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I Have That: Snatiation

A few weeks ago, a story came across my desk from a woman who said she has snatiation. "Has what?" you say. "Snatiation," I respond, and then proceed to interview her, Gillian Weeks, about the condition none of us has heard of.

Jane Marie: So you have a thing called snatiation. I've never heard of this! What is it?

Gillian Weeks: Snatiation is a portmanteau of the words "sneeze" and "satiation." It means, in short, that I sneeze after large meals. And I'm not talking about a single dainty, baby panda-like "achoo." I mean a dozen (or, Dear God, DOZENS) of robust, juicy sneezes. All because I overate.

There's also a handy backronym for snatiation: Sneezing Non-controllably At a Time of Indulgence of the Appetite — a Trait Inherited and Ordained to be Named. I have a feeling the scientific community is having a big laugh at the expense of sufferers like me. Dicks.

JM: "Backronym." You've got all the words. Okay, so, snatiation. That must be so annoying! Is this a real, medical thing or is it liiike, I dunno — oh boy, every single disease I keep thinking of I know I'll get in trouble for suggesting they're not real. But you know what I mean, is it in The Book of Diseases? Do they know why it happens?

GW: Though rare, snatiation is totally a Real Thing. It falls under the same category as sneezing when exposed to bright light, a much more common disorder that affects 10-35% of the population. In both cases, it's a matter of having your wires crossed. The reflex nerves that trigger sneezing are apparently very close in proximity to the nerves that sense fullness, or the ones that sense light exposure. In other words, my body is confused. Story of my life. (I got this info from an article in Scientific American, btw.)

JM: That is crazy! I'm just going to keep saying that after every single detail you tell me about snatiation. When did you first notice it and how did you figure out it had a name?

GW: So that's the other thing to know about snatiation: it's genetic! I knew early on that there was definitely something up with both my father's and my noses. The two of us would have fits after meals, sometimes at the restaurant and sometimes on the car ride home. Imagine being trapped in a sedan with father-daughter sneezers, both of us just letting 'er rip for a good fifteen minutes. My poor mother.

I knew our compulsive sneezing couldn't just be a coincidence, but I had no idea it had a name. And then one day this spring I went out on a first date with a guy in my neighborhood. When we left the restaurant I gave him the usual spiel about how I might start sneezing and how it isn't cute. (Guys always think it's going to be endearing. They learn pretty quickly that it's not.) Surprisingly, he goes, "My sister has that. Snatiation." I went home and Googled it. And that's when I knew: I am not alone. It was a real special moment.

JM: Did you marry him? Just kidding. So wait, is there anything you can do about it? Do youuu... avoid holiday meals? Order the salad? Is there a medication? Therapy?

GW: Tragically, there is no cure for snatiation. Well, there might be, but it would probably involve laser brain surgery or nerve soldering and that doesn’t seem worth the effort. That said, I do have a few pilot programs I’m working on to help me manage my symptoms. For example, I’ve started to train myself to stifle the sneezes. This happened after I had an attack on a crowded subway that cleared out my entire row of seats. I’m pretty sure that holding back a sneeze takes the kind of mind that can bend spoons but I’m willing to give it a shot. Because trust me — there’s no shame like that which you feel while grossing out a bunch of New York commuters. If I wasn’t so embarrassed I’d almost be proud.

You raise a good point about the holiday meals and ordering salads. I guess I could always eat less. But that’s what pisses me off about snatiation: it has these “blame the victim” overtones. Oh, so now I can’t go to town on a double portion of mac n’ cheese without snotting all over my dinner date? Last time I checked, this was America.

If I were being totally honest with myself, I’d admit that there’s some part of me that doesn’t want to be cured. You know how they say that a sneeze is one-seventh the power of an orgasm? That’s not accurate at all — like, not even a little bit — but I can see how someone got that idea. There’s something fantastic about stuffing my face and sneezing my little heart out in the privacy of my own home. No one’s there to recoil or judge, and sometimes it feels cathartic, like bulimia but not desperately sad or bad for my health. I wouldn’t blame you if you were a little jealous.

Gillian Weeks is a writer and television development executive living in Brooklyn with her annoying cat. Sometimes she tweets but most of the time she doesn't.  

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Interesting! So what do you guys think actually IS the proper mathematical relationship between a sneeze and an orgasm?

