Monday, May 21, 2012


"Take a Step That Is New..."

Hi everyone! You may remember me from such pieces as "Really Good Books About Getting Your Oil Changed," "Something Something Canada," "Fire: How It Can Solve All of Your Problems," and "The Best Time I Sold My Baby to a Celebrity So I Could Buy an Apron From Anthropologie."

At any rate, I am very happy to tell you that I will be officially and formally joining Edith and Jane on staff as your very own Books Editor, which certainly would have been my childhood dream, had the concept of lady-blogging in a community of like-minded individuals existed at that point in history.

(Which is not to say I won't have the occasional thing to say about Doctor Who and campaign finance reform and the correct way to slice a mango and Kathy Bates' performance in Fried Green Tomatoes, naturally.)

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The Lady of Shalott

What wonderful news! Yaaay Nicole!!!!

Cat named Virtute

YES! This is the best news I've heard all weekend. Hooray for more Nicole!

Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

Yay! Welcome aboard!

Now you have to deal with my dumb jokes all the time.

Oh, squiggles

Mondays can be hard, but good news always helps! Yay Nicole!




A Lovecraftian tag to this post?
They have chosen...wisely.

Barry Grant

@applestoapples Cthulu help me, I thought it was from the "Three's Company" theme song...
"Come and knock on our door
Take a step that is new ..."


@Barry Grant Oh, the title of this post most definitely is. I was talking about the "Yog-Sothoth save you" tag.

Barry Grant

@applestoapples Whew!

Jolie Kerr



Oh, we're going to talk about babies SO MUCH now.

Probably not, but I'm happy for you!


@iceberg I was psyched for Nicole anyway, but ESPECIALLY if it means more babies!

PS-Kathy Bates is awesome in everything. Did you see her as Gertrude Stein in Midnight in Paris? Oh Kathy Bates.

Speaking of cake, I have cake

@SarahP She was one of the better things about that movie for sure


@SarahP That movie made me want a biopic about F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald starring Tom Hiddleston and Alison Pill so bad. Hollywood, please make it happen!


@lobsterhug After watching both that and Avengers this weekend, I really just want everything to star Tom Hiddleston. But yeah, your biopic idea would be amazing (though sad!).


@SarahP I saw Avengers too this weekend. Tom Hiddleston! He was freaking amazing. If he's in Midnight in Paris, I might actually see it.

Nicole Cliffe

@SarahP ahhhhhhh I just saw Avengers and have a lot of feelings, especially (for) Thor and (about) the Hulk.


@Nicole Cliffe I have zero feelings for Thor and am beginning to think I'm the only straight girl I know who doesn't. But Tony Stark <3 <3 <3

Nicole Cliffe

I picture Tony Stark having a recording of himself that he listens to while making love, a la GOB in "Arrested Development," though!


@Nicole Cliffe It would be super high tech. I'd probably be impressed by it.

Speaking of cake, I have cake

Welcome Nicole! Next post: your super-cute baby's favourite books. Solid and squishy categories inclusive.

oh well never mind

@Speaking of cake, I have cake
Yesterday my two-year-old nephew taught me about the Gruffalo and how he loves roasted fox. You learn something every day..!
P.S. Yay congrats Nicole!



hooray Nicole!


Best news! More Nicole always!


also campaign finance reform. I'm down with that.


@redheaded&crazie me too! (YAY!)


If you want to actually write Something Something Canada, I will totally read it. Just sayin'.

PS: Wahoo!


@crookedlegs oh i pretty much just ctrl+f the internet for canada. it's usually disappointing, but i think i'll start to get more hits now!


@redheaded&crazie No results found for: Canada.

Did you mean: United States / America / Amurrica / The Most Beautiful and Wonderful Fantastic Country in the Whole World, The United States of America Land of the Free

(no offense to America. I love America! As much as a socialist-commie Canadian can.)


@redheaded&crazie Sometimes I browse the NYT Canada tab, just to hear other people talk about Canada. Like an article about Insite, which found the idea of publicly funded healthcare so wackily charming!


@redheaded&crazie OH MY MONDAY. I did not ever know that you could just ctrl+f on a website like that. I use it all the time in office; never even occurred to me to use it online! I feel wowed!

But on a complete thread-jacking side note, how many times have you been doing something IRL, like cooking, effed up, and the first thought was "CTRL+Z! CTRL+Z! Oh crap I can't!"


