Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Addicted to the Piers

"This short three-page story chronicles Jeannie's two brief romances with navy men, Bill and Bob."

Was your long weekend/Fleet Week anything like Jeannie's? Vintage romance comic treasure trove Sequential Crush is holiday appropriate as ever.

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My favorite part is when she says not even Chinese people can use chopsticks.


My weekend was almost as good. I went on a date with an OKCupid boy and then he invited me to go see Radiohead with him tonight!


@Slutface Hilarious! I just had an OKC date, too, and I'm going to Radiohead tonight, too. He said he wants to scalp a ticket, since I don't have an extra, so it's less awesomesauce for him than for you, apparently. But possibly the best thing about the Radiohead show tonight? The party bus to and from Boston. (I'm so excited, I'm so, so scared).


I literally can't tell those dudes apart so I have no idea which one came back for her... does it even matter?


Im going to go with Mr. Chopsticks, but honestly I have no clue.


@iceberg It was Seaman Bob from Little Rock - Bill was an officer. It doesn't really matter, though.


@Bittersweet ahh good point! Well spotted.


I read this hed as "Addicted to the Pies" at first. I'm not totally disappointed. But a little disappointed.

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@boyofdestiny I agree. This comic needs more pie.


@sudden but inevitable betrayal "I agree. This comic everything needs more pie."



But...but...Bob is going to leave too! He can't just not go back, he'd be in huge trouble, right? I think this is a sad story.


@EKPinc "I know we've only known each other for 6 hours, but I would go AWOL for you!"


@meetapossum Well, I suppose she does make everything seem like "fairyland"....rules like 12-hr leave don't apply!


My personal favorite part is the ship that is "wailing mournfully" (WHOOOO)


@Elleohelle I really like "the lonely young girl's sorrowing heart turns inward..."


I really like the judgmental floating ghost head.


@talie That just represents pier pressure.




@saythatscool Ugh. I'm docking you 2 Likes for that lame pun.


@boyofdestiny "docking"

sudden but inevitable betrayal

@iceberg All of you, to the brig.


@sudden but inevitable betrayal Are you saying that these puns are verboaten?


@talie Can I make one more pun to tide me over?


@talie Do you follow the Comically Vintage Tumblr? I floating heads of judgment are some of my favorites.



If you do, you'll be shunned by your pier group.

And that would a be a pair o' docks.


"I've just finished hearing that sad song before"? I don't think English is Jeannie's first language. Or this really takes place at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe.


This totally reminded me of the scene from "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" when Francie meets that creep on leave and they go get chop suey, and then he tries to guilt her into giving up her flower. And she promises to wait for him forever and then his wife sends her a letter that's all "thanks for showing my husband a good time! Sorry he pretended to be in love with you so you would bang him!" And she cries a lot. Anyone else?

The Lady of Shalott

@LMac YES, TOTALLY, it reminds me of that. But France is awesome, and she's like "yeah, I don't think so" and I'm not sure if this lady is quite so awesome.

George Templeton Strong

On the second page, in the panel before they get to the restaurant and Jeanie reveals that not even the Chinese use chopsticks anymore (HOW WOULD SHE KNOW?) there's a street scene that demonstrates that the Chinese also don't use Chinese characters in their signage anymore. I like the 'Italia" street dancing scene. I often go to what's left of Little Italy and just grab a random stranger and bust my best Tarantella moves. And as for New York being a fairyland when viewed from the Empire State Building...that actually becomes more apparent at ground level, Sailor Bob from Little Rock.

George Templeton Strong

@George Templeton Strong And re: the chopsticks. Given that Sailor Bob from Little Rock is on shore leave (meaning he's in transit) in the summer of 1970, and he confesses he's tried to use chopsticks before and can't, isn't it possible that he has actually been to Southeast Asia? And it wasn't fun?


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