Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Oh, Jewel

Are you a Wendy, Penelope, Bonnie, Page, Betty, Mary, Lisa, Jewel, April, Cindy, Karen, Melanie, Monica, April, Marian, Sandy, or Chris? (Sequential Crush! May it never exhaust the entire printed history of vintage romance comic books, ever.)

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Sandy Simms (last panel) looks WASTED. She DGAF. I like her, but only from a distance.

Matthew Lawrence@twitter

Awwww, I clicked on this hoping it was going to be some kind of lyrical re-evaluation of "Pieces Of You."

Speaking of cake, I have cake

Lisa St Claire looks magnificently bitchy. And who else wants to live in Penthouse No. 5?!


@Speaking of cake, I have cake LISA ST CLAIRE! I can't decide which I love more, her name or her coat.


@Speaking of cake, I have cake

I think we all know who "Chris Mason" is.


@atipofthehat: Didn't she publish an amazing interview with up and coming actor "Lance Kevins" not too long ago?


Does anyone else want to cosplay as cindy the salesgirl? I refuse to believe that I am the only one.


@lil_bobbytables I would like Bonnie Taylor's hat, please.


@lil_bobbytables I want to get two other people to cosplay with me as the Girls from Penthouse 5!


@Megano! Well, I do have a large number of appropriate wigs...

Oliver St. John Mollusc

WHY JEWEL, WHY?? This made my morning :D


A sizzling smock! With stockings to match! I want them!

Barry Grant


Uh-uh ... Too way out!


Every time I read "destroy everything you touch" I have to kinda sing it my head like the Ladytron song.


What's the deal with Betty? She just stands around looking pretty? Jeez Betty, get with the program. You're supposed to be slutting it up in the penthouse or avoiding clearly-abusive mother or something.


I'm getting a lot from Page Peterson's advice business.

nevernude cutoffs

By the side eye she's giving, I'm Bonnie Taylor. But I'd like to be all of them!

Faintly Macabre

@nevernude cutoffs Haha, my thoughts exactly! Everyone else flirts or weeps while Bonnie sits and side-eyes.


"...but so is his WIFE!"


I think I'm definitely a Jewel. All you have to do is look at the clothing I ruined last week by sending a chapstick tube through the dryer. Why, Jewel? Why? I liked that blouse.


I'm Marien Tyler, Penthouse 5, Advertising Executive with a fierce little hairdo. She looks the most sensible I think out the three. The other three look like little harlots, she probrably keeps them all in line and stuff.


Maybe people have already said this, but: Edith, you should interview Jacque!

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