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Mascarapedia, Volume I

We're trying all the mascaras.


For our first installment, I selected a pretty good cross-section: many of the #1 hits at Sephora and the drug store. If you're wondering how I got my hands on all of them, here's a secret: go to every party you're invited to in Los Angeles. People give you mascara at parties here. I'm not kidding! Also, buy those multi-pack mascara boxes at Sephora.

Method: We chose the blackest colors available and applied each mascara following manufacturer instructions. A crimping curler was used beforehand because it's pointless to wear mascara otherwise. No measures were taken to remove lumps or separate lashes after application; these are solely the results of the tools the mascara came with. I did, however, clean up any huge messes due to being too sleepy or too caffeinated when using the wand. I took the photos in front of my brightest window, but certain days were sunnier than others, hence the difference in tone. In terms of other makeup, I made sure to only wear foundation and eyebrow pencil at most.

Margin of error: 100%. It's possible a tube was open a little bit unbeknownst to me before it came into my possession, or any number of other issues I can't account for.

Control: Here is a before photo of my eyeballs:


Maybelline Great Lash: This is the basic green and pink tube that is supposedly the most popular mascara of all time. They say you can apply as many coats as you want in order to build volume but only while the mascara is wet, so you have to work quickly if you want a bunch of layers. I did two coats. It's super slippery and wet and has a small brush, making it easy to apply. Lengthens and separates, but doesn't add tons of volume. The best part was at the end of the day there was no flaking and I even rubbed my eyes and nothing happened. Pretty good mascara.

tarte's lights! camera! lashes!: I hated this stuff. Super gunky and dry. Flakes off like crazy throughout the day. It is really black though.

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Lashes: Lumpy again. The brush is shaped weird: thick at the base and pointy at the end. I don't know about you, but I use the same hand to put mascara on both eyes and I don't always invert the brush. For example, if the fat end of the brush coats my outer lashes on one eye and I'm feeling lazy, the fat end is going to coat the inner lashes on the other eye. In the end it just didn't look that good, but it stayed on okay.

MAC Zoom Lash: I really loved this mascara! (It ended up being the one I'd use on in-between days when I wasn't trying a new one.) It's got a skinny-ish brush and it's rather wet so it goes on smooth. Plus it's really dark. I did start crying an hour after I put it on and it smudged a little, but then later I rubbed my eyes and only a tiny bit flaked off. I wonder what it will look like with the primer?

MAC Zoom Lash with Prep and Prime Lash: The primer ruined a perfectly acceptable mascara. What is it even for? I hated it so much I forgot to paint my bottom lashes on one eye because I just wanted to get taking this picture over with.

L'Oreal Voluminous: Ick. This was super clumpy. I'm starting to think that's what companies mean by "volume?" Just clumpy chunks?

d.j.v. beautenizer Fiberwig LX: This is the stuff that is supposedly eyelash extensions in a tube. It's actually great! Not a ton of volume, but dark and you can see a few of the super long "lashes" it made, like that one just above my pupil on the right — your right — that almost touches my brow. That's kind of cool I guess, only it also makes you wonder if it will break off later in the day and get in your eye. Update: it didn't break off. This stuff stayed on and washed off fine.

Blinc: This is the kind that says it "tubes" rather than paints your lashes, whatever that means. It was pretty easy to apply and really wet and the brush is small and has more mascara on one side than the other so you can just flip it around to put more on and then flip it back to smooth is out. It wasn't volumizing at all though. And also late in the day I rubbed my eye and some of the tubes started falling off and irritating me. So then I washed it off and just like the packaging said, you have to rub your lashes gently to remove the "tubes." It doesn't smudge all around your eyes or anything when you wash it off, they really do come off looking like individual hairs. That was weird but would be good for someone who cannot deal with getting regular mascara off.

BADgal lash mascara from benefit: Okay, so I guess this looks fine enough in the picture, but I hated this one. The brush is ENORMOUS and it took me forever to get it on because I was so afraid of how much of a mess I was making. Little did I know...

Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes Mascara:... I was about to encounter the messiest mascara in the world! This is that one with the little ball brush. It takes about one million years to apply. The directions are kind of hilarious in that they tell you to intuit how to apply the mascara and that it takes practice, I shit you not. Also the name sounds like Tyra made it up. But you know what? Despite the mess that I didn't clean up enough for an HD photo, obviously, oops, my bad, and despite how long it took to put on, and despite that this picture isn't great, I actually really liked the look of this mascara. It's very dark and dramatic, adds length and volume, and it stayed on nicely. It was a mess to wash off though.

Maybelline Full 'N Soft:  Hm. I was wearing this mascara for awhile because one of my Girlfriends With Beautiful Lashes wears it, but it looks way better on her. I emailed her for her process:

I do two coats... the first one that I kinda just go crazy with (so it gets all over my eyelids and face and shit), but I try and get every lash I can. Then I let that dry for 5-10 minutes (my boyfriend calls this stage "mascary") and then I use a Q-tip, lick the end of it, and use that to clean up my mess. Sometimes this takes two Q-tips. Then I go over the tips where necessary, separate — sometimes with a pen or tweezers or whatever that's small and pointy that I have laying around — and also try and fill in any gaps I missed the first time around. Then again, another round of Q-tip cleanup. Voila!

Voila, indeed. For me, sticking to the rules of our experiment, it turned out less dramatic. The curl didn't really stay with this one, but it's pretty dark and volume-y in a non-chunky way for a drug store brand. It goes on easy enough except the brush is big so it can be a little messy. (See above.) Stayed on great!

Cover Girl LashBlast Volume:  This is one of those mascaras with the plastic, tubular brush hairs. It's a tiny bit clumpy as you can see on the end there and one eye turned out way better than the other because I think if you let it dry too much it can make the second coat all dry and flaky. Seems more lengthening to me than volumizing. It flaked and smudged a little toward the end of the day.

Diorshow:  Well, hm. Here it is! The amazing Diorshow! It's kind of an anti-climactic end to this first volume. I was expecting this one to blow the others out of the water, which is why I saved it for last. It's kinda clumpy, right? I might have been going to extraordinary lengths to fix the clumps when I used it in the past, but rules of experiments are rules of experiments so here are the raw results. Science!

Illustration by Esther Werdiger; photo help by Julian McCullough.

Have a mascara you'd like to see reviewed in "Mascarapedia: Volume II?" Leave it in the comments and we'll do our best to get invited to the party that is handing that one out for free. 

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Anne Helen Petersen

I fail at being a girl because all of these pictures (save the very first) look the same to me.

Katie Heaney

@Anne Helen Petersen I was just going to say I loved that you could really tell the difference. But maybe that's just how close my face was to Jane's face, via the screen.


@Anne Helen Petersen I scrolled through this real quick, went back to the top, and said, "Oh hey, finally there's one I like!" That was Jane's untouched lashes, of course.


@wallsdonotfall Yes! Then I got a little pouty and was like "Why can't people who want to see our lashes just stick their faces super close like that camera was, no wait, don't do that. That's a terrible idea. Mascara, or I guess maybe lash-dyeing, it is."

(And Jane has gorgeous lashes. I was also going to say that.)

Emma Peel

@Anne Helen Petersen yeah, I cannot tell any kind of difference, but I think that's because Jane's plain eyelashes are really spectacular (at least compared to mine, which are stubby).


@Anne Helen Petersen EXACTLY. THE. SAME.


@Anne Helen Petersen Yeah, I think mascara is super fun to wear but this post made me feel like caring about which formula is a colossal waste of time: they all are a little longer and a little spikier and a little darker.


I'd love to see some ultra-sensitive formulas reviewed. I'm currently using a Tarina Tarantino, which is mostly fine. But it sucks to get a tube and find out that your eyes blow up every single time.


@susanec@twitter The Tarte mascara Jane didn't like is the only one that doesn't irritate my eyes. I've tried a zillion "sensitive" formulas. My contacts hate mascara!


@likethestore My contacts do, too. Mascara is the only thing I buy at Origins (everything else there makes my super-sensitive skin go completely insane).


@susanec@twitter Marcelle is good. I don't like ALL their kinds though. The definition one (?) has a brush that hurts.


@susanec@twitter I have tried SO MANY sensitive mascaras, they all give me terrible reactions. I'm not willing to pay a ton of money for the "best brand" versions just to find out that it, too, turns me into a big nasty red eyed reaction.

I also get weird little white bumps on my waterline the day(s) after I wear mascara. They are really hard and scratch my eyes every time I blink? I have no idea what these are but they are terrible.


@susanec@twitter Careful about the white bumps. I'm really prone to this (first got it using eye pencil on my waterline...O! But it looked so good!):


Now it recurs and I have eenie weenie growths where some of the glands are blocked...


@likethestore My contacts hated mascara until I started using Blinc! It's the only one that doesn't irritate my eyes, I think because it doesn't flake at ALL for me. My lashes don't look as good as with other mascaras, but my eyes aren't read and itchy all day, so it works.


@thebestjasmine Same here, my eyeballs hate mascara and the only one they'll tolerate is Blinc.


@Susanna Ugh, I have given up on eye pencil because of those little bumps. The look of liner off of the waterline is just too strange for me to swing, it just looks... amatuerish? I should probably just get an eyelash curler and skip mascara and liner all together.

My skin reacts to all but the lightest makeups like I am slathering oil and fiberglass all over my face so I have pretty much given up on wearing anything besides mineral foundation powders/blushes and nice eyeshadow.


@OhShesArtsy (Sorry, can't edit in this browser)

The BEST eyeshadow I have ever tried is the Urban Decay Naked pallette. It is drool worthy, I am obsessed with "Toasted" and "Sidecar". I can't use the little primer it came with, though, because of the afore mentioned fiberglass and oil issue.


@susanec@twitter The white bumps are basically minor styes. http://www.webmd.com/eye-health/stye

They don't hurt (or at least mine don't), but the big styes certainly do. They generally come from not quite getting all the eye makeup cleaned off (think of them as eye pimples--the eye "pores" are just clogged). I went through a period when I was getting them ALL THE TIME, as well as the big painful styes. I switched my eye makeup remover and my eye makeup, and now I rarely get them.


@The Spectacular Lady J What eye makeup remover do you use? I haven't found any that reduce the bumps and I ALWAYS wash off my makeup before bed. Maybe I haven't found the right combo?

(oh please oh please, I really like the look of eyeliner....)


@OhShesArtsy I actually use the Almay pads that Jane showed once! http://www.amazon.com/Almay-Oil-free-Makeup-Remover-Pads/dp/B001WW8NFY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1340731448&sr=8-1&keywords=almay+eye+makeup+remover

It's pretty cheap, so if you try it and it doesn't work well enough, not too much money down the drain. I hope it works for you!


