Friday, June 1, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Zinnia Gown, $800 (was $1,800)
"The bride wore something insane." It's A THOUSAND DOLLARS OFF. A friend of mine is getting married in this and I suggested this little hat to go along with it.

Appetizer Spoons on Bamboo Tray, $11.99 (were $16)
Make an amuse bouche at home. One time I had an egg shooter on one of these spoons and they had us chew a Szechuan button before slurping it down. My mouth went like this.

Dav Fashion Rain Boots, $42 (were $90)
These boots are huge in Japan, and everywhere else — they are only availble in size 10/11. Don't say I never gave you nothin', little sisters.

Bed Head Spiral Curling Iron, $19.99 (was $29.99)
OMG one time my mom had her hair lady curl her entire head of hair with one of these and then rat it all up and then she put on a dress kinda like this only the skirt had flowers, and then had the NERVE to leave for the night (New Year's Eve, 1990).

Martha Stewart Beach Towels, $19.99 (were $40)
While you're at Macy's, scoop some of these.

Elle Macpherson Lace and Mesh Bodysuit, $50 (was $125)
If you don't need the first thing on this shopping list yet, maybe test your luck with this? Oh, and Spanx are on crazy sale over there right now too.

Monserat De Lucca "We Fit Together" Necklaces, $61.99 (was $87.99)
Get it for you and your best friend or sister. Maybe you're not into friends, though? That's okay. The designer makes something that's not meant for sharing and is also, luckily, on sale.

Connor Lady Place Cards, $27 (were $55)
I have been eyeing these for months. They are pointless and ridiculous, and yet. If you can figure out how to use them, maybe you can also find a use for the matching invitations?

(This concludes the "you could get this, but you could also get that" portion of the bin.)

Tahari Knit Top, $28 (was $48)
Let's defy that lady from yesterday.

Banda Chaise, $229.95 (was $398)
This is just a very cool chair for the price of a very cool chair. I would like to come over and sit on it and listen to you while I drink wine and fall asleep.

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@redheaded&crazie are you doing any work today?


@redheaded&crazie whyyy won't the site let me add to bag

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@redheaded&crazie Girl, did you forget to close your tiny text tag??? (Or is that just my (not my) computer being weird?)


@Veronica Mars is smarter than me i didn't use a tiny text tag?! did i screw up the whole page somehow

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@redheaded&crazie I don't know... it looks weird to me, but then again, this computer is running IE 8 and... wait for it... Firefox 3.0. THREE. POINT. OH.


@redheaded&crazie I want to do my whole bathroom like this. It's giving me more motivation to paint the disgusting Pepto pink that's been all over the walls (and ceiling) since I bought my house.


I am actually considering buying that Spanx slip???


@charmcity Do it! You will not be sorry. I am buying one right now!

Julie the T

@charmcity me too! to wear under my wedding dress in a few months. but is that a thing one can wear under a wedding dress? will I be able to move? can Jane please do a Beauty Q & A on what the heck to wear under a wedding dress? I have no idea! underwear? holdy-in underwear? nothing? I don't know How To Be A Girl when it comes to this area. halp!

The Lady of Shalott

@Julie the T I can help you with this one. What kind of dress are you wearing?

First of all, has your dress been altered yet? Does it need any alterations? If it does, you need to have the alterations done with the EXACT undergarments you will be wearing on--this will create a better line. Most wedding gowns are designed to be worn with a long-line bra: http://www.herroom.com/longline,bras,42,001,10.html This is not just hype--most wedding gowns are HEAVY, and the extra support and boning of a long-line bra will help you wear the gown better, look nicer, and support you more during the day. The long lines of a longline bra (haha) will also help create a nicer silhouette under the gown.

Slips: What kind of skirt are you going to be wearing? If it has any kind of fullness to it, you're going to need some kind of slip with fullness to it. You're best off going to a bridal store for this, where you can tell them "I need a slip for a trumpet gown" or whatever, and they'll have it. Standard lingerie stores, maybe. Department stores, probably not. This is going to help create the desired silhouette for your gown.

