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The Audrey Hepburn Makeover

After Edith's not-even-that-dramatic but seamless transformation into Brigitte Bardot a few weeks ago, we asked who wanted to be next. Who wanted a makeover? But not just any makeover: a makeover into the celebrity you're told you resemble — even if it's a vague resemblance. In fact, vague is good because then the transformation will be more dramatic. Guess what? Tons of you didn't read that very closely, because the most popular celebrity requested was Audrey Hepburn and, oh, squarely half of those came from freckly, blue-eyed blondes for example. So that was cute and totally understandable, as Audrey had that certain je ne sais quoi we all secretly desire. But then along came Lila...

Lila: Okaaay, so once in a blue moon some sweet, misguided soul will tell me I look a bit like Audrey Hepburn. Which, holy mackerel, so flattering! But also what I always hear inside my head is "You look like [the poor man's] Audrey Hepburn." So when you put out the call I thought maybe you could turn me into the not-poor man's Audrey for a day.

(This was the first time I'd ever met Lila, and I was kind of thankful we were forced to be really up front with the whole "you're a little gamine princess who looks like Audrey Hepburn" stuff so we could maybe establish a rapport — an impossibility if I'm hinting the whole time at what fun it would be to, oh I dunno, glue a bunch of junk to her face. That is annoying! Shut up, Jane.) 

Already perfect.

Anyway, so Lila cam over and she brought some costume changes and we went through jewelry and accessories and sat down and got to work and it was pretty much like an eighth-grade slumber party except we weren't drinking Sharp's and I was getting pretty good at makeup by this point and could do more looks than "Madonna."

Jane: So how did you like getting tons of makeup thrown at you? Any surprises?

L: Oh, it was one surprise after another! Primer? What is that? I generally wear Clinique Almost Lipstick and maybe some blush on a good day, so this was a little outside my comfort zone at first. Fortunately I had some liquid courage (Lillet on the rocks), and you were a patient and generous tutor. It was really, really fun. The best part — and the biggest surprise — might've been those fake eyelashes. They're so heavy! I felt kind of like a coquettish, gamine Snuffleupagus.

Those aren't even the fake lashes yet, if you can believe it. Some people.

J: Heavy! Really? I had just been to this Korean wedding accessories shop and they had all of these incredible imported fake eyelashes — like ones with multiple layers of lashes in the corners. The brand is called "DARKNESS." Those are the ones I used on you. I guess they did look kind of heavy, actually. You're right. Did you have trouble blinking?

L: No, in fact all I wanted to do was flutter them. [Downcast gaze, blink, blink, blink, coy smile.] But then you asked me why I was smirking and I realized maybe I'd lost the muscle memory for flirtatious facial expressions...

J: I said that? I need to shut up, but also in my defense you did bring alcohol. That I was drinking. Faster than you because you had to hold still the whole time. Maybe I just meant "you look happy!"

L: I was happy! But you were right: I was totally smirking. Another thing you were right about was the eyebrows. Can we talk about the eyebrows?

J: Please! Yes. Forever. How do you feel about what I did to yours? They were excellent to begin with, by the way.

L: Someone close to me told me recently that I had "the most prominent eyebrows" of anyone she knew (#humblebrag?), so when you said that you were going to give me an even heavier brow I was pretty sure I was going to look like a werewolf, or Leonid Brezhnev. I'd never noticed Audrey's eyebrows before. They're incredible, right? Prominent eyebrows FTW!

J: And you know what? After you left and I was alone with the photos, I felt EXTREME pit-of-my-stomach regret at not extending them further into your temples on the sides — like almost to your hairline. I fucked that up and I will never forgive myself.

J: So, this was fun and I think you look exactly like her. I couldn't stop telling you that! And I still can't. Great job having that face, Lila. Do you think you'll ever go for this look again?

L: I think the full Holly Golightly is best left to professionals comme vous. You taught me mad skillz, but I'm pretty sure I would still glue my eyelids together if I attempted it myself. So ... come over and do my makeup whenever?

If you live in or around Los Angeles and might want for Jane to make you look as much as possible like the celebrity you think in your secret heart of hearts that you maybe could possibly look like with a lot of makeup and the right camera angles, let her know

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The Lady of Shalott

THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!! I am so unbelievably, endlessly jealous, I wish SO BAD I lived in L.A. so Jane could come do my makeup.


@The Lady of Shalott I'm contemplating moving to LA and hiring Jane to do my makeup EVERY MORNING so I can look like Audrey Hepburn/Louise Brooks/Monica Vitti whenever I want. I'd have to sell my organs, but ... worth it. I'm hardly using them, at the moment.


@Lucienne Monica Vitti, FTW.


Take a look at this post..is great@a


Whaaat, this is crazy. Lila is super-cute anyway, but she really does look just like Audrey. I'd have to channel Roseanne or someone. Life's not fair. Nice job, ladies!


Ahhhhh! Lila and Jane, this is adorable. You look fantastic.