Reginal T. Squirge

@Kristen A sneeze is worth one Schrute Buck, while an orgasm is worth one Stanley Nickel.


@Kristen I don't know, but you totally just made me think of the word "snoregasm," so.


@Kristen I am a multiple sneezer and a multiple orgasmer. Coincidence? or Luck?


@Beericle Ugh, you are so lucky. I am a multiple & photic sneezer and a 'well, I guess if you work really hard for it you can have one - just one!' - orgasmer.

Although I was once told that I have a "very confident sneeze" after sneezing brazenly into a tissue in the middle of a silent classroom. I have clung to that description with both hands ever since.


Absolutely amazing @t


This is so exciting to me, because while I do not have that, I have something sorta similar; if I get really, really, I-haven't-eaten-in-many-hours hungry, I start sneezing. No one ever believes me, but the fact that this sneezing is somehow connected to appetite means mine must be too!

Any other hunger sneezers?


@SarahP This happens to a friend of mine! You're not alone!

Jennifer Bridges@facebook

@SarahP This happens to me!


@SarahP I get hiccups in this situation. I would prefer sneezes!


I knew there must be others!

@Chills I get hiccups a lot, but no one thing triggers them. I prefer sneezing as well!


I sneeze when feeling aroused. Anybody else have that? It doesn't happen in the HEAT OF THE MOMENT or anything, but if I see something arousing or have an arousing thought, I sneeze. It's been happening forever and ever.

Genghis Khat

@werewolfbarmitzvah My nose runs when I'm really turned on, which is delightfully sexy. So I'm going to say that's a thing, yes.


@Genghis Khat My nose itches pre-orgasm! Weird stuff.

Judith Slutler

@werewolfbarmitzvah I have definitely heard this is a thing! I wanna say I heard it on Dan Savage's podcast or something?

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@werewolfbarmitzvah Yes! But not always. Usually happens when I think of a reaalllly nice french kiss. I also have a thing, where whenever I eat cheesecake, I get a tremor in my hand. But only when I'm about to swallow a piece of cheesecake, not when I'm chewing it. So weird.

Carla Dee Kundert@facebook

@werewolfbarmitzvah There's erectile tissue in your nasal passages (fact!) that fills with blood when you're aroused, just like the erectile tissue in other parts of your body! Hence the sneezing and itchy/runny noses. (:

runner in the garden

@Genghis Khat - You would find Japanese cartoon symbolism a lot more intuitive than I did, then!

Genghis Khat

@Carla Dee Kundert@facebook Thank you science sorceress! I never thought to look up why. The internet is amazing!

Lustful Cockmonster

MY DAD HAS THIS! And my grandfather had it! We just made fun of them, but my family will be so excited when they find out it is real.

sarah girl

@bandgmeg I came here to say the EXACT SAME thing, but about my dad and grandfather! We had so many amusing evenings of counting dad's sneezes after dinner... could he get above ten tonight?!

Lustful Cockmonster

@Sarah H. Oh it is the highlight of the holidays at our house. We just sit back and wait for it to happen.


@bandgmeg My dad has it too! Maybe we all have the same dad?


@Steph My dad has it too. We thought he was just allergic to dishwasher powder since it usually happens after dinner. Can't wait to inform people of this.

Maja D.@twitter

@bandgmeg My grandmother and my mother and my aunt all have it. Somehow I avoided it?

I learned how to count in French because my dad thought we ought to make the most of my mom's fits...!


I have this weird pet peeve where I HATE hearing people sneeze. It used to be that I got really annoyed when people sneezed multiple times in a row--(luckily I've never dined with a snatiatiator) but recently I get irritated when someone sneezes a lone, single sneeze. I don't know why--I mean, I even get annoyed at myself when I sneeze too much. It's totally irrational and I keep it to myself because it's not like people can HELP sneezing. And it does feel kind of good! But still. Sneezing, ugh. Anyone else?


@TheJacqueline That sounds mean! I am sure you are totally lovely to dine with, Gillian!

Genghis Khat

@TheJacqueline Haha, my sister says "bless you" on the first sneeze, silence on the second, and scarily hisses "Now you're just being indulgent!" on the third. It's funny.


@TheJacqueline: I get where you're coming from. Like, by sneeze six, you're thinking, 'Oh, cut it out.'