As far as Spanx goes....generally, no. It's going to create bulges at a certain point if you're wearing a very slim-fitting gown. Generally, stuff with a little more support is ideal because like I said, most gowns are HEAVY.


@Julie the T Here you go! The links to their shop don't work anymore, but the pictures do.


@The Lady of Shalott but WHERE do we get the undergarments Beyonce is rolling about in in her video for 'best thing I never had'


@Julie the T the Lady of Shalott has some great advice there, and i heavily second the long line bra. Just for anecdote's sake, I'll tell you what I did. I had a heavy-ish satin gown that I wore a crinoline under. There was no reason for spanx in my opinion, because crinoline. But I knew I would be sweltering under that crin, not to mention the problem with thigh rub. So I bought a pair of capri-length pajama bottoms made of the lightest cotton lawn. I kept as cool as an ocean breeze and felt fresh as a daisy. Plus they had a blue design on them, so they were my something blue. And now I wear them as regular pajama bottoms.

The Lady of Shalott

@Jade Independent lingerie stores in cities are GREAT for this kind of thing. Try bridal salons or good department stores, like Nordstrom's, THAT HAVE AN EVENING WEAR SECTION. Seriously. If the store has an evening-dress section, the odds of them having good well-built lingerie goes up astronomically. But stuff like this is REALLY REALLY hard to buy online--unless you have a razor-sharp sense of your size? And even then, buying something important that you don't usually wear is really, really something you're going to have to try on.

Also, charlesbois makes a good point: Spanx are HOT. And suffocating. A good well-made long-line bra and the right undergarments are going to be more comfortable and easier to get through an entire day in.

Julie the T

@The Lady of Shalott You guys are all awesome, thanks so much! I will for sure get the right undergarment before I go in for my first fitting (I was also told to have the shoes I'm going to wear first, which makes total sense).

To answer your questions: the dress is a pretty basic strapless A-line with some detail on the top layer from Nicole Miller (Philly represent), and here it is (I hope this link works):

I'm not really sure I need a slip 'cause there are already like three layers to the dress? And it's not a super full skirt? But like I said, I am a total newbie to this world. I will basically follow whatever advice you give me.

The Lady of Shalott

@Julie the T That is a beautiful dress! I would DEFINITELY advise a long-line bra: it will give you support for the strapless part, it will create definition between your bustline and your waist, and it will help support the long skirt that starts high. I would also advise a slip: I know the dress probably already has layers to it, but I will bet you cash money it's designed to be worn with a slip and it will flow and lie better on you with a slip underneath it. Also, the innermost layer of the garment might not be super comfortable to have against you for hours and hours on end, depending on how sensitive your skin is--a nice silk or silky slip will feel nicer, and it will help protect your dress from any sweat and perspiration.

BRA, SLIP, SHOES. You MUST have the things you are going to wear with you before your fittings. Some tailors/seamstresses will refuse to do your fitting unless you have these things--because if you get your dress fitted with an ordinary strapless bra, and then decide to wear a longline bar, the alterations are going to look weird and they will be at fault!

Disclosure: I work in a bridal salon.


@charmcity I was wondering this exact thing! I'm getting married as well and just bought my dress....but have no idea what to wear either. The long-line bra does sound like a good idea, but I almost feel like my dress doesn't need a bra? (I didn't wear one when I tried it on.) But I know that's not practical for all day. (Here's my dress: http://www.netfashionavenue.com/david-tutera-for-mon-cheri---wedding-dress---112212-pilar.aspx)

The Lady of Shalott

@marigny Also a gorgeous dress! But I'm still going to recommend a long-line bra, or a bustier of some kind. HERE'S WHY: Your dress is gorgeous, and I'm sure it has some built-in support, BUT it is going to be ten times more comfortable and fit you BETTER with a good, supportive bra. Your dress is also going to be heavy. I know it doesn't seem so super heavy trying it on in the store, but if you're going to be wearing it ALL DAY, you'll be tired. A good, supportive longline bra is going to help distribute the weight more uniformly and leave you less tired. It will give you a nicer figure underneath your gown. It will also be more comfortable--gowns are designed to be worn with undergarments, and the innermost layer of the gown probably has a lot of boning and detailing that's going to be wicked uncomfortable if it's rubbing up against you all day long.

