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Happy Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month

It's currently Adopt a Shelter Cat Month, says the ASPCA, and why shouldn't it be. They've also made a video to get you fired up. How many will you take?

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@TheUnchosenOne No you will not! But I would agree to go halfsies with you on them.


Winston could do better. They found him on a roof after all.@m

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All of them. I will buy an enormous country home and hire people to live there and take care of the cats and they will be the happiest cats ever.

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@Heat Signature This comment brought to you from the past by ten year-old Heat Signature.


I'm going to turn my studio apartment into Grey Gardens.




My life's ambition is to one day become a Crazy Cat Lady when I am old, and also a cross between Blanche Devereaux and Lucille Bluth.


All of the kitties.

In this thread: stories about your current shelter kitties.

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@antipretty It's only shelter-ish, but:

So, I go over the house of a friend of a friend, and meet this adorable!! cat. Seriously, the most adorable cat that ever did live. And it keeps playing with me, and cuddling with me, and all of the loves. And I'm thinking, "it's considered both morally reprehensible and illegal to just steal someone else's cat... right??" And then 5 minutes later, friend of a friend goes "Yeah, we're taking him to the pound tomorrow... unless you want him??" BAM! An hour and a half later, I'm snuggling with him on my bed.


@papayalily what???? Why were they taking him to the pound?


@antipretty My cats never made it to the shelter - my cousin found a pregnant cat on the street around the time I was finally moving into an apartment that was bigger than one room, and I ended up taking in two of the kittens. One is currently burying her face in a dirty towel and the other is off napping in some nook or cranny. She is probably tired because she woke me up at 4 am to sing me a song about how much she loves wet food and why is there none in her bowl? It is her favorite song and it has many verses. They are 2 1/2 years old, and they are one the best life decisions I have made thus far.


@antipretty OK so my shelter cat, Riva, was dropped off at a vet's office in a cat carrier in the middle of a freakish heat wave one August long weekend. The vet was closed for renovations. She spent 3 days in the carrier with no food or water before the construction crew came back and found her.

I adopted her a month later. She's now 10 or 11, fat, happy, and the best $150 I ever spent. She still doesn't like her carrier.


@redonion My cat does that too! She adds in face licks to make sure I'm awake and listening. Seriously, best life decision.

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@antipretty So all of my cats since the beginning of time (sure) have come from shelters, but our current feline, Cooper, just kind of showed up on our doorstep one day. He was a little skinny one year-old and had a crappy flea color strapped to his little neck (which I almost immediately removed). Since we live in the country, we weren't sure if he belonged to someone else and was just "visiting", but it soon became apparent that he'd been abandoned. Once we figured that out, he was ours (or did he simply decide we were acceptable? The latter, probably). He's been living with us for three years now and is an avid hunter, his most notable kill being a full-grown rabbit (!) that appeared on our driveway the day after Easter.


@antipretty One day almost 3 years ago, my parents were visiting for the afternoon and we were taking a stroll around the neighborhood, when we happened upon the cat adoption people who had cages set up on the sidewalk with itty bitty kitties inside. We stopped to see the kitties and coo at them, and I saw one tiny tuxedo kitten by herself in a cage. While most of the kittens were asleep at the time, she was wide awake and played with me through the bars of her cage. The cat adoption lady asked, "Do you want to hold her?", which must be the million-dollar question, because once you're holding an itty bitty homeless kitten in your arms, how on earth are you supposed to hand that kitten back? 15 minutes later, I had a new cat. She's very feral and bitey and nervous, but she's grown up to be a big healthy girl and she sleeps happily on my bed every single night.


@antipretty My cat was not a shelter kitty, but she was totally born in my grandfather's backyard. My grandfather was worried the kittens would be attacked by wild animals or something so he built them a little tent without anyone in our family knowing, and then when the kittens were old enough I came by the house and he was all SO YEAH DO YOU WANT THESE SHOES and inside the shoebox WAS A KITTEN.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@antipretty My kittygirl bypassed the shelter and adopted a friend of mine while she was living as a stray and also preggers (the kitty, not my friend). When the friend couldn't keep her any longer, I convinced my roommates that what we really needed was another cat and when we all split up, she came with me. She's a love! Just kidding, she's a total asshole, but it's part of what I love about her.

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@antipretty I think it might have been because they had too many pets and had to downsize. But it worked out great! And now he's giving me a look that says, 'no, I want _cuddles_, not the grooming stuff.'


