Thursday, May 10, 2012


Rye Rye and M.I.A., "Rock Off Shake Off"

Shoulder shake. Here's a snaky leaked single off excellent rising hip-hop/pop star Rye Rye's highly anticipated debut album Go! Pop! Bang! — due out May 15! Pop! Bang! — and one of four that feature M.I.A. (The album's being produced on M.I.A.'s label.) Go! Pop! Bang! is also available for preorder on iTunes, where you can see that it includes a remix of her fantastic Robyn collaboration called the "R3hab Remix Edit," and for a second I thought it said Edith and that I had helped them.

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Genghis Khat

Remember when you forgot you were a hip hop producer? You're so multitalented you forget careers like others forget keys.


What??? I have had a remix of this song in my running playlist for at least 2 years. I feel like I travelled here from the future. WHAT'S HAPPENING


Not gonna lie- pretty excited about this album FINALLY coming out

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