Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Come On In. In. In. In.

Here's all you need to know to enjoy this mix: So this one guy started an indie record label in the '90s. Back then, people used to get record deals by sending "demos" of their music to people like him, rather than just making an incredible YouTube video or however it is that people get record deals these days. Anyway! This guy took his job very seriously and actually listened to all the demos people sent in, even though he knew most of them were going to be pretty bad. It's called statistics, people. Now here is where it gets fun: some of the songs were so wrong, they were actually PERFECT and stuck in his head, so today he's sharing them with the world. He even made a list of where they came from and favorite lines. There are so many quotables that this post could have been a 3,000 word spoiler, but we'll just let you enjoy the surprises. Occasionally NSFW.

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America is a hamburger, indeed.


Genious idea with the demo tape vibe@v


Doseone is the bomb dot comb. Straight up.


@ohpioneer dot com, darnit.


@ohpioneer I don't know, I like yours better.


@ohpioneer Yes Doseone #1. Remember when he and The Notwist got together? That was like my favorite worlds collided to make a kind of boring record but were still awesome live!


@AmyDun 13 & God made 2 records together and I found them both to be quite entertaining THANK YOU VERY MUCH. I guess I do tend to listen to either really intense or really mellow stuff, above all else though anything creepy sounding is good to me. And those albums have some creepiness happening. (sorry for yelling)


@whizz_dumb You're right - 2 records that sort of meshed together in my memory BUT I obviously was "into it." I just wasn't as blown away as I was by either performer on their own way back when. It's okay if you wanna yell, you is passionate, I get it. And I definitely agree about the creepiness. But remember how ridic Neon Golden was when it came out? That was a non-stop play for years, no?

What else do you listen to? I'm in the market for mellow. I'll show you mine if you show me yours!


@AmyDun Still rockin' the 13 and God. Hard.


@AmyDun Well I slept on it, and I agree Neon Golden was a mind-blowing mainstay but The Devel + You and Me is what I turn to now for fully Notwist things, it's so complex and layered and shizz. Other stuff? The new Mount Eerie album Clear Moon, on repeat. By design (I believe), it's like nature: mostly pleasant and beautiful with gusts here and there, occasional storms, and the full-on wrath of the wild. Also every Califone album.


@whizz_dumb YES Califone. Totally. Yes. And Mount Eerie -- one of those albums I missed along the way so definitely am going to check it out, like now. THANKS! Will report back.


I read the tag as "ask a hamburger" and I got really excited for hamburger advice. Hamburger, my boyfriend of 5 years dumped me over the weekend. Does dijon or stoneground go better with tears?

New Commenter Name

I have good news for you. Here you can find Dijon Stoneground. That's one less decision you have to fret over. Another bonus is that you can say the brand name with an angry voice every time you see it in the refrigerator and make yourself laugh.
^I do this every time. It never gets old (for me) although my husband and kids may disagree.


@christonacracker - You want to skip the condiments, eat it open face, and pile those raw onions high. You can blame your tears on the sulfuric acid.


@Curiouser and curiouser There wasn't really a question, I'm going to eat Plochmann's which is stoneground horseradish mustard. Also, I'm assuming you're a hamburger since you just gave me the advice I requested.

New Commenter Name

I am indeed a hamburger.


Dang. That was an aural treat. I've never heard so much fabulous rapping in one place!


This is the best thing I've encountered today. So many highlights. "She's got curves! And angles! That drive me wild!"


That first one sounds like a rap from some insipid children's program -- like a bad Sesame Street knock-off trying to teach kids the difference between "in" and "out," or something. It could totally go, "In. In. In. Come on in. Now you're in! Let's go out. Out. Out. Now we're out!"


the only mixtape i've ever heard that rivals this was thrust into my hands on a chicago bus by man who had pant pockets overflowing with cassettes. it has "city mix" scrawled on the front with a ballpoint pen rendition of a scorpion. it is now a standard dance mix at my place, and consists of samples of (mostly) well known early 90s jams. this is so fantastic because it's all so new! and bizarre! move over, city mix!


The track listed as being by "Ninja Star" is totally 8-bit. They were an LA group popular around 2004. They dressed as robots and were actually pretty awesome and hilarious.


Haha, "popular." I meant "active." They were active around 2004. I actually have an 8-bit poster that my friend made for one of their shows on my wall right now! This makes me cool.

tea tray in the sky.

If anyone didn't make it far enough to hear the "Fuck the Snow" song, go to 2:20. You won't regret it.

tea tray in the sky.

20:20, I MEANT 20:20

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