@Too Much Internet Yeah, my husband is a serial sneezer, and I either ignore them, or if it's a particularly robust run, start counting them and give him color commentary. Very rarely do I actually say "bless you" though.


@TheJacqueline I have photic reflex, which is sneezing due to bright light, bit it's always a single, silent sneeze. Like a violent, involuntary nod. Four of my.children share this trait. Walking out of a dark movie theater into sunlight , we appear to adamantly agree with something.


@Genghis Khat Maybe a Spanish Pinner can back me up on this -- my brother-in-law says that in Spain, there's a system for blessing sneezes up to 4.
1) Jesus!
2) Mary!
3) Joseph!
4 and above) All the saints!


@Too Much Internet Yeah, I get it too. I used to work with a woman who would sneeze every day and always about 7 little kitten sneezes right in a row. Actually, the sneezing itself wasn't so bad. It was that, because she sat in a kind of high traffic area, there was nearly always someone around who wasn't familiar with her routine. So, they'd start "bless you"-ing on the first sneeze, hang in through maybe the fourth, then start with the whole chuckling "you sure do sneeze a lot" business. It got old.

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@TheJacqueline Me too! And I feel really awful about it! I think I have misophonia? Certain (repetitive) sounds just irritate the hell out of me. I am so weeeeird :S


@TheJacqueline It's okay, I don't think you sound mean. I have serious pet peeves about a variety of sound-related things (chewing/eating noises definitely top the list, followed by sniffling), and actually had a fight once with my mother about it. So now I'm really big on the, "I'm sorry, and I sound like an ass, and it's not you, it's me, but if you're going to keep chewing that piece of gum/eating those crackers/etc I'm going to have to leave the room" conversations.

It also makes going to movie theaters a dangerous proposition. (But, seriously! Who decided that the correct snacks to sell during movies were the loudest ones ever invented? A movie theater chain would get my brand loyalty if they made a policy of only selling snacks in not-loud packaging. Also: ice-crunchers, be aware of yourselves, especially right during the emotional end of a movie!)


@ThatWench Wow, way to rant there.


@ThatWench I am the same way. Like, if I was god-empress of everything, I'd abolish chewing gum and the consumption of crunchy snacks eaten out of crinkly bags would only be allowed in solitude.


@disgruntled co-worker Someone here I think suggested I might have this. If people cough repeatedly, I tense up and get mad. I mean, I don't say anything, of course, but the feelings, man! And if anyone is chewing gum (or really anything; gum is just worse because there's no end to it) loud enough for me to hear it... oh man. I know that loud, wet chewing is pretty nasty in general but I suspect my anger doesn't really fit the crime.

@Snicker-snack! @ThatWench MY PEOPLE! Outlaw gum, please. So, so gross in theory and in practice.


@Hellcat I was once next to a man in the library who made the grossest noises while eating a PB&J sandwich. A SOFT SANDWICH. HOW CAN YOU MAKE THAT MUCH GROSS SLURPY NOISE EATING A SOFT SANDWICH. I can't even.

@disgruntled co-worker Yes! So much misophonia over here. I have a friend who also has it, we live on opposite coasts but text each other whenever a particular sound is annoying us


@TheJacqueline Oh, I don't know... the same way a nearby coworker of mine can make popcorn sound wet and slappy (is "slappy" a thing in this (or any) context? It seemed appropriate).


@ThatWench IT IS A REAL THING AFFECTING TODAY'S ADULTS. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/09/06/health/06annoy.html?_r=3


@TheJacqueline In the library? Omg how did you not strangle him.

I am a grumpy co-worker when people eat around me, so I am a big fan of HEADPHONES EVERYWHERE.


Ugh my thing is people brushing their teeth/spitting toothpaste spit in front of me. It started because my ex would make these violent gagging noises the entire time he was brushing his teeth, and spit everywhere. Even seeing someone spit that white gunk out triggers a violent gag reflex in me.

It cracks my mom up, because my dad is the same way, and both of us are completely fine with; blood, guts, parasites, bugs, carrion, scat, and a whole bunk of other icky stuff. (He is a wildlife biologist, I'm in school for it)


@Everyone Just this second, a coworker brought a printout over for me to proof "really quick." I was sitting and she was leaning over onto my desk right next to me... chewing gum about four inches FROM MY EAR!


@Hellcat Nooooooooooooooo!


