Friday, May 25, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Hope Diamond Collector Barbie, $89.95
This week, we're going to use our allowance for good instead of evil like we usually do. When you buy this Barbie (for me), you're not only making (my) dreams come true, you're also supporting The Smithsonian. So they can publish more books about animal shaped jewelry, even though I'm pretty sure fairies are not technically "animals." Related: having never seen Titanic, I thought the Hope Diamond was the same as the "My Heart Will Go On" diamond, or whatever it's called. I was not very far off!

Donate to Your Alma Mater's Scholarship Fund
I know, I know: they will never leave you alone if you do this. But remember when you were applying for all those scholarships and you were like "Who are these people who want to pay for me to learn how to do logical proofs?" You! You are those people now.

Sweet Peas Pocket Skirt, $32
It was really hard to choose a favorite from this site. For example, check out this tank that magically creates jobs in Uganda. Or how about this $8 clutch?

Join a CSA
CSA stands for "community supported agriculture," and though it's not grammatically clear how that is a thing you can "join," it's basically like subscribing to a farmers market, without the market part. Most of them allow you to choose how much produce you'd like and how often, and then all summer you go pick up mystery baskets of fresh local produce from wherever they tell you. (The last one I joined had us picking up at the front desk of a nearby university's chemistry department???)  It's like Chopped, but there's no time limit.

Tom's Sofie Women's Strappy Wedges, $69
(Joke about some impoverished child hobbling around in these wedges.) (Joke about how Tom's claims to have a "Wedding Collection.")

Avenida Earrings, $24
Support artists in the rural Andes by scooping these cute earrings made from sustainably grown NUTS. "THESE EARRINGS ARE NUTS!"

"Shop and put together little noodly items" for Marriage Equality
Volunteers need bullhorns, tables, flashlights, markers, pens, duct tape (?), first aid kits (!), and more.

Living Lounge Bowl from MoMA, $89.95 (was $130)
This is one of those objects that you admire on other people's coffee tables but you'd never buy one for yourself. Change your attitude and give to a dope museum at the same time! Or, buy it as a wedding present for someone who has a boring registry.

Host a Bake Sale for Your Favorite Charity
Share Our Strength, or "The Charity With The Best Spokesperson Imagineable", and The American Cancer Society makes this easy but you can probably hook it up for whoever you want. How adorable is a bake sale? I mean, really. Just make sure not to put any poison in the cookies — people are not into buying poisoned cookies.

WNYC Tote Bag, $60 donation
WNYC gives us Radiolab and Radio Rookies, their youth radio project. And what do we give them in return? Our attention? Who do we think we are? Oh and also, this tote is a good conversation starter at the grocery store, if you catch my drift laaadiiieees. 

"Material Girl" Long Fabric Wrap, $40
I seriously want everything on this entire site, please. Check out the cause.

Give As You Go Tour by Journeys Within, $5,000-ish
Do you have that much? Are you saving it for a rainy day? There are tons of those in Southeast Asia! Stay at what seems to be a pretty lovely little boutique hotel in Cambodia and then do some voluntourism in neighboring countries. They take you sailing on the Mekong river.

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UW! Goddamn I love those cherry trees.

every tomorrow@twitter

@bitzy I was like, heeeeeeeey that is my school/place of employment!


@bitzy They are making me sneeeeeeeeeeeze though!

Tragically Ludicrous

@bitzy Totally! I was like, "I know that quad! I have been to that quad!"

Lavender McDade

@bitzy My Alma Mater-UW!


@Brunhilde Ughh. All the cottonwood fluff has been killing me!


@bitzy Seriously. Dirty cottonwood spreading their filthy seed all over everything. Get rid of your cottonwoods, they are disgusting.


@bitzy Me too! Why no Seattle Hairpin meet-ups?


@bashe UW!!! I went to the School of Social Work and didn't even see the quad until my second year. Beautiful!!


UW is my alma mater also! And there ARE Seattle meetups! Find us on Facebook "The Hairpin Seattle." We have some (hilarious) bar hang outs and a (growing) book group.

hairdresser on fire

@bitzy Late to the party but WHAT'S UP MY SCHOOL TOO?!?!?
(confidential to Hairpin Seatown meetup folks: Let's have another?)



The Lady of Shalott

Yes please, I will be wanting one of the fabric bracelets in "Teenage Dream," the ones that are blue and white and teal.