@papayalily I have a similar story about my pomeranian. My husband, stepkids & I were visiting my in-laws just after my BIL & his wife had a baby. They had also taken home a pom puppy a few months before my nephew was born. While BIL & wife were getting in the swing of being new parents, we took care of and played with the pom. At one point, I looked at my husband and said, "If they decide get rid of this dog, she is mine. I am taking her home."
Not 24 hours later, they decided they couldn't handle both a new puppy and a new baby. So yay! I got to take an adorable pom home with me!
It's two years later, and she is awesome. (My profile pic is not of her, but that puppy does look pretty similar.)


@antipretty I have 5.
Well, two are now mine permanently - they were semi-feral fosters, and while they acclimated to me they were never going to easily be rehomed, so I kept them. The third foster went out but ended up very unhappy in that home so he came back to us, and after weathering a bit of peeing behaviour he's now pretty much normal. Then we ended up with a barn cat who got a damaged face, and she's a permanent foster. The last is a palliative case, she has significant heart issues (is on two medications a day) and will just be living out her time with us.

(all of their pictures are on the pinpets tumblr. they're the first 5 pictures wayyy at the beginning.)


@LauraRebecca My younger brother and his wife are adopting a greyhound and I can't wait to meet her. She is not a kitty, but she still looks wonderful.

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@LauraRebecca :D

I have this theory that animals sort of know when they might not have a home for longer, and make themselves extra-cute to all those around them in those times just in case.


Both my cats came from the shelter I go to on weekends (Felines, Inc. in Chicago), and one of them, Olive, is so skittish that I am the ONLY person in the world she lets near her. And she snuggles up to me, sleeps on my head at night, and licks my face like a puppy. She is very loving and sweet, and for some reason, she decided that when she was at the shelter and I would come every week to visit, she would act like a normal, friendly cat so that I would adopt her (like I did) and we would live happily ever after.

I also had to take her to get all of her teeth removed because of gum disease, but she is the most beautiful toothless cat in the universe.


@antipretty I got my shelter cat about 5 years ago from the ASPCA. I was pretty sure I wanted a kitten, but the help-you-find-a-cat guy convinced me to go into a room full of young (but not kitten-young) cats. I sat on a chair, an orange cat said "Maroop!" and jumped onto my lap and started purring. Sold! He continues to be one of the best decisions I've ever made.


@bot they just pick you, don't they?

I'd never had a cat before so I had no idea what I was doing in the adoption room. Riva ran right up to me meowing loudly, jumped in my lap, and started purring like mad. I started crying because it was just this massive outpouring of affection. So of course I took her home.


@antipretty She was not only a very young kitten, but the runt of the litter. To this day she's a very tiny, very beautiful cat (the two things everyone comments on, she's tortoiseshell). We'd been talking about adopting a cat, but it was all very vague until one day out of the blue a lady phoned from the shelter we'd talked to, and forty minutes later we were the proud owners of a tiny confused ball of fluff with eyes. She could fit easily in your cupped hands, but as soon as we put her down she fled under the sofa and didn't come out for days except to eat fruitcake-crumbs off the floor.

Once she was used to us, though, you can't get rid of her. She slept on my chest for nearly eleven years, and still does when I go home (it's really sweet unless I fall asleep when she still wants attention, then claws-to-the-face-ow). She loves to sit on books, newspapers, and keyboards. If one of us is ill, she'll come keep you company. She yells at us at great length if we go away, and also if we're thoughtless enough to let it snow or rain. She gets embarrassed if we see her playing -cat dignity is marvellous. If you eat custard creams or some flavours of crisps around her, she'll knock it out of your hand and lick it to death, then demand more. She's a beautiful imperious little madam and I adore her.


I have been the way-station for dozens of feral fosters while they learn to trust, and just recently adopted the one who's been with us the longest. He had been doing great, so we placed him in a home, but he hid under the bed for a month and a half and angry-pooped on things. I think we're just the only people he likes, so we decided to roll with it.

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@antipretty Yay for all the kitty stories! Mine aren't shelter kitties, but they are rescues.

I met Kitty (yes, that's actually her name) upon returning from a vacation. I walked down to the mailbox and this sweet little long-haired calico with a ridiculously long and fluffy tail followed me the whole way, meowing and looking up at me. She had no collar. I pet her (SOFT!) and she was super lovey. She continued following me on the way back and tried to enter my apartment when I opened the door. My neighbor told me that she'd been out there crying for the past few days and kept trying to follow everyone into their apartments. So I let her follow me into mine and the rest is history!

