Monday, May 7, 2012


The Finger-Wave Hair Tutorial

What are those, what are those, what are those? (Also: yesss! She's back!)

Previously: The Guide to Bold Lipsticks.

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Yesssssss! Finger waves! I can't watch videos at work, but I'm so psyched to see this when I'm home!


Eee! My hair is finally long enough (Louise Brooks bob, yo) to be able to do this and I am literally so excited that I'm squeaking at my desk.


@Anji I was just wondering how long it needs to be. I am rocking a pixie cut that's long on top -- do you think I could do it without the curlers in the back?


@cmonster Shoot, why the heck not? You could just wear the back smooth. That's what I normally do with my hair when I want to wear it all fancy/crazy/awesome.


@cmonster I usually have a pixie with long bangs/top, and I did a slightly less-good version of this (bobby pins, didn't have clips) several years back for a formal occasion. DOOO IIIIT.

Tiffany Hall@facebook

No, no that nailcolor is a lovely contrast.

The Lady of Shalott


Question: Would this still work if you are like me and you already have curly-wavy hair? I feel like I would have to fight all my natural waves. And and and what is the really pretty eyeshadow palette with the rose in it? I love it and I want it!

ALSO ALSO Jane, you are so pretty, and you look really really a lot like Keira Knightley in a lot of this video. Also, not at all malnourished and totally glamorous! AND oh my GOD the appearance of the silk bed jacket that your mom made! For your trousseau! Which you have mentioned and creepers like me covet because HOLY CRAP, IT'S GORGEOUS.

tl;dr Jane I love you


@The Lady of Shalott I think if you gel the beejezus out of your hair, the waves will cooperate in the finger waves. And if the roller part doesn't work on the bottom, put it in a low bun to the side, or even in the middle of your back. Or put it in one of those big rolls that goes along the whole bottom of your hairline.

Surely there has to be a way, right, because women in the 30's had curly hair, too, and had to leave the house.

ALSO! JANE! I've spent oodles of my spare time putting in those 40's pin curls and such, but never had luck with 30's waves. AND NOW I AM GOING TO TRY IT! BECAUSE I HAVE LESSONS!!

raised amongst catalogs

@The Lady of Shalott Lady of S, seriously, I am thinking all of your thoughts. I KNOW, THE BED JACKET! Also, I was like, "Who is she reminding me of? Phoebe Cates?!?" But no, it's Keira all the way. And I have waves/curls; I need to know that part, too.

The Lady of Shalott

@PistolPackinMama I like the idea of a low bun, actually. And plenty of gel, but I'd have to be careful to avoid the "I just gelled my hair onto my head today, yes" look.


Bonnie Downing

@The Lady of Shalott
I've got super-curly hair, like mach 5, Felicity-level curly, like curlier than the after shot of Jane's Flashdance-esque curling tutorial. and to do this look, I apply a LOT of gel to wet hair, fingerwave the top down to the ears, and then either a) divide each side of my hair into two sections, twist each section and don't touch until everything is dry, which creates big curls/waves, or b) just leave the hair as is until all is dry. It blends, it works.


@vanillawaif she's way prettier than Keira Knightly, c'mon.

Jennifer Culp

YESSSSSSSSSSS, thank you thank you!

Jennifer Culp

Aaaaah, this is so enlightening! Because of the name I always imagined some complicated winding hair around your fingers process? And wondered how the hell such a process would result in anything resembling finger waves? I'm trying this tonight.


@Jennifer Culp I never knew what the hell you were meant to do with those clips and the other instructions I've seen were completely confusing.


LOVE THIS! you look fabulous and i'm going to keep my eyeballses peeled for hose finger curly clamp thingys!


OMG, aaah. I've been waiting for ANY reason to chop off my super-too-long hair and THIS IS THAT REASON - my hair wouldn't fit in those foam curlers, no-way no-how. Bye hairs, I'm gonna go look like the 1930's now.


@allofthecrafts i think you could curl it with longer curlers and use a snood. i LOVE snoods, they are gorgeous.


@LeafySeaDragon YES! Then I can be this lady!

Pocket Witch

@allofthecrafts Snoods are the greatest and one of the easiest ways to deal with super-too-long hair. My hair went past "long and gorgeous" and landed at "too much to reasonably do ANYTHING with" a couple of years ago, but darn gradual change, I didn't notice.

However, in a few weeks, I'm going to kiss about 18 inches good-bye. I'm excited, but it's going to be traumatic.

tea tray in the sky.