(I think the mission behind Tom's is great! Unfortunately I think Toms are just the most hideous, ugliest shoes ever invented, second only to Crocs. They make my eyes hurt. Sigh.)


@The Lady of Shalott Yes! They look like bedroom slippers to me. I just can't take them seriously as actual shoes.


@The Lady of Shalott Could be worse/could be Wedding Uggs?

DUDE when are you gonna start selling Wuggs in-store? Or perhaps the Toms Bridal Line? Or BRIDAL CROCS WHICH ARE APPARENTLY A THING OMG. Internet, I love you but you're killing me.

The Lady of Shalott

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher DEAR GOD NEVER I HOPE


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Have you seen the sequined Wedding Uggs?


@Mere We were discussing/yelling about them here earlier this week! I will never get them out of my head.

all the bacon and eggs

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher Little-known fact, apparently any white shoe you sell now is part of a "bridal collection."


@The Lady of Shalott Agreed on Tom's! They look like you wrapped your foot in an Ace bandage and hot glued a little piece of foam to the bottom.


@The Lady of Shalott I don't know about this Tom's brand. I do like these particular shoes shown though... but do they actually have that big label on the back?

Wedges are giving me trouble lately. I like mine to NOT become narrower from heel to sole! I want a consistently clunky wedge, damn it! Where are they?


Hey, I just want to remind everyone real quick about the Sharepin. It's a bunch of Hairpinners who give stuff away to each other, so come join! :)

Toby Jug

Nut earrings: bought.

That MoMa bowl is the Schrodinger's cat of interior decorating. Do I put things in it? Only if the things are made of stainless steel? If I bring it into my apartment will it make t look better OR WORSE. Probably depends on the lighting.


@Toby Jug I really want those nut earrings! my ears are finally healed I think mostly probably but I'm still only at baby studs stage of ear piercing I think.

i want my ears to stop being such fucking princesses. but in the meantime, can you take pictures and show us


@redheaded&crazie re: the ears. Are you at the point where you can take the studs out (bow chicka wow wow) and put other earrings in? Do that, make sure the new earrings are clean and happy (no nickel please!) and make sure you are CLEANING YO PIERCINGS WELL. Warm saltwater solution, every time. The more you do that, the faster they heal!


@redheaded&crazie Have you done the ol' dip the earrings in polysporin thing? That usually does the trick for me when my ears are being divas.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher okay so i got my ears pierced in march and up until last weekend I hadn't taken them out. but then one of them fell out, the front stud part never to be found again.

so i put in a different pair but they kind of irritated my one ear, and then i was using a lot of alcohol to clean them which i guess was stopping my ears from healing BUT I've been wearing a different good metal pair for a few days now and they're feeling a lot better! like a LOT better.

but I'm definitely going to do that warm water and salt solution thing. do you like, keep a mixture on hand to squirt on it or mix it up every day when you take your earrings out? that sounds like it would be annoying and i would stop doing it!

@Megano! I have not tried that! I think I have polysporin somewhere though, so I will! They're being good right now though, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time.


@redheaded&crazie The alcohol sounds like it could definitely be irritating you! Stick with the good earrings for now, and just be cautious about what you wear until they're completely healed. As far as the salt solution goes, you can do either! It's really best if it's warm (feels really good, especially if your piercings are irritated; I'm not sure if it has more medicinal qualities though) so it might be easiest to mix some up in a tupperware container, stick it in the microwave for a few seconds and then swab away. (Easiest to just soak some up with a cotton swab, keeps you from getting ALL the water in your ear canals.)


"I'm going to join the CSA. Yeah, it's basically a group of farmers who share certain views how we should grow our crops."


@stuffisthings Aahhh thank you for going there! Really, could they not have worked out a better acronym? Thanks for giving me a nice mid-afternoon chuckle.


@Equestrienne An organization I work with founded this a couple years before all the Iraq War business.


@stuffisthings *cringe*


@stuffisthings My initials are KSM, which is awkward when people are always talking about how KSM is on trial and how many people KSM killed and so on and so forth.


@Alixana Mine are HRC which I totally love because Human Rights Campaign, AND Hillary Rodham Clinton!


"Elaine, that is NOT a replica of the Cloud Gate from Millennium Park in Chicago. I mean, it's CLEARLY a bean."


