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Dr. Ruth's Low-Alcohol Wine

"With this [low-alcohol] wine, I am saying: ‘Relax, but don’t do it [drink] too much.’"
—God bless crazy Dr. Ruth.


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@parallel-lines I passed Dr. Ruth on the street in Charleston, SC about a decade ago. She is indeed absolutely tiny.


@Ti:Sapph I saw her walking in NYC and she barely came up to my waist. No wonder why she can't hold her booze.

Reginal T. Squirge

That's just water, right? Did I win the free tickets?


May that woman be cursed to forever attend parties with cash bars only. And weddings where they make you do the hokey-pokey in order to get cake.


@wharrgarbl you have to do the hokey-pokey in order to get cake!

what a great idea. that's going into my wedding binder of wedding ideas for when i get weddinged. i mean married.


This just reminded me of one of the first times my husband and I hung out after we started dating. We were in high school, just sitting on my couch watching TV at like 11pm or something. Of course there was nothing on at that hour, so we were channel surfing for awhile when I spotted Dr Ruth's show. I guess 17-year-old (and very prude) me thought it would come off as cool and sexy to playfully suggest watching a sex advice show "because it would be funny!"

...Thanks, husband, for not dumping me. :)


But isn't wine already pretty low in alcohol? is a) my first thought b) should probably be a new question on the problem drinker pamphlet c) all of the above.


@JessicaLovejoy My roommate said to me the other day "So I guess 8 percent is pretty high for beer ..." and I said "Well, for most people ..."


@Eden ALL the beers I like are high in alcohol (okay except for most of the IPAs I like); it is a blessing and a curse


@JessicaLovejoy No, no, I thought that too. "Isn't wine what you drink when you want low alcohol? If you make it a lower concentration, you won't feel ANYTHING."


I am unabashedly fond of Dr. Ruth and nothing will ever turn my gaze from her smiling, sex-talkin' face.


Why would you do this terrible thing?



Low-sex genitalia.


@atipofthehat If the goal of wine is to loosen into sexytimes, put in MORE ALCOHOL! Drinking a whole bottle by my onesie to get all inhibition-less just means I hop up to use the restroom every 30 minutes. Because that is a lot of liquid. Dr. Ruth... don't make our bladders interfere with love. These sleepy ladies are begging you.



Non ho mai notato fino ad oggi che l'Italia è dentro genitalia. Questo è un scarpone di essere all'interno di una piccola parola!


@atipofthehat --I have an aversion to the word genitori because it reminds me of the word genitals, which I don't like to associate with my genitori. How repressed am I? (Risposta: molto.) P.S. Good lord, every time you edit your comment it deletes your html! Gotta be quick and careful, I guess.

Porn Peddler

Am I the only person who will not do any sexy things if I can feel any tingle of alcohol-induced warmth?


@Third Wave Housewife


Porn Peddler

@atipofthehat I just...do not understand why people do that. Why wouldn't you want to be fully present for the delights of sexytime?!


@Third Wave Housewife

I think it's the relaxation and lowering of inhibitions that tends to make things flow better for some people, and not the inebriation.

Porn Peddler

@atipofthehat It just dawned on me that it might be the fact that I'm a raging lightweight that prevents this from making any sense to me. One beer with a heavy dinner? mmmm pleasant warmth. More beer? R;FISHGWAEGERGILFBJS


@Third Wave Housewife

The heavy dinner is not a good prelude to sex for me. Better to skip the meal and eat under the table.

But I agree that one needn't be toasted to swive.


@Third Wave Housewife
Getting blotto doesn't put me in a state that in anyway seems not "fully present"? For that matter "tingle of warmth" both the tingle and warmth part see pretty alien to me.


@Third Wave Housewife You cheap, cheap date, you. Rawr.

Porn Peddler

@JessicaLovejoy I've heard that many times *wink*

Now I'm curious as to everyone else's experience with being drunk. Because I simply can't conceptualize a state of inebriation that would be conducive to sex.


@Third Wave Housewife im guessing you dont drink a lot. i am def more horny after a couple drinks. i have a high tolerance but still its just as fun if not more

Porn Peddler

@lizard I very frequently have one drink. More than that....infrequent.