@comedy_of_customs You should donate it! It'll make it less traumatic.


Yes! New video! I gasped (way tooooo loud) in a public space, and had lots of people worried for my well being.
Not to worry. I Am Being Well.


YES! I've always wanted to learn how to do this for the [imaginary] glamorous, Prohibition-themed party that I get invited to in my head. In other news, I need to find some swanky friends who actually throw these kinds of parties...


@olivebee Don't bother finding them, just BE that swanky friend!...and then invite me to your party.

Antonius Block

@olivebee I was invited YESTERDAY to a glamorous, Prohibition-themed party this summer, so... keep hope alive! Or be jealous of my friends. Whatever. What I'm saying is, Jane, you're a mind reader. And I'm going to attempt this look despite having hair that is way too thick, long, and curly for this style.

Cat named Virtute

@olivebee I once had a prohibition-themed party where everyone had to smuggle their liquor into the party--first prize went to my friend Sarah who got a whole mickey down each bra cup without it showing. My friend who hid her beers in her mittens/coat sleeves was super adorable though.


Important question - do they stay on their own? Do they need hairspray?


Ohhhh god, hair jealousy ahoy!! I have that stupid stick-straight Scandinavian thick-but-fine hair that won't hold a curl ever, no matter how much hairspray and pinning is involved, so I always look at anything curly/wavy/even-slightly-different to mine with envy eyes.

I have SUCH BIG ENVY EYES right now.


@Scandyhoovian have you tried a flat iron? i have thick as hell baby fine hair and it's AMAZING! also using better shampoos have really helped my hair. i'm using things that keep it at a ~5 ph.


@Scandyhoovian Chiming in to second the flat iron suggestion -- it's the only both my daughter and I can hold curls in our hair.


@LeafySeaDragon @klaus I have heard this before and have tried it... alas, no luck. Seriously, my hair just has this magical imperviousness to it. SOMETIMES if I'm lucky it'll bend a little when I drop it out of a bun, if it's been up all day long and started up there wet.

Seriously it's like the most stubborn-ass hair in the world.


@Scandyhoovian Have you tried the sock-bun method? I've never personally tried it but her hair looks pretty great and it seems like ideal conditions for your hair.


@MoxyCrimeFighter Oooh, I'll have to watch that when I get home, my office has blocked the Infernal YouTubes for their magical distracting power (little do they know, ah, hairpin. Knocking on wood...)


@Scandyhoovian I have hair similar to yours and the sock-bun thing works pretty well for me. At least, better than anything else except getting it done at the hairdresser. The curl still falls out by the end of the day but it looks really good for 6 or 7 hours. Just don't brush it or you will cry as all the pretty curls disappear.


Jane, love this, obvs! But I really love your mom and her giving you that lovely homemade jacket <3


Oh I just watched Hugo last night and all I could think about was how much I loved Chloe Moretz's hair and whether it would look ok on a grown up.

gin twin

That concealer lipstick trick just blew my mind.

Jane, may I please request a victory rolls tutorial? I've been watching Land Girls on Netflix and now I want to work on a farm in the English countryside and wear plain clothes and have gorgeous hair.


@gin twin If you can't wait for a Pin tutorial, I've had good luck finding 40's tips on Youtube. To the point I can put in pin curls without looking in a mirror. But Jane should do one anyway, because the 40's are my favorite and I love Jane.

gin twin

@PistolPackinMama Agreed- I can find other tutorials and they're probably great, but Jane's are just special because she's the best and we love her.



Can I pretty please request a sixties-long-flippy-bob-with-volume-at-the-crown tutorial?

I just lopped three inches off my hair – Megan Draper and Alexa Chung were the stylistic influence – and now I can't get it to curl up reliably at the bottom. And if you're curling it one way for volume up top, how can you also curl it the other way for flip at the bottom? Questions, questions...


Have you tried blow drying it with a round brush? After a shower, run some gel or mousse through your hair, flip your head upside-down and dry until your roots feel dry on high, and that gives you volume, then use the brush (twirl the brush upwards)and dryer to get the curl at the bottom on low.
Or use a flat iron and flip it up as you reach the bottom.


@Susanna I have one of these babies: http://www.babyliss.co.uk/stylers_2775u.html

Will try!