I think Maybelline and the MAC ones look great. Also, my eyes kind of hurt after looking through this; I think I was subconsciously keeping them wide-open while looking at the photos.

fondue with cheddar

@Mabissa Me too! It reminded me of when someone else puts makeup on you, because they almost always make the makeup face.


@jen325 : Maybe she will blink in the next installment, or make some kind of face. Smize?


Holy hell, this is EXACTLY what I needed to know about mascara. Thanks, Jane!

fondue with cheddar

@Medani Me too, because I never wear it but would like to when I get dressed up, but I don't want to waste my money trying ones that suck.


I don't even TRY to understand why the mascara-making-gods think that the little ball wands are a good idea. Does anyone use those and get good results?! They're so...counter-intuitive, or something.

Oh also, I've been using Lash Stiletto by Maybelline and it is MY FAVE. AND the tube looks like the heel of a stiletto.


@allofthecrafts I love Lash Stiletto too! It makes my eyelashes look so shiny!


@allofthecrafts I loved it because it smells like roses...I don't even remember if it's any good!

Anastasia Beaverhausen

@allofthecrafts Yes! I love Lash Stiletto too. Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express (big yellow tube w/purple lettering) is effing fantastic. It smells like allergy nasal spray, but it fades fortunately.


@Anastasia Beaverhausen I have very few opinions about makeup, but Volum Express is the best! And so reasonable. I'll spend money on nice foundation or whatever, but it's hard to drop $25 on a tube of mascara every two months.

Hot Doom

@Anastasia Beaverhausen I was gonna say, I LOVED the Maybelline XXL mascara which is black and gold with a primer end and the mascara end- It was my go-to, but I have trouble finding it in the UK.
To make up for it, I bought Maybelline Falsies, in a magenta tube, (not sure if it is available Stateside) and it is the worst mascara I have ever used. It clumps, looks like tar on my lashes, and if I try to pull out tiny clumps that it forms on the end of my lash, it pulls out the whole lash. Don't go there.

ETA: In place of that Falsies crap, I am using some Estée Lauder mascara that came in a free makeup giveaway (in a blue tube with gold cap) and it rocks for separating lashes. Not so lengthening, but plumps them up a bit.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

@LolaLaBalc Oh the Falsies is the worst. I usually have pretty good luck w/mascaras - most are fine for me but there are some I absolutely LOOOOOVE and some I want to set on fire. I wanted to set the Falsies tube on fire.


I feel like an idiot-- I just posted about Stiletto (love!) and THEN searched to see if anyone else mentioned it. My bad!


@Trilby mo' stiletto love! I don't even know what I like about it so much, it's just great.

Hot Doom

@Anastasia Beaverhausen RIGHT?! Glad I'm not the only one with that issue, because I thought I was just being repeatedly heavy-handed in application. Usually it either works really well, pretty well or less well, but is presentable; with Falsies, it's like someone has put black plastic on your eye, melted it with fire and the aftermath is left on your face.


@allofthecrafts I actually loved the Falsies mascara the first time I bought it (maybe six months ago?). But I think they changed the formula, because I bought a new one and it is seriously the worst. :( Which is heartbreaking, because the first tube I bought was magic for my eyelashes.


@allofthecrafts Jane, please review Falsies! I actually take the falsies brush and dip it in zoom lash with good results -- the falsies mascara itself dries out real quick but the brush (curved one) is great.

Hot Doom

@nealbledsoe OKAY, I know this thread happened days ago, but right after posting I went and bought some more Maybelline XXL Pro Extensions, and it is still my favorite, especially when new and not old and getting clumpy (I know, I'm gross). It makes my lashes extra long with little fibre extensions and separates them. I see there is also a XXL Pro Volume version, which I have not tried. Anyone have experience with this one?

Jane! Could you review one of the XXL Pro line, please!? I'm an extensions evangelist, but I am super curious about the volumiser one. Also, if you review Falsies and you work it real good, I would love to see how on earth you do it.

Katie Heaney

I just got talked into Benefit "They're Real" and WOW do I hate that name but actually I think it is a pretty good one! Not clumpy, not too wet, just right. So you could include that guy!


@Katie Heaney I'm really obsessed with my "They're Real" mascara. Everything except the name is perfection. But what do you think, Jane?


@Katie Heaney : I logged in JUST to say "omg Benefit's 'They're Real' is the BEST EVER." Love it. Big, clean, no smudges, no flaking.

DiorShow is buuuuuunk. Huge brush, gets everywhere, didn't add much length, smudges. Boo.

the roughest toughest frail

@Katie Heaney I love that mascara! It has an embarrassingly bad name, but it makes my lashes super-long.


@Katie Heaney I love Benefit's "They're Real!" That's my favorite mascara that I've ever had! Sadly, I just decided to try Diorshow and kinda hate it? Also, is it just me or is it SO HARD to take off? Like, way harder than Benefit?

saul "the bear" berenson

@Katie Heaney I use Diorshow and my lashes are quite thick, so in order to avoid clumps I oftentimes actually run the brush under warm water and give it a little shake to get major water drops off it before applying. Sometimes I'll also get the brush a little wet and put it back in the tube a couple times to mix in some water to the mascara in the tube. Maybe this is heresy but it works really well for me, and solves the super-clumpy Diorshow problem.


I love the blinc stuff. I've always had issues with falldown from mascara getting under my eyes and making me look really tired, and this just doesn't happen with blinc.

That said, if I'm going for drama, I usually reach for Diorshow, but the best mascara I ever had was the (discontinued, duh, because all the best products are) Dior Maximeyes. I miss you, Maximeyes!


@SarahDances : Oh man, don't you HATE when you find the awesomest thing ever and then they kill it off? Chanel Extracils (Supercurl) was the most fantastic mascara everrrrr. Kinda too wet for the first two weeks of using a new tube, but perfect afterwards. Super dark, soft and non-crunchy, no clumps, no smudging or flaking, but came right off with normal face-washing.

Benefit's "They're Real" has taken its place in my stash -- it's arguably a much better-performing mascara, but you *do* have to use some sort of remover to take it off.


@SarahDances I love Blinc, as well - I got it as a sample in a birchbox and now I'm almost out and this reminded me to buy a new one. I've never had trouble with tubes falling off during the day, but you can't sleep in it (and I'm laaaaazy, especially when I'm at my boyfriends). But I love that it doesn't take remover and the tubes look all creepy washing off - like spider legs or something. I find it very satisfying to remove.


@MissMushkila I couldn't get the Blinc to stay on when I tried it - maybe my skin is too oily? Or I blink too much and flick those little tubes off everywhere? I looked ridiculous and it burned a bit when one of the tubes got in my eyes.


@SarahDances Stila's Convertible mascara did the tubing thing as well and I really love it - it was also double ended so there was a thick wand and a thin wand at the other end for doing the inner corners of your eyes. But it seems to have been discontinued.


My reaction after the control picture: "Jane's eyelashes are pretty spectacular even without mascara.

After the first mascara'd picture: "THAT is why I curl my eyelashes, even though all my girl friends say it is a waste of time!"


@muddgirl WHAT BUT IT MAKES SUCH A DIFFERENCE. I too have friends who don't curl their lashes before mascara, and I just don't get it. Although it is pretty scary to see someone put their eye in a metal clamp, I'll give them that.


@muddgirl I've stopped curling mine, even though I love how they look that way... because the curl never stays once I put the mascara on (it used to; now it doesn't). And, if I do it after (which makes me nervous to do), they get bent rather than curled. Luckily, they have a little bit of an upward swoop to them without the curler, but it's not the same. And... I think I am losing my eyelashes too! I have a blank spot over my right eye, and this is making me sadder than I ever thought it would--in addition to being uncurled, my eyes are asymmetrical! Does anyone know of anything other than that crazy Latisse (that can change the color of one's irises!) that might help me grow 'em bacK? (At least it seems like no one but me has noticed this.)

I like the MAC Zoom Lash (sans primer) photo above. Maybe I'll try that one. I actually like the Bare Minerals mascara; it's thin but not too wet, and not clumpy. Most of the other stuff I've tried lately is very flaky--like Rimmel Volume Accelerator and a Revlon one in a green tube.


Oh man, I used to have Blinc (thanks, Birchbox!) and it DOES look like creepy little eyelashes when you take it off. I thought I was shedding.


MAC Haute & Naughty Lash is the only thing I will ever use for the rest of my life (despite its icky name). Try that in Volume II!


How about some Rimmel? My last favorite Rimmel one was ScandalEyes...


@Stevie I luuuuuuurrrrrrve me some Rimmel London Glam Eyes Lash Flirt Mascara! The little comb, the little four-sided comb, with shorter teeth on two of the combs and longer ones on the others. So I can actually coat my bottom eyelashes without becoming Tammy Faye Bakker. Oooooh, just totally dated myself right there.


@Stevie I love the cheapest Rimmel mascara (not sure the name but it's always about $4, which is usually $3 less than the other Rimmel ones). But it just flaked way too much at the end of my 8 hour day


@MoonBat I still call myself Tammy Faye whenever I cry with mascara on!


@charlesbois It's called Extra Super Lash and it's 2.99 at WalMart or target and it's the BEST. You can build that ish like whoa and it doesn't go all tarantula on you. I prefer the curved brush version. Oh, and also? 2 effing ninety nine.

Please review it Jane! I stockpile the stuff because I'm terrified no one else uses it and hence will be discontinued. That's the fate of most of my favorite products.

so what?

@klbvxf dude, yes, same here. a few months ago nearly all the drugstores in my area were out of it at the same time and i thought it had been discontinued. i nearly wept. however, in my desperation, i did try maybelline full n soft, which i do also like.

jane, what about buxom buxom lash? i've heard good things about it and would like to see how it holds up!

Quinn A@twitter

I use the L'Oreal Voluminous on the rare occasion that I do wear mascara. It's fine, as long as you do one thing before applying: scrape most of the mascara off the brush and onto the inner edge of the tube (you could also scrape it off in other ways, but this one isn't wasteful). I never get clumps when I do that, and just end up with what looks like naturally darker, slightly curled lashes.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

@Quinn A@twitter YES! That's exactly what I had to do too. I wish the tube had a little squeegee inside to scrape 80% of the mascara off. Otherwise, it's PERFECT. I don't use it much b/c it's too hard to use at a redlight :D


@Quinn A@twitter I use Voluminous too. Been my go-to for years. I must like dry and clumpy because my other fave is tarte's lights, camera, lashes. I wiggle the wand back and forth against the base of my lashes so it makes them thick at the base, then brush out to tips, and mostly concentrate on the outer lashes.

the rat lady

@Quinn A@twitter Yes! I was just scrolling down to see if I am the only person who does this. All I ask of my mascara is that it color in the lashes that I've bleached with the peroxide in my facewash. But then, I am heading up to 30 and only started wearing mascara last month, so there is a good chance I am Doing It Wrong.


