Monday, May 21, 2012


I'm More Comfortable With the Stork

How a book (possibly about goat farming) is born.

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What about this path?
Person has idea for book -> Self publishes through website -> Handful of person's facebook friends buy book out of pity/loyalty -> Person tells others that he is a writer


@graffin Ooh, or how about this one?
Person has fannish interest in thing -> Writes fanfiction -> Decides they want to make money off it -> find-replaces all names, makes up new ones -> self-publishes through website -> fanfic fanbase buys it up -> it hits publishing radar -> gets big book deal -> book inexplicably published by big publishing house without serious editing -> book inexplicably gets movie deal -> internet watches in horror


@graffin Person has wildly successful blog based on low-res user-submitted GIFs-> Publishing house drives truckload of money up to blogger's house -> Book is published -> does anyone actually buy these books (especially when the websites continue to churn it out for free)?


soooo much! :D@v


I love infographics in the same way that I love cake.


Person who pitched idea is talented enough to write book. --> No, but they delusionally think they can. --> Editor writes book.

This is my life! The "worst book ever" copyeditor makes me really miss our old copy chief. He was so learned in the most obscure things and would seem genuinely shocked if you didn't know what he was talking about.

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