Moo was a stray, too. She's a tuxedo cat with a stache! She didn't have a collar, but the she was so chill and comfortable outdoors that I figured she belonged to someone in another apartment. She was definitely not feral because she was really friendly. She would run toward me when I called her, her loose belly skin swinging hilariously back and forth. Sometimes she would hang out on the porch with me while Kitty glared from the window. I grew quite attached to her over a period of weeks, and would worry about her because she would often lie down in the middle of the parking lot because she liked the heat. One day, as I was getting into my car, she snuck past me and jumped inside. She promptly sat down on the passenger side floor and started grooming herself as if she belonged there. That's when I noticed she didn't have any front claws. I never did discover that she had an owner, but if she had then they were irresponsible and I decided that I needed to adopt her. Because a declawed cat should not be an outside cat.


@dale How did you deal with the peeing behaviour?
My boy came from the shelter two years ago. No peeing for the first year, then he started. We've tried different food, pheromones, had him checked for urinary problems, and whatever we do, he'll still have weeks when he pees then months when he doesn't.
Any suggestions from how you worked out your guy's issues?

Luckily, aside from the occasional spraying, he's the sweetest cat on the planet.

fondue with cheddar

@antipretty That is absolutely horrible that someone left Riva outside in the heat like that! I'm so glad the construction crew found her when they did, because I can't imagine she'd have lasted much longer. In fact, it's amazing she lasted as long as she did. Clearly, she was destined to live with you. :)


My kitty (of 8 years!) is from Felines, Inc too! She's the best. She was found alone in the woods of Gurnee, and now is a fat gray and white behemoth who sheds like a motherfucker and takes up ALL the space in the bed, but also cuddles all the time and looks into my eyes with her giant eyes as if to say "thank you" every time. MELT.

fondue with cheddar

@liznieve AWW my Kitty is the same way! She sheds like crazy too, and is extremely demanding of affection. She also looks into your eyes when you pet her, and it seems like she's saying, "I LOOOOOVE YOU!"

Jolie, this is why we will never get rid of our cats. Seriously, they are FUCKING ADORABLE.


@liznieve Awww, my babies are fat behemoths who take up the whole bed, too! Nothing like cuddling the shit out of a fat cat. It makes me smile to hear about a Felines, Inc. success story on the Hairpin.


@antipretty @bot Agree, agree! I got my cat from a barn after mommy cat just had a litter. I played with all the kittens but they eventually ran away, except for Sherman. 15 years later, she still insists on being close to me at all times.

And I start volunteering at a kitty shelter next week and I'm very excited!


@antipretty Ohmygod - did you just ask me to describe my kitties in excrutiating (to other people) detail? Yes I will!!

One shelter kitty - gorgeous long-haired girl kitty, adopted three years ago. She is very vocal and expressive and curious, gets adorably rumpled when she sleeps, hasn't figured out she is abig girl now and can't fit into all her old hiding places, loves to be brushed (even her tail!), and as she ages is becoming more cuddly. She thinks she is a huntress, but has absolutely no real world skills aside from charming humans into petting her and giving her things. Which is a pretty good skill.

One former feral kitty, my first male cat, who we rescued from under my aunt's porch and then decided to keep instead of take to a shelter because he was so affectionate. He lost the tips of his ears and tail to frostbite, and it took him weeks to learn to meow in our hearing range. Big and long and strong, with the teeniest tiniest meow. Actually knows how to hunt, but is pretty lazy. Loves to give head butts, prefers to lay in between my partner and I to get his cuddles, enjoys shoulder rides. I love him more than I knew was possible.

One kitty adopted at age three from a family with allergies. Tiny, delicate, with blue eyes - a real lady with a terrible mean streak. The only one I think wishes us dead regularly when we don't let her have her way, but makes up for it by being the best cuddler. Loves to play with string, was the first cat I even had who fetched - used to take the balls to the top of the steep wooden stairs to the basement, drop them down, and go get them. Usually in the middle of the night.


@Apocalypstick I LOVE YOUR KIITY!! She sounds similar to my Daisy, who when I dare to go away for longer than a day is thrilled to have me back, running to the door and insisting on love, but then will come up and take a huge bite out of my ankle when I am brushing my teeth or something hours later. Because how dare I? She only bites me in the bathroom though for some reason.

Also, cat dignity is awesome.


@antipretty I need to stop reading these stories at work. I'm so happy Riva got a home with you, but I cried a little at my desk thinking about what could have happened.

fondue with cheddar

@swirrlygrrl CRY ME A RIVA!