I love you for doing this video, Jane. This is the hair that low-maintenance me always wants when I look at hair style ideas in the salon, which in turns causes my hairdresser to tweak her head to the side and say that I am not the kind of person who would ever do what it takes to maintain that kind of look. But! Now I know how to do it, and can myself be the judge of when I'm feeling that maintenance-y.



In other news, finals period ended and now I am doing things like wearing pretty clothes and making my hair look halfway decent and it feels SO GOOD.


Tangentially related! INTERNET GIRL POLL:

I have long curly hair (2C to 3A, if y'all know the Curly Girl hair categories) and I want side swept bangs, Keiko Lynn style. I'm weirded out by the idea of straight bangs over curly hair, but everyone is like "GET BANGS ALWAYS" these days. Should I? Shouldn't I?!

Princess Langwidere

@breccia I'm not familiar with the curly hair categories (half-assed frizzy wave, represent), but one of my best friends has very curly hair and rocks it with straight bangs. She looks amazing, and that's not just friend bias. Sooooooo, do it if you want to and it will probably look good! But do not do anything that will require time to grow out or recolor to your hair if you don't feel personally psyched about it: this is the path to regret.


@breccia Do it. I have never ever regretted getting bangs in my 2b/c hair. I love it. (And if you hate it, they grow long enough to be disguised pretty quickly.)


@breccia I have those bangs! 2Cish hair. The thing is, I usually flat iron my hair (bangs included) partly because I think straight bangs look weird with MY curly hair, but mostly 'cause it helps to combat the frizz and is easier for me to maintain throughout the week. Ironically (/stupidly), I curl my hair at the bottom with the flat iron so it resembles that lady's hair.

I love them because my forehead is big and when I wanted to put my hair up it wasn't very flattering, I think it looks more chic with bangs. However, on windy days I miss being able to just run my hands through my hair and have it be all uniform and carefree looking, whether it was straight or curly. I clip them back when I wear my hair natural / don't want to fuss with 'em.


@breccia I do this. I have the same 2C/3A hair as you but also the World's Largest Forehead, so I kinda need them. I also don't even straighten them all of the way all of the time--then it's just like, I have shorter curly parts in the front that are swept off to the side.


Love all of this, but what I am coveting most of all is the coverlet on the bed. I need that, really, really bad.

Jane Marie

@KatieKazoo west elm :)

elysian fields

"Go to the grocery store, get some wine ..." hahaha, yes!! Go outside and dare people to laugh at you!

Way back in the day, my little sister and I had to curl our hair for Irish dance competitions, and we routinely went out in public with a head full of curlers. Things got even weirder when we started using these babies, which make you look like an alien. More than once, people asked if we were members of a cult. Memories!


@elysian fields Oh, man, I totally forgot about how crazy Irish dance dress rules were. I didn't do it, but my cousins did, and they just said "Fuck it" and got the clip on curly ponytails rather than dealing with the curlers.

sans serif

@elysian fields DUDE I HAD TO WEAR THOSE TOO! also, sock glue.


This is AMAZING timing as I have a 1920s-themed party to go to on Saturday! Gotta find these clips!


1. all the beauty purchases ive made lately are direct results of Janes video.

2. took me 3 days but i finally found those exact clips at Rickys (they were 3 bucks a pop)

Cat named Virtute

Oooooh, I am going to see if this will work with my half-shaved head, because I miss my pin-curls!

@Cat named Virtute That sounds so badass!

Cat named Virtute

@S. Elizabeth Why, thanks! I'll report back in an open thread if it turns out!


Another great vid! Jane, what do you think of having a freeze frame at the end, or the thumbnail, be a shot of the completed look? I never get the frame I want just by hitting Pause, and I'd like to study the false eyelashes/remolded eyebrows/redrawn lip that you've just shown us.


I haven't watched this yet but I need to say that I think we have the same duvet cover and for some reason I think this establishes a deep, unbreakable bond between us. Come, shield brother Jane. Let us not tarry, for our quest is in its infancy!


Off topic, but I have the exact same pillow as you! On topic, I can't wait to try this on my short hair. Here's to hoping there's a 1920s theme party in my future!

Lily Rowan

Hey, as long as we're talking beauty, can I share my current trauma? I am growing out my eyebrows, and holy ass, I forgot HOW MANY of them there are! I am growing them out in preparation for seeing a Fancy Eyebrow Lady, and she told me to, but I'm not sure if I can really make it.



@Lily Rowan I'll join you in solidarity. I'm doing the same thing AND I just got short bangs cut in, so they're no longer hidden...

