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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Zinnia Gown, $800 (was $1,800)
“The bride wore something insane.” It’s A THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF. A friend of mine is getting married in this and I suggested this little hat to go along with it.

Appetizer Spoons on Bamboo Tray, $11.99 (were $16)
Make an amuse bouche at home. One time I had an egg shooter on one of these spoons and they had us chew a Szechuan button before slurping it down. My mouth went like this.

Dav Fashion Rain Boots, $42 (were $90)
These boots are huge in Japan, and everywhere else — they are only availble in size 10/11. Don’t say I never gave you nothin’, little sisters.

Bed Head Spiral Curling Iron, $19.99 (was $29.99)
OMG one time my mom had her hair lady curl her entire head of hair with one of these and then rat it all up and then she put on a dress kinda like this only the skirt had flowers, and then had the NERVE to leave for the night (New Year’s Eve, 1990).

Martha Stewart Beach Towels, $19.99 (were $40)
While you’re at Macy’s, scoop some of these.

Elle Macpherson Lace and Mesh Bodysuit, $50 (was $125)
If you don’t need the first thing on this shopping list yet, maybe test your luck with this? Oh, and Spanx are on crazy sale over there right now too.

Monserat De Lucca “We Fit Together” Necklaces, $61.99 (was $87.99)
Get it for you and your best friend or sister. Maybe you’re not into friends, though? That’s okay. The designer makes something that’s not meant for sharing and is also, luckily, on sale.

Connor Lady Place Cards, $27 (were $55)
I have been eyeing these for months. They are pointless and ridiculous, and yet. If you can figure out how to use them, maybe you can also find a use for the matching invitations?

(This concludes the “you could get this, but you could also get that” portion of the bin.)

Tahari Knit Top, $28 (was $48)
Let’s defy that lady from yesterday.

Banda Chaise, $229.95 (was $398)
This is just a very cool chair for the price of a very cool chair. I would like to come over and sit on it and listen to you while I drink wine and fall asleep.


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