@antipretty I don't techincally have any shelter kitties.
I have Scratchy from my brother's ex girlfriend's friend, Penny (Scratchy's sister) who is my brother's cat but living with me while he's working in CA, and Tess who my brother's 5th grade english teacher found by our school 15 years ago. My brother told my parents Tess was spayed, had all her shots and was declawed. She had none of those things! ohohohohoho She is sleeping behind the washing machine right now.
Then at my parents' house... Stella originally lived down the street but I started feeding her and her owners just gave up after toting her back to their house and having her come back to ours within an hour. Her interests include sleeping on cars, yelling at my family until someone feeds and pets her and stretching out in the driveway and ignoring anyone trying to park.
Marmalade started hanging around a year or so ago. First he beat the shit out of Stella :/ But then he was so nice I couldn't be mean to him. He's just a big cuddly orange dog in cat clothes. His meow sounds like he's saying "hello!" Also he is my dad's best friend now. A few times a day my dad will open the door and Marmalade will come running. Then he sits on my dad's lap and gets scratches and tummy rubs while drooling and chirping. My dad recently found out that Marmalade had lived down the street from them but his owners moved and just left him behind.
In summary: Kitties!


@jen325 aww I have a swinging belly kitty!

fondue with cheddar

@Amy Marzluff@facebook YAY they're so cute, aren't they? Mine loves it when I play with it, too. I squeeze it and tug it and wrap it around my fingers and she just purrs. So awesome.


@swirrlygrrl Haha, Pickles does it the other way round -gets in a giant strop when we walk through the door, but is all cuddles later on. Cat dignity is why I prefer them to dogs, I think. Every now and then, she rolls over in her sleep and falls off the sofa, then makes very sure we know it's our fault and that she has perfect balance, thank you very much.


@BoatGirl Well, luckily ("luckily", used very loosely here) his was related partially to crystals, so he went on a specific food (MediCal urinary SO) to help break up the crystals, but we also put him on amitriptyline (Elavil). It helps with both the spraying and the anxiety. Once in a while he will still pee where he shouldn't, but it's generally related to something being on the floor that shouldn't be (newspapers, clothes, etc) so I just try to keep all the temptations away from him. Whether the meds would help your guy I'm not sure, but you could always talk to the vet. I assume you are using an enzyme cleaner on the spots where he's gone, to try to break the smell/pattern?


@antipretty Our cat is from the RSPCA. She was 18 months old when we got her and while she was very social and friendly she had clearly had fallen on hard times (very skinny, and masquerading as a short-haired cat when her coat is really quite long). Whatever her mysterious history, she made herself at home at our place right away - within a couple of hours of being let out of the box she had checked out the whole house, scratched her scratching post, used her litter tray and was curled up in my lap having a snooze. She is the best cat* and we love her.
*Apart from all the other cats which are also the best cat.


@antipretty I have two cats, adopted from the Cats Protection League nearly eleven years ago. There were originally four cats in the household, but they split them up into two pairs for ease of rehoming; I still worry that my cats were separated from their best friends, because after years of living together they still glare and hiss at each other half the time. But they are lovely, lovely cats, if clearly a bit mad. One of them is perfectly affectionate, but has only just become willing to sit on people's laps; she likes to eat (well, chew and spit out) cardboard, and falls off beds when rolling around happily in the sunshine. The other is needy and skittish, and likes to howl outside doors first thing in the morning, sit on people's chests and industriously suck and knead at their clothing. She also likes people to follow her into the bathroom and watch her roll around on the floor. I adore them both.

fondue with cheddar

@Apocalypstick Oh, I love it when they get all embarrassed and try to appear nonchalant by licking their paws. It's like the feline equivalent of the trip-jog.

One of my cats gets embarrassed at that stuff, but the other is so clumsy that it doesn't really faze her, which is funny in itself.

fondue with cheddar

@Pixa AWW she knew right away where she belonged. :)

@Verity I'm going to pretend the Cats Protection League is a team of superheroes responsible for the health and safety of cats everywhere.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

We foster kitties between being strays and getting adopted! They have all been kinda quirky but really awesome and adorable. We don't have the money to have kitties of our own, but fostering is AWESOME and everyone should do it! We have (barely) enough to feed him and buy litter, but wouldn't be able to pay vet bills. So we foster and the shelter pays the vet bills!