@Quinn A@twitter I find I have to do this with all mascara? Like, there is just way too much, and it makes it go on clumpy. I don't wear mascara a lot, but the ones I have are the covergirl natural ones (the "mousse") and I have a makeup forever one that is pretty good.


@Quinn A@twitter and @the rat lady Yes yes yes! I actually broke down and registered to comment just to add my support for L'Oreal Voluminous when scraped off on the side of the bottle (which I picked up from Miranda on an episode of SATC, actually) and wiggled at the base of my lashes. I am a diehard curved brush user, and excess gunk in the curve is par for the course. I was a diehard Maybelline Full N Soft fan until they stopped making it with the curved brush.


@afarerkind Yep! Voluminous curved brush FTW!


hmm I never use a crimping curler. They give me serious crazy eye syndrome.

I use the Maybelline green and pink stuff. What works well for me is that if you cry really carefully, aka the quiet few solitary tears streaming down your face at your desk cry, most of the mascara is preserved! even though it's not waterproof.

see, I earn my crazy eye syndrome in other ways.


@redheaded&crazie crimping curlers scare me. They always look sort of like what I think a medieval torture instrument might look like.


@schrodingers_cat I remember hearing (urban legend?) about a girl who used her eyelash curler without the little white pads on it and IT CHOPPED OFF HER EYELASHES AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


@schrodingers_cat Every time I take my eyelash curler out in front of menfolk, they all go, "Ahhh! What is that?! It looks like a torture device!" They refuse to believe me that it's perfectly safe, even if I demonstrate the process.


@The Spectacular Lady J exactly. Torture device. I know intellectually that they're perfectly safe, but I can't bring myself to actually put them near my eyes.


I used them for years and had to stop because they ripped out some of my lashes no matter how gently my handling was.

Jessica Forrester@facebook

I'd like to see Buxom, Trish McEvoy, and Fairy Drops - These were all recommended by makeup-loving friends.


@Jessica Forrester@facebook Just another vote here for Buxom. I switched to it recently, and my lashes look goooood (if I do say so myself)


@Jessica Forrester@facebook Fairy Drops works wonders on my incredibly short, sparse eyelashes. They make my eyelashes look almost as lush as Jane's do bare. It's basically a miracle. Also the Sephora guy was really enthusiastic about the fact that it was developed by a Japanese newscaster, which I think about with glee every time I put it on.

Chesty LaRue

@Jessica Forrester@facebook I use Kat von D Sin-full over top of Clinique Lash Power (another one of those tube mascaras that lengthen but don't thicken) BUT the girls at Sephora were raving about Make Up Forever Smoky Lash. I was afraid to try it, though, because I was looking for mascara I can wear on days I'm wearing glasses (most of the time) so I can actually open my eyes under them.
On contact lens days, I wear Lancome primer and Hypnose Drama. I'm totally a mascara layerer and not ashamed of it.

victorian rose

@Chesty LaRue Ohh I love Smoky Lash. It's my "going out" mascara, but also my "I don't give a shit and am going to wear too much make-up to work" mascara (like um, today). But yes, it may make glasses wearing difficult.


@KatyK I am obsessed, OBSESSED, with Buxom mascara. My eyelashes look amazing. And I think it's awesome that random strangers stop me to tell me that as well. Yay great mascara!


Excellent, thank you Jane! For next installment, please consider L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes (if that wasn't the Voluminous version you reviewed here) and Clinique High Impact.


@churlishgreen Seconding the Clinique High Impact. You posted as I was logging in to say that!


I have found that brushes with bristles (hairs?) work a zillion times better for me than the plastic ones. They make me want to just "liberate" some of those tester mascara wands from Sephora, take them home, and use them with the fancy ass mascaras with the shitty wands. Hmm, I'm not busy today...



The silicon brushes? Yeah, they make my eyelashes clump really bad, when they're meant to separate/get-to-every-lash.


@Pela I saw a post on the beauty department about how different mascara wands can really change how your mascara look here

Lily Rowan

This is fantastic.

Can you explain how to properly use the curler? I swear it just puts a bend in my lashes in a way that doesn't necessarily look good. Unclear what I'm doing wrong.


@Lily Rowan I second this request. I cannot figure out how to use one for the life of me. I feel like I can't even reach my lashes? Maybe they're too short? Maybe I have a weird eye lid to cheek ratio that prevents me from reaching them? Teach me!


@Lily Rowan I found that if I crimped once in the middle I would get a folded lash situation. Instead I crimp as close to the base of the lashes as possible (be careful not to catch your eyelid!) and then crimp again and again out to a bit further than half-way. Or maybe closer to the tip. Don't smoosh too hard or hold too long (and if you use the trick of blasting the curler with a hair dryer to heat it up be especially careful) and you should be able to get a nice curl rather than a fold. Good luck!

@meetapossum What happens if you try to get the curler onto your lashes? I find that looking up a tiny bit helps me get it right to the base. And then just close carefully to make sure you haven't slid it too far down.

Lily Rowan

@maillard Oh, I probably smoosh too hard. MORE IS BETTER, RIGHT??

Mostly I just don't worry about it anymore. I mean I have good lashes anyway.



@Lily Rowan Seems likely! I definitely used to do that at first. I'm lucky I didn't break my lashes right off! Now I do more of a firm tap tap tap up the lash. It's really a much lighter touch than I thought I needed...


@Lily Rowan What maillard said, but also I think this is a situation where it matters if you get the cheapy curler. The ones from the drugstores always give me that weird bend, but when I got a Shiesido (sp?) one or one from Sephora, it made just a nice curl. Also, always curl BEFORE putting on mascara, not after.

Is It a Hat?

@thebestjasmine Exactly! Every lash curler is a bit different, so it may take trying a few different ones until you find the right shape for your eye and grip. I found the fancy shu uemura one to be very uncomfortable and pinchy...while the MAC lash curler is more comfortable for me to hold and angle correctly.


@thebestjasmine Oh interesting. I never thought about different curlers mattering, but that makes sense. FWIW I use a Revlon one.

Lily Rowan

@Is It a Hat? Oh wow! I definitely don't care that much.

Is It a Hat?

@Lily Rowan Oh I hear you! This has just been my experience over the years...thought it may help any one who was a bit confounded as to why they couldn't get a good curl or had problems with pinching, etc.

Lily Rowan

@Is It a Hat? It definitely helps! .... And helps me remember I'm not going to put in the work to find Just The Right Curler.


@maillard You can also just run the curler under hot water for a second to heat it up! And I second curling as close to the base of the lashes as possible. It makes a big difference.


My best all time favorite mascara (and oh man, have I tried a lot of mascaras) is the Fresh mini Supernova/Phoenix pair they have in line at Sephora. The full sized ones ARE NOT THE SAME and not great, only the minis! Such a strangely specific preference, but here we are.


@hallelujah I love the minis because I don't feel nearly as bad about chucking them after the recommended three months.

Nancy Sin

I've always avoided expensive mascara because I'm afraid I would get addicted to it and then fall on hard times and not be able to replenish my stock, but this proves that even expensive ones suck! Thanks Jane Marie!


See, now...I use voluminous and it looks NOTHING like that on me. And I've used the maybelline and was super unimpressed. I have a little sample of the diorshow currently: did well, but so hard to get off! It stayed through 2 showers! So what I'm saying is that mascara, YMMV, I guess.


Putting in my vote for a review of the Maybelline Falsies collection. Real talk: I LOVE THIS MASCARA.


@antipretty It's mildy clumpy sometimes but it is BY FAR, BY MOTHERF'ING FAR my favorite mascara. But I go full hooker on my mascara THICKER THE BETTER!


@antipretty yes! I think it's better than Diorshow (that shit was a pain in the ass to get off).


@DullHypothesis I was comming to post about this!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it too!!!!!!!!!!!! As in tell all my friends about it all the time! And I do really crazy things to show people how good it is -- like the time I only put it on one eye and demanded my mother just look! look! look! at the difference!

Personally, I like the falsies flaired, although I haven't used the other kinds.


@antipretty That stuff was so amazing the first few times I wore it but it is SO HARD to get off, even with my heavy duty makeup remover. Like pretty much impossible, to the point that it was always there and started making my eyelashes fall out a little.

Though I admittedly know nothing about makeup beyond "i like this" and "i hate this" so, probs just doing it wrong.


Please try Benefit's "They're Real", which always looks hideous on me, an avowed mascaraphile, but everyone loves it. I recently got a Pop mascara cheap and love it, and as a lover of Diorshow, I think it's just the smell that makes me <3 it, not the effect.


I pretty much exclusively use Physician's Formula makeup because it's cruelty-free (and about 95% of other makeup brands are not) and almost all of their stuff is organic, and their organic mascara (khaki colored tube, green lid...I forget the exact name) is the BEST MASCARA I HAVE EVER USED. It only takes one, maybe two dips in the tube to cover all 4 lash sections (and I have extremely long lashes), and it goes on soooooo smoothly. I could gush about it forever.


@olivebee Me too! And even though it's non-waterproof, it's barely flaky at all.


@synchronia Yep! I can't believe it took me till this year to discover it, but I will never go back to anything else (not that I have many other cruelty-free options). Damn it's amazing. And my local CVS always has PF makeup on sale for massive discounts, so really, I have no idea why more people don't use it.

*Side note: I am sitting here at work stroking my eyelashes to feel how soft that mascara leaves them. Verdict? Super soft and it does not come off on my fingers.

This is my new username

@olivebee I love physicians formula stuff! Mostly for their face power foundation, because it is the only thign that doesn't make my face breakout in extra giant scary pimples! (Even on the nights where I maybe have had enough drinks that T don't care about washing my face before sleeping. Not that I do that...)

Chesty LaRue

@olivebee Physician's formula tinted moisturizer made my whole face break out in excema! I will never let that physician or his formula near my face again. Hmph.

The Lady of Shalott

As a rule I actually really like the Badgal mascara, but actually what I've been doing lately is curling my lashes, one coat of Badgal, and then one coat of Covergirl's Lashblast Fusion OR Maybelline Falsies Volume Express. The latter is more...wet and liquid-y, I suppose? I actually prefer the Covergirl.

