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The History of the Cellphone

Year: 2001
Model: Nokia 5510

Characteristics: Predictive text, Bluetooth compatible, features first-of-its-kind music player.

User Profile: 17-year-old high school graduate waiting for college to start. Went through high school as That Girl Who Is Always Saying "You guys, I have to get home by 12. Seriously though. It's 11:45 p.m. My parents are going to murder me. Jon Benet-style. Guys, seriously. I have church tomorrow. Seriously." Upon high school graduation, this model was used as both a reward and a ploy to ensure 17-year-old girl keeps in touch with her parents while away at college.

Memory: Device was used for a month and a half period. During this time, the 17-year-old always hoped that this One Guy would call. He didn't, but at that point it was okay because no one was really calling or texting, it was more of an analyze-his-AIM-away-message-for-substantive content kind of world.

Bugs: Upon arriving at college, the 17-year-old learned that there were no towers for cell phones in the picturesque Southern Mountain town she was to reside within. The realization that the gift had been a short-term con was only ameliorated by her asshole decision to maybe never call her parents basically ever. 

Year: 2002
Model: Motorola Flip

Characteristics: Built in camera, flip-phone. Predictive Text. Speakerphone.

User Profile:  After a year of radio silence, the advent of towers at small picturesque Southern mountain town coalesced with her desperate parents' desire to know that their child was alive, and an 18-year-old jerk was issued a second phone on the family plan.

Memory: It was rarely used, except for once when the 18-year-old jerk picked it up in the middle of a sorority meeting and had a full-on conversation with her mom about her week. This had less to do with the 18-year old’s continued jerk-ish behavior, and more to do with her feelings about being in a sorority.

Bugs: No passcode required. After the 18-year-old jerk experimented with tequila, she called That One Guy from high school and berated him between fits of weeping for a total of one hundred and twenty phone-to-phone minutes. The next day his girlfriend called to make sure the 18-year-old jerk was okay.

Year: 2006
Model: Virgin Pay N’ Go

Characteristics: Contract free, no SIM card, disposable.

User Profile: A 22-year-old grad student gets own phone plan but keeps her old number because the last four digits are the year the plague struck medieval Spain. Makes thirty dollars a week as a grad student and feasts upon a mixed diet of own tears and sometimes grilled almost-cheese. Company shuts off phone and while the 22-year-old grad student had gathered enough to pay the bill itself, she didn't have enough to pay the reactivation fee. Much yelling of the evil of feudal lords was uttered nonsensically.

Memory: Purchased at now-defunct union Square Virgin Superstore. The pay n’ go was a disposable phone, or, as the kids said, a "burner." People kept asking her if she was A) a drug dealer or B) Veronica Mars. The 22-year-old grad student responded with, "Whatever you guys, it looks awesome and spies have them." Clearly an attempt to convince herself it was awesome when really the opposite of this was the case. Also, 22-year-old grad student missed her old phone number, as “7728” had no interesting trivia associated with it, being nothing other than the numerical component of the “7728 Gimblin," the main belt-asteroid discovered in the early '70s.

Bugs: Sent out a mass text telling everyone her new number, hoping that This Other Guy would take this as incentive to call and ask her out on a date. Instead this girl she knew through another girl texted and said "Who is this?" The 22-year-old grad student recycled the phone when she realized it was a money pit, and borrowed money to reactivate the old account. Sent out another mass text being all "JK, my number has not changed," which nobody responded to.

Year: 2008
Model: iPhone, the original

Characteristics: Apple’s original, all-in-one smartphone device.

User Profile: The 24-year-old graduate student sees that This Dirty Writer Guy she wanted to go sailing and procreate and buy golden retrievers with got an iPhone and played with it all the time. She liked how it gave her the opportunity to stare at his incongruously super-long and beautiful eyelashes — why do guys who look like Hemingway's manlier brother always have those?