@frigwiggin LOOK, GARY. I'd be more inclined to listen to your hairbrained interpretations of things if you hadn't blown this week's grocery budget donating to your alma mater, Bob's School of Industrial Christian Bookstore Design, OK?


@PistolPackinMama "Oh, Elaine. When will you learn that giving back to BSICBD is investing in our future?! At least, moreso than investing in that terrible neighborhood CSA! The radishes came covered in dirt, Elaine. DIRT."


Okay, sorry I just have to bitch about Toms for a sec. From this (http://aidwatchers.com/2010/11/a-tryst-with-toms/) wonderful blog post:

"But buying poor children $25 shoes is simply not cost-effective. Donating clothes to the poor in poor countries is not the same as, say, donating winter clothing to the homeless in New York. For one, shoes don’t cost $25 in the areas where TOMS donates; local shoe salesmen will sell footwear for much, much less."

I want those earrings, that skirt and that bowl, though.


@excitablegirl Yeah, gifts in kind programs are dodgy at best. Imagine if some African organization came to your town and started handing out whatever good/service you sell at your job for free, you wouldn't be too happy would you?


@excitablegirl Well, apparently they don't get the $25 shoes. From what I understand, they get "different" pair that costs even less to make. Though that is drawing from memory from a major google investigation into them about 6 months ago.


@HeyThatsMyBike It's funny because I work in international development and when we ask our partners about their country's needs, never once have they mentioned "free shoes."


@stuffisthings But isn't the idea to give them to people in these areas that wouldn't have access to shoes/glasses/whathaveyou regardless?

I realize it may not be a fair comparison, but to me it seems like saying food shelves are pointless because who can't afford a can of corn?


@NeverOddOrEven Well it's a pretty complicated situation and I would probably just be sarcastic and dismissive about it, so instead I will recommend you read this post on the fabulous blog Good Intentions are Not Enough.

EDIT: There's a great video there too, if you're pressed for time watch it here.


@stuffisthings Ha! I definitely appreciate your honesty and can relate.
I'll check it out, thanks.


@stuffisthings Or "really really cheaply made free shoes"
Good Intentions are Not Enough is a great site - all of these outreach issues are unfortunately just not that simple!

Daisy Razor

I have a CSA! They're lovely. If you get something in your box that you can't identify (which happened to me basically every other week last summer), you can email a picture of it to the farmers and they'll tell you what it is. Their blog has great recipe ideas too.


@Daisy Razor
Yay CSAs! If anyone in the Denver/Boulder area is curious about getting a CSA, let me know! I know some people.

Also! This is a really fantastic concept some friends of mine started up where they schedule volunteering sessions at local farms and then you can just sign up for a time slot that works for you. Maximum convenience on everyone's part and especially friendly to those who've been interested in trying it but don't know where to start. Start one of these in your area! The Farm Core


@Daisy Razor i love my CSA in Los Angeles. They also do a bread share and a pig share. http://www.silverlakefarms.com/


@megco The best CSA program in my area is run by the nuns of the monastery across the street!


I thought that bowl was that really fancy vibrator! You know the one I mean.

Porn Peddler

@JessicaLovejoy It pretty much looks exactly like an njoy wand.

Holden Cauliflower

@Third Wave Housewife
Is this where I mention that I bought one of those last week and want to marry it?


@JessicaLovejoy My first thought as well. "Maybe I WILL do some shopping today..."


Ahhh, I want the Maxi Skirt in brown from One Mango Tree! But I don't think a medium will fit. :(


@frigwiggin yes! I'm loving the stuff from one mango tree.


@redheaded&crazie I'm a little nervous about purchasing anything because they don't list sizing anywhere, but I kiiiind of want to get one of the skirts anyway because OMGZ so awesome.


@frigwiggin Me too - I'm between two sizes generally, so I went with the larger one and figure I can always get it tailored.


@frigwiggin good point.

this dress is out of my price league but i want it.


@redheaded&crazie - Me, too. Unfortunately, I don't see any plus sizes! I mean, it's like, buy our clothes for charity! Oh, but not if you're fat, though; we don't want your filthy, greasy money*!! Ugh!

*I know that this is not what it's really like, but I am currently struggling with my weight (really, really hard) and the whole world seems to be against me, including myslef. Double ugh!


