Friday, May 11, 2012


Hygienna: "The nozzle is also 100% Canadian"

How delightful is the $9.99 portable bidet? You can also follow it (her?) on Twitter. [via]

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So... What do you do with your butt bottle when you're done? Do you carry it? Recycle it? Label it? Just finish off a normal water bottle? What if you do that but forget you emptied one of those diet Crystal Light packets in there?



Their FAQs Page states:
Once finished slowly pull the Solo out of the water bottle’s mouth while turning it. We recommend that you then wash it with soap and warm water, dry it, and then store it in a safe location until its next use.


A gloriously beautiful post@m


Wow, it helps so many kinds of people! "People observing religious customs, frequent travelers, women, outdoor enthusiasts, elders, and those with health-related issues such as irritable bowel syndrome."


@suiterkin "People who can't do handstands in the shower..."


Wow, the Gizmodo post on this is really freaking out about how "disgusting" it is. Definitely could have used one of these in some of my travels ("The best time my boyfriend held on to me as I balanced myself over the edge a small boat to diarrhea into the ocean.")


hygennia: the evolution of clean sounds like something derek zoolander would be a spokesmodel for.

which is why I'm so proud it is 100% canadianly produced

fondue with cheddar

Edith! Thank you for bringing this into my life! This would be especially great for heavy period days and pre/post sex cleanup.


They even offer a 50% discount if you buy 20 or more. :-)


I have a Hygienna Solo, it's a cool product. I and my Muslim friends often carry water bottles around with us wherever we go, our religion requires that we clean ourselves with water after #1 and #2 (depending on the circumstance). At least now we can aim better and not waste water. I'm surprised that no one thought of this before. It's amazing how the simplest things can make such a big difference to people's lives!

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