okaycrochet I instinctively clench up every time I read the word "Kegel"


@okaycrochet The Best Time I Peed My Pants Before My Adult-Education Portuguese Class and Had to Throw My Underwear Away in the Bathroom? Been there Esther. Whoa indeed.


@okaycrochet Still beats sharting.


@insouciantlover Last year I went to watch the Ironman bike stage and one of the other spectators had a sign that said, "Never trust a fart!"


@okaycrochet Since high school ten years ago, I've had a back-up plan in case I visibly pee myself. I always have a bottle of water with me, so I will immediately spill it all over the pee-affected area, then make sure everyone realizes I spilled my water. Better a klutz than a pee-er. I should add I keep water with me because of thirst, not fear of peeing.

Life has been kind to me, for I have never needed to employ this. But once I did pee for a few seconds on my suitemate's floor because her alarm would not stop blaring after she left and I needed to turn it off, but I also really needed to go to the bathroom... I've never told anyone that before.


I'm glad I figured out that the random swimming French boy was saying "bon jour" because boy howdy was I confused when I thought he was saying "Bon Jovi"!


@SuperGogo I thought the same thing. I blame my phone and tiny type though!


@SuperGogo I thought so too, but unlike you, I was not glad when I figured out what he was really saying. I was, in fact, deeply disappointed.


@SuperGogo I thought the same thing before I read the panel, and was so curious!

Cat named Virtute

@SuperGogo *I* thought that in the panel about the 52 year old she said massage, not message, and thought WOAH.


@SuperGogo Oh, I'm a lamo who posted the same thing way downthread! But I saw it too!


@Cat named Virtute Oh wow, it said message? I feel a LOT better about this.


@SuperGogo Not mentioned here is how Bon Jovi was also swimming nearby.


APRICOT. I want a tattoo of Apricot, just like that.


@frigwiggin P.S. I like how the ink color is different between the two comics. Is that intentional or just a scanning/processing variation?


If we're only counting from yesterday, so far this summer I have 1) watched my boyfriend play Shadow of the Colossus, 2) eaten a chicken burger and some substandard pozole and 3) worn suspenders to work. RIVETING.


@frigwiggin I'm wearing them right now

they have little purple stars on them

I'm not sorry


@frigwiggin Nor should you be.


@frigwiggin I am sorry about your pozole experience.


@frigwiggin Tell me how to rock the suspenders! I think they're incredibly sexy on women, but I don't know how to pull it off.


@frigwiggin I don't know either!!! I have a pair of leather suspenders that I love but can't seem to wear out of the house...need. to. know. how.


@crawdad It has taken me a good ten minutes to work out you are not talking about English Suspenders. i.e., the things that hold your stockings up.


So far this summer, if going since just yesterday: I got married yesterday! It was at a beach, a sunny day in Seattle, followed by a picnic with a huge heap of beer. I got to drink directly from a 3-liter bottle of Chimay!


@karencarrot Congratulations! That sounds rad. Plus, I am a big fan of picnic weddings so far.


@karencarrot Congratulations! Sounds like a great time!


@karencarrot 1.) Congrats! That sounds awesome, and 2.) how did you manage to HOLD said bottle of Chimay?


Before reading the caption on the third panel(okay, and a little bit after reading it too) I thought the speech bubble said "Bon Jovi". As in; they were French boys so had outdated music taste. Two years of High School French, right down the tubes...


Don't talk to me about resolutions, hairpin. I'm the girl who grandly declaired she was swearing off sex for six months. Then was like "oh. whoops." the very next Open Thread!


@The Kendragon *snif* whatever, swearing off sex! Keep the dick, swear off the idiot it's attached to.

PS How you faring down there, Cruces? Got a little rain in Burque this evening and frickin cried when the clouds finally opened up.


@Exene I don't think we've gotten lower than 95 during the day. I am BURNING up.
My problem was more that I was sleeping with too many idiots before realizing they were idiots and getting in a mess. So I decided to pump the breaks.


@Exene And I miss the Burque!


I want to start giving people baguettes one day. That seems like such a nice thing to do. And almost a bit eccentric. But then what do I do around gluten-free people? Maybe I'll give them sunglasses, because that's definitely eccentric.


@limnupon My friend just brought over a baguette last night. It was super awesome. But I would have loved a pair of sunglasses as well.


But ... Robespierre! (I have complicated feelings about him. I blame A Place of Greater Safety.)


@Verity Psssh, Robespierre. Danton4Lyfe!

(Okay, actually I have no information on Danton outside of an overzealous history teacher and Gerard Depardieu. But based on that...)


@Verity My friend wanted to name her son Danton after reading APGS. Given how the little bruiser has turned out, it would have been a nice choice.


I totally thought the man in the water was saying, "Bon Jovi."


@Hellcat ME TOO. Probably because that's how a fellow AP French student and I used to greet each other.


Oh Apricot! <3 <3

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