Black and white picture: AUDREY! The one underneath it: PENELOPE CRUZ! All of them: very pretty.


@Loz P-Cruz! That's exactly what I was thinking! so cute.


@disco_clone Audrey and Penelope have the same "brunette with large features on a small face" thing. I have it too, which is why I get those for my "You look just like..." (Except, you know, poor-man's version.)

I think Lila should sit for a Penelope Cruz makeover too!


@Loz Yeah, I really thought Penelope Cruz too!

Faintly Macabre

@Loz Or a more glamorous Amelie!


@Loz I was just coming down here to say the same thing! Totally seeing Penelope Cruz.


@Loz I also came here to say Penelope Cruz! And also Sophia Loren in the second to last picture.

emily eileen

@Loz I was going to say Anne Hathaway, but now I see Penelope Cruz too! Which is kind of weird, because I wouldn't have said those two celebs look much alike...


i totally though p. cruz more than audrey.


This is super cool, and Lila's super cute either way. After the Audrey makeover, she also kind of reminds of Penelope Cruz made up as Audrey Hepburn, which, can I just say: BABE ALERT.

Attractive Nuisance

That's it. It's false eyelash time.

Haley Mlotek

Jane!! Will you do my makeup when we're both in New York next week?

Haley Mlotek

@Haley Mlotek Or the week after I mean. I'm there from the 20-27!!


This gives me the warm fuzzies. Keep making-us-over!


@BosomBuddy: Seconded. And looooooove your avatar.


I second, or third, or fourth, or whatever the Penelope Cruz comparison. That second to last pic is bananas!

Reginal T. Squirge

I would ask you to help me look more like the celebrity I'm always compared to, but I think I got "a young Steve Buscemi after a bike accident" covered already.


@ReginalTSquirge@twitter call me.


SO GORGEOUS. Those eyebrows! How! Tutorial please!


Lovely! Lila, you really do look a lot like Audrey Hepburn, which is awesome and you should play it up whenever possible. Jane - awesome job! Ugh, now I'm mad I don't live in L.A. and can't let Jane make me look like...idk, fat Cyndi Lauper? I get that sometimes.


Enjoy Coachella, Jane. I'll just be wandering around Los Angeles all this weekend with my fat, bare un-Sophia Loren-like face.

Lee Van Queef

Celebrities I have been told I look like, sorted by age I was when people would frequently tell me this, from youngest to oldest:

1. Melissa Joan Hart (elementary school)*
2. Helen hunt (middle school)*
3. Liza Minelli (college)

I wish I lived in L.A. so that Jane could make me look like one of these three (hint: not Helen Hunt)!!!

*My hair was almost-blonde when I was a kid and it has gradually turned almost-black? Whatever, WHO KNOWS ANYMORE.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas That list is almost as random as mine:
1. Brooke Shields (when I was a kid)
2. Ellen DeGeneres (high school)
3. Tina Fey (now)


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Wait are we twins? I get those too.



1) Jennifer Aniston, circa "The Rachel" haircut
2) John Cusack (I'm not male)
2) Asian actress I haven't heard of (I'm not Asian)


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Mine was Sharon Gless (high school), and no one else.


@Xanthophyllippa Ha, I got Tyne Daley from a Pizza Hut coworker when I was in college and was totally offended. Then I realized my mom kind of looked like Tyne Daley.


@goodiesfirst I hope it was 80s-era cute Tyne Daly and not current-era "I slept in a dumpster" Tyne Daly.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas In the '90s, I was Tori Spelling apparently, to the point where, when a customer of the bookstore I worked in, would start a sentence with, "Do you know who...?" I would snap, "YES!"... sometimes later finding out that the conclusion to that sentence was, "...wrote The Bridges of Madison County?" Then I dyed my hair red and, wouldn't you know it, so did that damn Donna Martin.

My uncles have forever insisted that I look like an actress (?) who was married to Clint Eastwood. I forget her name now, but I once looked her up online and it was inconclusive (to me anyway). Currently I get Uma Thurman and Britta from Community. I don't really think these people look much like each other so I don't know what's going on. I usually just say I look like Mikey Teutel, or at least my hair does when I leave it to its own devices.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas My random list: Stevie Nicks, Penelope Cruz, Jennifer Lopez (I'm not Latina), and Zosia Mamet (I despise being told I look like her, but everyone agrees).


@Ellie I hear Stevie Nicks and JLo get mistaken for each other ALL the time.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas: I use to get Tia and/or Tamera Mowry ALL THE TIME in high school. I went about 10 years without hearing any 'Sister, Sister' references, and now that Tia is back on TV, I got two "Are you the lost triplet?" comments in less than a month. And, wouldn't you know, it's still not funny!


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Ugh I have only ever gotten one person, since I was a teenager. Britney Spears. Which wasn't so bad when she was also a teenager, but got a little creepy during the whole head-shaving umbrella phase. I think its just that I have a lot of long blondish hair and a weak chin. Why can't I have another celebrity look-alike?! life is so hard, you guys.