Our current foster is so effing adorable that we don't even want to send in the pics of him to get him posted on the adoption site. We're trying to convince Boy's sister that current kitty should be her kitty's new brother (they were considering a kitty sibling already). Boy's mom is equally excited about/pushing for this idea because she really wants kitty to be her grandkitty.

Quinn A@twitter

Aww, I love my (formerly feral) shelter kitty. Shelter kitties can be great.

Mine can't deal with an empty food dish and has gotten really aggressive this year (I think he might be in pain - I've already spent $1500 at the vet this year trying to get him sorted out and have another appointment today), but he's normally just the sweetest, most cuddly cat you'll ever meet. Even people who don't normally like cats love my boy. I've had a really great four years with him and hope to have many more.


I was hoping mugs like Dan's would be available on the ASPCA website (because I want all the cats and all the cat things), but they are not. In other news, I went to the ASPCA site, and now I am crying.


@redonion I just noticed that mug, and now I want it, too. C'mon ASPCA!


I adopted a cat from a shelter in April and it's been the best experience. Everybody should do it! I've heard in New England that the mild winter means that there will be tons of kittens this year. Don't forget about the older kitties though. My girl Pounce is 8 (though the vet says her teeth are really good for her age so she may actually be around 5) and seriously amazing. Fully trained and laid back and loves to sleep on everything.


@lobsterhug Yes to older kitties! They are so much more chill.


@SarahP She is the chillest. We can get her riled up with toys and catnip, but she mostly just lazes about, which is my favorite thing to do, so it works.


My husband has 3 shelter cats and every single day at least one of them does something that makes me happy/amused, etc. They are wonderful!


@SarahP Cats are endlessly amusing. Yesterday, I spent 15 minutes trying to dislodge my cat from a bin she had claimed as her new favorite bed.

sarah girl

I'm coming up on the two year adoptaversary for my sweet cat, hooray! I didn't get him from a shelter, but he was a rescue - he wandered into a friend's garage one day, and she couldn't keep him.

He is the sweetest, friendliest little guy - not a huge fan of other animals, but he's never met a human he didn't want to love on. His default position when I'm at home is in my lap, or lying down somewhere close so he can keep an eye on me between nap sessions. He can get clingy and has some anxiety issues (he gets all out of sorts when I rearrange furniture, things like that), but he's gotten a lot better. I just love him to bits!

My favorite picture of him, helping me with my last apartment move!


@Sarah H. Awww, kitty! We're coming up on the year adoptaversary of ours...she was a non-shelter rescue too, since she was abandoned by neighbors who moved out and was living in the bushes.

She helped with our last move too.

sarah girl

@frigwiggin Ahhh cute! I keep forgetting to put my dude on the Tumblr, I should do that right meow.


Rescue animals! Ahhhhh. Our kitty didn't make it to the shelter, we took her right off the street, but if we ever get another one it'll definitely be a shelter kitty.

I am also pouring one out for my friend's two oldest cats, both of whom died a couple weeks ago, a day apart. I only knew them for a year or two but I fell in love with their cranky old-lady-ness and missed them badly this weekend when I stayed at her house, when there was nobody to sleep on me while I slept on the couch. So here's to you, Pearl and Smokey.

Stella Potato

I second both the Grey Gardens and country estate turned into cat-ville comments. I have two already (both strays), but I keep thinking if I found another cute little booger and brought him home, my husband would be too charmed to say no. He's a cat lady by default now.


Hey, aspiring cat ladies, do we all know about fostering? You house a cat or a family of cats for a while until they can be adopted, thereby freeing space in the shelter. temporary kitties!
Right now, I'm fostering a mama cat and her two kittens until her babies are old enough and big enough to get their spay/neuter surgery (one is ready, one has to get a little fatter.) They stay in a spare bedroom because I have other pets, and they are pretty low maintenance. And, when life gets me down, I can go into my room of kittens!


@frenz.lo Ugh I want to do this SO BAD and have a friend who did it for awhile when she was still living at home, but my cat has an attitude problem and gets jealous easily so I don't think she'd be into it :\


@frenz.lo Someday, when I have an apartment with doors to other rooms that close, I would love to foster. But the last time my cats were introduced to a strange cat, it did NOT go well. Someday, though.


@frenz.lo yay for fostering! I've actually got a little 12 week old puppy sitting at my feet at this very moment, just chilling until he gets his forever home. this is great for people with all the love to give and you can also feel pretty smug for helping out (bonus). don't discount yourself if you already have pets too - foster homes in all shapes and sizes prepare the little monsters for forever homes in all shapes and sizes. contact your local animal shelter!
Also, not all fosters are for weeks-months - the rescue I work with will often place for just a week at a time. a week of puppy! its delightful


@frenz.lo "fostering" sounds like "gateway cat lady" to me. Because once I get a family of kittens, I will nevernevernevernever give them up.