Memory: Used her tax refund to buy one and so form object transference connection with Dirty Writer Guy. The next month the new model came out, which he quickly purchased. The 24-year-old graduate student co-slept in her lofted Ikea bed with her outdated model, and when her Astoria apartment became infested with mosquitoes used its light to spot them for strategic murdering purposes. She took the case off for the first time while in Tennessee for a friend's wedding to listen to music in the car. On the walk from the car to the restaurant where they were all meeting to eat BBQ that Elvis loved, she dropped it face down on the brick walkway and it shattered.

Bugs: The dry rub wasn't even that awesome.

Year: 2009
Model: iPhone 3GS

Characteristics: Apple’s all-in-one, original smartphone, now featuring 3G technology.

User Profile: A 25-year-old unemployed woman, recent recipient of an MFA and a well-timed upgrade policy.

Memory: Had it for a week during which time she was vocally resentful of its new plastic backing. By week two, she hated it. Week three the 25-year-old unemployed woman got drunk on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and took a cab back to Brooklyn where she “totally accidentally” left it the cab, causing many who knew her gently suggest that she give up drinking when she decided to have kids.

Bugs: The 25-year-old unemployed woman called it and called it and finally a man answered — he said "Hello?" and she said "Hello?" and he hung up, but not before she decided that he had sounded just like the actor Justin Long. She deactivated the phone and talked to the customer service agent at Apple about Elvis Costello for a little bit. She has hated Justin Long and appreciated “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding?” ever since.

Year: 2009
Model: iPhone 3GS

Characteristics: Ibid.

User Profile: Ibid.

Memory: While the same model, this phone was proactively treated with respect and maturity by the 25-year-old unemployed woman. She bought it The Best Case — though it was unspeakably ugly — and a matte UV protector for the screen. She texted her best friend on this phone to say she was in love with him, and then they tried to hang out like normal a couple more times but then came the time they split a bottle of rose after seeing a play she wrote with him, and she started yelling at him and realized this wasn't going to work, and they agreed through a slow cessation of calls and texts not to be friends anymore.

Bugs: She walked home from a ridiculous Park Slope bar to her home in Cobble Hill and considered throwing the phone into the Gowanus canal, but that felt like maybe a hollow gesture. She also called her parents on this phone to tell them about the tumor in her brain and they couldn't hear her over the construction happening outside of Beth Israel, so she had to scream that it was benign and that she'd be fine and of course the construction stopped right then. Also This Hot Guy sent her a photo of his junk so that was pretty okay.

Year: 2012
Model: iPhone 4

Characteristics: Apple’s original, all-in-one smartphone, but chunkier, and also without SIRI but with Facetime, which is pretty okay.

User Profile: A 28-year-old woman trapped in a dead-end job with excellent health insurance, divides her time checking device constantly and watching any number of HBO dramedies.

Memory: She bought the white version this time and a white case, and that makes her feel like Karl Lagerfeld for some reason. This Other Kid sent her a really great Facebook message that she read but didn't answer on this phone because she feels like maybe it deserves the full attention of all her digits and also because she is a coward. She bought tickets to Jack White next Friday on this phone, and laughed because it felt just like an Apple commercial.

Bugs: N/A. User does not have the numbers of anyone she doesn’t ever actually speak to on it. Her wallpaper is Woolla from the underappreciated Cinematic Classic, John Carter. Also she found out that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged on this phone, the same day that she also got an email from Astrology Zone letting her know that an important change was in the air — theorizes that she will never have to buy another phone again, and that possibly love is real.

Rebecca Jane Stokes is a writer living in Brooklyn. She's an editor at Fempop, and spends a large amount of her time pretending to be a mildly evil cat on the internet.

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The Lady of Shalott

Ahhhhhhh I had that Nokia phone (ahem in 2004) AND I had an awesome faceplate that was blue with silver stars all over it and I thought I was the Shit.