:Cinnamon Girl:

@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas One time someone told me I looked like Denise Richards and I was in the early stages of falling in love when you're already soooooooo happppyyyy and I almost died of joy. I also get Brooke Shields.

What these people are really telling me: you have very prominent eyebrows, because I really look very little like either.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas I am only ever compared to one celebrity: Drew Barrymore. I think it's the blonde and the slightly round face and the tendency to smirk.

There was that one time a guy in an elevator said "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Drew Carrey?" And then there was a beat, where I considered murdering him (but he was in a wheelchair, so that would be an asshole move) and then he said "Oh my god, BARRYMORE! SORRY! I MEANT BARRYMORE!"

Yeah, you'd BETTER, buddy...


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas
I've had Brooke Shields (hello eyebrows!), Anne Hathaway, Milla Jovovich, and the wife who dies in Bravheart... so I look like a brunette?

Betsy Murgatroyd

@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas
I've been told I resemble: Drew Barrymore, Meryl Streep, Molly Ringwald, Gabriele Bundichen and Bill Murray.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Last weekend I met a bunch of new people at the pub and the "hello nice to meet you" conversation was all of them discussing who I look like, which caused me to blush bright, blotchy purple, thus negating their previous statements that I looked a little like Liv Tyler or Carla Bruni and forcing the conversation to trail into awkward subject change.....


@thenewbrunette et al: At least you all get compared to attractive famous people. Everyone just tells me I look exactly like their cousin Amy back in Columbus.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas I've gotten Brooke Shields and Jeanne Tripplehorn, both of which I'm fine with. But, I once did one of those "Which celebrity do you look like" things where you upload your picture. I got David Hasselhof D:


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas

In high school, I always got told I looked like Avril Lavigne. Then a few years ago my boyfriend's ex said that I looked like "an ugly Lisa Loeb" (she didn't like me).


So, being told the other day that I looked like Bethany Cosentino was pretty flattering in comparison.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas I have been told that I look like:
1. Sarah Palin
2. Tina Fey
3. Muppet Tina Fey
4. "The girl from The Princess Diaries, but before she got the makeover." This last one from a little girl in rural Louisiana.


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas
- Lea Thompson
- Robert Vaughn
- Jessica Lange
- Juliette Binoche
- Audrey Tautou (but only by my mom)
- Audrey H. (but only by my husband, and only in pictures where her chin is prominent. Still -- I'll take it since he married me for my mind, not my looks)

But really I look like my Dad.

Lee Van Queef

@all You guyyyyyys (gaaaals), I love all of these, I wish we could have a Dress As The Celebrity That It Is Most Riduclous For People To Have Said You Look Like-themed 'Pinup! (But we are all probably far away from each other, oh no!)


@angermonkey I get Drew Barrymore too. I've been told it is my round face and bubbly personality. Not the worst I suppose but it always made me feel like a bubble head? Because also, I have a big head.

BTW, Lila is beautiful bare faced or with all the schtuff.


You look lovely.

And these things make me kinda sad because as an Asian girl born and raised in the States, even if there is someone I want to look like (Debbie Harry, Sylvie Vartan, etc.) it is just plain impossible. I mean, what can I do? Draw freckles on my face and call it Lucy Liu? I suppose there is always Anna May Wong. Does anyone know what I mean by this? I mean that I can't think of an "iconic" Asian woman who'd be considered iconic outside of Asia.


@ginalouise Maggie Cheung?

Also, Anna May Wong is amahzing.

hahahaha, ja.

@ginalouise: Hahaha, I was just about to say this. Our choices are basically Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, or Margaret Cho.


@Lucienne I did think of Maggie Cheung or maybe Joan Chen?


@ginalouise Oh, yeah, John Chen is definitely iconic! But her most iconic looks requires really short hair, which might make it difficult.

hahahaha, ja.

@ginalouise: Or, Jackie Chan during an experimental phase of his life?


@Lucienne I just looked at so many pictures of Joan Chen and realized/remembered how elegant and babely she is.


@ietapi or Jet Li? or Bruce Lee? or Mr. Miyagi?

RK Fire

@ginalouise: I was thinking about leaving a comment along these lines. I'm Vietnamese to boot and well.. there isn't a celebrity that really looks like me. I was told once by a guy that I look like Charlyne Yi, but considering that he said this after we watched Knocked Up I was less than flattered. Also, she isn't iconic. I've also been told Asia Carrera once when I was 16 and working as a server, which is just creepy.

Anyway. There definitely aren't many iconic Asian American actresses, especially any that are known for their looks or style beyond being "exotic" or being known for being Asian.

P.S. Here are pictures from my wedding and.. yeah.


@ginalouise I'm not Chinese, but I would literally murder someone to look like Zhiyi Zhang.

RK Fire

@ginalouise: Ladies! How have you overlooked John Cho. JOHN CHO. And Daniel Dae Kim.


@RK Fire - I don't weant to look like them, just AT them.