@antipretty It is sort of a concern, for sure, but while I'll miss these little boogers, I will be relieved when they find homes. My local shelter has a pretty high euth rate, and they are up to their ears in cats this summer, so I feel all fuzzy for giving these guys a chance, but if I get tempted to keep them, I visualize 5 adult cats living in my house permanently, and that's not for me.


Aw man I just watched the video and now I really miss the ginger kitty stray I was taking care off who disappeared one day to places unknown :( He was the sweetest! But I was hesitant to actually adopt him because he wasn't sure if he belonged to anyone, even though he hung out on my carpet for 12 hours a day for four months.

lavender gooms

My Siamese kitty was found under a car in the pouring rain by my friend's sister, who fosters cats and dogs all the time. So I adopted her through a local adoption agency even though she actually was staying with my friend and her sister the whole time. When they went to spay her, it turned out she was already spayed, so it sounds like someone abandonded her. We did some research to see if anyone was claiming a lost Siamese and no one was.

Although if I had to guess, I'd say she was abandoned for CONSTANTLY CHEWING ON ELECTRICAL CORDS. I would never, ever abandon my adorable, cross eyed, snuggly, blankie loving girl, but we have to keep all the cords in our house on lockdown. Bitter spray didn't deter her in the slightest, so we just try and keep everything taped down or out of reach.

Also, the adoption agency originally named her I Ching, but I changed it to Isis because I didn't want people to mishear me and think I was calling my cat a racial slur.

New Commenter Name

I will take none of the cats. We already have one cat and she is Not Nice. My kids are terrified of her.
I may be a little intimidated of her myself.

Lily Rowan

Ooh! This reminded me to make a vet appointment for my old man shelter cat. I've been thinking he was 13ish, but just looked at my actual records, and he's 15! We've been together 10 years.


My cat was originally a shelter cat, but I got him from a friend when he left for the Peace Corps. The intention was to give the cat back, but based on stories I've heard about how said friend took care of him, I am definitely never giving him back.

I recently got his original shelter papers, and apparently he was originally called "Precious" (BARF). My friend re-named him Monster Truck, and so he remains, because it's a badass name.

He's super cuddly and loves me, but he has weird attachment issues and kitty anxiety (he chews his fur down on his tail and front legs, argh). But other than that, he's really friendly and super happy in our new apartment. And I was totally only a dog person and didn't even like cats much (I'm allergic!) before I got him, but I am so in love with him, it's nuts.


@meetapossum That (Precious) is a terrible name. My cat was called Baby at the shelter and she was one of 2 cats at the shelter with that name. There was no question of not changing it. She is now called Pounce.


@meetapossum have you tried those plug in phermone things for stress? They work pretty well for anxiety issues.


@christonacracker No, I haven't! I'll look into them. I had already taken him to the vet a while ago. He thought it might be allergies and I gave him steroids for that, but it didn't do anything. I'd like to avoid giving him meds if possible.


@meetapossum It is basically a glade plug-in that releases the facial phermones that they rub on things when they are happy and marking what belongs to them. Basically lulls them into thinking, "whoa, I must be really happy since I rubbed my face everywhere in here! time for a nap!"


@meetapossum My mom had a cat named Precious when she was a teenager, not because she was a precious little kitty. Oh no. From what I've heard from my mom and uncles, she was the meanest bitch of a cat on the whole eastern seaboard. I really wish I had had the chance to know her; I bet she was seriously awesome.

I'm pretty sure my grandmother named her; she had a wicked, twisted sense of humor.


@meetapossum Apparently my cats were originally named Smokey Joe and Sulky Sue. We changed them when we adopted them.


As someone who spends every weekend volunteering at a cageless, no-kill cat shelter, I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to please please please consider fostering or adopting shelter cats, especially adult cats! The large majority of cat adopters want kittens and kittens only, leaving the beautiful, loving, lonely adult cats in shelters for much longer than they should be.


@olivebee Seconded! Adult cats are great!! No offense, kittens, but you can be hard work.


@olivebee I'll just ditto olivebee's comment! Adults and seniors have a lot of love to give. As do black cats, who are so often overlooked.

