Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Dave Hill's Tasteful Nudes: THE Interview

Dave Hill's book of personal essays, Tasteful Nudes, came out today. If you're in a bad mood, or place, just pick it up! Boom. Problems temporarily solved. Not to give everything away, but here are some things about Dave: dude worked at a homeless shelter, opened for Slash, went on a nudist cruise as a non-nudist, grew up in a big Catholic family in Cleveland, drove a pedicab, was depressed at times but had family to lean on who weren't all like "AH! You're leaning on me! Stop leaning on me!" He's like Bill Bryson, except not. We chatted about it.

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Katie Heaney


I screamed, I really did, this is the best convergence of my interests in many moons


This was a great post@v


Dave Hill is a treasure.


Crush on Mr. Hill is 800% stronger.


I like the audio interviews a lot. Listen while you work!


I am also against your mom dying Dave. Sorry about that :(


I really want to see a Table of Contents before I buy the e-version, but nobody seems to have that up yet. Maybe somebody can answer my burning question for me, which I was only going to get at indirectly with the T o C anyway:
do you need to know a lot of 80s culture and Americana and care about that sort of thing in order to enjoy the book? or not so much?
Usually I like just about anything The Hairpin recommends, but was bored stiff by Rob Sheffield and couldn't finish the book and felt like I wasted my $$ -- probably because I didn't grow up in the US during that period and almost all those bits of pop culture (except the existence of the cassingle!) mean nothing to me. Really want to like Dave Hill's book but concerned the same thing will happen. Groundless worry?
thanks, anyone who has read a bit of this book!

Jane Marie

@harebell The essays are way more personal and relatable, you'll love it. I'd say there are two chapters that mention bands you might not have heard of, but they're not crucial to the stories.


@Jane Marie great, thanks for the clarification, I'm going to get it!
(& it sounds like, if anything, the book may send me off to happily go listen to the bands...)

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