@Third Wave Housewife I have not once ever been in a state of inebriation that would be conducive to sex. If it exists I have not found it for me in many, many states of inebriation.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@Third Wave Housewife I definitely WANT sex more when I've been drinking, but it's generally not as good. I almost never get off from it, anyway.


@Third Wave Housewife
Alcohol can create The Dead Zone.


@atipofthehat Or perhaps sex as aperitif rather than digestif. Then you get the sex AND the dinner- eating above and below board.

Sex and alcohol... I don't like drinking enough to not be able to drive, so I think this is not an issue I usually deal need to deal with.


@Third Wave Housewife No! I don't see the need to imbibe in order to release my inhibitions. Maybe it's just that I don't have any? I love the taste of a gin martini, and drink them for the pure pleasure of it, but they get me very very tipsy and I'd never drink one if I planned on having sex afterwards. I generally just like to be coddled after a martini or two, eventually guided home for a good night's sleep afterwards. (Now everyone who sees me drinking a martini with my BF will go, "Aw... poor fella, not gonna get lucky tonight." Haha.) A tiny glass of saké is okay, though, if I feel like doing the date night ritual of a cocktail before getting sexy. But generally, I do not drink and "drive" my BF. ;)

Veronica Mars is smarter than me

@PistolPackinMama This was Dan Savage's Valentine's Day date advice. Sex before going out to dinner! He's absolutely right.

Heat Signature

In this article, Dr. Ruth both quoted Frankie Goes to Hollywood AND said "that dent was talking and writing about sex". I truly hope that I am half as awesome as she is when I'm 84.


Can't you already buy this at every grocery store?


Dr. Ruth is a family friend, and is wonderful, but this wine thing seems a bit misguided.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@darklingplain WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT


@darklingplain Dude! We need stories.


@darklingplain Now would be a really good time to muse on that family friendship. Right here. In this here thread. Muussseeee.


@darklingplain ::strokes non-existent beard:: ... GO ONNNNNNN.


I actually don't have that many fun stories! She (understandably) doesn't like to mix work with her personal life that much, so it's not like she's handing out sex advice right and left. She's a very sweet woman, and she can never say no to anything free, so she has like bags of pens and hotel shampoos and stacks of books that people give her, which she then gives to us to get rid of. And I can tell people that I spit up on Dr. Ruth as a baby, which is a fun story I guess!


Dr. Ruth, I get your point, but what's to stop me from drinking twice as much to get to the right level of drunk?
Then I'll be sloppy AND having to piss like a racehorse every five minutes, neither of which make for sexy sex outside of Cancun Spring Break '99.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

I will love her forever, low-alcohol wine be damned! Rock on with your awesome self, Dr. Ruth.


This is a major plot point on the Real Housewives of Vancouver. One of the housewives creates a wine called Rehab with a lower percentage of alcohol so you can drink more without getting as sleepy/hungover/fat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2huk-Vopy8k

ms. alex

No. I went to a bar last night whose MO was apparently "low-alcohol," and it was useless. Seriously, the long island iced teas weren't even boozy.

ETA: I guess what I'm trying to say is that if I'm going to drink, I want to feel it. Otherwise I'll just have something less expensive. So bring on the regular strength wine!


Actually, ngl, I'd be curious to try. I'm on so many crazy-person drugs that I can only have a teeny-tiny amount of 'regular' wine (and honestly, shouldn't really have any) and it gets me as tipsy as 2+ glasses used to pre-meds. It would be nice to have the option of having a glass of wine with dinner (or "out on the town") without as much worry about getting smashed.

Related pro-tip: don't drink wine + champagne + a cocktail at brunch on your 21st birthday, especially if you're in a SPINNING RESTAURANT and your brain is crazy.


Has anyone tried that "skinny grape" wine? Turns out, reason it's so "skinny" is that it has less alcohol (which has 7 cal/gm compared to carbohydrates' 4). Hey, if I wanted to drink a whole bottle of nothing and be sober I'd drink water, amirite?

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