And if you can't take in a kitty due to allergies or pet restrictions, then consider just making a donation of food to your local shelter, or money to help cover spaying/neutering/other vet costs. We get a lot of kids who bring money they've collected for their birthday (instead of gifts, they've asked friends to bring money to donate).


@olivebee especially the mom cats! So many moms with kittens get demped and momma never gets a home :( And momma cats are some of the cuddliest out there.

This is my new username

@dale I love black cats! I totally want my next cat to be an adorable black kitty. I have been toying with the idea to try and convince my manpanion that we need a second cat. I haven't quite decided whether that is a good idea or not or how much my desire for a second cat is because I miss my kitty who stayed with my parents when I moved out.


@olivebee Adult kitties, yes! My family has adopted both kittens and adult cats in the past, and, while the kittens are super adorable because all baby animals are adorable, the adult cats are better for me because I know what kind of personality I'm going to end up with.

My Daisy cat was 2 when we got her and she was with the no-kill shelter for a while because no one wanted an adult cat, not even one as awesomely zen and calm as her. Their loss!


@dale Why would people overlook black cats?I adopted my black cat eleven years ago, and she is beautiful and lovely.

This is my new username

@Verity Apparently people avoid them because they are bad luck or some crap. I was super surprised when I heard that, because I love cute black kitties! But apparently it is a thing :S

Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter


When we getting to adopt our cats we asked who had been in the shelter for the longest time, and we paid special attention to those cats. The two we ended up adopting had been there for at least a year and I have no idea why they hadn't been snapped up sooner! They are both so adorable (although they cordially dislike each other)!

The only reason I would get a kitten now is because one of our girls had kittens of her own, and then fostered two other litters. We've been told she was a super-loving mother and if she hears kittens on youtube or something she gets really excited. When I see her trying to wash or play with our other cat, who will have none of it, I think she'd like a new foster-kitten.


@Verity Yeah, people still have remnants of that black cat superstition thing. Unless someone comes in who has had a black cat before (and therefore loves them), it's a tough thing to sell them on. And then other people claim they don't like "plain" (as in, solid-coloured) cats.

sarah girl

@Alixana This is such great advice, oh man!!


@Sarah H. Woops, deleted this double post before seeing that you'd responded to it! I fail at commenting.


This is so timely! My boyfriend and I adopted a black kitten from a foster home 2.5 weeks ago. The pregnant mother had been homeless, and was then picked up into a kill-shelter, so this foster family rescued them and then adopted out the kittens. Rocky's brothers and sisters were adopted first, but people were hesitant to adopt him because he's pretty much all black (and people are crazy), so it worked out perfectly for us. He was so tiny when we got him (at about 8/9 weeks) but in the time we've had him, he's doubled in size and length! Insane! But he's very loved and very cuddly when he's not being a hyper hockey player with his toys.


And if I can sell you on my method for picking a cat -- go to a shelter that uses foster care and has a lot of volunteers. DON'T GO LOOK AT THE CATS YET. Go straight to the volunteers/foster parents and tell them your lifestyle and exactly what you're looking for in a cat. Let them know what your quirks are and what you think is unacceptable behavior in a kitty (e.g. I need a cat that will let me pick it up and squish it in my face without scratching and I work long hours; I will tolerate neediness and jumping on counters but not litterbox issues). They will be able to help you find one that is actually right for you even if it wasn't what you envisioned or the cutest cat in the shelter. You will love that thing so hard since it is so perfectly matched to you that it WILL be the cutest thing in the shelter to YOU.

Pop Pop

I finally created an account on here just to say I first read this as "adopt a hover cat month." Which may need to be a real thing at some point...

Oh, and hello Hairpin :)


@Pop Pop Welcome! And I love your username/image!

Pop Pop

@olivebee thanks!

fondue with cheddar

@Pop Pop I would like to adopt a hover cat, please.

Pop Pop

@jen325 Or a lasercat. Or both rolled into one.

fondue with cheddar

@Pop Pop Only if the lasercat promises to only fry my enemies. I don't want it to burn me every time it wants food.

Pop Pop

@jen325 truth!


::sigh:: Kitties, I would adopt you all and snuggle you, were I not so horribly allergic.


@area@twitter me too. and my pup would chase them, but they'd probably show him who's boss in a matter of minutes.