@frigwiggin The skirt featured has an elastic waist so y'all will probably be fine either way. I personally can't stand pockets on my skirts, but I am seriously coveting their bags!




@klaus please buy it and take pictures! (enabler. sorry.)


@klaus WHAT?! But how are they a problem if you're not using them...?


@klaus I didn't notice the elastic waist! I'm just going to get a large in the blue one and then maybe take it in if I have to. So pretty, so pretty.


@NeverOddOrEven They draw attention to my already wide birthin' hips and I find them impractical otherwise... like, do you actually put stuff in your skirt pockets?


@noodlestein Some of their items come in XL, but I guess that's it? Makes me sad, too. Email them! At least they will know that they have potential market that they are not tapping, and it seems to me that an organization like that might be more open to hearing from people than, say, Urban Outfitters (blech).


Fuck yea I do! To be fair though I have to have pockets on everything because of an infusion pump I wear.
As another owner of "child-bearing hips"(Ha! My biology is so ironic)I've never felt like they add any extra bulk, just function.
I don't like to carry a bag if I can avoid it, so I usually stick to phone, keys, lip balm and wallet, most of which would fit and be unobtrusive.
And even if they were? Fuck my silhouette, I got shit to do and my legs are sweaty.


@frigwiggin - Emailed! Thanks for bringing me back to earth. :)


@klaus With you with the pocket hating! They bulge out in a totally awkward fashion and ruin the line of the skirt, and also make my hips look bigger. If any pants that I buy (other than jeans) have pockets on them, I get them sewn up.


@noodlestein Oh, good, I'm glad you did! I really hope they get back to you and at least consider making changes and expanding their size line, because really. I know sooo many plus-size girls who would be on that in a second.


@NeverOddOrEven hah "Fuck my silhouette, I got shit to do." is a pretty awesome mantra.


@klaus True, but I can't pretend like I don't let my vanity get the best of me sometimes.
Mostly though I just think, "They're pockets? Who'd begrudge me for using them?"


@noodlestein oh, I hope they get back to you. Kitenge clothing styles with the bright patterns actually work really well for plus-sized ladies, especially if you balance it with a big head wrap in a matching pattern as most African ladies wearing a kitenge do, although I understand that is not the fashion here and you probably won't do that. But still -- really flattering, beautiful, and a style suited for all sizes.

I have long thought that West African clothing styles for women are a lot more powerful and dignified than comparable styles in the US and Europe, and wish we could all get away with wearing more of them, even though I usually end up just wearing kitenge cloth cut into a sheath dress or a long skirt. & usually end up having to sew it myself. So great to see this shop up and profitable! Seriously -- you can dress to look powerful as a woman, and it's the standard thing for middle-aged women onwards to do -- something we're really lacking here.


@frigwiggin oh it's been BOUGHTEN.


@stonefruit I bought mine too! The Tiffany skirt. And I got an email notification that it's already been shipped! Wowzers.


@frigwiggin I know! they ship so speedily!


oh geez, I just spent a ton of money on the JCrew sales and now I feel badddd. But I'm a long-time member of my local public radio station, does that count?


@thisisunclear But the JCrew saaales, though. I was this close to grabbing one of the discounted blazers.

And also! Ladies who were talking about retro bathing suits and boobs last week! Some of their bathing suits with D-cups are on sale and an extra 30% off. Hooray!

But seriously, public radio. I should probably donate to This American Life or something, since I've gotten about a hundred hours of entertainment out of them since the new year.

Lexa Lane

@thisisunclear Why? Why would you mention J.Crew sales when I am trying so hard not to spend money on things? That's just meeeeeaaaaaaaan.


@thisisunclear STORY OF MY LIFE. *shakes fist at sky* Damn yoooooou, J. Creeeeeeew!


@Lexa Lane @tessamae I know, I KNOW but I have this summer wedding to go to and I can't decide on a dress and I'm starting to make bad life choices!


Yes, join a CSA...you won't regret it! It may seem like a lot of money to pay all at once but then you get delicious, fresh veggies all summer!


@LJ6000 And then when it's over you wonder how you ever navigated the grocery store produce section.


@LJ6000 I really like my CSA! I've been a member since the winter (Hooray Texas for growing things year round) and I'm really looking forward to the summer fruits and vegetables. I mean, beets are fun but I want peppers. Also I've been getting tiny peaches that are almost too adorable to eat (I still totally eat them).


