Friday, May 11, 2012


The Week of May 7 - 11

- A Lady discusses second chances, A Dude also dances alone, and A Clean Person continues her battle with mildew.

- The happy return of Scandals of Classic Hollywood: the Laurence Olivier story.

- Some Really Good Books About History.

- When and where to eat pound cake without utensils.

- "Sup brah."

- Ask an Archivist: "What's up with the white gloves?"

- Finger waves for the weekend, eyelash extensions for whenever.

- See you back here on Monday!


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I'm way too late to weigh in on the Second Chance post, but my advice in such matters is make a distinction between infidelity and betrayal.

Infidelity is having sex with someone other than the person to whom you have committed/pledged to fidelity. Typically, the someone other does not know about the person to whom you have pledge fidelity, and, at the very least, you do not IN ANY WAY discuss or share intimate information about the person to whom you have pledged fidelity to the someone other.

Betrayal is infidelity with a ruthless bitchslap added - it is not only having sex with someone other, but it is telling that someone other private stuff about your SO and your relationship with the SO. It is, simply, a betrayal of confidences in addition to the infidelity.

I think you can survive infidelity. I, personally, cannot abide betrayal - not by a lover, not by a friend. That is when my bridges catch fire.


good way. @m

Prostitute Robot From The Future

Why do my comments with links keep disappearing this week? I'm not a spammer, I like sharing internets stuff, I just haven't been very chatty.

Am I too akward for the Hairpin? Sad face.


@disgruntled co-worker I don't think it's just you! There have been lots of issues with ghost comments this week. I think it's just a glitch in the system.


@disgruntled co-worker It happened with one of mine too, no worries.

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher @Statham Oh phew, I was getting paranoid there (trust me to get all dramatic about it).


@disgruntled co-worker Yeah, I nearly had a temper tantrum about this issue on Friday, when all my comments to the open thread were vanishing! I was convinced that no one loved me anymore.

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