@RK Fire or Long Duck Dong.

RK Fire

@iceberg: For some reason I got the thought that maybe a portion of this thread should be about hot Asian American men we like to look at. Is that so wrong?

/maybe I got a little confused? It's after 5 and I'm still at work, wah wah..


@ginalouise I'm mixed race (Chinese, Filipino, Native American, Hawaiian, Mexican, Irish, English) and when I was young and still wore glasses regularly I got "the Asian girl from Rushmore" often. Since then I've been compared to Demi Lovato, Beyonce, Cheryl Burke, Olga Kurylenko and Hannah Simone by folks who are in dire need of an optometrist. The people I listed don't even really look like one another.


@iceberg She is, not to put too fine a point on it, stunning.


@RK Fire Not at all, play on my friend! How about this guy - Ian Anthony Dale: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1406333/


@RK Fire apropos of nothing, you and your husband are an adorable couple and I love your wedding pictures.


@iceberg Me toooo. Or the girl in Lust/Caution, Wei Tang. She is so beautiful and such a great actress and I can't believe she hasn't been in another international film.

@heyits I KNOW, RIGHT? That was my first thought! "They're so fucking cute. Jesus Christ, why would she want to look like anyone else, she's freaking adorable and gorgeous!" And your husband is super lovely.


@RK Fire OKAY SEVERAL THINGS. 1, you are gorgeous, 2, that is a handsome man you have there, 3, you two are adorable, and 4, where did you get that dress it is amazing?

RK Fire

@heyits, S. Elizabeth, The Everpresent Wordsnatcher: Thank you so much for the kind words! I really mean it, because as I was linking to it I was like "OH MY GOD MY FACE IS SO SQUISHY WHY IS MY FACE SO SQUISHY ARGH MY FACE"

...it may be that time of the month for me.

Regardless of my looks, I do agree that my husband is handsome and I am a very lucky woman, since he's also a very sweet guy and we have absurd conversations about all sorts of nonsense.

Re. the dress: I got that shit at David's Bridals! I AM NOT KIDDING. It was like $220. I never thought I would buy my wedding dress online, but then I went and did it. I still look at that dress every so often in my closet and I sigh happily. It's a good dress.


@ginalouise As a fellow Asian lady, I hear you! Asian actresses in Hollywood are in short supply and that is a fact. Strangely, the only actress I have regularly been compared to is Julia Stiles, but I think it's partly because we have matching deep voices?


@RK Fire It is a good dress! And high five for getting an awesome deal on it!

There has to be a story behind the groomsman in the Hawaiian shirt, right?


@RK Fire seriously, you guys are adorable.

Also, whoever said Maggie Cheung, I love you and I am about to go watch In the Mood for Love one more time.

Fat Apollo

@klaus Fellow "mixed" lady! I used to get Margaret Yang (of Rushmore fame) too! (also bjork) Now I mainly get sad because, while I used to think there were no "role models" for ladies like me, now I know that there are lots of famous mixed-race people, but often (less often these days) they have to downplay that aspect of their identity.

emily eileen

@RK Fire Also....compasses to groomsmen?? Super cute and sweet!!!


@RK Fire.....You and your hubby are gorgeous, and your wedding photos are amazing, thank you for sharing them!


@RK Fire Your wedding pictures are AMAZING!!


@ginalouise GIRLS! You need some Korean Dramas, stat! I am white and my daughter is Chinese, and we are massively, crazily addicted to dramafever.com . My daughter is not a makeup-y girl in the least, but since we started on these, she has gotten more interested in Asian cosmetics and skincare and it has been oodles of fun. Fortunately, we are in a city with an Asian disctrict, so we can get our hands on bbcream and whatnot.

She hasn't latched on to any particular Asian celebrity yet, but it's so cool that we can geek out on pretty people and makeup together. Before this, yeah, she only had Sandra Oh and Lucy Liu. And Asian soccer players.

Also, @RK -- your wedding pics are beautiful.


@ginalouise I think the problem here is that many people are unimaginative.


@Fat Apollo "Mixed" girl here too, what what? Half Indonesian (Dad), Mom is Russian and Puerto Rican, so I resemble a lot of different things? I don't know, maybe I should just be quiet.


@CrescentMelissa The interesting thing for me about seeing more mixed girls in the media, especially if they're outspoken about it, is it's given me an opportunity to see where people draw their conclusions from when they take a guess at my ethnicity. I moved from Hawaii to Portland when I was a kid and had NO idea where people were drawing their guesses from until I started seeing more outspoken brown women of all races in the media.

Roaring Girl

When I was young and tiny, I'd hear I looked like Juliette Lewis a lot, but I can do spaced-out mess all on my own, I think.

sarah girl

@Roaring Girl Ahhh I've heard that, too! (About myself, that is, not you.)


@Roaring Girl LUCKY! She has luscious lips that I envy!

Lia LoBello@facebook

If I could wear false eyelashes every day, life would just be better. That's neither here nor there, though, this is awesome!


