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Everything You Need to Know About Online Dating

Some scientists looked at all the studies and all the statistics and all the graphs about online dating in order to publish a super-long article in the journal Psychological Science in the Public Interest (what a sweet journal, thank you). In short:

— If you’re a homebody, parent, new in town, or a weirdo, online dating will help you meet more single people than you normally would. If you are a “normal,” you’ll meet the same number of singles just going about your daily biz offline.

— Meet an online prospect in real life and don’t agonize over their stupid profiles. No, this doesn’t mean you have to go to their creepy house and take a roofie on your lunch break; be smart. But nothing in a dating website profile can alert you to romantic chemistry; you have to get IRL and, like, smell each other. Or something.

— Unfortunately, the matching algorithm thingies can’t predict relationship success.

In conclusion (mine): everyone keep doing what you’re doing. There is no right way to find love and only three wrong ways. (But which three!?) [via]


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