@sox ...so many times.


@iceberg ...all the time.

Disco Sheets

YAY!!! CONGRATS! So excited for more books and more adorable babies.



sarah girl

I actually gasped and went "yay!!" out loud at work! This is awesome news! Can't wait for more books and babies :)


Yaaay! This is the greatest news! More Nicole! More books!

Heat Signature

But also hopefully other posts not related to books, because I enjoy your writing and while I like books, I don't have time for them other than in audio form.

Heat Signature

@Heat Signature And I see that you have already assuaged my concern, had I been more closely paying attention.


Awesome--congratulations! The prospect of reading more about books is very exciting. Yay!

Katie Heaney

yay Nicole, yay!!!! <3


Yay Nicole! What a wonderful way to end Monday :D Yay!




@nyikin Srsly. What about da ponies?




@nyikin Yeah, my first thought was yay! And my second thought was, what about horses?!?!

Nicole Cliffe

@nyikin I am driving to Loma, Colorado tomorrow to deliver my pony to a little girl WHO DOES NOT KNOW HE IS COMING, BECAUSE IT IS A SURPRISE FROM HER MOM. Can you believe it? I am now happy that I bought a second horse I did not need, because I get to give a little girl a surprise pony.


@Nicole Cliffe If 6 year olds can have heart attacks from joy, I think she's going to.


Yay, congratulations!


yay! I thought you already had some sort of official position? Anyway, I love your pieces and can't wait to see more! Also: post a photo of your adorable girl now and then? please!


Yay, so exciting! I can't wait to add to the giant box of unread books you've already recommended. Soon I shall be done with boards and will do nothing but read Nicole Cliffe Approved Literature.


Oh, yay! Nicole, you're my favorite! You know, and Edith and Jane, too, but really it's you (and Edith and Jane).


Can we talk about how to slice a mango, please?? Omg.


@Lila Fowler Girl, I try to cut it that way and it never works. Most of the time I just eat the meat from the peel like an animal.


@likethestore They should retitle that, "How to cut a mango, if it is perfectly ripe, and you didn't buy it half-green in a grocery store in New England."


@likethestore Likewise.


Congratulations, Nicole! I'm so glad to hear this!

Jane Err

Made my week. Yay!

oh, disaster

Yayyy Nicole! Fantastic news!


Yarooooooooooooooooo!!!! :D



Vera Knoop

Hooray Nicole! Hooray The Hairpin! O happy day!

Cat Jail

Congratulations! How wonderful! (No sarcasm!)


Do you really know how to slice a mango?!


@thisisunclear This is precisely what I came here to say. I ate one yesterday and knew there had to be a better method than I was using.

And congrats of course, Nicole!


@thisisunclear I know! You slice the sides off cleanly so you have two little mango bowls. And then you slice around the pit. And then you can use a spoon and spoon out the delicious mango - there's no need to chop it up or anything.

My grandmother MAILS me Alphonso mangoes from India by the crateload when they're in season (which is now!) How they make it through customs baffles me, especially when US law expressly forbids it.

Even though they're illegal and half rotten by the time they reach here, they're SO GOOD you guys - I've been eating about three a day.


You go grrrrl. Do yo thang.


Whoa whoa whoa there. Hold up. There is a right way to slice a mango? I always thought it went "clumsily cut the skin off, lose lots of precious mango while simultaneously leaving lots of the skin. Start cutting down in strips towards the pit, in a diamond pattern, as you’ve seen in pictures and stuff. Give up on that, start just chopping pieces randomly, cut yourself (always). Bleeding, wild-eyed, start gnawing on the mango pit. End up frustrated, left with a haphazard pile of mango pieces, covered in mango pulp and juice, and a pile of skin and pit that seems much larger than the mango when you started, and definitely much larger than your pile of edible mango pieces. Weep.”

maybe partying will help

Yay Nicole! BOOKS EDITOR. /mad jelly


This is great news! Nicole, I love your book lists and your writing, and especially your perspective on having babies. I want to have some babies and your take on motherhood, as well as the comments from other 'Pinners, have helped me deal with the fear of "what if it doesn't change my life like the world tells me it will?" I like you.


@puppyemissary i like this comment.


Aww, brilliant! Way to go, lady!


Best news ever!