Yes, I mix and match my mascaras. I am that girl.


@The Lady of Shalott I just got the BadGal Plum and my jury is still out on it. I like the idea of a mascara that isn't black or brown, but like Jane said, that brush is huge as shit. I like the Maybelline Great Lash one, though. I might get another one of those just for a backup.


@The Lady of Shalott I do this! I barely ever wear just one kind of mascara at a time. Some are better for base coats and some for finishing, ya know??

every tomorrow@twitter

@The Lady of Shalott Badgal does not dry on me? It looks awesome for the first 10 minutes but then I blink to many times or, god forbid, touch my face, and then it is EVERYWHEEEEEEEEERE.

Also it turns out that because I have psychotic allergies, the only mascaras I can wear without crying are waterproof ones and Fairy Drops. God bless Fairy Drops, it makes my lashes look 100 miles long.


I have questions about colored mascara... Can I wear it? How? The blue and purple shades of the MAC mascara look amazing, but I have no idea what else I would wear with either of them makeup-wise. Any suggestions?


Ha, okay, I'm going to assume that the lack of response to this means that the answer to my first question is "NO!"


@maillard I LOVE blue mascara. I wear it all the time, just day to day. But I don't generally wear other eye makeup. I feel like a general nude-shade eye would look as good with blue or purple mascara as with black mascara, though!


@maillard I used a red mascara for a while, and just did my eye makeup normally. My lashes are black already, so the red mostly gave them more depth and made my eyes pop a little.

What I think would be cool, though, with green and blue mascara is matching eyeliner.


@oboe-d-amore That's great to hear! I am very good at eyelash curling and mascara application (since for a zillion years that's the only makeup I wore) and sort of bad at everything else, so color mascara plus nude shadow sounds like something I could definitely do.

@Lucienne, red mascara sounds fantastic. Where did you find it? Or did you make it? Matching eyeliner does seem like a neat idea. I saw a matching red mascara and eyeliner a bit ago that looked really cool... Here it is: http://www.keikolynn.com/2011/10/recreate-runway-mac-for-katie-gallagher.html


@maillard I would be interested in this as well. I have never really considered wearing colored mascara, but now I am intrigued.


@maillard Hmmm, it was several years ago and I don't remember who made it! The color I used was more red-brown than that (awesome) MAC color.

I'm sorry I can't be more helpful.


@maillard Oh, once there was an Urban Decay sale and I snagged about three different shades of blue/green.

I have dark brown hair and eyes, and I think that any shade of blue looks pretty fantastic on me. Oh, and Urban Decay had some black cherry color that wasn't quite right on me, but might be what some of y'all are looking for.


@maillard I love blue mascara, especially if it's the only thing on my eyes. I like it with blue eyes but it seems like it'd be great with lovely brown eyes, too. I also like gold mascara over a couple coats of brown for a base. Try some!


Could you maybe go over how to use a eyelash crimper in your next one (did you cover that in a tutorial and I missed it?) Because everytime I try to use one, I either pinch my eyelid really badly, get eyelashes stuck in the thing, or its totally ineffective. Do you crimp once at the base, or repeatedly all the way up? HELP!

Jillsy Sloper

My friend uses Maybelline The Colossal and it looks amazing on her, but on me it was clumpy and spidery. Maybe I got a bad tube.

I try others, but keep coming back to Covergirl LashBlast Fusion in the purple tube.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

@Jillsy Sloper I love that Maybelline one (in the yellow tube, right?) but only love it when it's a shiny new tube. 6 weeks in and I'm ready to toss it.

The purple tube LashBlast is really good too.


I hate that Maybelline stuff. It's garbage! I never buy mascara. I always get them as my free sample when I buy online from Sephora and I've had pretty good luck. I'm on a sample from Stila that's great and I have two samples of Diorshow waiting in the wings. The samples last a few months so why buy it when you can get it for free?


@Slutface dang, I'm jealous of those samples. I'm going to have to re-evaluate my sample picking.

barefoot cuntessa

FRESH! It is my current fave, though it could be because it doesn't irritate my awful dry eye until at least 8pm.


This was really interesting! And informative, most importantly. Makeup science!

Near the middle, though, everything started to look like eyeball spiders, so I had to take a break and come back later. Haha.


I am so, so perplexed by your friend's mascara routine. WHY?!

But the Dior mascara primer is awesome! I have wimpy short lashes, but using this frequently makes them seem longer and healthier. Also, I just throw drug store mascaras over it (Maybelline's The Falsies! Try that one!) and it looks great!


@TheJacqueline ME TOO. Who has that much time in the morning?!? wouldn't they rather be sleeping? or making eggs?


advice! i allllllways end up with a faint smudge of blackness under my eyes when i wear mascara, even waterproof, though it's much less bad with waterproof than with normal. am i doing something wrong?


@plonk Do you touch your eyes a lot?


@bunB i don't thiiiiink so, but maybe i do without noticing?


@plonk I can only use "tube" mascaras for this reason. I think my eyes are just wet? Or greasy? Or something? So yeah, tube mascara doesn't budge until you take it off so that's great. Unfortunately these types tend to be the expensive kind (Blinc, Clinique Lash Power long wearing formula). If anyone knows of a drugstore tube mascara let me know.


I'm glad some of these pictures were glancing left and right because otherwise I think I would have taken it as a staring contest.

I keep a tube of LashBlast in my purse and I also have a tube of Almay Intense I-Color in there, but CAREFUL WITH THAT. It was an impulse buy and it's not waterproof. I found this out at the movies. I didn't realize they still MADE non-waterproof mascara, but... apparently they do.


Also! It's not mascara but it has to do with eyes so it's not TOTALLY off-topic (RIGHT?) but has anyone here tried the Guerlain Kohl with the stick applicator thing? I am SO CURIOUS but it seems so complicated that I don't want to pay for it unless millions of people tell me it's worth it.


@Scandyhoovian I use it. It's worth it if you like to line your waterline, especially if you have sensitive eyes. It goes on really thick and somehow doesn't move. If you just line your eyes like normal it's just an overpriced loose shadow.


@christonacracker Ah, yeah, my problem is getting plain ol' eyeliner to stay on my waterline. I'm easily brought to the point of tears with laughter AND sadness, so it usually comes off by the end of the day.


@Scandyhoovian it will stay on, but if you are not an expert at applying it (me) I would advise you to put it on before you do any foundation, etc. so you can wash your face (I always get little pieces of the kohl on my cheek).


@Scandyhoovian then you will probably love it. It sort of turns into this smudgy sludge on your waterline (pretty, sparkly sludge!) and stays put quite well without looking weird and dry like waterproof liners.

social theory

i would love to see some slightly different colors--i'm a short-haired blonde and black is simply too dark/weird-looking on me. i've been interested in grey mascara, because i heard that such a thing exists, but haven't been able to track any down. i usually just use clear (great for taming brows, too!).


@social theory I've never seen grey mascara although I've seen some smokey charcoal shades. The Almay Intense i-Color one for blue eyes is greyish. (although I ended up not liking it because it made my eyes water, ymmv)


@social theory I'm blonde and I always go for brown mascara - black just looks weird on me, too. It's getting harder to find though - a lot of brands don't make a brown one. Of those I've tried, I like Bourjois' eyeliner effect one.


@social theory I'm...not blonde, but my eyebrows are an ashy brown color that most "brown" eyebrow pencils/shadows don't match, so I often use grey. It seems like a grey mascara would be similiarly effective?


I use the L'Oreal Voluminous Naturale, and I have much better luck with it than Jane had with her test (although the naturale IS a different formula than the regular one). I have NEVER had any luck with the pink-and-green Maybelline Great Lash. Tons of flakes within a few hours.

I used Almay's Intense i-Color for my wedding. The brush is HUGE, like bigger than my eye, but it worked. I liked it a lot.

You can really see the difference the MAC mascara makes. It looks so great! But I have a firm policy in place that I don't splurge on expensive mascaras because I throw the tubes out within 6 months. The savings go into my nail polish fund.


@charlesbois Also, I like Jane's friend's method of putting on mascara messily, and then cleaning it up. Or as I like to call it, my normal application procedure.


@charlesbois the idea that I can make a mess and then go back to clean it up is pretty revolutionary to me. I always try so hard to not get mascara all over, but then again it's usually the last thing I do. Do we put on mascara first? I find it nearly impossible to get eyeliner on if my mascara is already in place!


@queenieliz Yeah, I try so hard to not get mascara anywhere it shouldn't be, too. As soon as some of it goes rogue, I immediately try to wipe it off and almost always then wipe off some of the mascara I actually want on my eyelashes and have to reapply more. And then I do it again. It is a vicious cycle. I like this messy way better.


@charlesbois Yes! I don't get how people put on mascara without making a mess? I like to get it all the way to the lash line and just wiggle the brush up to get every. single. lash. And then separate them as well, like Jane's friend, but I use an eyelash comb and/or an old (clean) mascara brush. I think the separating helps create a fuller, softer and more natural look.


@charlesbois That's pretty much my nail-polishing system.

jane lane

I'm curious how you feel about Clinique's long-wearing mascara (http://www.sephora.com/lash-power-mascara-long-wearing-formula-P206900?skuId=1060730). I like that it doesn't come off when I cry but I also don't have to use makeup remover to take it off (using makeup remover on my eyes always freaks me out?). I normally only use sample mascaras I get for free so I don't know if it's actually any good, though.


@jane lane Oh man the dude at the Clinique counter gave me a sample of that. I am so weirded out by it! I haven't tried it yet.
He explained to me that ONLY warm water gets it off and remover doesn't?


@jane lane I just posted downthread about this. I seriously love this mascara. I have always been plagued by clumpy mascaras and flaky mascaras (I live in a very dry climate). The clinique mascara is perfect in every way. As for the removal of the mascara, now that I think about it, I guess it is weird. I just like that it comes all off in the shower with no raccoon eyes after.


@jane lane : Coconut oil, for real! It is my *favorite* eye-makeup remover, and it's pretty awesome for your skin, too.

Just dab it on your finger, gently pat your finger on your eye makeup, and blot away with tissue.

jane lane

@OxfordComma Cool, I have a jar of it because a friend told me it did great things for her skin, but I never thought to use it to remove makeup. It's just been sitting in the cabinet for months since I decided jojoba oil worked better for my skin. (Jojoba oil does absolutely nothing to the Clinique mascara.)


@jane lane : It takes my waterproof Maybelline Great Lash right off--lurv it.

Oh, I rub in a dab on my cleavage, too--seems to be smoothing out some of the fine lines there!