See my advice upthread for buying a bra and alterations!


@The Lady of Shalott THANK YOU, BRA WHISPERER.


Can you all just keep posting pictures of your wedding dresses? I love looking at them. My wedding's over, but I wore this one, and I didn't need undergarments at all (though I did wear undies, because I was afraid I'd fall down or something and moon everyone).


@The Lady of Shalott
OH MAN why did I look at that link for the long line bras at HerRoom? WHERE IS MY WALLET? I didn't even know that's what I was looking for until VOILA THERE IT IS.
(I am not getting married BTW. Nor do I ever plan to. But I really want all the underthings.)


@SarahP I LOVE the tea length wedding dress look! I really wanted to wear one like that (and have rainbow crinoline underneath because secretly, I'm 11) but it turned out to to be a good look for my 5'8" frame (didn't look tea length on me, just looked kind of...weird). I SO WISH IT COULD HAVE BEEN though I love my dress since it kind of tips its hat to my Spanish heritage on my mother's side with a little "sexy mamacita".


@Jade I know, right?! I'm like, why aren't we all wearing long-line bras all the time! Whereas five minutes ago I had never heard the term in my life.


@marigny I'm 5'8, too! But the dress was the perfect length for me. And exposed my totally adorable shoes. I want to see a picture of your dress PLEASE, it sounds awesome!

Marquise de Morville

@charmcity If your dress is nicely fitted you could get away without undergarments, but that is definitely dependent on you body shape, finding a long line bra if your torso is long or you have a large difference in bra band/ cup size can be complicated.

Protip: If you forgo a bra under your wedding dress but plan to change into another dress for the reception do not forget to bring a bra along with the second dress, otherwise you might end up having to free-boob it wearing your new husband's spare wife beater under your dress as not to flash the guests...


@marigny I AM GOING TO HAVE A RAINBOW CRINOLINE IN MY WEDDING DRESS. And also i am going to dye the tips of my hair ALL THE COLORS. I am SO EXCITED.

Julie the T

@The Lady of Shalott One million times thank you! You have saved my bridal sanity and my wedding day comfort.


@SarahP I'm wearing this http://www.bhldn.com/product/lacy-lanes-gown, which is all cotton and comes with a slip and is super forgiving. I'm thinking of just wearing a cotton bra and lacy undies, no big deal? It's gonna be HOT (August) and I'm so worried about sweating up my dress that I don't even think I can wear my (very long grown-out-just-for-the-wedding) hair down.

The Lady of Shalott

@sprayfaint Why are you fretting about sweating in your dress? Everyone gets their wedding dress dirty. Weddings are DIRTY. People sweat in them, spill food on them, drag their lovely hems through dirt and dust and smashed food crumbs on the floor of the reception hall. You will need to have it professionally cleaned by a dry cleaner experienced in cleaning wedding dresses afterwards, regardless of what happens.

Do what makes you comfortable and don't worry about sweating in your dress! Everyone does. EVERYONE. Get it cleaned, properly, afterwards, and don't worry on your wedding day.


@The Lady of Shalott Ha, good point! I guess I'm more worried about being uncomfortable than anything else. I hate, hate, hate being hot. The idea of spanx and polyester girdles under my getup just freaks me out.


Man, that knit top model looks like someone just told her she wasn't getting paid.


@wharrgarbl I thought the knit top model looked a bit like Jane, but with an "attitude" face. Jane, do you have a bitchy older sister?


@wharrgarbl - I did not know it was possible to side-eye someone while looking straight at them, but she is managing spectacularly.


@wharrgarbl i'm imagining her saying, "bichsaywhaaaa?"


PSA for Pistol Packin Mama:

I am culling my wardrobe and posted a bunch of stuff on my Flickr stream.