Yay! But does this mean your Tumblr is going full mommyblog? I mean, that's fine and all, I just feel it's slightly unseemly for 28 year old unmarried dudes to spend more than, say, 0 seconds a week reading about strangers' babies. I guess I'm old fashioned like that.

Nicole Cliffe

@stuffisthings I'm so torn. I actually do not want to mommyblog beyond infancy, because it's sketchy, but The Hairpin is my home, so it may just get retired and live on in petrified form.


@Nicole Cliffe

And this too! In addition to being a smart, funny, good writer with delightfully eclectic taste in literature, you are clearly a responsible caring parent. (It IS sketchy!)


Huzzah! Between this news and Jolie's book deal, it's clearly been a banner week for the Hairpin writers! (Let's hope some of that good juju rubs off on the commenters too?....)


@SuperGogo Cannot agree strongly enough. I could use some good juju at some point this year.

Nicole Cliffe

@SuperGogo Book deals and sustaining employment for all! I WANT AN ESTATE JEWELRY MOVIE.


@Nicole Cliffe OMG, I hope it would be a period murder mystery. I would totally watch that.


@Ophelia I always read "period murder" as a crime of menstruation.


@Nicole Cliffe YAY! I can't wait to [NEVER AGAIN] imply someone needs to call DSS on you, parent of an adorable baby!

Also, an Estate Jewelry Movie Scandals of Classic Hollywood MASHUP.

(I'll be Liz Taylor) (And Katherine Hepburn)




Why aren't I home watching Fried Green Tomatoes right now!?!?

This is wonderful news!



Reginal T. Squirge

Sell out.

Nicole Cliffe

@Reginal T. Squirge baby, you're a rich man / baby you're a rich man now

I smell burnt toast

Oh my gosh … YAY!


oh! hooray! so excited - I assume/hope this means more pictures of your delightful baby? (hint: the answer is yes)


I am pleased and excited!


Wonderful! I'm very happy for you and for us. Celebratory beers all round!

You'll be sorry Jo March



This is excellent news! I can't wait for the books and the Everything!!!


NICOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLE!!! Yay! I am so happy that you are legally a part of the 'Pin for always and always and always. Now you can never leave us!!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Nicole Cliffe

@wee_ramekin (elaborate Twilight Zone reference about breaking my reading glasses when there was FINALLY TIME ENOUGH) xoxox


Nicole + books + The Hairpin = Pure delight!


yaaaaaaay Nicole! your writing is one of my favorite parts of the Hairpin.


I was just thinking, "1:30... time to forgo actual work and check the Hairpin. Maybe if I'm lucky Nicole will have posted a new reading list." And lo! Best news. Incidentally, my husband has integrated the term "Cliffe Fund" into our household vernacular. As in: "More books? Why does this one have a british postmark? Oh, it's about growing up in the Bloomsbury group? Well, I hope you paid for it out of the Cliffe Fund."


Yes! Congratulations, Nicole. Please give us more horse things as soon as possible.

Mrs. Hutchinson

Excellent! You have brought both Villette and Outlander into my life (and my mom's life, since I passed them along) and for that you will always be awesome. Can't wait to see more from you!


Congrats! You certainly deserve it, your book posts are all wonderful.


What excellent news for any day but especially Monday!


Phew! When I saw the 'Announcement' heading and your name under it I got a terrible sinking feeling that maybe you were leaving us! This is infinitely better news, and I shall go away now and work on my kneejerk pessimism. Love the book posts!


Yaaayyy! I have benefited from your book reviews on so many occasions! Hurray for more!


Yay! I really enjoy reading your posts. (Not that I don't enjoy others'! Just, yours are nice. As is your Tumblr.)


I like you and this is excellent news.



I love everyone, but I am always the most delighted by Nicole's articles. I feel like all the contributors are friends and acquaintances, but I want to be Nicole's Bestie. IS THAT WEIRD?!

Springtime for Voldemort

Congratulations! I LOVE your stuff.

Can we please have a "book you need to read in order to live in society as an aware and often-bitchy person" thread, please?

sudden but inevitable betrayal

WOOHOO!!! This is excellent news!


Yay! I love your posts. This is fantastic news, congratulations!


I vote **YES** to Doctor Who discussions!! [But my evil cat votes *EXTERMINATE*]


WONDERFUL. Nicole, you are so refreshing and your posts always make me smile. Glad to hear you're on board permanently!


OMG, Nicole!!! I'm so happy for you! And for us!!! Congratulations!

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