@Snicker-snack! IT WAS TERRIBLE, I TELL YOU! Why do so many people who eat regular food quietly enough think that rule doesn't apply to gum? Sort of like how so many actors on TV--mainly commercials, I think--"overchew" food, like we won't know that the stupid Hot Pocket is delicious if they are not full-on gross about it! Good lord, I have such feelings about this.


I sneeze when I eat dark chocolate. No idea.

Roxanne Rholes

@DH@twitter My boyfriend sneezes when he eats chocolate, too! Any chocolate. No other symptoms, just 2-5 sneezes.

My mom thought this was hilarious and bought him a box of high-end chocolates for Christmas, so she could watch it happen.


@Roxanne Rholes

Your mom sounds like a quality individual (no sarcasm).

Yeah, for me it's just dark chocolate. Definitely doesn't stop me from eating dark chocolate though, no no, not at all.

barbara millicent roberts

@DH@twitter, My dad has that too! Dark chocolate only.


@DH@twitter You just reminded me that I have a secret dark bar of chocolate in my bag. Score!


@barbara millicent roberts

I'm glad I'm not alone in the universe!


@DH@twitter Me too! Also, grapefruit. Is it an acidity thing?



Hmmm, grapefruit. I hardly ever eat it, but now I'm tempted to, for science!

It might be an acidity thing, because I sometimes sneeze when I drink red wine too.

Roxanne Rholes

@DH@twitter So, dark chocolate, grapefruit, and red wine? Aren't all these things supposed to be super good for you? Maybe the sneezes are your body is going "oh dayum! So much nutrients!" like how when you find out your friend got a call from her dream employer and you bounce around and go "eeeeeeeee!" even though you know you look insane.


@Roxanne Rholes

I like the way you think, madam.

My nose: "Holy shit I can't with all these antioxidants! Tubular!"


@DH@twitter Mints, like really strong ones (those itty bitty little mini-mints from whoknowswhat brand especially- the ones that look like nitroglycerin pills?) will make me sneeze, but only if they hit the center of my tongue. Probably this means I'm some sort of riddle.





@lizardjellybean I'm a mint-sneezer too, but less specific than this (some mint just tingles the nose, y'know?) The weird thing is that the first time I noticed this was in college, which means it either started happening in college or I somehow missed it happening through my entire life, which seems unlikely? But if it's the former, it probably isn't genetic?


@ThatWench Chocolate and red wine both are histamine-releasers. Symptoms of which can be sneezing, watery eyes, itchy eyes/nose...allergies basically. So it could be that. I don't know about grapefruits though. I also sneeze at really strong mints. I cannot do the altoids thing.

Reginal T. Squirge

"I tol' you to tell 'em dat joo was in a sanitarium, not sanitation, sanitarium."

Reginal T. Squirge



@ReginalTSquirge@twitter I know, seriously!


@ReginalTSquirge@twitter Nobody nose!


I wonder if this is a possible explanation for my unbearable cases of INS (Itchy Nose Syndrome (acronym is totally made up)) that I only get after restaurant meals. I always thought it was an allergy to some sort of horrible additive since I rarely get it at home, but maybe I eat just more when I'm out?
If not, and if anyone knows a cure, please let me know. It is the worst itchiness I have ever experienced, and really ruins the eating good food atmosphere.


I have that photic sneeze reflex. It's gotten less sensitive as I've gotten older, but when I was a kid, all it took was walking outside into sunlight from normally lit room, and ACHOO!!!

Now it only happens sometimes. Usually when coming out of a movie theater during the daytime. But yeah, totally a thing.


@Emby I wonder if this is why when I feel a sneeze coming on, I've been told to look up at the lights/sun. It does usually help! (Maybe it's just the angling of my head though.)


@Emby I have it too, as did my grandfather, and also my one-year-old. Stick her in a sunbeam and POW. It's super cute.


@Emby I have it too! My hypothesis since I was a kid was that sneezing forced my eyes closed so I'd quit looking at the sun/bright light/whatever.
My sneezes come in three or five, rarely more or less.


We don't need no snatiation, holleratin'
In this dancery
Let's get it percolatin', while you're waiting
So just sneeze for me


Everyone on my dad's side of the family sneezes exactly three times when exposed to bright sunlight.


I have this! But it's only 3 sneezes, never more, never less. I always thought it was just my body's way of making more room or something, like expanding my diaphragm...? I'm so happy it's A Thing!