Here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/79703551@N04/

It's mostly size US 14-18 stuff. If you join the Sharepin swap site, you will see my contact email. If you head over to Flickr, and see something you want, jet me an email. First come, first served. If you feel like slinging postage my way, that would be grand. Otherwise, you know, just please take my stuff offa my hands. (I have a lot of stuff and it's going to rack up in postage otherwise.)

So much thanks!

Pistol Packin' Mama


@redheaded&crazie I need new black shoes. Why can't we be the same size?!


I...did not think that was a curling iron.


@EternalFootwoman Right?? And boy, for the thirty seconds before I realized, it was looking gooood.

New Commenter Name

Same here! After about 5 seconds I realized it was a curling iron and scolded myself for having a dirty mind.


@Curiouser and curiouser I interpreted it as someone at Bed Head having a dirty mind. There's nothing wrong with US!


@EternalFootwoman Same :)

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@mabellegueule I had to immediately scroll past because the students can see my screen! And then also past whatever that underwear thing is!

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

OH MY GOD YOU GUYS have we finally made it so you don't end up at the bottom of the page after every comment??????


"But Elaine, YOU can't be the one wearing the 'Me' necklace! I'm CLEARLY the 'Me' in this relationship!"


@frigwiggin Whatever, Gary. I'm the "Me" and you're going to have to deal with that.


@EternalFootwoman "But...you're you and I'm me! If you're 'me,' then I have to be 'you,' and...oh jeez, I have to lie down on this conveniently-placed rattan chaise lounge."

Heat Signature

@EternalFootwoman Elaine looked at the cloth runner that George had placed perpendicular to the shelf. "Time for yet another lesson on the difference between horizontal and vertical.", she thought to herself.


@Heat Signature It really distracts from the appetizer spoon showdown I've arranged on the bamboo tray.

Heat Signature

@EternalFootwoman I call it "High Noon At The Pottery Barn Corral"


@frigwiggin Gary, I'm not even going to debate with someone who interprets "something long and twisted" as a request for a curling iron. Perhaps this necklace will remind you to make it about ME tonight, for a change.


@MoonBat "But Elaine! When you say, 'this might get wet,' how can I read that as anything but you asking for your rain boots? I'm just trying to help!"


@frigwiggin I do hope that you find that new chaise lounge comfortable, Gary, because you can plan on spending a few nights there.


@MoonBat My mother was right. I never should have sacrificed my decorative fishnet display to make that fascinator for our wedding. You're just not worth it.


@EternalFootwoman Ouch, Gary, that was colder than this twisted metal shaft....DON'T YOU PLUG THAT IN.


@MoonBat Elaine, when you look at me with that facial expression, it completely distracts me from the intricate folding of your blouse.

Daisy Razor

That little hat is really cute! It might be overkill with that dress, though, if you can have overkill with a dress like that.


I picture the mom in the cool mumu dress from yesterday just chilling out on that chair while her kids play in the yard.

The Lady of Shalott

God, I would love to have a chair like that. But I would cover it with a nice blanket or cushion or something so it wouldn't poke me? I want that chair almost more than I want a real wooden Muskoka chair (Adirondack chair, whatever).

Tuna Surprise

It's as if you knew I was a shoe size ten and moving to London next week...creepy.


Every time I see a Friday Bargain Bin I hear this song in my head:


I am not at all into voluminous gowns/wedding dresses (my own wedding dress was a simple sheath), but that zinnia gown is GORGEOUS. Ahhh I would have totally worn that one had it existed last year.


@olivebee Ditto. Actually my wedding is coming up but my friends talked me out of that dress and now that its $800 im kinda like grrrrrrr. Though I do love the dress I ended up with, the print is so awesome on that one.


That Monserat De Lucca octopus bracelet, I want it so bad.

I totally misread the chair as being $22, I was literally pulling out my wallet then I noticed the missing digit, sigh.


@avoidmadness The octopus bracelet puts some serious stars in my eyes. RESIST, RESIST.


@avoidmadness If I didn't have doubts about it fitting my big chunky wrist I would be busting out my credit card THIS MINUTE.