@boysplz Jealous. The growing season in Maine is about 3 minutes long, I've been dreaming of garden tomatoes for months.

String args[]

aaaa those earrings are wonderful~ <33

I'd really like to wear them.

(I don't have pearces ears though, so...)


In this theme, I'm going to (again) recommend Handcrafting Justice, where I spent my volunteer year. Support microeconomic ventures for women and families abroad! Also buy adorable things!


I just want to say that it is nice to know someone else hasn't seen Titanic either.


@sovereignann@twitter Yes! I came here to say two things and "Never Seen Titanic-ers UNITE!"

The other I'll have to stick somewhere else so as the keep the topics untangled.


@sovereignann@twitter I haven't seen Titanic either! For a very long time I was very convinced that "I Believe I Can Fly" was a song in that movie. You know, maybe in that "I'm flying Jack" scene? I don't know.


@sovereignann@twitter i haven't seen forest gump! i'm not at that point where i feel the need to Never See Forest Gump.


@sovereignann@twitter I have now seen Titanic, but when I was maybe 12 I still hadn't and some girl in girl scouts was APPALLED.
"Ahh! Why haven't you seen it??"
"What? It came out when I was seven."
"...so there's a sex scene in it? And also I don't care?"


@sovereignann@twitter Count me among the legion of Non-Titanic-seers. It's a badge of honor, I say!


@sovereignann@twitter Just chiming in to say I am also a non-Titanic-seer! I wasn't allowed to see it when it came out, which was SO UNFAIR because ALL MY FRIENDS got to see it.

I was ten or eleven, and my mom though I'd be traumatized by the terror of a shipwreck, and if there were dead bodies, FORGET IT. And then I got over it and never bothered seeing it. Total badge of honour, I agree :)


Ahhhh I want all of the things from One Mango Tree and The Andean Collection!!! Ahhhh THERE IS A FUSCHIA FEDORA!!!!


"If you want your nuts made into earrings, guys, don't go to the rural Andes, just get married."


@atipofthehat bah-dum-dummm-chhhhhh! :)


I scrolled too quickly past the first picture and thought it was some sort of Black Widow In Eveningwear thing? I may have Avengers on the brain.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher i had avengers dreams last night


Please please please thoroughly vet your voluntourism program!!! Do the farm ones where you can only harm plants. Don't foster attachment disorders in poor children. Here is just one of many examples how voluntourism hurts: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/peopleandpower/2012/05/201252243030438171.html


LOL at tom's wedding collection.


That bowl! You know, MoMA actually HAS gift registries. I know because I have one. It has lots of fancy clocks and vases on it, and soon it will have that shiny, shiny bowl.

Summer Somewhere

I am pretty sure that Alma Mater photo is of my Alma Mater!


i thought those earrings were tiny briefcases and I almost went berserk!


Dammit. I guess since you actually used a pic of my alma mater, I'll have to donate.


Don't tempt me with such Barbies. I already own two, Tokidoki and Hunger Games... three would really be crossing the line.


I love me some supporting through tote bags. Also through mugs. Can we talk about how I kind of want the Obama birth certificate mug but it's something like $22?


@florabora My parents have one, and bought another as a gift for someone. They're hilarious, and maybe tax deductable? Don't quote me on that, since I don't make enough to itemize, but I'm pretty sure the cost is considered a campaign donation, so.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@TheCheesemanCometh Campaign donations are NOT tax deductible. Donations to charitable/religious organizations are.


It's the HEART OF THE OCEAN ugh my day is ruined, Titanic is my kryptonite.


Some CSAs do workshares- help out on the farm and get free produce! And meet fun and only a little bit smelly farmers! And expand the farm dating pool so we don't all end up with farmcestous relationships..... ahem. Yay, local food!


I'm a farmer! And I'm usually only a little smelly, and even then I only smell like leeks or cauliflower. :)

Also, yes. The farming communities need some new blood, and we count on the influx of summer workers to supplement our sexitimes.


@faintly_macabre This is an awesome idea! How might one find out about farms in one's area that do this? I ask because I volunteer at my neighbourhood farmer's market and am planning to go wwoofing in early autumn this year. I live in Toronto; any resources or tips you can share would be welcome!


