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One Line DVR Summaries of Individual Breaking Bad Episodes That Work for the Entire Series

1. “Walt grows frustrated with Jesse.”

2. “Events spiral out of control.”

3. “Skyler grows suspicious of Walter’s recent behavior.”

4. “Walt and Jesse face difficulties.”

5. “Despite the good news about his condition, Walt is feeling out of sorts and is generally unhappy, verging on anger.”

6. “Walt must rescue Jesse from self-destruction.”

7. “A new adversary tracks the elusive Heisenberg, Walter White’s kingpin alter ego.”

8. “Skyler confronts Walt.”

9. “Walt ignores Skyler’s demands, increasing the tension between them.”

10. “Gus takes action against his rivals; Jesse seeks Walt’s help.”

11. “Walt tries to reconcile with Skyler, but when his advances are rejected he takes drastic action
to bring his family back together.”

12. “Walt loses control endangering his job and relationships; Hank throws himself into his investigation; Jesse has a new plan.”

13. “Hank crosses a line at work.”

14. “Walt, Jr. wants answers about his parents’ relationship; Hank’s investigation causes problems for Walt and Jesse.”

15. “Walt worries that he and his family are in danger.”

16. “A confused and angry Walter Jr. lashes out at his mother.”


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