Lily Rowan

@Susanna The worst! I am glad I'm not alone, at least.

@Lily Rowan You have multiple eyebrows? WHAT?

Lily Rowan

@S. Elizabeth Well, I have just the two brows, but the hairs are many.


"Now I wear it to the bar." Love you, Jane.


Please please do a crazy 40s hair tutorial a la Rachael from Blade Runner. She was one bad bitch. (Also love your nail color.)


wait, curl after mascara?! is this something specific just for the heated eyelash curler? because if I curl my lashes after mascara with a regular clamp one, it's all sorts of gunk.

tea tray in the sky.

@marisaissleepy Don't curl after mascara! The rubber part can stick onto the mascara and yank your lashes out :(


AHH PERFECT TIMING. My hairdresser has been trying to sell me on doing finger waves to my pixie cut for an upcoming wedding, and now I think I need to try this. BIG LOTS, HERE I COME.


Is that a regional variation of the pronunciation of "mauve"? I swear I'm not being I pedant - I am genuinely fascinated by regional accents and those secret accent words that out people as being from one place or another.
Ie: I have never heard any pronunciation other than "MOW-ve," but I'm from the Canadian prairies so who knows.


I have only heard it pronounced the way she pronounces it... Probably because your Canadian.


@gobblegirl I've been googling regional dialect survey maps but I can't find any that do a split on "mauve." I'm from Pennsylvania by way of the DC area and I say it the way you say it, rather than the way Jane says it, but I've heard both.


@gobblegirl I'm from DC, and have only(?) heard it the way Jane said it.

Bonita Applebum

Dear Jane Marie,

It's official, I am your biggest fan. I have admired you for a long time, but after watching this and the lipstick video, my love for you went to a whole new level today. You had me at, "The whole world will think you have a UTI, but you will really be drinking vodka." You, dear lady, are the smartest person in the world. xo

Your devoted follower,
Bonita Applebum


I married the wrong person in my twenties, too! That's a thing now, or something, because I know so many people...


Sally Bowles thinks your nails are swell.


I'm pretty sure I'm wearing that exact same nail polish right now. Also, I can't wait to try this with my hair.

Banana dance

@possiblepodbot I had that color two weeks ago, and I loved it!

Johanna Albrecht@twitter

@possiblepodbot what nail polish is it? god i love the hairpin.


@possiblepodbot I know she said blue on vid but they look greenish to me. It looks a lot like Mint Green by Barry M (not sure if they have that in North America)

fondue with cheddar

That is absolutely lovely, but these wonderful videos always make me say WHY IS BEING A GIRL SO MUCH WORK? Even the sped-up video takes way more time than I'm willing to put into my appearance.

Also, this hair/makeup combo makes Jane look like Monica Bellucci in Malèna. *drool*

Genghis Khat

@jen325 Yeah, I was like. That is so beautiful and my hair is at exactly that length! Yet I will never do more than wash and brush it because come on. I even use a two in one shampoo conditioner because I get so bored grooming myself.

fondue with cheddar

@Genghis Khat I recently started blow-drying my hair and using a round brush, which is such a Big Deal. I think that's all I can handle.

I'm envious that you can use a two-in-one! I would use it if my hair were shorter, but it looks like crap when I do. It does give me an excuse to take a longer shower though. :)

I used to spend so much time on my hair from 7th–10th grade, but fitting in was so important at that age, and unfortunately it was during the days of big hair when everyone had a huge can of Aqua Net in their locker.

Oh, squiggles

Question: Will I get one of those bed jackets if I marry the wrong person? Cause I might be willing to do that.


I watched four and a half minutes of this before someone at work pointed out that my headphones weren't plugged in.


@GingerJane it pained them to say so after four and a half minutes as it meant they would have to stop listening in

Elvis Costello's Spectacles

Ok, this has cemented my lady-crush. Also I have been looking for a good finger wave tutorial for so long! Today is going pretty well for a Monday.


My hair is way too short for me to even dream of doing finger waves, but I watched this just to bask in the awesomeness that is Jane Marie. <3 u, Janie!


Awesome video made even more awesome by the musical awesomeness that is El-P. #coflowforlife.


I'm a black girl with natural hair, soooo wish I could rock this.

Stephany Aulenback@facebook

So will that malnourished eye look work if you are overweight? Or will it just look as if you've been eating nothing but chocolate and doritos for months?


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