Wednesday, May 23, 2012


And the Best Room Fan Is...

Do you need a new fan for summer because, say, your old white one is so dirty you're almost ashamed to throw it out in front of your own building? The Wirecutter is on top of this problem.

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Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood

when i clicked on this link i was expecting like edith getting a makeover to look like Lisa or something.

im sad now

Nate Jones@facebook

@Josh is like Germany Ambitious and Misunderstood YOU AHR TEARING ME APAART, EDITH!


Fortunately, we don't need a new fan because my boyfriend's dad gave him a large semi-unnecessary swamp cooler for his birthday last year, and it is pretty great. But I remember reading something a while back about swamp coolers being potentially deadly? And yeah, everything is potentially deadly, like lemons in ice water and whatever, but I don't want to go look the info up again because if I read it then it will come true, while if I sit here and ignore it we'll be fine! And cooled with the power of a thousand swamps!


@frigwiggin I have a hard time believing in a world where putting a fan next to a wet blanket can be deadly.

Porn Peddler

I have a perfectly adequate box fan and more windows than I can deal with. Thing I also have? Central air. Thing I don't have? The disposable income to turn my central air on.

Lily Rowan

I seriously may just go buy this fan this weekend. I need a new fan! And am easily overwhelmed by choices. Thanks, Wirecutter!


I need oscillation.


I have and love this fan, but can't figure out how to open it up for cleaning so now it is quite dusty, which is probably killing me, and definitely gross. help!


@LizHo I had success using a prying/forcing motion to get it open. I don't know if we have exactly the same model, but, on mine, the inner circle/cylinder comes out of the outer circle/cylinder. OK, I'm going to go research careers in technical writing now . . .


We bought this fan last year, and now the highest setting feels like the lowest setting did when we first bought it. But it was really excellent for the first 9 months.

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