@anachronistique - Ugh, I know what you mean! I am eternally hopeful, though, so it WILL be mine.


@frigwiggin It proved easy to resist by being sold out :-(


@Ophelia - I ran into this, too. :( *sob*


I got my skirt from One Mango Tree (from last week's Bargain Bin) this week! Super-fast shipping, considering I ordered it on Friday and it arrived on...Tuesday? With Monday a holiday? The Large is a little bit big on me--if I'd ordered the Medium it probably would sit at my waist instead of my hips--but I love it, so pretty! Thanks, Jane!


@frigwiggin YES! Me too! I ordered it on Friday, it came on Tuesday, hooray! Twinsies ('Pinsies?) and I think we're in the same general vicinity (or as I used to say, vincity) in Cali, SO COME SAY HI if you see someone in your same skirt who looks 'Pin-y?


@frigwiggin I am wearing the kitenge shift dress from OMT right now with a purple cardigan and it is SUPER. Cute/comfortable/weather & work-appropriate. So also thanks, Jane!


@stonefruit Yesssssss. (Semi-relatedly, I learned the word "vicinity" from the ridiculous computer game Mario Is Missing.) Right back at you--if you're ever in the Central Valley, AKA the Fertile Armpit of California, you know what to do!


@Vicky Johnson oh my god you bought that dress I'm so jealous!!!! I WANT TO SEEEEEE ITTTTTTT

sudden but inevitable betrayal

I don't really "get" that dress, but I loooooooooooove the orange and grey flowers/leaves.


This BHLDN dress reminds me of Pricilla Chan's dress but at a fraction of the cost http://www.bhldn.com/shop-sale/panes-of-lace-gown

I don't need a reception dress but I kinda want this really bad.


@parallel-lines this dress is AMAZING and CHEAP if you're a 0 or 6


@parallel-lines oh man, i tried the second one on, and it was so beautiful, but did nothing for me... it was at this moment that i realized the entire tiered skirt/dress movement would be passing me by.


@teenie Yeah, there's a ton of babydoll style stuff that basically would mean two giant arrows pointing at my hips :(


@parallel-lines Wow, I would totally wear that for things that aren't even a wedding. But I am neither a 0 nor a 6. I also don't attend fancy 20s retro lawn parties all that often. Sigh.

dj pomegranate

@Ophelia Clearly the answer is that we need a Roaring Pinup: 20s Lawn Party.


@dj pomegranate Oh, my goodness, yes!


That chaise is so super cute it's making me antsy to not be poor and living with my parents anymore :(

Those boots will never replace my Hunters in my heart. I like to traipse around in the grass when it's raining and pretend I'm Kirten Dunst in Melancholia, except minus the crippling depression and the threat of the apocalypse and all.


Where can I get inexpensive sexy-like (or even moderately not frump) granny panties/ "high waisted briefs"??




@JoanTition they're for a burlesque thing and I will be DOING THINGS to them. I just need a good sexy base.


@JoanTition How inexpensive are you talking? American Apparel does 'em.


@JoanTition FigLeaves.com has some nice sexy old-fashioned lady style lingerie for good prices. You could get some briefs on there for under $50, if that's cheap enough.


@JoanTition a girlfran of mine from high school has this company...
they seem to have a number of items that fit the bill.
(although I don't know if that is inexpensive enough...)


@JoanTition - also, ModCloth has some great vintage inspired undies.


Okay. I actually use place cards. Like, all the time. Because I like to pretend we still live in an era where people were fancy clothes to dinner parties and the hostess frets over where people should be sitting. Whenever I throw a soiree I use place cards. People always find them charming and want to take theirs home as a keepsake. (Because I also endeavor to make them pretty).


@Kirs Ugh, soirees. Yes. More.


@Kirs people wear fancy clothes to my dinner parties!

although they are actually potluck parties, and I have never had people sit around a table! note to self: step up your GAME


@redheaded&crazie People have learned to wear somewhat fancy clothes to my dinner parties. Because I'm slightly insane and they now know that.


@Kirs I'm with you. (on the slightly insane bit)


@Kirs YES. I also use place cards.