@Lia LoBello@facebook Have you tried eyelash extensions? They're fabulous. But highly addictive.

Hot Doom

@punkahontas Oooh, I just read your blog post about it, and I am so on board! My lashes are pretty sparse, so I really want to get these! I definitely immediately googled where I can get this done in my town.
Did you find that the lashes really lasted 6-8 weeks?


Jane! I love you but this needs to be a video! A step-by-step video involving wine and makeup? Yeah?

Ps, you are soooooooooooo talented.

Emily Jayne@twitter

@MermaidSarah I completely agree! A video would add so much to this post! (Hi sister :) )

Emily Jayne@twitter

I was hoping for a video tutorial. If I can turn myself into a sexy zombie, I can become Audrey Hepburn with one of your wonderful video "how to"s :)


@Emily Jayne@twitter Hi, sister! (Jane, we are sisters and talked about these comments ahead of time, that's how serious we are about the video component.)


I've been told I look like Robyn Lively a la Teen Witch. Can we do a Louise-over? I believe it just involves some teal shadow, a crimper/hot rollers and some Aqua Net. And wine coolers. So many wine coolers.


@tessamae That movie contains my favorite spontaneous rap scene of all time.


UNCANNY. I am apparently without a celebrity doppelganger. I used to get told I looked JUST LIKE Thora Birch when I was a preteen but when I hit puberty that stopped altogether, because she grew up in to Adult Thora Birch and I grew up into something very much not that.


@Scandyhoovian Aw, I love Thora Birch (though I haven't seen her in anything in several years...).


@Scandyhoovian We'll be doppelganger-less together! I had one fleeting summer where I got a few 'You look like Kelly McGillis' compliments, but that was largely due to my hairstyle at the time and the fact I was lightly bleaching my hair.
Didn't Thora have some kind of skeevy older-man relationship going on there for a bit? Maybe it's okay that you grew up to be not-her.


@Scandyhoovian All I've ever gotten was that I looked like a 20-year-old Sarah Jessica Parker, but my hair is all wrong for it and I think it's just because of my nose? So yes, club.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher I also do not have a doppelganger!

Furthermore, I am convinced that I have a sort of...ephemeral/shape-shifting face? Meaning, no two pictures of me ever really look alike, and moreover, what I look like in pictures is not at all what I look like in person. Does that make any sense?

I think Ingrid Michaelson is a good example of what I'm trying to explain: if you do a Google image-search on her, you'll think you're looking at two or three different people when they're all actually her!


@wee_ramekin I think I get what you mean! I think my doppelgangerlessness might also have something to do with my slightly-but-not-horribly-noticeably asymmetrical face. From the front I look totally normal but if you see pictures from my left and pictures from my right, I look like maybe I might be identical twins you can tell apart, not just one person.

Heat Signature

@Scandyhoovian About twelve years and eighty pounds ago, I was frequently told I looked like Michelle Williams. But right now I'm looking like a pregnant version of myself (which I am...pregnant, I mean), and that's great! Generally speaking, of course. There are some mightily uncomfortable/non-glam things about pregnancy, BUT I DIGRESS AND ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED I'M PREGNANT.

Bonnie Downing

This is brilliant! I love the Edith-Brigitte one too. (High quality raw material to start with in both....)

Edith Zimmerman

@Bonnie Downing BONNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A lot of my college friends always told me I looked like Feist, but I am pretty sure that it's just that we both have huge-mongous jawline/chin regions.

Then a 13-year-old in the bathroom at the movie theater where I was seeing Toy Story 3 told me I look like Kristen Stewart. This is 100% false.

If I had to pinpoint a celebrity I think I look most like, it'd be a young Joan Jett...with a big chin. I'm down for a Joan Jett makeover(!), though I do not live in LA.


@olivebee Fuck Joan Jett is hot! I'm totally 100% straight and I'd do her in a second!


@olivebee Actually, I don't know about a Joan Jett makeover hair-wise, because I do not want a mullet. Face, though, fair game.

@ReginaSavage She IS super hot, much hotter than I am, which is why I am hesitant to say she is my look-alike. But we have the same shape face, same nose, and big eyes, so she's the closest I will probably get to a doppelganger.


Oh my god! She's so pretty!! You know I always wished I looked like someone famous so I could get one of these kinds of makeovers. But I don't. In fact all the famous people I've been told I look like are men and I don't look like them at all! (Which is good because they're all hideous! Rod Stewart! Seriously!)


@ReginaSavage Hahaha, yeah, my mom has told me that I alternatively look like Orlando Bloom (which...I can kind of see) and...Jim Carey? Which...I really don't see at all.


@wee_ramekin At least Orlando Bloom is hot. And kinda feminine.


Gorgeous! And totally, Penelope Cruz-like. My Polish-derived peasant hardiness (and huge tracts of land) sort of automatically disqualify me from resembling anyone well-known, and my inner teenage girl is ugly with envy, but she'll totally get over it as soon as she gets her nose pierced.