@nic I have it, too! Had no idea it was A Thing!


@nic about 99% of the time I sneeze 3 times when I sneeze, to the point where if it's less my husband will lok at me weird, waiting for the rest of them. I also have the photic response, as does my dad, but I didn't know it was a thing until today! Yay Hairpin!


@nic: OMG I do the multiple sneeze thing! And it's almost always 3! Rarely, if ever, less. Sometimes I go in streaks of more, for a month or so. My record is 8.

It's not just in bright light, though I do that too. It's all the time, whenever I sneeze, ever. People get tired of saying "Bless you" and then wait a minute and sound annoyed and go, "Are ya done?"


@nic Yes, me too! Three sneezes when I'm pretty full.

Snatiation sisters, unite!


@iceberg Hmm, are you related to me? My dad's entire side of the family sneezes 3 times as well, and we all have the photic thing.


Related: I cough every single time I put a Q-tip in my ear.

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@stuffisthings Whenever I put eardrops in my ears, my eyes water. So I put drop in right ear, my right eye immediately waters up, like it goes straight from my ear to my eye :S

Antonius Block

@stuffisthings Me too! And my mom sneezes when she plucks her eyebrows. Weird weird bodies.

out of order

@Antonius Block I sneeze when I pluck my eyebrows, also when I squeeze blackheads on my cheeks near my nose.... not that I have any there (shifty look)


@Antonius Block I don't usually sneeze, but I get an itchy nose/eye feeling sometimes when I pluck my eyebrows, or when I brush my hair. My sister does this too. Bodies ARE weird.


I have to say, though, that there are only a few things more satisfying than a good sneeze.



Yeah, this term could refer to how awesome it feels to have sneezed.

Lustful Cockmonster

@falconet Agreed. I really do love sneezing. I find it hilarious and very satisfying.


@falconet: ...and few things more annoying than feeling like you're going to sneeze, and then not sneezing. Argh, my nose hurts just thinking about it.

fondue with cheddar

@falconet Yes! And few things worse than an intercepted sneeze.


@falconet My 9 month old gets the biggest goofiest grin on his face every single time he sneezes. I find it adorable how much he loves that sensation.


@DH@twitter Snatiated!


@jen325 I was kissing my cat's head once (he hates it but I love him so he has to DEAL) when he just reared up and sneezed in my face. It was good retaliation, because my face felt like it was covered in cat-food-spit for DAYS.

fondue with cheddar

@Nutmeg EW. One of my cats sneezed in my face once, too. It's definitely not the best thing.


@jen325 My screams of, "AAAAAHHHHHHH" made my Dad come in and ask me what happened; dude had NO sympathy.


@jen325 Even better: I used to work at a daycare center, and one of the kids sneezed INTO MY OPEN MOUTH. I also watched this happen to coworkers. I was sick the entire year that I worked there. Every, single, day. Kids are gross.


@falconet Sneezing is THE WORST of all things. I find it alarming to both body and soul.


@falconet I actually don't get good sneezes anymore! My biggest sneezes always make my nose hurt.

Whenever I complain about this, my boyfriend says he feels sorry for me that I can't enjoy a good sneeze. But he can't burp, so.

fondue with cheddar

@highfivesforall Gross! I've got a better one yet, though: my stepbrother was holding his infant sun over his head, and the baby spit up into his open mouth.

Oh! And back in the 80's there was a big gypsy moth infestation in my area. My grandfather was walking around my yard one day, squashing the caterpillars on the trees with a stick. One of them squirted caterpillar guts into his open mouth!


Plucking my eyebrows always makes me sneeze, especially if I pluck between my eyebrows or above them. I wonder if this happens to anyone else?


@jaimie I think this is common! well it happens to me anyway. i mean your eyebrows are kinda near your nose right ...


@jaimie This used to, not so much anymore.


@jaimie my eyebrow lady gets really annoyed with me. the worst is when you do your eyebrows and upper lip area. sneezing + eyes pouring liquid (i'm not crying! it's a reflex!)

fondue with cheddar

@jaimie Me too! Upper lip is worse, though.


@jaimie I read in Oprah's magazine (it was in the breakroom at work, shut up) that this is totally a normal thing! There's some nerve or something up there that's connected to your nose somehow. I think she said (it clearly wasn't actually Oprah giving this advice, but whatever) that if you press down on your eyebrow while you're doing it, it will help?