When I was a child (quite a long time ago), my parents dressed up and went out to cool parties every weekend. I couldn't wait to grow up and join this life of stylish outfits, proper parties, and cocktails. Then I grew up, and discovered that not a lot of people are interested in that sort of entertaining anymore.

I used to have lots of parties of all kinds, including dinner parties, place cards and all. Then most of my friends had kids and wanted to bring them to everything, and people developed very particular non-medical food aversions, and it became harder to get people to RSVP to things, so I scaled way back. I'm trying to step it up again, starting with a dinner party next weekend.

So good to see there are kindred spirits out there!


@churlishgreen I just want to have nice parties! Why is that so hard for people to understand? Luckily most of my friends are still childless, but the RSVPing, the food issues, and the refusal to show up anywhere near on time can be infuriating (when I say 8, that means 8, not 9, because this is a dinner party, not a rave, thankyouverymuch).

I've actually just stopped inviting people who can't manage to display simple manners. Then I get asked "Why don't you throw dinner parties anymore?" And I'm brutally honest and say, "Oh, I do, but my place settings are limited to 10 and I can't afford to invite someone who is going to either not show up when they said they would or if they do manage to show, they show up an hour late." I've managed to find a good group of invitees that are awesome at being dinner party guests and I try to do something extravagant once a season. Currently I have a duck in my freezer that is aching to be turn a la orange and served fancy style. ;)


@Kirs damn that duck dinner party sounds amazing, i pity the fools who are no longer invited!


@Kirs I seriously need a group of friends who will be grown-ups and let me have dinner parties. It's frustrating the other way around, too--if you tell me to show up at seven and I come and stand around awkwardly until eight-thirty, when everyone else arrives, I will not be pleased.


@EternalFootwoman I basically want to have Salons. That is my perfect social event. Food, booze, chats about interesting things, maybe some music.

But my house is too small and my friends too busy :(


@Craftastrophies I've been re-reading Proust (there is no real way to say that without sounding like an asshole), and the social life makes me insanely jealous. Everyone has salons and dinner parties and afternoons-at-home and they leave cards with one another's servants.


It is neither fancy nor shmancy, but dag nabbit, after I take the last box of my dead best friend's Chuck Palahniuk books to the Friends of the Library Bookstore, I am going to Ross and I am not coming out until I have me a maxi dress.

Alternately, does anybody have some good suggestions for cool/bold/giant earrings I can ogle? I'm getting a buzz cut tomorrow and I want to wear the heck out of some big earrings. I may even buy a tinted lip gloss, too, so I can play with the feminine/masculine look.


@frigwiggin I just have to say that I buzzed my hair like three weeks ago and I've been wearing earrings, makeup, and dresses a lot more frequently than before. It's way fun. Let us know how the haircut goes--are you doing it yourself or having a friend help?


@frigwiggin Huge gold and magenta metallic thread wrapped hoop earrings. Here.


@frigwiggin I have just about determined that Saturday is Drag Self to Ross, Target, and Old Navy on a Maxi Dress-Hunt Day. It seems like the perfect sort of garment for the myriad 20-hour car trips that are my summer. Ugh.

Hurrah buzz cut!


@frigwiggin I am really into peridot and pearl chandelier earrings lately. I don't have a link but I will whisper where I saw some cool "mezzaluna" shaped ones: *whisper*hsn.com*whisper*


@charlesbois What? I can't hear you! Did you say HOME SHOPPING NETWORK?!

Girl, no shame. No shame at all.


@EternalFootwoman My best friend's mom is a hairdresser, and since she's given me the friend discount for so many years I figured the least I can do is pay her for the privilege of buzzing it all off. I am so frickin' excited.

@VolcanoMouse May the maxi-dress odds be in our favor! (That was not intended to invoke the Hunger Games, but I'm too lazy to think of something else.)


@frigwiggin Actually, if you click on the designer in the octopus bracelet link, there are some cool earrings, too...


@EternalFootwoman oh noes, called out! It's ok, I should just own it.


