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Unpublished Grief Memoirs That Are Less Inspiring Than Cheryl Strayed’s Wild

1. Crunch: One Woman’s Empowering Struggle to Eat Nothing But Cracklin’ Oat Bran For Two Months Without Getting Scurvy or Losing Weight

2. Ooze: One Woman’s Significant Realization That Her Hair Will Never Actually Self-Wash, No Matter How Much Apple Cider Vinegar Rinsing is Involved

3. Squee: One Woman’s Self-Actualized Discovery That the ‘Complete Gilmore Girls‘ Comes in a Set That Looks Like a Lunchbox

4. Slurp: One Woman’s Tireless Quest to Figure Out Which Lower East Side Restaurants Relax Their BYOB Policy If You Are Crying

5. Stab: One Woman’s Brave Attempt to Rewash Plastic Takeout Utensils in Her Dishwasher

6. Gouge: One Woman’s Failed Lifelong Commitment to Not Getting Hit With Tax Penalties for Yanking Money Out of Her 401(k) to Put First and Last Month’s Rent Down on a Studio Apartment

7. Croon: One Woman’s Difficult Acceptance That She is Neither Tegan Nor Sara

8. Burn: One Woman’s Fervent Mission to Buy Four Consecutive Issues of Runner’s World Without Ever Once Going for a Run

9. Rewind: One Woman’s Very Public Campaign to Warn Other Recently Single People That Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a Snuff Film

10. Blush: One Woman’s Late in Life “AHA Moment” That the “PCT” is the Pacific CREST Trail, Not the Pacific COAST Trail

Seriously, though, you should definitely read Wild. It’s great.


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