My closest doppleganger is an unknown woman I saw in an amateur naughty online movie. It is what is.


@KatPruska Ah, my broad shoulders and considerable tracts of land have earned me a few comparisons to Jayne Mansfield. I'm probably too much of a prude to ever handle a full Jayne makeover, though.

Anyways, is it totally narcissistic to have the hots for someone that you (maybe, vaguely, from a certain angle) resemble? Look at Jayne! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3E2OCvmM50


Maybe you can do a tutorial that will make me NOT get told I look like Amy Winehouse? That would be great.




I wish we could do a poor man's version, where one of us can kind of do make-up like Jane, and someone else kind of looks like a glamorous starlet. And then in the end, it's kind of like we made the person look more like a glamorous starlet, but not quite since this is the poor man's version of a Jane Marie makeover.

So...people who don't live near Jane Marie, but maybe live near me, lets get on this.

Emi at Project Swatch

This is super amazing awesome!

Nicole Cliffe

JANE!!!!!!! A homeless man said I looked like a plain Nicole Kidman. I know you can improve on that!!

Jane Marie

@Nicole Cliffe if you start driving right now...

:Cinnamon Girl:



MUST HAVE LIP COLOR. It would be great if when you post these, Jane, you could be explicit about products/brands/colors for those of us who want to follow along at home!

I do not live in or near Los Angeles but I would FLY OUT THERE if you would agree to rescue me from my fat old ugliness. I was once told I looked like Winona Ryder, but that was many years and pounds ago. But you like a challenge, right? RIGHT?


@Andrea Yes, I really want to hear more about that lip. Eye schmeye, I can't do false lashes and I know it, but the lip should be doable. That degree of definition is slaying.

@Andrea seconded.

Jane Marie

@Andrea Come over! And the lipstick is matte Illmasqua "Scandal" and it looks absolutely disgusting on me, so use at your own risk. The lipliner is Raisin from Palladio which is a brand at Sally's and I just blend the lipstick into it a TON.

@Jane Marie, can I use dark brown eyeshadow and a stiff eyeliner brush to do my eyebrows?

fuck fuck fuck

@S. Elizabeth i will say yes to this because i do it and i think my eyebrows look fucking great.


@Andrea We are celebrity twins. I used to get her all the time back in the days. Now sometimes Kiera Knightly. Yeah, right.

Who I really look like is that singer...some girl. -googling- Vanessa Carlton. But old.


My IR prof once told me I looked like Sarah Polley, so if you're into obscure Canadian child actresses-turned-directors . . .


@Interrobanged freaking LOVE Sarah Polley. Girl who played Ramona Quimby AND got to be in Road to Avonlea? Love her.


@Interrobanged I misread that as "turned dictators" and I was all... do you get gold braid and epaulettes?!


@ginalouise Also, Splice-rapee!


@PistolPackinMama Well it's Canada, so mostly just your own polar bear to ride around on.


@bitzy HOLY MOLY I hated/loved Splice. It was not at all what I had been expecting. But Sarah Polley AND Adrien Brody. I'm on board.


@Interrobanged ALIAS GRAAAAAAAAACCCE!!! (sorry)


Lila you are so so beautiful before and after!

Jane, will you make me look like Hoggle from Labirynth?


That B&W one is PERFECT. Audrey 4 Lyfe.

Also, I wish *I* could grow / look good with straight bangs.


You look so much like Audrey it's a little spooky! Except for when you look like Penelope Cruz. I'm jealous! I wish I looked like anybody interesting, but the only celebrity I've ever been told I look like is Patricia Arquette, she's pretty but doesn't really have "a look". Can't wait for the next installment; maybe Jane can start a sister-site, The Eyelash-Curler?




@Statham You do realize that we read all of your comments as if you were Jason Statham, right? Which makes this SO MUCH BETTER.


@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher hold on you mean to tell me he's not Jason Statham?!?!


@redheaded&crazie *horrified look*

Oh, squiggles

Statham seems exactly like the kind of man to appreciate scandals of classic hollywood and estate jewelry posts... jury still out?


I'm getting a very distinct Penelope Cruz feel from the second-to-last photo. It's bizarre but you look like Miss Penelope and Miss Hepburn at the same time!


YOU GUYS. One time the Karsh exhibit went up at the local museum, and this couple I know told me they BOTH thought that portrait of Audrey looked just like me. I DIED.

And this post is making me want to go do crazy eyebrows.

Cat named Virtute

@sniffadee Now I REALLY want to meet you at the next 'Pin up so I can see!

I hope that doesn't sound mega creepy. I just REALLY like Roman Holiday.


@Marika Pea@twitter I hope I don't disappoint! I don't look a thing like her from the front (IMO), but in profile I kind of see it-- similar noses. And my build is more Joan Holloway than Holly Golightly. But I cling to the illusion that I just might be a Classy Lady (TM).