@Kira-Lynn@twitter I'm guessing that means the mascara is not oil-based, because most removers are? Oil and water, y'all.


Maybelline Great Lash looks like the best in this experiment! However, Covergirl Lashblast is my favorite for me.

maybe partying will help


I wore Lashblast for a long while, mostly because of Whip It. :B


I'm terrified by and cannot bring myself to look at the GIANT EYE PHOTOS but am curious about the bottom-line findings. Help!?


@josiahg If you're using Firefox you can go to Tools --> Options, click the Content tab and uncheck "load images automatically." Then just reload the page!


I think this is my favorite beauty post anywhere ever. Something about the giant eyes repeating.

I would like to hear your thoughts on L'Oreal's Lash Out. I like the straight, super fuzzy brush.


Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Voluminzing. Please? Because it is my current favorite and I will not be holding a comprehensive test any time in ever.



@eoporto yes! this one is so great!


I used to swear by Estee Lauder, but it REALLY stings me when it gets into my eyes so I switched to Marcelle, because it's anti-allergenic or non-irritating or something.

BUT! My amazing Friend With Gorgeous Lashes (who is an esthetician & make-up artist) turned me on to Clinique mascara. I use the primer first. Then I use the one called High Impact. There was another one that was good too - stilleto? I forget.
I like the Clinique primer but I am too lazy to use it every day. I put my make-up on on the bus, yo.


I wish I could wear mascara more! But I work as a swim instructor and so if I wear it, I have to remember to take it off before work or end up with raccoon eyes right away. I don't think a mascara exists that can withstand hours in the pool


@schrodingers_cat : Maybelline Great Lash waterproof has lasted for me.


Ugh, I'm a swim instructor too, and if I know I'm gonna end up at work with some on, I use waterproof and then totally regret it later when I cannot get that shit off.

Also, for what it's worth, I got kicked haaard by like, 7 kids today during lessons. It's as if every time I said, "now kick!" they heard, "now flail wildly about, as if you are having some sort of violent seizure!"


@OxfordComma Really? Because that's the stuff my friends and I all had in high school and I have vivid memories of looking at each other and realizing that our faces were a mess. Now the people I work with just don't wear makeup when they're going to be in the water.


@schrodingers_cat : Really? The waterproof kind? I've never had it budge...but everyone's body is different, and by that account, our eyelashes, too. :(


@katiemcgillicuddy : Coconut oil! Seriously, best eye makeup remover ever.


@katiemcgillicuddy I got kicked in the boobs three times today. Kids cannot figure out how to kick.


My favorite mascara is Clinique Lash Power long lasting formula. No flaking, easy to apply, little to no clumping. I had a lot of hope for Bare Escentuals Buxom mascara and it was the WORST EVER.


@ghechr Me too. It's not super dramatic, in fact I use the brown one so even less so, but I want a more low key look for everyday wear. I want it to just look like I have naturally lush eyelashes and get some definition on my eyes, not look like I have falsies. Not that there's anything wrong with that look.


I'm not typically crazy with makeup-brand loyalty, but I am OBSESSED with Maybelline Full and Soft. I've been wearing it since I was 12 (and I have to admit - I started using it because Sarah Michelle Gellar was in the commercials and this was the height of Buffymania), but I've tried a lot of other things over the years and always come back to it. The brush is the best because it has tons of bristles, so what I do is, first, dab any excess clumps off of the brush, if necessary, then get close to the roots and wiggle the brush a lot to really get it in there, and then put several quick coats on the ends. Never clumps, looks fantastic, feels quite natural, and comes off quite easy at the end of the day.

How Maybelline Great Lash got the reputation it has is totally beyond me, it really must be one of those tricks of marketing. It is by far the worst mascara I have ever used! Don't be fooled!


@jaimie I always hear how Great Lash is not so (heh) great, but that and the MAC one are the only ones of these pictures that don't look clumpy and gross to me.


I think it's because Great Lash is often a beginner's mascara. But, I cannot understand someone who regularly wears mascara loving it(like, try something else, you'll see, there is better out there).


@jaimie YES Full and Soft. I live in fear that they will discontinue it.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher
Me too! I swear I will cry if that happens.

one cow.

@jaimie I once wrote to Maybelline asking them to never discontinue it. When I was scrolling through the pictures, I said "THERE IT IS" out loud because I knew that it was the Full & Soft, because it is the most beautiful! All the women in my family loooove it.


how do you PUMP UP THE VOLUME? I've been doing a mini version of this experiment for ten years now and "volume" actually does just translate to clumpzone.

Also, which of you ladies out there have actually had your lashes tinted? Did your eyeballs fall out? (I'm asking for a friend)


@freelee mine did not--and I am a very pale blonde. However, I have only had it done at makeup/hair schools, and it sometimes burns in the middle of the process (not sure that's supposed to happen/safe).

I'm still working up the courage to get my eyebrows tinted...


@beanie My hairdresser suggested it once and made it sound super easy and wonderful and perfect. So I went home and did a quick Google Image search and it was kind of like a Rob Zombie movie.
Now I'm terrified...but it seems like such a sweet alternative to the mascara nonsense. Plus they said they're vegetable dyes...so...vegetables can't make you go blind?


@freelee I've found that acheiving volume is more about the application process than which mascara you use-- I typically use the plainest mascara I can find (because you're right, anything that boasts "volume" is generally clump-ville) & just shake the brush around the base of my lashes to get a fuller look.


@freelee I have had my eyelashes tinted and it looks crazy while its happening, but it is mostly painless and takes very little time. The worst part was rinsing the dye off my eyes because it can sting if it gets in your eyeballs. But I still have all of my eyeballs!

I have long lashes, so tinting worked really well for me since I just needed the color. That said, I did kind of look like I had drag queen magnitude fake eyelashes on for the first week.

fondue with cheddar

How the heck do you put mascara on your bottom lashes without making a mess? They're so TINY.

jane lane

@jen325 Clinique has a bottom lash mascara that I considered buying before I decided that I didn't really care about putting mascara on my lower lashes anyway.

fondue with cheddar

@jane lane I always thought you were supposed to put it on both. I don't really know how to be a girl, though.


@jen325 Nope, you don't have to do both. I usually don't because I feel like it results in a slightly scary/drunk doll look that is not perfect for everyday-wear. But some ladies look beautiful with top and bottom done. No hard rule about it.

jane lane

@jen325 yeah, I used to try putting it on both. It was always so clumpy and difficult that I concluded I looked better without it. I'm pretty terrible with makeup, though. I manage to turn what should be a three minute routine into a fifteen minute ordeal because I make a huge mess of everything.

fondue with cheddar

@freelee Good to know!


@jen325 I think the trick is to put it just on the ends, if you're going to use it at all (unless you have blonde lashes, then you have to apply it to the whole lash). I generally only apply it to the bottom if I'm wearing eyeliner on top, or else I think you can get what freelee called the "drunk doll" look. When I'm doing just mascara I put it on the top lashes, and then take a really fine liquid liner and apply just a touch to the outside 1/3 of my bottom lash line, which I think gives more natural definition.


@jen325 I think mascara on my lower lashes makes a noticable difference, but I have light lashes. What I do is usually lightly tap them while looking up. For the inner lower lashes I gently tap with the tip of the brush (after getting off any big clumps from the brush with the tube). Sometimes I get some on the skin under my eye, and I just use a Q-tip to clean it up.

ETA: If your top lash mascara is wet enough, sometimes you can just blink to get some on your lower lashes.

fondue with cheddar

@jane lane Yeah, that's totally me. That's why I only wear makeup to weddings, and even then it's usually just lipstick.

Also because when you wear makeup you have to be careful not to touch your face, and you can't kiss without messing up your lipstick, and you can't drink without getting lipstick on the glass (which is SO GROSS), and it gets messed up when you sweat or cry, and eye shadow gets yucky when you have oily skin, and it's got that smell, and you have to check on it and reapply it and...sometimes I think I should have been born a boy.

fondue with cheddar

@jaimie My lashes are dark. I guess my lower lashes curl more than everyone else's because I can't get it on the ends without the brush touching my skin.

I'm also TERRIBLE at putting eyeliner on the top lid, which is part of the reason I'm considering mascara.


@jen325 Life-changing trick -- put it on your bottom lashes from the underside. Just barely catch the tips of your lashes, and whisk the wand underneath quickly. Somehow it works.


@jen325 I hardly ever do this but if I feel like it, I put on the tiniest bit and then use the brush half of one of those lash/brow plastic comb-brush combos to sort of... knock off the excess/fluff them, I guess? I don't know what this does, but the comb part was too difficult to navigate on those teeny-tiny bottom lashes, and also made them look too "done."

fondue with cheddar

@Hellcat Ha, I'm so uneducated when it comes to makeup that I have absolutely no idea what "one of those lash/brow plastic comb-brush combos" might be. I appreciate the tip, but I think I'll just avoid the bottom lashes if I ever decide to wear mascara. Because I'm lazy and impatient.


@jen325 Oh, you should then--I find that it does not make that much of a difference anyway and I really don't even know why I feel like putting it on the bottom sometimes.


I'm both a new commenter to the hairpin (hi!) and a relative newcomer to the regular wearing of makeup. I used to wear lipstick in middle school but I lied and said it was just the cranberry juice I'd had at breakfast, weird right? Anyway, why should I curl my eyelashes? My mom does it everyday (in the car!) and it has terrified my since I was child. Is it really worth it?

sarah girl

@rallisaurus It depends on your eyelashes - some people have a natural curl (we hate those people) and don't need to curl them. However, some people like me have lashes that pretty much stick straight out without much of any curl to them. This means that when I put on mascara, because the lashes stick straight out, you can't really tell I've done anything, if that makes sense. It just makes the line where my eyelashes start look a little darker. If I curl them up, though, you can actually see the full length of my lashes as well as the darkness/thickness/whatever mascara has added, and it does a MUCH better job of making my eyes look bigger and brighter!


@rallisaurus I haven't left the house without mascara on in over a decade, and I never curl my lashes. The curlers freak me out too! But like Sarah H. said, I think my lashes curl enough on their own that I don't feel like it's necessary.


@Sarah H. I think I'm gonna have to go home now and stare at my eyelashes in the mirror for 20 minutes.


@rallisaurus My eyelashes have natural curl, but I also have prominent cheekbones and kind of deep set eyes, which means adding mascara/dark makeup= my eyes look like they are receding into my skull. So! Eyelash curler! It makes my eyes look bigger and brighter, which combats my deep-set-ed-ness.


I like the one called falsies, in a purple tube. Not sure who makes it..