@The Lady of Shalott pro tip: glitter nail polish on your nokia faceplates for maximum coolness!


@The Lady of Shalott I'm still on a model that looks circa the 2002 one... :(


@The Lady of Shalott Yo, I had the same phone AND faceplate. My ringtone was a tinny version of "Better Off Alone" by Alice Deejay.

Elvis Costello's Spectacles

@marisaissleepy I did the glitter nail polish thing because I have always been achingly hip. My brother, to whom I gave the phone after I got a new one, was not so enamoured with the décor, surprisingly.


@applestoapples Everything about this thread reminds me of Chicago circa 2001. Also I had forgotten about Alice Deejay and that was fine with me.


@The Lady of Shalott I had a Buffy cover for mine!


@DrFeelGood I haven't upgraded much past that (flip phone, what?). Someone at work actually made fun of me for having an unsmart phone, and... seriously? We work in retail, I don't know how you can afford your iPhone anyway, coworker. I am holding out against a smart phone as long as I can because I know once I have one, I will feel like I can't live without it. Right now, I can totally live without it. I didn't even freak out when I forgot my phone in my car today because no one's going to steal it.

Or maybe I'm just trying to make myself feel better about my brokeness.

The Maple Kind

@che We are cut from the same cloth. All my coworkers have smartphones and seem to think my phone is a bit lame. Same as most of my friends. I have the same reasons as you for not having one. I almost got one 6 months ago, but I'm glad I didn't yet.


@The Lady of Shalott Yay! I call my phone a "dumb phone" because it can only text. I am resisting for the same reasons as you. It looks tempting but
A. I don't need to double our monthly cell bill, and
B. I spend enough damn dime on the interwebs.

A lot of people are like HOW CAN YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT IT. Which makes me feel like an old lady, since I'm basically too cheap to get one.


We seem to have forgotten to include:

2005-2012: Old-ass Nokia in lovely little brick format
User Profile: Likes technology, doesn't want people to find her on weekends
Gave it up when: the SIM died, and the phone was too old to be compatible with new ones

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Ophelia Oh man, I read your comment and thought, "How interesting, Ophelia is thinking about the phone he/she will use in the future!" And then I had a capital-M Major Moment when I realized it's 2012 now.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose It's OK. I'm still mourning the loss, and I routinely feel like it's 2007.


@Ophelia Totally had that phone in 2005. I miss its pokey little MIDI ringtone.


@Ophelia Same here! I have only ever had one phone, an old Nokia (a 1112, according to the internet) which used to be my mum's and which she gave to me when I went to university. It has no camera, cannot connect to the internet, and I leave it switched off a lot of the time. It's great.


@Ophelia Yeahhh the Nokia Brick! I still have it. I've dropped it about 80 times but it always comes back on eventually. My mom got it for me (it's pay-as-you-go); I possibly would still not have a cell phone had my mom not forcibly given one to me. Now people *expect* you to have a smartphone. Yeesh.


What was your high score on Snake?

Rebecca Stokes@facebook

@Decca there was a time I'd close my eyes and see it endlessly circling, getting longer and longer. Also Snood.


@Decca the first text I ever sent was to a friend who had a beeper as part of his internship (?!?!?) to tell him that I'd beaten his Snake score. it woke him up, & he was annoyed.


@nonvolleyball I used to use "Hey, can I play Snake on your phone?" as a way to talk to my first crush.

Princess Gigglyfart

I am still using the yellow motorola construction worker phone with the walky-talky function. It is the only phone i've ever had.

It was pretty cool when other people had the phone and could walky-talky with me. Now it's just me and my dad, who always uses the direct connect when i'm trying to get it on. Nothing kills a hot makeout session like the voice of your dad coming from your purse.


RAZR. They're BACK, baby!

The Lady of Shalott

@heb My current phone is a Krazr from 2007. It's still humming along even though my boyfriend complains that sometimes it sends texts to him three times in a row. And it is pretty objectively terrible as a phone.