@jaimie Plucking eyebrows is one thing, yanking out nose hairs is another. It's nothing to sneeze at.


Photic sneezer here. The worst part is when I forget my sunglasses while driving somewhere and inevitably end up sneezing a few times in addition to being blinded. Sneezing while driving is also my greatest irrational fear; have done it a bunch of times, which should have disproved its danger by now...but it hasn't. Always convinced I'm gonna wreck my car and die a terrible, sneezy death.


@emb343 ...because you close your eyes when you sneeze! don't try to hold your eyes open. i did that and my eyes felt abused.

no way

@emb343 In my first aid/cpr training there was a woman who sneezed while driving and eating a banana, choked on the banana, and had to pull over and give herself what she thought would be the Heimlich on her steering wheel. She was in the class to learn the real Heimlich in case it ever happened again. So... don't eat bananas while driving to lower your risk from sneezes?


many people i know say i have the cutest sneeze. I think because of my tendency to hold my sneeze in thereby possibly giving myself a brain aneurysm. hopefully not though.


I HAVE THIS TOO! I'd no idea that there was a real name for it, though I always did assume it was the redheaded step-cousin of the photic sneeze response. I feel vindicated!

What drives me especially nuts is that it's triggered if I drink a carbonated beverage quickly. Let me enjoy my inhuman amounts of diet coke in peace, snatiation! (Which leads me to believe that the trigger has to do with nerves in the stomach that sense pressure rather than satiation hormones like cholecystokinin/leptin or nutritional signals. Science!)


PLEASE do not hold in your sneezes! My dad does this and I am afraid he's going to have a stroke every time.


@iceberg But I hate sneezing! :(


@iceberg also... please no one every say "juicy sneeze" again. Ughhhhh.


@iceberg Oh God the thought makes my head hurt. That pressure has to go somewhere, people!

sarah girl

@iceberg I got in the habit of holding in my sneezes during the time when I worked in an elementary school and was uber-paranoid about spreading germs, I'm still trying to shake it :(


@iceberg: Holding in sneezes can make you sneeze back into your own head and force crap into your ear canals and give you ear infections. My science prof in college yelled at me once for half-stifling a sneeze.


@iceberg I sometimes have to do this because, food industry job! Even sneezing into your elbow is gross when my whole arm touches the counters and similar things that may touch food/food receptacles. One time I stifled one while scooping and was super embarrassed but the customer was awesome, he just said, "Bless you!" even though I was all crinkle-faced and let me be.


i had to google it to see if this was a joke. that's pretty rad.

i have sasquatch sized sneezes, giant HACHOO! ones. it feels goooooodddd to sneeze. i sneeze when i brush my hair and when exposed to bright light (my son does too, it's adorable!) \


@LeafySeaDragon I've been told that my sneeze sounds exactly like someone saying "Atchoo". I've also been accused of sneezing giant sneezes on purpose, which is only partially true. I mean, I'm not gonna suppress it, but I also can't help if it's a big one.


I am a photic sneezer. I also sneeze whenever I taste peppermint. My bathroom mirror gets Windexed every single day.


@cuminafterall A fellow mint-sneezer! I knew I wasn't alone!


@cuminafterall I hiccup when I eat jalapenos

Spinach Party

@cuminafterall I sneeze when I tweeze my eyebrows.


@Spinach Party
I do too! It makes it take forever

fondue with cheddar

Gross confession time!

When I was a kid and I had to sneeze while lying in bed, I would sneeze straight up into the air and not cover my mouth. After about a second in the air, it would rain back down on me in a fine mist. I guess I thought this was neat and not disgusting at all.

fondue with cheddar

@jen325 Okay, ten people have thumbs-upped this. Does that mean ten people think it's gross or that ten people have done it? Or that ten people haven't done it but secretly want to? I MUST KNOW.


I sneeze when I'm full too. So does my mother.


IS THAT WHY EVERYONE TELLS ME TO LOOK AT A BRIGHT LIGHT WHEN I HAVE TO SNEEZE??? Whenever I have a "stuck" sneeze, someone inevitably says, "Look into the light!" and I have tried that, people. I guess genetically I am not 10-35% of the population? Whatever, cilantro tastes like soap (I just want to be special)

fondue with cheddar

@Nutmeg That doesn't help me, either! Do you know what else doesn't help me sneeze? People telling me what to do to make myself sneeze. In fact, that usually kills it outright, leaving that weird interrupted-sneeze feeling.