Cat named Virtute

@sniffadee May Montreal Pin Up, what up!


I usually don't get compared to any celebrity, but if some's trying to come up with something I get Milla Jovovich, which is very flattering :)
But mostly, as I am generally pale, small, and wear thick glasses, I usually just get told I look like some random small, pale person with thick glasses they happened to see on the street.


She looks amazing!

The only celebrities I've been told I resemble are Evan Rachel Wood and Kirsten Dunst. I think this means I am pale and blond.


@marz Well, they also have small teeth...so...that's something. I suppose.


Okay but: Jane, do you actually look like Lady Mary from Downton Abbey, or did I just kind of think that based on my (fading) memory of what you look like from old How To Be A Girl videos when I watched the first episode and then just continued to conflate the two of you in my head as I watched the rest of the episodes? If yes: please make yourself up as Mary and don some old-timey garb and post pictures so I can die happy please okay great.


You look wonderful! So pretty before the Hepburnification, and so gamine movie charmer after!



Excellent work all around. Slow clap.


During one of those Facebook "make your profile picture your celebrity doppleganger" memes I put up a picture of Julianne Moore and people were like "wow, you look like Julianne Moore in that photo!" so, there's that.

I feel like she, along with a lot of current celebrities, don't necessarily have a signature "look", though, so a themed makeover would just be, like, "oh, you made me look pretty?"


@MollyculeTheory THIS! it takes years to really be iconic, and she's not quite there (but i love me some julianne moore!)


I've been compared on more than one occasion to Uma Thurman, which I find incredibly flattering and a little unbelievable. However, I think her hair is pretty key to her iconic look, and my shoulder-length reddish brown hair doesn't lend itself very well to her usual wispy blond OR her pin-straight black hair and severe bangs from Pulp Fiction...alas.


@SuperGogo I saw her in person at a pub in Chelsea once. Uma Thurman doesn't look like Uma Thurman in her signature look.


@travelmugs I think Mollycule Theory in the comment above mine nailed it: A lot of modern celebrities don't necessarily have an signature "look." I think it takes time before someone's look is genuinely iconic.


@SuperGogo Add: Uma's only ever been a brunnette when she plays frumpy, though, so maybe I should at least take a page from that book at (gulp) go blond??


Next step: become an empathicalist.

Two-Headed Girl


People tell me I look like Carey Mulligan, though I suspect this is more because I am a round-faced girl with a blonde pixie cut rather than any actual resemblance. (But um, yes, certainly, I'll take it, because she is the epitome of adorable.)


I have been told I look like Drew Barrymore. I actually don't, but I do have her voice and mannerisms. And I have a round face, I guess.


I see what you mean about extending the eyebrow Jane, but it still looks totally pro! She looks great.

I wore fake eyelashes for the first time on NYE (and was PUMPED) but I ended up feeling super weird / self conscious with them on. I was paranoid one would fall off and I wouldn't notice. I think I needed some practice rounds.


@klaus I just need someone to teach me how to apply them properly. I've watched so many Youtubes and still fail.


Jane! I wrote in and am blonde and didn't name Audrey (or anyone dark haired)! Do I win? However, my choices weren't very iconic so I understand why I wasn't chosen. But we can do Madonna if you like! My pathetic begging here is done.

Jillsy Sloper

Darkness brand false eyelashes are available on Amazon Prime. If anyone's interested. I was.


Love this!! You look so great! And I know this isn't exactly the point but you actually look really natural in your Audrey Hepburn makeup/clothes! I think that maybe with a touch less eyebrow filling you could totally channel her in an effortless way. SICK!


I apparently have one of those generic faces. Brown hair, brown eyes, slightly big nose, pale-olive skin. I get told I look like so many people, but mostly "that actress, you know the one." Which I do not.

But the last one was "the older daughter from Mrs. Doubtfire" which someone told me last week (topical!) and is sadly quite accurate.


You guys are the best. Well, no -- Jane is the best, but the rest of you are tied for second. Next time I get the Mean Reds I'm just going to come and hang out in the comments with all of you flatterers. (We don't have a Tiffany's in LA.)


@LilaB Oh but you do! Off to Rodeo Drive with you!


@ennaenirehtac Oh, ugh, really? If I have to go to Rodeo I'm going to pull a Pretty Woman.

Hot Doom

@LilaB And in Pasadena! DON'T FORGET PASADENA.

Mrs. Sasaki

She looks more like Patti Lupone than Audrey Hepburn.


@Mrs. Sasaki Oh, good LORD, no.


@Mrs. Sasaki Huh. I just Googled Patti, and I'm not sure where you're getting that...


Whoa, amazing! Lila looks amazing as Audrey, but also amazing as herself.

I always get Laura Prepon, although honestly I'm pretty sure my celebrity doppelganger is actually Lyle Lovett.


Why don't I live near LA? If you ever feel like making up a Lady Gaga in NYC, let me know. (I got mistaken for her on the street yesterday. Wearing a hoodie and cowboy boots.) I'd prefer Bardot, but I'm too Jew-nosed to be anyone other than Barbara Streisand or Gaga.