I'm getting a new one soon. Only part of it is because I'm embarrassed by this one.


@heb YESSS. I was about to be all "Whither the RAZR?" if nobody else had.

I also had a PEBL for a while, which just didn't catch on the same way.


@heb I tended to be a mostly low key, cool with generics teenager, but I HAD to have the pink RAZR. And the gold.


@heb I truly loved my razr. You never had to worry about it accidentally dialing someone from your purse and them overhearing your bitchy conversation about them (this happened to a friend). Flip phones FTW!

The Maple Kind

@omgkitties Sounds just like my sister. That was a cute phone.


I'm a little confused about the 2001 phone--I had that phone, and texting definitely wasn't a "thing" yet because I kept my pager (YOU HEARD ME) for that purpose.


@parallel-lines Same here! I had that phone in 2001 (except mine had an extra piece that flipped down to make it even larger/more cumbersome) And I remember being SHOCKED and CONFUSED when I received my first text from a friend with a newer, flashier phone. And I couldn't respond because my phone didn't have texting capabilities.


@Elleohelle It looks like texting was available on phones long before 2001 but I don't remember it being a popular thing that most people had until 2003(?)ish-and around 2004 I got it only because I got annoyed with getting messages that I couldn't reply to. Is my old person memory totally not working right or did most people have SMS on their phones back in 2001?


@parallel-lines I just went to my LIVEJOURNAL to find the answer to this question (which must be: a really long time ago)


@parallel-lines Agreed. I moved to Dublin in 2001, and I was all, "what? what is this texting thing??" By the time I got back to the US in 2002, I was still a little ahead of the curve (that clearly did not last).


@parallel-lines I think I started texting around 2001 and the rule was you had to end every text to your best friend with the words "luv ya lots like jelly tots" WHYYYYY.


@parallel-lines I was in high school in 2001 (class of '02 REPRESENT), and although some people had cell phones, I don't remember texting being a "thing" until much later, like 2005? Maybe my friends just weren't into it.


@parallel-lines Any time I need a good chuckle, I just look up ma old livejournal.


@parallel-lines LIVEJOURNAL. I love LJ, I mean it is the best place to leave comments and it felt like a real conversation. I still use mine but mostly as my Feed, which again is outmoded but I can’t seem to give up on it. There should be an LJ renaissance.


@Ophelia Yeah, I think that Europe (and I'm sure Asia) were way ahead of the US when it came to the whole texting thing. I don't think I sent or received a text until like 2005 or 06, and even then I was like "why is this happening, why can't these people just call me?"

living internationally

Yes! I went to Boston in 2001 and they were all like what is this texting you speak of and I felt superior in a way that only a 16 year old can about technology


@sovereignann@twitter Yes! I like LJ because you can actually talk to people on it. I still use mine all the time and have lots of friends with whom it's my main source of contact. <3


@thebestjasmine Yes my Euro boyfriend got me into texting in 2000 and we were wayyy ahead of the game in the US. People thought we were so weird for having conversations and arguments and stuff over texts. But I loved it since I have always hated talking on the phone.

The Maple Kind

@thebestjasmine My boyfriend is from South America, and he was texting before he came here in 2003. I remember very little texting until about 2005 or 2006, when I was in college.

nevernude cutoffs

Favorite memory with my Nokia: in 2003 my ringtone was an instrumental cell phone version of "Get Low" by Lil Jon & the East Side Boyz


@nevernude cutoffs Once my husband changed my ringtone to a sample from "Drop It Like It's Hot" (cool) containing the N word (not cool for me, the whitest person). I forgot to change it and thought I might get stabbed when it went off at the supermarket ("well, this is how it ends, stabbed to death in the freezer section at Kroger") but I just got mad side-eye as I scrambled to turn it off.


@iceberg That happened to me...but at work. And I worked in HR. Not good.


