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'Pinup Roundup

Make some friends before you find out all the people you would've made friends with this summer actually have boats and loads of frequent flyer miles they couldn't get rid of fast enough. Either that or they are very sweet, loving people who will save your life someday. Either/or! San Francisco would like to see you at 6pm on June 2nd (that is tomorrow!) at Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. You're so silly, SF. Portland, Melbourne, DC, and Cleveland — among many other locales — have soirees in the works over here. And if you have created a Hairpin Facebook group for your area, please let us know in the comments!

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We just had a toronto pinup last week!

Facebook group here and wow there's totally way more members in there than I thought!

I'm interested in organizing a jays game pinup sometime soon. Y/N/M?


@redheaded&crazie I would go! I went to a few last summer and had a really good time despite not really being into baseball.


@redheaded&crazie YES! I unfortunately couldn't make it to the other pinup at the last minute :( I'm probably going to the next jay's game anyway!


@phlox yeah I'm getting into baseball but for 12 bucks it's a pretty good time especially if you're with a rowdy crowd/surrounded by some rowdy people.

We could all plan to meet at the steamwhistle patio beforehand for supercheap beers (something I did not know about it's like $4 pints) or, my usual method, meet in the park for even cheaper illegal drinking in public. heh.


@cosmia people interested in jays games should let me know whether they prefer weekday games @ 7:00 or weekend games @ 1:00!

(bearing in mind that showing up on time is not necessary nor even recommended by my butt)

in fact, i will make a facebook poll.


@redheaded&crazie I don't give a crap and a half about baseball but I want to drink and be belligerent and yell at the players! I can do any time really, because I work regular 9-5 M-F hours and I work in Liberty Village, which is like a 10 minute bus ride away.


@cosmia yay :D i also like to do those things


@cosmia I don't either, but I do enjoy their tight pants.




Vancouver! I know there's a pinup coming, which I may/may not be able to attend...but might it be useful for us to have a FB group? Or are many of you not on FB?


@dale Heya, I would really like to attend the pinup and am completely down for a FB group!


@dale Just made a Vancouver group! http://www.facebook.com/groups/440444012647138/


@KelizN I joined! I am super excited to drink the liquors and chat with you fine ladies.


I am excited for the Chicago pinup on Monday!

Boiler Room in Logan Square, friends.

New Commenter Name

You guys should really have one in the suburbs...on the weekend. How can I work all day in Naperville, party all night in Logan Square, and still take care of my kids?
Don't mind me. I'm not demanding. Or whiney.


@olivebee Me too! See you there, future friend.


@olivebee YAY! I missed the last one, and I'm still fairly new in town so I'm looking for friends!


Also, do we have a facebook group?


@Curiouser and curiouser
You could set one up! Anyone can!


@josiahg hahahhah, I would but it requires you to invite your friends and none of my irl friends are pinners. Thanks for pointing out the obvious, fbook!


Is there an NYC Facebook group? 'Cause there should be.


@terrific I agree!


@terrific let's do this!!


@terrific Someone do it yes pleaseeee.


@terrific Here I made it:



You guys are really not helping with the pictures of cigarettes.

Lily Rowan

@meetapossum Yeah, I thought we were supposed to quit yesterday?

Anna Koeppel@twitter

Hey St. Louis, find us on FB at Hairpin St. Louis or https://www.facebook.com/groups/335433163160024/ !


The DC Facebook group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/dchairpin/

Everyone should join and help us plan a June meetup. And if you're a fast reader, you can read "Are You My Mother?" by Alison Bechdel and join us for book club next Tuesday.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

Heh...I love that the Pin-Up group is getting spam messages. YOU GUYS I HAVE AN INCREDIBLE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY...

sudden but inevitable betrayal

Oh man, I'm so jealous of all these cities with book clubs! Pittsburgh? Does anyone read?


@sudden but inevitable betrayal I just moved to Pittsburgh TODAY and would love to join a book club. Any general meetups in the works for the area?

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@AbFab Welcome, welcome! I don't think there's anything in works at the moment...obviously that needs to change.

Andrea Fineman@twitter

@sudden but inevitable betrayal
I also just moved to Pittsburgh--googling around for things to do.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Andrea Fineman@twitter Hey! Welcome! :D

maybe partying will help

Cleveland are we happening or what?