@planforamiracle I would ask people at the farmer's market or email any farm in your area... our workshare program here (in New Mexico, so I can't tell you much about the Toronto area!) is not well advertised at all, so people have to reach out to us. But best of luck, where are you looking at going in the autumn?


@faintly_macabre thank you! Just knowing that an arrangement like that *exists* is a good place to start.
I'll be spending 10 days around Labour Day at a farm just outside Quebec City. I just confirmed with them yesterday and am so excited. I am learning all kinds of new farming words already, haha.
I was actually hoping to spend a bit longer so I might go to another farm in the same general area. There are a few in the Saguenay/Lac-St-Jean area (which is farther north, and fairly remote) that I have my eyes on.


@planforamiracle Congrats! Let the farming adventures begin!


No more poisoned cookies? *sigh* Now what will I do?


I joined a CSA a few months go and it is seriously fantastic. I got out of my "salads with every meal" greens rut and now I'm forced to figure out what to do with our box every other week. It's a fun challenge. Last weekend we got to go on a free frm tour where they let us loose in the strawberry field and let us eat AS MANY STRAWBERRIES AS WE WANTED. The food is delicious.

Cat Jail

Is there any better jewellery than cursed jewellery? The answer is no.

Chareth Cutestory

I kind of want to buy those earrings just because my boyfriend enjoys saying that things are "nuts" and I know that the pun opportunities they would bring would give him endless amusement.

Passion Fruit

What university is pictured?? And, on a related note, I'm never donating to my Alma Mater.


@Passion Fruit Why not, if I can ask? I work for the fundraising department of a university (not the one I attended), and we only sometimes get people who actually tells us flat-out why they won't give, if they don't.

Passion Fruit

@frigwiggin Good question. Basically because I graduated with an obscene amount of debt, and every service I tried to use to get help (pre-med advisers, therapists, career counselors) gave me some version of, "Well, the truth is you're too much of an academic fuck up for what you want to do; maybe you should work as an administrative assistant...?" Not to knock those jobs, as I have worked them, but for real, I didn't pay $40K a year for a "name brand" [barf] school to tell me I had no options.

I hope this doesn't make me sound entitled. But it repulses me every time I get an email or phone call from the school begging for money. I reached out for help as a floundering undergraduate, and they did so. little. for me. Like, seriously, GFY.

My nursing school, OTOH, I would and plan on donating to in a hot minute, as the professors, therapists and career services there were incredibly supportive, helpful, and understanding, even after I graduated.

Phew, sorry for the essay. I got all frothy and foaming at the mouth.


@Passion Fruit No worries, you don't sound entitled. I figure if someone has a problem with their alma mater, they probably have a good reason for it--and sometimes I still don't feel comfortable working in fundraising, even though my part of the department really only works with our rich donors who are itching to give. I don't blame you at all; give to a place that can help other folks in the future and fuck 'em if they're not gonna bother.


I am so late to this thread because I was out all day, BUT if you are Chicago and you want to join a CSA, might I humbly suggest getting one from New Traditions Farm (https://www.facebook.com/NewTraditionsFarm), which happens to be owned and operated by my cousin? Even if you don't care that he is my couins, you should still join, because supporting young people who are passionate about what they do is awesome!

Rookie (not the magazine) (not that there's anything wrong with that)

Love this. Love the idea and all of the things and the revival of my love for the Hope Diamond, and also yes to bake sales because not only can you raise like $500 in an afternoon if you're lucky, but baked goods, am I right?

(By that I mean baked goods are delicious)


I work at a local organic farm (the current generation's great-grandfather started the farm when he emigrated from Denmark in 1904) and we do CSAs and they are awesome! Seriously, if you can afford the initial investment, CSAs are the way to go for produce.
(I understand if you can't though. Luckily I get to take home pretty much any produce I want, I just have to wait for it to 'accidentally' fall on the ground.)

Make friends with the employees and let them know what you really like and they'll probably slip some extra fun stuff in your weekly box. Not that I'm admitting to any preferential treatment. Just speaking purely hypothetically. Ahem.

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

OK look, I think it's great that you're telling us to do good stuff, but maybe not on the weekend of Memorial Day sales? HOW am I supposed to navigate all these deals???


I wore a necklace made out of those Andean nuts at my wedding, and it is my favorite piece of jewelry I've ever owned. Plus, if I get hungry, instant snack!


I really like this week's WtDWYATW. More like this please.

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