@iceberg Similar, but not as bad: My husband had "You Give Love (A Bad Name)" as his ring tone for a while, it was really jarring since it just starts out with Bon Jovi yelling "SHOT THROUGH THE HEART" at top volume. It always went off at inopportune times, like meetings with his company's CEO.


@Tiktaalik My mom's ringtone for my sister is a little made-up song my sister recorded for her, which goes as follows:
"Pick up your PHONE, pick up your PHONE
It's your fav'rite person in the world!
Pick up your PHONE, pick up your PHONE, pick up your PHONE,
It's ME!"

It is simultaneously the cutest and most annoying thing ever.

happy go lucky scamp

@anachronistique i once changed my mum's ringtone to a dalek saying 'exterminate'.
she taught pre-school kids and for the rest of the day they were running around saying 'exterminate exterminate'


"Bugs: The dry rub wasn't even that awesome."



@iceberg Is it weird that I took this to mean something sexual?


Oh, 2001 brick Nokia. I had you until you finally caught on that I was having a sexual-identity-crisis-induced nervous breakdown right at the halfway point of college, at which point you decided to break down right with me, thus forcing me to purchase one of those awful LG Chocolate slider phones, because it was the only thing that came in pink and somehow I thought it would make me more feminine or something, idek.

I'm about to break up with my LG Vortex. The battery life is kind of the worst, and it keeps telling me I have no space left on my SD card or in the phone memory even though I have deleted a zillion apps and cleared the data out of everything except Bejeweled, because goddamn it, I finally made it to a million and I will not let all that hard work go to waste.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Anji Did your pink phone totally judge you? I want to hear how that break up went. Also? Hilarious.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose My pink phone was actually with me all the way through culinary school and my first cooking job! (I wound up dropping out of the college where I had my nervous breakdown, then got my shit together and went back to school a year later.) It took terrible pictures, and I had to text using the numbers, but that pink Chocolate phone helped me figure out phone sex with a girlfriend! And also sexy texting with said girlfriend, but then she dumped me and became a he and every time I used my phone for like a month afterward I would cry. Or at least get sort of teary. Then I went with what I thiiiiiiink was an LG Voyager and it had a touch screen on the front which just mostly confused me.

No more LGs, dammit.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Anji This life-timeline-by-phone is so interesting! I think you need to move on to a nicer phone, something that's not so confusing and works with you, not against you.


@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose I am currently trying to figure out which phone I should buy as A Certified Grownup.

I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

@Anji My first Certified Grownup phone was a BlackBerry Curve, and I still miss the keyboard sometimes when I'm stabbing at my touchscreen. The Internet browser was so primitive, but you never forget your first.


@Anji Mmmm, Bejeweled. God on you, high score!


Is anyone else really tickled that the symbol for "alarm" on your state of the art pocket computer phone is still that old timey alarm you only see in 40's movies?


I am interested in trite symbols being versions no one sees irl anymore. Bunny ear televisions and dial radios are especially rampant in educational material.


@Inkcrafter I worked as a tutor for a long time at a Sylvan, and I was going over this story with a 3rd grader about a phone. It was talking about the dial tone, busy signal, etc. He had NO IDEA what that was even about - I had to walk him over to a landline and tell him how it worked.

There are also loads of assignments where they have to read a letter (really just an image of a handwritten letter within a lesson, kind of like the ones that started off the chapters in Babysitters' Club books), and they didn't understand how that worked either. You mean you had to write it? By hand? And then put it in the mailbox like a bill? And then the other person wouldn't be able to see it for a long time? Why don't they just text each other?


@Tiktaalik I was just on FB all excited about the first five season of original recipe Law and Order being added to my On Demand...and then realized that "they keep stopping at pay phones to return pages!" would be a sentence my own future children will have the same reaction Lisa Simpson did to seeing "Yahoo Serious Festival" on a marquee: "I know those words, but that sign makes no sense."