For a few weeks around Christmas, I got "like that girl, with the dragon tattoo" a lot, but that's just because I have a short dark pixie cut and a nose ring.

Although, the other day on the street, a man told me I looked like "a young Robert Plant." I'LL TAKE IT.


@yeah-elle robert plant was PRETTY


Amazing job, Jane! I love these tutorials.

Two years ago, my best friend sat me down and explained to me that for months now, friends of ours had been sending her links on YouTube of a new child star that I looked exactly like: Selena Gomez.

It's all happening

This is fantastic!

Once, in middle school, a group of friends (and sort-of friends and not-friends) were going around in a circle talking about what celebrity everyone looked like. And then they just looked at me and were all like...umm, I dunno? I guess no one really comes to mind? And I was like OH COME ON YOU FUCKERS AT LEAST COME UP WITH A PRETTY LIE. And felt deeply defective. Because obviously if people don't think you look like a celebrity you must be some kind of subhuman horror from the deep.

In retrospect I think it was because I always looked reliably about five years younger than I actually was, and who thinks of eight-year-olds when they're thinking of celebrities? And I had curly hair, and it was the nineties, which meant no one had curly hair. And also some of those people were jerks.


I can't think of any time I've been told I look like a celebrity...I just get "You look SO FAMILIAR -- how do I know you??" to which I never know what to reply.
Apparently I look like someone everyone knows. (Boring).


@whatsherface Me too! We must look alike!


@wee_ramekin Maybe YOU are the person everyone thinks I am!


I get Winona Ryder all the time- this is not a humblebrag, hands on heart- but I don't see it at all, and no one will ever explain it to me.

And this is just me (probably) but whenever I wear a scarf on my head instead of a hat, I always make sure to pair it with my big sunglasses and bright lipstick so I can pretend I'm Jackie O.

fuck fuck fuck

@Nutmeg nooo let's humblebrag! my history class in high school agreed that i look like shannen doherty, which i'll actually say is pretty true, mostly because of her (our) huge cheeks.


@Nutmeg I also get Winona Ryder! But I definitely have more jaw than her. I like to imagine that I look like Jennifer Ehle, but with a bigger nose.


@lighter fluid people used to tell this to me when I was in the SECOND GRADE. This begged the question, "why are you watching 90210? You're seven."


she looks fabulous!

i can't think of anyone i want a makeover to look like. i do really want a dragover though...

i used be told i looked like alicia silverstone in high school, and then for a while when i was really thin it was jennifer garner, but these days it's hilary swank (which isn't really flattering because people think she looks like a horse).

Bed Monster

@LeafySeaDragon That's too bad that people think that about Hilary Swank. I think she's pretty boss, especially since she was The Next Karate Kid AND Million Dollar Baby.

Bed Monster

I don't look like anybody famous since I'm Indian, and the only Indian actresses that most people can name in this country are (maybe) Aishwarya Rai, Parminder Nagra, and Freida Pinto. I don't look like any of those lovely women. HOWEVER, my boyfriend looks like freaking Drake Bell (hell yeah, the guy from Drake & Josh), and I would relish a makeover (make under? I don't even know how this would apply to a guy) for my boyfriend to morph him even further into Drake Bell. Too bad neither of us are anywhere near LA. Someday!

Selin Altay@facebook

She looks amazing, great article. I love it. Please check my blog sometime. Www.meraklikedi.net


UGGGHHH I had to leave the house without filling in my eyebrows today because I was running late and I feel weird, like a naked mole-rat. Even though I do in fact have tons of hair and should really shave my legs.

Anyway, my point is, the eyebrows really do look amazing and I want them on my face, pronto.


@miwome i started filling in my eyebrows a few weeks ago, and now i do it even when i'm not wearing makeup. strong eyebrows improve the wholr face!


Anyway else think she could have totally been made into Audrey Tautou as well?


OH MAN. Audrey and Penelope depending on the angle! How fun is that? *sigh* Since reading the Hairpin, you know who I wish I looked like? Carolita! And her big lips! I should try and figure out how to pull together a Carolita drag outfit. My lips aren't quite so full and luscious but...you know, you work with what you got.

Passion Fruit

You look wonderful! Like a beautiful normal person before and a beautiful, old timey movie star afterwards. Dang, ladies, dang. You workin' it.


Jane! Make me look like Debbie Harry in Videodrome!


"I felt kind of like a coquettish, gamine Snuffleupagus."

...you rang? :)

Harriet Kierkegaard@facebook

I love this feature! Jane could you please do someone like Jean Seberg? (not me, I have been told I'm a dead ringer for Vanessa Redgrave in Julia.)


I get Hermione Granger a lot. Which is nice, especially now that she's not, like, twelve.


I don't look like anybody that I know of (not even in my family, really), but my husband is a dead ringer for Andy Richter, Conan O'Brien's sidekick.


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