Any chance there are pregnant 'pinners in the SF Bay Area (yay Oakland!) who want to meet up and talk about how much we miss beer?


I feel like I now have to go the SF Pinup, despite living in New York, if that's the bar where it will be held.


@Techmo it's the best bar. Bottomless sangria!!!


@Techmo I keep missing all the NYC 'Pinups :(


Seattle nerds! JOIN US:


(Search "The Hairpin Seattle" if that link doesn't work.)

We even have a book club, kind of, almost! Read "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon and come to our June 20 meetup. Y/y?


@dahlface Get'em girl


@KiraShea Hiiiii


@dahlface I have been searching "The Hairpin Seattle" for MONTHS and I haven't been able to find it. Thanks for the link!


Fort Lauderdale/Miami Pinners? Are you out there?

mc coolfriend

@Mandalas Sort of. Not really. I'm over in Naples (again, not really but small town skirting Naples). I'm not trying to contribute nothing w/this reply....I was sort of thinking we can establish a loosely defined area (flanking Alligator Alley, roughly) and then others within our borders might respond. I fear there's just not enough of us to merit a group on each coast.

Charlsie Kate

What about Charleston? Don't y'all want to come to the beach and read novels and talk about laundry and relationships and movies?


@Charlsie Kate ooh! i'm in the upstate, but i would totally drive to charleston for beach/novels/laundry talk! :)

Grosses bises

@Charlsie Kate I'm in Charleston!


Houston has a FB group! Check us out at Houston Hairpinners:


We haven't had a meet-up in a while, but we do have a book club going. Let's do something soon! Maybe the Icehouse again? You know, before it gets so hot it's not possible to move. ;)

ms. alex

Anyone near Toledo?
Last time I checked the meetup thing there wasn't anything, but I'm not very consistent at checking.


Los Angeles! here is our fb group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/182820175133424/

Our next event is Saturday June 16th - we'll be doing laser tag in Glendale and then celebrating the fact that we just beat the crap out of teenagers at laser tag by eating our combined weight in Korean bbq.


Pin-up for NYC parents with babies? Anybody?

rien à dire

Atlanta here! https://www.facebook.com/groups/174353495974649/

We're also having a 'Pinup on Saturday, June 9. It's looking like it will be around 7pm-ish at Leon's Full Service in Decatur. Please come one, come all!


Is it too much to hope for that there might be some 'Pinners in Spain? I'm in Barcelona, to be more specific. Anyone?

Creature Cheeseman

New Orleans!! Someone started a pinup discussion a few days ago so if we could get something together soon that'd be great.


@Creature Cheeseman Yes please, I'm in Baton Rouge, but I have problem coming on down!


New Zealand? Anyone? I'm gonna start a group later today, I hope someone out there is interested.


Sooo I want to go to the SF meetup, but I am nervous about it for some reason? Yall, reassure me .


@spacevalkyrie You should definitely go. Everyone is really friendly and nice and welcoming.


Oxford?? I remember there being a discussion of a potential Oxford pinup sometime a long time ago...

Alternatively, anyone else going to be in Istanbul for the summer?


@iwannabekait No longer in Oxford, but I'm there occasionally (I was last Saturday, as a matter of fact!).


Was that Melbourne, VIC, or Melbourne, FL? I can't see any references to it in the Google Group but I'm excited for a Melbourne, VIC, pinup if someone's planning one!



I created an NYC Hairpinners Facebook Group, join itttttt.


omg chicago!!! this is my first ever comment on the hairpin because i am so excited for this 'pinup and have been reading this website for months secretly wishing all the post and comment contributors were my irl BFF.

how will we know who all the 'pinners are at the boiler room, though?


Are there any Vegas 'pinners out there? There must be some other cool people in Vegas! Pretty please?


Baltimore? I saw two people posted on the Google Group for pinups, but thought maybe there were other Baltimore area people here?

Lauren Van Slyke@facebook

@ClogginBoydCrowder Anything pop up with a Baltimore Pin-up? I think i'm going to make a page cause i havent found anything!


Saskatchewan? Anyone? I tried on the google group but maybe there are some of you who will see this and want to meet up? Have booze, will travel!

Maggie O'Brien@facebook

Anyone know about an Albany, New York hairpin group? I just moved here... blr

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