@JessicaLovejoy I know it's not a symbol but every time I hear that record scratch sound in movies indicating that everything has come to a hilarious stop/quick take I think, "That is just a funny sound to a number of people who don't know what it really is or how devastating that sound could actually be." Yet another note from an older person has been left at The Hairpin...


@JessicaLovejoy Like on every computer system ever, where the 'save' symbol is a floppy disc? And no children have ever seen one? It is weird to me every time I use it.


@Inkcrafter On country roads where I live, the roadsigns for railway tracks are a symbol of an old fashioned choo choo train, complete with steam billowing out the top. Steam engines :)

The Maple Kind

@Tiktaalik That is the one thing that gets me sounding like an old fogey. LETTERS ARE AWESOME. Learn about them, children!


@Inkcrafter And the floppy disk icon for "save" in computer programs. Also, "CC" as how many kids have even seen a carbon copy?


Aw, this is making me remember my "urban" themed cell phone that I had in college, circa 2003. It was the Kyocera Phantom, it came with "graffiti" backgrounds and had generic hip-hop beep boop noises as the default ringtone. I remember thinking it was the ugliest thing around 'cause you could only change this tiny little faceplate around the screen, not the whole face like my cute old Nokia.

Look! You can even see the "graffiti" background: http://www.kyocera-wireless.com/phantom-phone/


I had three Nokias for my first three phones (in six years; replaced them every time the contract was up) and LOVED them. My last one was a black 6085 and I was heartbroken when it stopped working. The ringtone on that? "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)" by Hall & Oates. GET IT.

I replaced it with a Samsung Impression that was more or less dreadful in every conceivable way, and when that stopped working last winter, I got my first Android phone, an LG Optimus Slider. The battery life is terrible and the internal storage is the worst, but WHATEVER, it makes me happy.


Best part about my weird Verizon flip phone that I had in college? West Wing theme music ring tone, obvi.

Also, anyone else keep their long-dead RAZR in the center console of their car, "just in case"? No? Just me?


@alpelican I still have my RAZR in the nightstand at my parents' house even though it hasn't been able to turn on since I decided it would probably be okay to take it into the shower with me if I avoided the water.


@alpelican My husband hacked an old razr we have, so now it will take a SIM from anywhere in the world, which is great! We take it travelling. It now has a battery life of approximately 15 minutes, but that's OK.


@alpelican I do! I really actually do! Except in my glove compartment.


"...it was more of an analyze-his-AIM-away-message-for-substantive content kind of world." I was so into this practice in 2002-2006, it's terrible.


@fabel Oh my glob yes. I did this so much! I even downloaded special add-ons for AIM that would allow you to fake being away (like invisible in Gchat) and keep logs of all your conversations as well as your entire friends list's sign on/off times. That is so creepy to think about now! But I remember my friends and I would analyze this data TO DEATH.


@Tiktaalik Those add-ons were THE BEST. This socially awkward, overly analytical kid has no regrets on that count.


@@serenityfound They were! Kids these days with their "invisible" option in Gchat just don't know how good they have it. Back in my day, if you so much as touched your mouse, you were automatically available! And you couldn't send any messages while your away message was up, but the moment you took it down, that creepy kid from your intro chem lab would start messaging you!

And these add-ons were absolutely necessary if you had, say, a crush on a guy you barely knew (but whose screen name you had managed to get, somehow) and you needed (NEEDED) to know his comings and goings and what song lyric he chose for his away message vs what song lyric he chose for his AIM profile. This was IMPORTANT information, y'all.


@Tiktaalik It's so true! I remember sitting and staring at my computer from, like, a foot away seeing how many people left me messages while I was "away"- but if you touched your mouse, your screen name went from grey to black. One time I was sitting near my computer when a boy I had a crush on left me a message- but I didn't want to seem desperate and click it right away, so I left it there for about 15 minutes, and then the power went out and to this day I have no idea what it said. NOOOOOOO!