@charlesbois Own it like you own the HSN sylish-yet-affordable earrings.


I like going to other Macy's and seeing how much better theirs is than mine. (By "better," I mean "bigger"; "better" can also mean "messier.") We have those Martha beach towels and they're sharing one squat square table and one tower with the Lacoste towels. I went to a Macy's about two hours from here over the weekend. Same towels, right, but two HUGE tables, a few squat square tables, and like four towers. And you can see them from the escalator! I bet they actually sell in that setup. Unlike in ours.

#retailnerd and it is the worst thing ever. Unfortunately, I've no comment on the towels themselves, except that they are pretty.

This week's successful IRL Bargain Bin: new flip-flops for $10. I found them at Famous Footwear in the clearance section and they were marked $15 but rang at $10. I love when that happens!


Does that gown come in sheets?


I stared at the picture of the beach towel for far too long thinking that the folded version on top was some sort of weird flap sewed into it for design purposes. One of my goals in life is to be the kind of person who has beach towels instead of just using whatever ratty bath towels are around, but as much as I like these I just keep saying to myself, $20 for a towel? ON SALE EVEN??


@klaus Once you invest in a good towel, you get it. Get a good towel. Then get another one. Never look back.


YOU GUYS. I am supposed to be saving money for a vacay but...I saw these. The force is stong with them. Which means I bought them with my vacay allowance this week. WEAK. (but so so so so cuuuuute)


I have a problem. :/


@tessamae Oh, my gosh. Those are adorable, and they are only left in my size...


On the recommendation of someone in the BB thread from yesterday, I headed on over to the Madison Street Beauty store on Etsy and bought allllllll the $2.00 eyeshadows, plus a highlighter, and I think I might go splurge on some legit beauty tools because mine are crap, and I am grown-up lady who deserves better, dang it! Any recommendations?


@MoxyCrimeFighter - If you have a Sephora in your town/city, definitely start there. The Sephora brand brushes are reasonable and really nice. Also, if you're feeling uncertain about what brushes you need, the Sephora peeps are always super helpful and don't try to oversell you.


@MoxyCrimeFighter try eco-tools! they are super cheap, like $7 for a set of 6 brushes at rite-aid or on amazon. they are my favorites -- i like them even better than the spendier ones i have.


@MoxyCrimeFighter I have a couple Sonia Kashuk ones from Target that I bought a couple years ago. She has a few kinds of brushes, but by far, my favorite ones have black, ergonomic handles.

Lily Rowan

I keep thinking it's time to buy New! Summer! Dresses! but then I remember I have some on order from eShakti, and I should wait until they get here.

Note re: eShakti: it could apparently take as long as a month for my order to get to me, so don't get too excited about them, ladies. Although the ability to customize sleeves and skirt lengths is SO GOOD.


@Lily Rowan I am so addicted to buying summer dresses but I have to remember that there's like four in my closet that i haven't even worn so slow down crazy. slow down.

Lily Rowan

@redheaded&crazie Oh yeah, I'm also trying to make myself wear my existing dresses first, but I already know they aren't what I want. @@


That chair would go perfectly with some springbok benches.


I just ordered those appetizer spoons, one set for me, one for my mom. Tiny adorable things I will never use? SIGN ME UP!


Is the Friday Bargain Bin no longer a thing? Because that will make me cry actual tears.

Any One Ninja Plot

@kbn22 Yes, where is it?! Has it really been two weeks?

Heather @twitter

@kbn22 I'm really hoping it'll be back this Friday. Otherwise I may have to set up my own blog with delightful nonsense that I probably should not buy.


I very like that wedding gown, its colorful pattern is very attract me, As it happens, I recently find one very similar with this, and I want to buy it, have a see here, http://www.pandadress.com/dipped-neckline-junior-bridesmaid-dress-with-chocolate-sash-p-300.html


I am so addicted to buying summer dresses but I have to remember that there's like four in my closet that i haven't even worn so slow down crazy. slow down.http://www.winoon.co.uk/winter-trumpetmermaid-scoop-capped-taffeta-wedding-dresses-uk/


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