Monday, April 16, 2012


The Weekend in Doll-Head News

On Gizmodo, Mike Senese made extraordinary Ice Cubes Shaped Like Tiny Baby Heads, and in the Bronx I found these doll-head wine goblets (no, they are planters) at a botanic-garden gift shop.

Plus, since that joke is likely on its last legs or has in fact been sitting down for months (as we all have been), here's a bonus guide to making voodoo dolls, from the New Orleans Voodoo Museum

News you can use.

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So, I didn't really want to share this link, because it's close to my heart and I don't want her to blow up or anything (selfish!), but:


@hotdog OLIVIA THE UPTOWN CHICKEN! These are awesome/terrifying, thank you for sharing!



There go Edith's retirement savings....

A Dolly

@hotdog ahhhhh I bought Marcie the Quat!! She's blowing up.


I have not been careful enough with my fingernail clippings. I've just been throwing them in the trash like a damned fool!


@Godsauce@twitter Wait, I thought they meant to put the nail clippings of the person the doll represents inside it? So always, always destroy all your nail clippings lest someone tries to put on the Gris-Gris.


@sox My apartment is going to smell great once I start burning all my nail clippings. Delicious!


"Who are you and why are you rubbing that doll against me?"
"Shh, Jude Law, shh. Let's just have this moment."


GUYS. Lamia in Stardust DID NOT DO IT RIGHT.


Oh, those look like perfectly fine goblets. (Or steins? You could fit a lot of beer in those planter doll heads.) p.s. I am so delighted that the ice cube doll head horror I stumbled upon can be shared with the 'Pinner community. Makes the nightmares worth it.

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