@Elleohelle I'm so upset for you. It could have said ANYTHING!


Dayum, phones have come a long way, haven't they?
Also I did not get a phone until I was 24 years old. I still barely know how to use it.


@mkpatter@twitter Oh I guess I should say that 24 was only two years ago.

Be But Little

Totally random... but I currently go to Sewanee! "Southern mountain town" tipped me off. Our cell phone service is still terrible. The only place I get six bars is on top of Shepard Tower... not that I, you know, checked when my friend took me up there.

Most of time I'm all "yes, Mom, I'm standing outside in an open field; I know you can't hear me."

Rebecca Stokes@facebook

@Be But Little Have you tried the soccer field behind Gorgas/Quintard?


@Be But Little Ahh I totally thought of Sewanee too! My older brother went there and I visited several times, conveniently having no coverage while I would have been too drunk to talk to my parents anyway.

living internationally

@jenjenjen Sewanee was totally my first thought too, have not even been there, those friends who did evangelise about it though

Rebecca Stokes@facebook

@lessismore as well they should, as well they should.

Be But Little

@Rebecca Stokes@facebook Yes! I lived out there one semester, but glove-less hands and a touch screen don't play nicely in the fall weather. I would get a phone call and then run like a mad woman outside because the sandstone walls messed with my reception.

(Also, can I just say that it's SO COOL that you've written for The Hairpin? Because it totally is. YSR!)

Rebecca Stokes@facebook

@Be But Little Aw, thanks man! YSR indeed.


Wait...there were cameras on cell phones in 2001? I didn't get my first cell until '02 or '03 (a green one Nokia brick from a 7-Up promotion) and wasn't aware that any phones had cameras on them!


Cell phones aside, Rebecca I must know if Elmo really has those four ears, or if that's a photoshop job. This is going to plague me all day. (I hope with all hopes that he really has those four ears.)

Rebecca Stokes@facebook

@sox Very glad you asked. Absolutely has four ears. Also an unquenchable lust for destruction, socks meant for babies, and the collected writings of Marcel Proust.


Ah, Nokia phone, I'll always remember playing endless games of Snake on you.


@orangeyouglad Brickbreaker!!!


This makes me miss my T-Mobile Sidekick.


I miss my Samsung sliders. The slide function was the perfect way to answer/hang up calls, in my opinion.

The Maple Kind

@Too Much Internet Those were great. I had an orange one almost exactly like that until October.

fondue with cheddar

I had that big old Nokia! Now I'm using an iPhone 3G with a crack in the plastic back where the charger plugs in. Also, it's slow as shit since I upgraded to iOS 4. I'm holding out for the 5 but it's haaard!


I feel like pagers need to be added to this list, as the pre-curser to the nokia. Pager codes anyone? Mine was *13.

living internationally

@LagunaBitch googling pager codes is like a key to an internet time machine

Jim Bartlett@facebook

I have a life, so I do not need all this stuff. I have a Tracfone and am fulfilled


The Pantech Pursuit II from AT&T. It's the perfect phone if you like calling and texting, and might get online every now and then, but don't want/need a smartphone. And you like QWERTY keyboards. I did lots of research.


@whateverlolawants When I read this quickly I thought that the phone was called the "Pantech Pantsuit," which would be a rad name for a phone. Just sayin'.

One Chicklette@twitter

I love this! Only problem? It doesn't go back far enough. In the early 90s my parents had a "bag phone" and I used to beg to take it with me when I would go driving around with my high school friends I got my own cell in '95 or '96 after locking myself out of my NYC apartment for the first time. It was ENORMOUS and yet I'd still put it in the back pocket of my jeans. Yes, the pocket eventually ripped.

Francesco Colasuonno@facebook

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Hassan Jamal

Time goes so fast, i just remember had old ones and now they don't even exist. top cell phone companies

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