@allthepie Maybelline. It really is the shit.

sarah girl

@beanie I'm using this right now, but it's sooo clumpy! Do you have any tips for that?


@Sarah H. I have one of those brushes that picks through your eyelashes (on the other side of the eyebrow groomer) and I use that while it's still wet. Also, I try not to get too much mascara on the brush .

sarah girl

Hah, after reading this post and the comments "mascara" now looks like a nonsense word. Maybe a name for a monkey! Mascara!

But for real, question: Waterproof or no? I always get waterproof because I'm like "duh, of course I'd want waterproof," but I've read other things online that say it isn't the best option? I don't know?


@Sarah H. : IME, waterproofs are often thicker when applying, harder/stiffer when dry, and take a lot more work (and more makeup remover) to take off. Soooo, maybe if you're going to be standing around in the rain all day in full makeup, sans umbrella? I just have "no smudging/flaking, even if I get all sweaty" as a primary criterion for picking my current favorite and leave it at that!

maybe partying will help

If I had Jane's eyelashes, I would probably not wear mascara at all. Those are some lashes!

I got one of those Rimmel mascaras this weekend--something like "ScandalEyes" or whatnot. It works about as well as any other on my stubby lashes.

m. marie

@maybe partying will help Yes, I was getting ready to post this. I wish I had dark eyelashes because I hate mascara. :(


Also a suggestion for next time: the Bobbi Brown Everything Mascara! The formulation of hers that I loved and use has been discontinued, but the Everything looks like it'll be a good replacement, if I don't get that MAC one first...


@mishaps I feel your pain! I just ran out of an embarrassingly old tube of Neutrogena Lash Tint and no longer know what to do with my eyes.


while diorshow feels nice and looks good, it made me look melty-faced and punched at about hour 3. i'd love to hear your take on other mascaras that i've been testing in my own personal mascara-quest: benefit's they're real (i'm into this one right now) and chanel's inimitable (both intense and non-intense). the chanel ones are good, i thought, but is spenny like whoa.


I really like Rimmel Lash Extender. I've recently tried the Cargo 3 Triple Action and I like it as well. Not clumpy (not for me, anyway).


This is testament to me that mascara is just one of those makeup products that looks different on everyone. I've used several of these products and I've had almost opposite experiences/outcomes that Jane had. I still can't find a mascara I LOVE, though.


Jane, please review Eyeko mascara! I recently started using their "Curvy Brush" mascara, and I am very, very impressed. (There is also a "Skinny Brush" version). I've tried just about everything out there, and (for my particular lashes), this is the best.


How about Fresh Supernova? Because I finally sprung for the big tube after getting the small samples forever. It doesn't make my eyes itch (like countless others), but I really don't know if it's performing other mascara duties well. Tell me if I should like it!

Of those featured so far, I think the look of Full n' Soft is my favorite.


@britishpetroleum Why did they have to discontinue the Firebird??!!!?! I'm sorry. The supernova is ok, but it's more of a lengthening mascara and I prefer fluffy soft thick lashes. I went to Sephora to get a new foundation and the MUA put Supernova over the mascara I already had on and I looked like I had spikes on my eyelids...I asked her about it and she said it was something to do with the Firebird not curling enough... oh well. Sorry for ranting. hopefully someone else will say something more relevant to your question.


@queenieliz I used to layer Supernova over Firebird, because the former is much thinner and wetter. It worked better over a coat of the thicker Firebird. Kinda bummed to find out they got rid of it entirely. So there you go...not a rant, and totally relevant.

Chloe 'Pidge' Spirals@facebook

I love mascara (although only brown). Thanks for the low-down! Can I have a Mascara request please? Don't know if you get these outside of the UK but if you're planning on a second installment of this, can you do Max Factor Masterpiece, Maybelline Define-A-Lash, and whatever that one from Rimmel is that's meant to be amazing. P.S Your lashes are really good lashes on their own, you're so lucky! I find that no matter how good mascara is, it just goops up horribly after like three weeks, I think I must be a bad mascara owner or something.


Off the top of anyone's head, are any of these (mostly) natural? Any recommendations for natural mascara?


@l'esprit de l'escalier I've used one of Josie Maran's that's all right. I think it would be considered all natural.


@l'esprit de l'escalier I've used Aveda's. I found it pretty meh volumewise and flakey.

Is It a Hat?

Mascara is such a tricky thing! What works for one person may not work for someone else. I have extremely long, but skinny lashes...and the best formula/brush combination I've found is Neutrogena Healthy Volume in the silver tube.


I love the Tarte one! It's not clumpy or flaky for me at all- maybe Jane got a lemon? But I also never ever curl my eyelashes and think I look like a scary doll when I do, so Jane and I may just have different eyelash styles.

miss olsen

Jane, can you weigh in on mascara colors (within the range of brown -- black)? Who should wear blackest black, brownish black, or brown? My mom always told me that with fair skin and light eyes and hair Maybelline's "brownish black" was as dark as we should go. Is that true? Does it even matter?


@miss olsen
It's generally said that people with fair skin(read-heads & blondes for the most part) should stick with brown/brownish black. I am super pale and wear black mascara(my hair color us naturally dirty blonde, but hasn't been a natural color in 4 yrs). Wear what you want, as long as you are happy with it, that's all that matters.


@miss olsen I think that rule came up in a thread a few weeks ago -- and the consensus was, fuck it, wear whatever you want. I always wore brown eyeliner and mascara in high school but then I realized it looked like shit, so I switched to black and that was it. I'm quite fair, with blue eyes and light hair, and I always go with the blackest shade.

Lily Rowan

@jaimie I think I just read that Bobbi Brown discontinued brown mascara because everyone should wear black? One person's opinion, anyway.


I use L'Oreal Double Extend mascara, which is the cheapo version of the “comes off in tubes” Blinc stuff, I guess. I really like it!
Based on Jane’s definition of clumpy (which seems pretty extreme to me), it is definitely a little bit clumpy. But it’s super dark and very volumizing. The real reason I like it is that it comes off so easily, and without any irritation or remover-in-my-eye issues.
But I clearly have lower mascara standards than Jane.


I too want to see how Clinique High Impact stacks up. I’m fair, and I love that it comes in black-brown, because black mascaras just look a little too dramatic on me.

I mainly look for volume, and prefer a more natural look (professional, yo!). For date nights I like benefit bad gal, but in the brown, which differs from bad gal black in that it has a different, smaller brush (it’s bitched about in the Sephora reviews). I have oily lids and live in a humid climate, so I demand no transfer or flaking in my mascara, yet I also don’t want to struggle to take it off – I tried the blinc mascara but was freaked out my how many lashes I lost trying to slip those tubes off every night. So Clinique and benefit work for me.

BUT LADIES ON A BUDGET LISTEN! On a whim the other week I bought this $10 Wet n' Wild "train case" at CVS with tons of mini-markup in it (mini-makeup is the best!!) and it came with two mascara samples, one mega volume, one mega lengthen. They are both awesome, and equitable to the High Impact (perhaps even better) and super cheap! Once my new Clinique tube is done I may switch to WnW exclusively. And put the saving in my 401(k) I guess.


WnW! I use mega plump. It's awesome and not expensive, YAY! Seriously, I get all, "8 dollars?..8? For one tube? Naww, I'm just gonna buy two WnW," at the drugstore.

Anastasia Beaverhausen

@JaneDoe YES! I love WnW too - the MegaPlump is my fav (that's the red tube, right?). Their eyeliners are great too.


@Squirrelly Clinique High Impact is a tube mascara. But if you're washing your face for a full minute like Jane told us to, they'll come right off. I shower at night, and the steam is enough to soften my eyelash hairs enough to slip the tubes off. But they don't come off during the day, no matter what I do!


Super envious of your under-eye area!


@werewolfbarmitzvah I use an eyeshadow primer on my under eye as well as on top of my eyelids because it makes me look way less tired even when I'm super exhausted. I use Stila's primer in Taffy, because it matches my skin pretty well.


@meganmaria Ooh, how's the consistency of the Stila primer? I use Benefit's Lemon Aid on top of my eyelids sometimes and it helps a lot with tiredness, but it's too dry for my under-eye area.


I would love to see what Jane thinks of Geisha mascara! It's the only mascara I've ever found that doesn't leave black marks under my eyes by the end of the day.


Sorry if this has already been mentioned upthread, but I would love a review of Benefit They're Real! People keep telling me it's amazing but thus far in my makeup-wearing life I have found no mascara to really earn the word "amazing" so I am skeptical (or maybe I'm just doing mascara wrong?).


I get such a kick out of reading the makeup stuff here (especially stuff like this, I love test-and-compare consumer-reports type stuff) even though I don't ever ever ever wear makeup. I actually recently bought a tinted lip balm and started wearing that instead of my regular mint chapstick! But, um, I wanted to say that even though it isn't strictly relevant to me, I love reading about it, and it never makes me feel left out or like I'm being the wrong kind of girl.


Jane can you please specify if you are using waterproof or non-waterproof of the future mascaras? I have noticed that in one brand the wp vs non-wp can look and feel completely different. For example I love Diorshow regular but the waterproof is terrible and takes like three days to pry off your lashes.
I think I need to try that Mac stuff next, though. I was scrolling through just waiting for Diorshow and assuming it would slay them all, but you are right - anticlimactic.

the angry little raincloud

@scully As I mentioned below-- Clarins Double Fix! Makes everything waterproof! Best stuff ever!


This is only Volume One?! I need to know how many volumes there are, before I get all ahead of myself.


Also, lashcombs, ladies, lashcombs, I use mine everyday(well almost). Separates the lashes, gets rid of clumps, it's good stuff.

Is It a Hat?

@JaneDoe YES lash combs are key! I have this one with metal teeth from Sephora and it's the absolute best. http://www.sephora.com/pro-lash-eyebrow-comb-21-P136215

You just have to be suuuuuuper careful that you don't poke yourself in the eye!


Or you can be really cheap (like me) and just save a mascara wand when you're done with the tube, clean it off well with makeup remover, and voila! free lash comb.

sarah girl

@jaimie Or pocket one of the disposable mascara sample wands from Sephora :o


@Is It a Hat? Tweezerman makes a metal one that folds into itself too--good for preserving the teeth inside a makeup bag:

But, yes--be careful!


Oh man I just read a review for that Mac Zoom on nordstrom.com where the user said it restored her lashes to fullness after they fell out TWICE due to chemo! She says it gave her her confidence back - sniff sniff. I can't think of a more ringing endorsement... Putting in my order now.


