Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Accessorizing Your Library Book About Snow or Ice

"I've recently started a project called Icepo! where I am drawing Icelandic pony stickers which I then mail to people for placement inside of library books related to snow or ice. It is, hopefully, a nice surprise for the next person who checks out the book."

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Good thing I clicked the link before I made an indignant comment about what a dick move it is to vandalize a library book. This is delightful!


@boyofdestiny Agreed! This is adorable.


@boyofdestiny haha same. I wish they were on plain stickers though, i really dislike the priority mail stuff and it interferes w the awesomeness of the drawings.


@iceberg Weirdly, I kind of liked the priority mail part? I like when art is layered over existing, prosaic stuff.

Tragically Ludicrous

Icelandic ponies are the beeeeeest and I don't even like horses very much. They're so pretty and neat and not-giant.


"...until they realize that most of the library shelves are empty and the building is only open for two hours a week to be used as an Internet lounge...."


@atipofthehat Put a pony sticker on your iced coffee. You can buy it at the Starbucks where the periodicals used to be.


I'm always grateful to the people who leave their bookmarks behind in library books. I always need bookmarks.


Wait, so the drawings are on priority mail stickers? Which people then put in a library book? Which then another person finds and...uses to send a package? I feel dumb for being as confused as I am.


I like how I get the Odysseo ad with this article.


I just sent this to a friend who is both a librarian, and an artist, and who has used stickers as a way of promoting his graphic design work. I anticipate he orders a bunch.


I love this! Everybody needs a little more happy ponies in their lives.


What if I would like to accessorize my library book about fire AND ice? Or even about a song of them?


...See, at first I read that as "Icelandic porn stickers" and I was trying to figure out what would differentiate it from the usual kind. They're bangin' on a fjord?


@Bitterblue Ejaculate = lava?

Inspector Tiger

@Bitterblue Well that's what we have Game of Thrones for, don't we?


Interesting idea, thanks for sharing caravan


amethyst-paste carving is Lord Horatio Nelson. It seems to match up with many of his portraits.obat hipertensi

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