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The Hairpin at Coachella

So, I’m suddenly going to Coachella this weekend and I was just wondering if you wanted me to get you anything? Chances are pretty good we’ll secure an interview with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, JUST KIDDING. But seriously, here, look through this list. If you’re dying to know which show is going to be the best, it’ll be Miike Snow because they are always the best, so that reporting is in the bag.

What else? Coachella proposal stories? Port-a-potty line gossip? Amon Tobin’s face news? Hot licks from Gary Clark Jr.? Azealia Banks fake eyelash report? Why you’d name yourself A$AP Rocky when there’s already a rapper named Aesop Rock? The Hairpin Swimsuit Edition brought to you by a bunch of disgusting teenagers at a hotel pool party? Flip flop malfunctions? How much money you find on the ground at some rich kid music festival if you never look up? All it takes is that first $20 for your eyes to get stuck there for days.


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