I like Stilletto a LOT. You did one cheap mascara and then lots of 'spensive ones. Try Stilletto! It lengthens without bulk which some women (me) like, doesn't flake off, doesn't clump.


I had to comment before I read this - I've been waiting for this, Jane!! I remember you mentioning it a while back, and have been so excited to see the results. Huzzah!! I hope the mascara I bought last weekend (Clinique High Definition) is rated well!


I used to be Dior Show girl until I found the wonder that is Fresh Supernova. (I also loved the Fresh mascara that came in the dark turquoise tube, but I can't seem to find it anymore- I hate when make-up or perfume I love stops being made!)

I will also occasionally use Benefit's BADGal mascara in blue, because it makes my blue eyes even bluer. Which is always fun. But I couldn't find it just now on sephora, which makes me sad. My tube is on its last legs.


@Kirs That's my favorite too! The turquoise is called Phoenix, I think? The minis of both of those are the all time best, for some reason I like them way better than the full sized.


Jane- I'd love to hear your thoughts on Estee Lauder's Sumptuous Extreme (or the original Sumptuous) - I know a lot of people think of Lauder as old lady makeup, but I swear they have been making some serious strides in mascara and color! I use sumpt. extreme (w/o the curler - I am blessed with lashes that curl naturally, also curlers scare me) and have been asked several times if these are my real lashes! This has never happened before! Thus, this is my new fave mascara! A little on the pricier end ( but cheaper than hypnose, which, ick, it smells weird?) but WORTH IT!

the angry little raincloud

@cosmeticslovingattorney I've been using a sample of Sumptuous (or Sumptuous Extreme? no idea), and I quite like it. I belong to the same school (someone mentioned upthread) of why buy mascara when you can always get it for free as a sample, but my two recent samples have made me think, I'd pay money for this. So Sumputous = good. The other one I like: Lancome's Hypnose Drama. Not the Doll Eyes. Jane, could you maybe do a comparison of the various Lancome Hypnoses? (Hypnoses? That cannot be the plural.) Anyway. I like Drama, but the brush is weirdly shaped.

Also: Clarins makes this awesome stuff-- Double Fix-- that turns any mascara waterproof. Shit's awesome. I tend to tear up a lot (because of contacts) or just rub my eyes a lot, and the Clarins always me to now wear mascara, whereas I avoided the stuff in the past because I looked like a raccoon. I've also come around to the idea that a little bit of mascara really does make a difference, so even if I wear no makeup at all, I'll still put on mascara (and the Clarins Double Fix).

jane lane

@cosmeticslovingattorney As a poor person who only started regularly wearing makeup a couple months ago, I've used a lot of the Estee Lauder samples my grandmother has gotten as free gifts. While I clearly have every reason to think of it as old lady makeup, it's pretty good stuff, the mascara in particular. I'd use it all the time if the one I had were waterproof. My eyes are way too watery for mascara that isn't.


@jane lane Free samples from grandmothers are the best. I've gotten a sparkly black, a white for highlighting, a pink and a beigey brown all in one palette, and combined with the right colors, definitely aren't old ladyish.


Okay, so my mom bought me Lash Blast (the really thick orange tube one) because she had a coupon (I know, moms right?), and I LOVED it! So, I decide to suck it up and drop like $8 for a new one... well, it was on sale for like $7! Hooray, right?

WRONG! This one was totally different! It went on terribly, flaked off during the day!

Moral of the story? Don't buy mascara on sale, I guess? Or, just stick with Maybelline Great Lash because it's only $4 and you know what you'll be getting.


Why isn't there an "ask a person who wears makeup" column? We need one!

Lily Rowan

@sprayfaint There is that! You can ask Jane whatever.


@sprayfaint Yeah, Beauty Q&A covers that pretty well.


I never realized that mascara is something people take seriously, so instead of just hurriedly passing a wand over my lashes in the last few seconds before I run out the door, I decided to take my time with application today.

Uh. I get it now. Once again, the Hairpin teaches me How to Be a Lady.


Can we get an official ruling on the lines based on your eye color, e.g. Physician's Formula and Almay? Grain of truth or total marketing ploy?


@TheLetterL I was just browsing the Almay ones! I have brown eyes, but I am intrigued by the ones for hazel and blue... and I will buy them if I so choose! So there, Almay.

victorian rose

I've discovered that EVERY mascara when brand new, is a wet clumpy mess. After a couple weeks though when the formula has dried out a bit is when the magic happens. Currently digging Smoky Lash from Make-up Forever (got a free sample from Sephora...I think it's their proprietary line) and lash blast fusion from covergirl!


Try AVON Super Shock Max waterproof, its totally cry proof (drunk tears and sad tears included), and Fresh Supernova mascara (I use it with Fresh Firebird but they don't make that one anymore apparently) huge lashes, but it is terrible if you cry or sweat.


Oh my god sometimes her eyes are brown and sometimes they are green. WHAT IS GOING ON


@Quinn A@twitter I find I have to do this with all mascara? Like, there is just way too much, and it makes it go on clumpy. I don't wear mascara a lot, but the ones I have are the covergirl natural ones (the "mousse") and I have a makeup forever one that is pretty good.

Mr. Kitty

I use Buxom and really like it. Well, I really like it the first month of using it. Then it just kind of stops working? It gets clumpy, even though it's still very wet? I don't know! Am I supposed to separate my lashes with tweezers? I wouldn't mind seeing Jane's review of it.


Slightly off topic...I need to buy something at Sephora so I can get the birthday freebie, because it wasn't in the order I made online a week ago. I guess I needed to add it to my basket. And I don't know what to get?? I'm currently only lusting after makeup that Sephora doesn't carry! (inglot eye shadows and liners and OCC lip tars) Plus I hate that the Stores don't have a sale section. What should I get???
Also, have you seen this findation.com ?? It's a new massive database of foundation shades!! You can put in two or more foundations you've used and get matches for other lines! It's amazing! And the more people who use it the better it will be!
Lastly, Jane, your eyebrows are making me so jealous.


@queenieliz Oh shit, I almost forgot about my birthday freebies! They're only good during the month of your b-day, right? Shit, I gotta go to the mall...


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Yeah, it's that super expensive fresh lip balm this year too!


@queenieliz : Things From Sephora That Are So Awesome I Can't Get Enough Of Them :

MakeUpForEver's Aqua Cream eye shadow in Anthracite and Steel, Urban Decay Stardust eye shadow in Moon Spoon, Benefit Ultra Shines lip gloss in Foxy Lady and So Frisk Me.

Also, the reformulated UD main line of eye shadows is SUPER great. They've added a bunch of colors that were previously only available in palettes and stuff. I loooove every single one I've got.


@queenieliz I was so excited by the birthday thing this year! I mean, two, TWO, fresh lip balms is kinda over the top, even. I'm not sure how Sephora beats that next year.


Ditto above, try Trish McEvoy. Its the best if you hate having to clean your eyes with eyemakeup remover every time you wash your face.

Cat Jail

For anyone looking for a vegan/non-animal-tested mascara, I highly recommend BWC. Their old one in the silver tube was okay, but the new one in the black tube is really impressive.


I've been getting my lashes tinted every three weeks at the Benefit store for the last few years. I'm naturally a light mousey brown, and I've found that to be the best high maintenance way to be low maintenance the rest of the time. My brows have started going blonde on their way to being gray, and I started tinting them a few months ago too (brown, not black like the lashes). I look so AWAKE now. It's amazing.


I really hope there is a waterproof volume of this, because I have tried to wear the regular kind of mascara, but it ends up all over my face. I guess I have watery eyes?


@aubrey! I feel like we're mascara twins. For me, its that I have relatively oily skin, and oil= remover of all makeup, ever. So I wind up looking like I have raccoon eyes at 5pm, even with waterproof formulas. Yet, non-waterproof formulas, pretty much insta-raccoon eyes.


@celeec4@twitter Yeah, I have oily skin too. Plus it doesn't help when it's summer and walking outside is like walking into a giant armpit and you sweat all your makeup off by just existing.


@aubrey! I was going to ask about that too...I have allergies, have oiliness, cry at the drop of a hat, plus live where it's humid. I don't wear it if it's not waterproof, but I still haven't found the "perfect" wp mascara. Although, I got Avon's Wash-Off Waterproof because it was a 2 for 1 sale, and it's a nice everyday mascara, goes on easy, not at all clumpy. I have MakeUpForever Aqua Smokey Eye for when I want to look GLAMOROUS but I have to fuss with it because it's gloppy...I want non-gloppy WP. Someone invent that.


@aubrey! @celeec4@twitter @tootsky I have the same problem and I use Geisha mascara! It's the only mascara I've ever used that doesn't flake or give me raccoon eyes by the end of the day. Plus, it's easy to wash off! http://www.geishaink.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=GEIS-0004

superfluous consonants

okay, can wiser, fancier ladies than me explain this? on the rare occasions i consent to let other people put mascara on me (i...CANNOT be trusted), it's HEAVY. like, it hurts my eyelids. is this a thing? how does it not drive other people totally crazy? plus, my eyelashes end up so long they touch my glasses. i don't need it often (fishbelly skin + dark hair), but it helps when i want my face to look grown up and totally "finished." is there a way use mascara without feeling like i'm wearing an eyewig?


@superfluousconsonants That happens to me too. I think it's worse when I use a "lengthening" formula mascara, so it might just be the formula or the amount? Maybe try looking out for "natural look" formulas, and carefully put it on yourself one coat at a time? Or there is eyelash tinting, which I am not familiar with, but sounds like it might be your friend.


@superfluousconsonants I don't know what other people have been putting on you, but you might want to look for a non-waterproof, non-volumizing mascara. And maybe try curling your lashes so they go up instead of forward and don't touch your glasses. I've heard good things about Physician's Formula's mascaras and CoverGirl Natureluxe mascara is supposed to be pretty light.

Also, maybe you just don't like things on your eyelashes, so you could just not wear it. Use eyeliner and curl your lashes and I bet nobody will even notice.


@superfluousconsonants Does it feel heavy when you don't have your glasses on, too? It might be from your eyelashes dragging against the glasses, in which case curling would definitely help. I second "natural" style formulas as well.


Is this where I get to tell you all about the girl I knew in high school who was curling her eyelashes in the car and they hit a bump and it ripped them all out? Yes, I think it is.


@lue : Well now I know what my next dozen nightmares are going to be about.

Ugh. UGH.


Covergirl Lashexact!!! I will die the day the stop making that little purple tube/weird spiky purple brush. I think it's supposed to be the "length" version of Lashblast, which is more "volume"? But anyway I have been using their brown-black color for like 5 years and people ask what mascara I use all the time (#humblebrag, sorry) and it's the best for simple length/volume/separation or layering for eyelashes so long you can see them when you blink.