I honestly don't know what cilantro tastes like because I'm afraid to try it! I think it will taste like soap to me though, because I'm a supertaster so a lot of supposedly yummy things don't taste yummy. Like dill, which makes me want to barf.

Also, you ARE special!


@Nutmeg Ugh, cilantro make me feel sneezy just thinking about it. And it feels like I'm being pinched if I accidentally eat it!

Heat Signature

Ever since getting pregnant, I've been having daily sneezing fits and ALSO lots of hiccuping. So many attractive aspects of pregnancy!


I have satiety hiccups. Usually just 1-2. (Get out of here, freak, we only allow snatiation in this comment thread.)


@singstrix My boyfriend has those! He'll hiccup around 4-5 times after every meal and it is very odd and very funny.

le mango

@singstrix ME TOO! It's usually just one hiccup, though, and it seems to really distress some people that you can have a solo hiccup. They just look at you and await the next one.

ETA: I get normal, sequential hiccups more than most people, too. I had them for a few weeks once, and I made the mistake of googling it, and learned there exist people who had hiccups that went on for YEARS. Mine didn't, thankfully, but it was pretty distressing.


@singstrix Might it be an aspect of acid reflux?


@annejumps@twitter I didn't know there was a correlation! It does seem to happen with every meal, regardless of how fast or slow I eat, and it always stops at a max of 3 hiccups (I asked Mr. Singstrix, and he doesn't think he's ever heard 4 outta me). I have had GERD issues in the past, but to my knowledge they're somewhat short-lived episodes...buuuut I also haven't seen torso specialist to see if I have secret minor reflux most of the time.


@le mango Yes, I get these looks of sympathy for solo hiccups as if they'll go on forever.. and then people just look confused? I very rarely get normal hiccups, and I can't remember when I first noticed that I hiccup a couple times daily! (Possibly related, but unlikely: I almost never burp, and I can't make myself burp, much to elementaryschool Singstrix's chagrin.)


My mom has this! Every meal out she sneezes a bunch of times but never at home. Now we know why- restaurant portions are always bigger!


Until a few years ago, I used to always yawn after sneezing.


I'm allergic to all sorts of random things that make me sneeze after eating, like baby carrots, cantaloupes, mangos, and kiwis. Since I'm a sneeze machine I've learned a thing or two about keeping it at bay. This is going to sound very strange but the best way to stifle a sneeze is to suck down on the roof of your mouth very hard when you feel your nose start to get sneezy. If you suck down, like put your tongue to the roof of your mouth and suck like you're trying to get the last bits of a milkshake, you will almost certainly stop the sneeze. Use this wisely as because sometimes you need to get that crap outta your nose.


AMAZING! I have it! and everyone always made fun of me and told me i was nuts. but then my father-in-law (who's a doctor) noticed that it happened pretty consistently and did some research and actually found this as a THING in medical literature. it was perhaps the most validating moment of my life. perhaps. and now it's on the hairpin. bam!


I sneeze almost every time I put on mascara. Not quite as intense as a dozen post-meal sneezes, but annoying because it means I have to wipe off raccoon eyes every morning.

baked bean

@Chloface I sneeze when I tweeze my eyebrows... is this normal?


MY DAD HAS THIS! It's so weird.

Does Axl have a jack?

This is really, really late, but: I sneeze, usually several times, when I have to get up super early.


something i've had happen when on some ssri's is whenever i'd get a wave of nausea, for any reason, it would turn into a sneeze, and the nausea would be gone.

baked bean

My sneezes always gain attention and comments. I have little delicate dainty mouse sneezes. They sound funny, people either think it's "weird" or "cute."

Joey Levy@facebook

I have this! My grandmother gets mad at me when I eat at her house and don't sneeze! My grandfather has it too! It's so strange, who knew there was a name to it?

William Hanvey@twitter

I have this, I've just discovered 10 minutes ago that it has a name. As well as sneezing I feel very congested and sometimes have a runny nose which needs blowing. All in all, I like my rare condition :-) I don't know of any other family member that has it though.


I totally have this too. So does my Dad and Aunt and several cousins. I sneeze about 16 times EVERY time I brush my teeth. Also, when I eat a lot and go out in to the cold. I can't believe it's an actual thing!


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