Cat stories! My favorite kind of stories!
My family has had a number of shelter and rescue kitties over the years, and two of the current three are from shelters. Michi is from the Baltimore pound and was probably from a feral litter. She is aloof and bitey except around 3 am, when she breaks into my bedroom, jumps on my face, and demands to be petted. Fitz is a tiny, hyperactive tabby cat who love riding on shoulders, pouncing on the dog, and antagonizing the two older cats. They are all annoying in their own special way, but I wouldn't have it any way else.


I would tell you about my cats but one of them has decided that I am required to pet him in lieu of typing. Oh, cats.


Guys! Guys! Let me show you the best place in the world: http://www.romancats.com/index_eng.php They've basicly just sealed off a area of ruins in the middle of the city, so it's like a huge garden full of cats and columns. And you can just drop in to pet them!

Creature Cheeseman

That video is much better than the Sarah Mclachlan commercial.


You guys, I've lost two cats in the past year, one in September and one just two days ago. I am entirely heartbroken about it, especially since I am now down to living with only one cat (the last time I did not have AT LEAST two kitties was when I was EIGHT), and I never realized before how much time he spends outside. I need constant cat companionship! Constant! This house feels too empty to me! I think people need to start placing bets on how long it will be before I come home with a kitten.

(Also I posted about the kitty dying on facebook, and my ex-boyfriend posted this on my wall: "If Percy [my cat] isn't filling your cat needs, Amelia [his cat] is always available" which is like, UGH JUST DECIDE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT ME ALREADY. I am going through some fucking shit right now, you guys.)


@sophi aw, I'm so sorry about your kitties. :( I also require constant cat companionship, and have had at least 2 cats for most of the past 20 years.


There is an awesome grocery store within walking distance of my house. next to it is a petco. You better believe I veer off to aww at the kitties up for adoption there (and dayum do they get adopted quickly). unfortunately 3 kitties is my limit in my tiny house


They failed to show the part where he's furiously trying to get each orange cat hair off his nice work suit.

ms. alex

As a cashier, I come across people who feed many, many cats. Like 40 cats. Last week I rang up 125 cans of cat food for an older couple who did not turn cats away.


@ms. alex I both love and hate those people. Love that they feed all those cats. Hate that I have to face cans after they rip through the friskies and fancy feast aisle.

On that note, we keep cats in our store for adoption (the local pound sends them our way.) We currently have a sweet little orange tabby who was "abused badly by middle school boys and is now afraid of all males"
I wish I could have another pet.


@The Kendragon In related news, if my middle school aged future kids abuse any animal, I will probably beat them.
I know it's not PC to beat kids these days, but it'd probably happen.


There are kitties living in my building's boiler room. They get in through this duct that is next to where I take the dog out, so I see them all the time. Now the kitty is a mama kitty, and I one of her kittens was out with her yesterday and I watched it scrambled into the duct, and it almost fell out.


It's like, I can't even watch the video, because if I do I will feel guilty for not adopting ALL OF THE CATS when I should really be focusing on petting my ex-shelter-cat and getting goddamned work so I can donate.


I read about this cat on the RSPCA website yesterday, and desperately want him, although I don't think I could give him the specialised home he needs. What a darling.


Oh, one cautionary take about adopted cats: my boyfriend's brother and his partner adopted a cat (Decca, named after the best Mitford sister) from Battersea about two years ago. She was all purry and friendly, although they perhaps should have been warned by the fact that the worker who went to get her out of her cage wore gloves, and the notes from volunteers who had played with her said things like "I am scared of Dumpling [name Battersea gave her, as she is very fat], she bites". But she seemed lovely, so they took her home, and then discovered that she growls, bites and scratches a LOT. Possibly she was hurt by previous owners; she growls at people if they're in the same room and lashes out if you try to touch her. My boyfriend and I cat-sat her for a week and she wouldn't let us touch her at all, and went for us quite a lot (we both came home with scratch marks). She is such a gorgeous cat, but does not do well with people.

(You should still adopt all the cats, though! Most of them aren't like that! And she tolerates her owners, although they still get bitten fairly frequently.)

Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter


We actually had the opposite experience to this, we adopted one very nervous cat with some weird behavioural traits (she would constantly patrol the perimeter of the cat room for example), and another cat we thought was going to be totally aloof and unfriendly.

Almost as soon as we brought them home and opened the cat carriers they changed personality on us (literally the "aloof" cat jumped out of the carrier, started PURRING like a loon and hasn't really stopped since), fortunately for us they both turned out to be very sweet and loving cats. I think one cat was just terrified of all the other cats in the shelter, and the other was actually depressed.

The point being, I suppose, that a cat's behaviour can be very heavily influenced by being in a shelter.

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