Second vote for L'Oreal DoubleExtend. It takes a little practice (you have to apply it one eye at a time, primer-->mascara, primer--->mascara) and you have to be pretty exacting with the mascara coat to make sure you don't wind up with white or gray spots, but for the oily or weepy (or both, don't judge us) it stays like nothing else. And it doesn't dry your lashes out the way normal waterproof formulas do. It's not waterproof but it does stay on your lashes until you drench them in the sink or shower- I've never had it come off in the rain or even at the beach. Love it.


@emmycantbemeeko Yes, my friend swears by that stuff, but watching her put it on is exactly how you describe it and it takes so long - and I know I'll be the dork with white spots on my lashes because I'm so impatient and just want to put it on and be done already.


My current mascara obsession is from the new CK One cosmetics line. The formula is nice and wet (that sounds SO dirty) and I think it's a tubular one. However, the most amazing thing is the brush. When you pull it out of the tube it's a brush for length, but when you twist the end of the wand it turns into a brush for volume. It's super long-lasting but it can be a bitch to get off. I don't know about the blackness of the black cuz I got it in purple. I've only seen it at certain Ulta stores. For Chicago 'pinners, the store at North & Sheffield has it but the one on Clybourn does not. It's also available online:



You know, I never would have thought it, but I've really been enjoying the cheapie NYC Show Time Volumizing Mascara (waterproof). It seems to stay on and not give me raccoon eyes even if I'm sweaty or watery eyed, which is something that happened to me with most other mascaras I tried, even the waterproof ones. And unlike the other waterproof ones I've used, it is super easy to wash off (that's probably my favorite thing about it, honestly). It looks pretty decent too. Maybe not the best, but with the other factors taken into account, I'm pretty satisfied with it and will probably keep using it.

This comment board has affirmed to me though that everybody's lashes and eyelids are different, so results may vary.


The Hypnose with the crazy curve brush is awesome! (Drama I think?) It gives me crazy huge lush lashes. Also, stays put with not smudging, flaking or melting while I sweat, laugh-cry and rub my eyes.

I'm curious about the new YSL Faux-Cils. I used to be devoted to the original until I discovered the Hypnose (the s-curve brush and nicely spaced bristles make all the difference). There's a new version that I haven't tested though that I'm curious what the deal is.

Great Lash was the most smeary overhyped mess of mascara I've ever tried (and I've pretty much been through all of the brands at Sephora at this point and a few from the drugstore. I know my mascara).



Ugh, the new YSL Faux-Cils. Only time I've ever returned something to Sephora. It has a really strong smell--like a weird perfume? I could SMELL MY EYELASHES all day, and since I'm sensitive to smells, it gave me a headache. I can't even tell you if it was a great mascara because the scent just ruined my day. Is that just a thing with YSL make up? I give severe side-eye to that section now.

But now you've gotten me intrigued by Hypnose. I'm currently using Fairy Drops, and am underwhelmed.


After some careful searching of the discussion list, submitted for your approval: Diorshow Extase! I used to be a Diorshow girl, but I didn't like the way it seemed to dry out really quickly. Extase is a-ma-zing. It's supervolumizing and basically the best ever.


I'm too lazy to wear mascara, plus eye makeup always makes me feel tired, but I like the pic of the Maybelline Great Lash the best.

I wonder if I would pick differently if the photos were taken from further away. Possibly the ones that I think are a bit clumpy and over the top to me actually look good when they're toned down by not being so tightly focused.

Also, this totally reminded me of the hastily withdrawn European Commission video Science: it's a Girl Thing! Has anyone else seen it?


i actually think that every single one of the products made your eyelashes look worse. the photos were all up close for the detailed view, so maybe it's better when you step back to normal interaction distance... but this just seems to reinforce why i never wear mascara.


It's so funny, I was expecting an expensive brand to show up as the favorite but my favorite brand of drugstore mascara triumphed - Maybelline. The two Maybelline full and soft was the only picture I really liked. I hate the long spiky lash thing.

My long-experimented recommendations for mascara:

Drugstore: Maybelline (waterproof)
Higher end: Clinique

I won't bother buying anything else!


Bare Essentials's has pretty great mascaras. I like the volumizing one. of course there is always Lancome Defencils!


I thought this was going to be about mascarpone cheese :(.

Christina @twitter

I love Maybelline for mascaras, Full 'N Soft is my jam~ Lash Discovery is great too, even though the brush is kinda goofy.


So my ideal mascara would be ultra curling, plus adding length and some volume. My eyelashes are long but super straight, so they start wilting after using a curler unless the mascara has curling grip. My latest genius discovery is that ASIAN mascaras are incredddddible for curl.

I found one called Heroine Make in NYC's Chinatown for about $20. It is probably the best curl I've found so far, but the stuff will NOT come off unless I very gently rub a q-tip with makeup remover over my lashes for minutes and minutes. I wish there was an alternative and for less moolah, but I haven't found it yet.


Kiss Me Heroine Make is amazing, I agree. But you need to get their mascara remover!!! It comes in a lilac mascara tube, with a plastic ridged brush. I just apply a layer, brush my teeth, and then wipe it off.


Nice idea for a product review Jane! I use NARS mascara, after coming from a maybelline life. Can you put that one to the challenge?

sudden but inevitable betrayal

Mascara, schmascara...Jane, your eyebrows! Lovely!

these pretzels are making me thirsty

My eyelashes are the only thing that MUST be done every day (including running a marathon) so I have a pretty good regimen: (1) heat eyelash curler w/ blow dryer (test on your hand to make sure it's not too hot; (2) curl each side for 10 - 15 seconds; (3) Diorshow primer; (4) Maybelline Great Lash. Voila!


I totally agree with Jane's review of Tarte. I tried it in Sephora and LOVED it. I bought it, brought it home, and used it a few times with great results. After having it two weeks, it was flaky and made my eyes itch like crazy. I thought I maybe let the tube dry out, so I bought a new one a few months later and was super diligent about closing the tube. Nope, still flaky. The brush is good though.

But this feature in general is so good. I am a scara addict.


I have a request / mission: in high school I used to use a tinted mascara. Formulated like clear mascara (which I use nowadays), but, well, tinted. Not to brag (really!) but I have thick, dark lashes (a double set, actually)(I swear I'm not some vain eyelashmonster) so I don't need mascara so much as grooming. Ergo, clear mascara. But a little darker/fuller is always nice.
I tried CG's mousse mascara but I am really picky about clumps and I felt I had clumpage with it.
Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? Does it still exist (my Google-fu has thus far been thwarted)? TL; DR?


@gidgetjones I bought this cheapie little eyebrow groomer from wal-mart years ago and it has been so helpful with brushing out clumps in my mascara! Apply mascara normally and then use the brush to tidy and remove clumps. Maybe this will help :-)


@gidgetjones I can think of two possibilities. Neutrogena Clean Lashtint and L'Oreal Featherlash. Both were really, really light and just kind of glossed your lashes up a bit. Both, of course, are discontinued. I haven't found a replacement, though I've been meaning to try Clinique Naturally Glossy for years and years.


@transnational Yessssssssssss Neutrogena. My only approximation is using my clear mascara brush after applying black mascara. Not terribly effective or scientific.

Kind of gross, really.

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Um, so, like, how do you remove mascara?
Also, what sort of witchcraft does Jane use to apply mascara to her bottom lashes and not look completely ridiculous?


i want to know about what happens when mascara goes bad -- how likely that is -- and how long you can keep mascara around.


@Courtney@twitter THIS. Are you people really tossing them after a couple months? It's possible I've used some up to, erm, a year or so.


My favs on you: Cover Girl Great Lash; Mac Zoom Lash and Blinc. :D


what about Maybelline Falsies? Its awesome. Never loved a mascara like that one.


i really loved this jane! BUT. i feel like mascara efficacy is largely dependant on your lashes. I've read most of the comments and it's SO all over the place. i have been a devout cover girl Lash Blast user since it came out and it makes my lashes crazy thick. like, so much volume. and i LOVES the silicone brush. which i'm learning here, is not a popular opinion.


Two Faced "LashGASM" mascara!!! The brush makes you feel like you're grabbing at every single one of your lashes. I've gotten a lot of comments asking if I was wearing false lashes and never get smudges or flakes. They get so long! I was using Two Faced's version of the tubed lashes mascara but I think the whole "comes off in tubes" thing actually was pulling some of my lashes off (they say that it will "appear" that way but it wasn't always just the tubes that were being washed away...). After I stopped using it my lashes have been fuller and healthier. LashGASM is awesome :)


Did I hear a call for Bare Minerals Flawless Definition mascara yet? It pretty much rocks my world.


Jane, thanks for taking this on for the benefit of 'pinners. I liked the MAC zoomlash on you and yeah I see a difference with the lash primer in your photos. I've been using your trick of the Laura Mercier as a base, to seal everything up, only to have it all still slither off by midday. I just found out I shouldn't be moisturizing beforehand, which, duh to me maybe. But still- no moisturizer? Yikes.


@Myrtle PS Forgot to say I have the MAC Zoomlash, too.


I am also a former diorshow user, but would only use the lengthening formula, as I have shortish lashes. BUT. I had to use it with a primer to get any real payoff (I like Clinique's). Then I tried Maybelline's XXL lengthening formula (black and yellow tube) which has primer on one end and mascara on the other. It's amazing and cheap. I also think primers are key for building length and curl. My lashes practically double (that's an exaggeration, and impossible).

Savannah Fehling@facebook

You should totally review any Clinique mascaras. They're my absolute fave of all time, but I wanna see how they stand up to the rest of these! Also, Diorshow and the MAC Zoom Lash with the primer look AWFUL. Some of the most expensive on the list, but some of the worst looking. Hmmmm....


Jane Marie, THANK YOU. My sister and I have been waiting a combined 55 years for this post.


@kittykat This is a true story.


CHANEL!!! Chanel Inimitable Intense is my FAVORITE! It lengthens and volumizes, but it's not clumpy and it comes in a sleek black tube with the Chanel logo that is a little prettier to carry around in your purse. I used to use DiorShow and switched because I think Chanel makes great products in general (for skincare), and I'm happy I did. It works great and stays on, although it takes me about 2-3 coats to get the look I like. But I think that's good - on days I'm not doing much I just wear one coat and tone it down, and you can layer for more drama.


Bittersweet An ex-boyfriend's stand-up bass teacher would "play" his wife's back in his sleep. I think that is lovely posters


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