Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Eytan and The Embassy, "Everything Changes" Video

Though quite gimmicky in a lo-fi OK Go way, this new Eytan and The Embassy video sets the world record (apparently there's a world record) for the most costume changes in an unedited music video. Mad props to the maker of the Ziggy Stardust face sticker-thing.

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Well. That's a lot to take in before my morning caffeine, but the grin around the 1:00 mark was pretty darn cute.


Something reminded me of this song, and I came to watch the video again. It's still brilliant, and so is the song. :)@j


The Prince-stache totally made me LOL.


I wasn't sure what to expect, but this was pretty amazing! The costumes were cool. I especially like how he seemed to kind of burst out of some of them. But the end was the best!


Aww, that was kind of adorable. I'm surprised they count as costume changes for a world record, though, seeing as it's only his top half? I'm assuming there aren't invisible hands swapping his trousers off-screen...


i suddenly feel really bad about my past halloween costumes.


That was pretty fun. I'm always pro-gimmick when it comes to music videos; the more gimmicky, the more I like it. Why not do something silly and fun for a catchy song? And nothing says silly and fun better than a whole bunch of dickies.


@WhiskeySour Yeah! Bring on the gimmicks.


Also having that many people touching me for 4 minutes would make me really uncomfortable.
I also really love gimmicky music videos!


OK Go may be gimmicky, but it's the kind of gimmicky I love. Plus they work so hard!

Okay, enough missing-the-point, gonna watch the video now.


@frigwiggin J/k, gonna go watch the video for Needing/Getting a hundred more times. Damn fine song!

I smell burnt toast

@frigwiggin I am a sucker for gimmicks. White Knuckles, with the dogs! I love the part where the guy high-fives a golden retriever.


That's actually some clever costuming.

...Was anyone else completely put off by how he holds his lower lip when he sings?

It's just so...droopy.


@OxfordComma NO, THE WHOLE MOUTH IS OFF PUTTING. I couldn't deal. I just looked at his hair most of the time?


@TyrannosaurusWreck : THANK YOU. I did the same thing!


@OxfordComma I was concentrating on how he sticks his tongue out totally weirdly and at times I would not expect him to based on the word he is singing. Or maybe it's just that I see his tongue more because his lip is so droopy so it feels like it's sticking out at me?

Esther C. Werdiger

Nice little (possibly accidental) Clarence Clemons tribute behind the Springsteen bit.


Very cute--although a glaring missed opportunity, to my mind: he could have totally pulled off a flawless Freddie Mercury.


Is it just me or did his mouth move in an incredibly bizarre super distracting way to the point that it was really hard to focus on anything but why his lip was so far out for some reason when it does not need to be that far out to make that sound I don't understand? No? It was just me? Cool. Cool cool cool.


@SBGBlogs I will add though, that both the song and the costume changes were pretty cute.


@SBGBlogs : Upthread, and YES.


That's mah bunky!! I love this site so I'm really happy you guys posted it:)

For those who are obviously wondering, the "world record" is from recordsetter.com, where people make up and challenge others to world records-- not Guiness. The video was made before the band met the guys from Recordsetter, who believe everyone should have a world record in something, and told them their video probably qualified. It's a really fun site, check it out if you're interested!

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