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Saucy Hot COOOL

Saucy Hot Carrots, Olive Oil, Onions, and Lentils

This saucy hot savory-sweet quick easy crunchy inexpensive vegan dish is my interpretation of a traditional Turkish recipe. It’s got a lot of sauce and as much heat as you can handle. Serve it up as a main dish or as a side, warm or room-temperature, as-is, or gussied up. Pour on as much Sriracha as you like. I recommend more, and then more, and then, oh my gosh, SO MUCH MORE. (Also, don’t serve this one to babies. Trust me on this.)


¼ cup olive oil
1 onion, thinly sliced
7-8 cloves of garlic, minced
~10 medium-sized carrots, thinly sliced
1 cup tomato sauce
1 cup lentils (brown, green or black)
3 cups water
salt and pepper to taste
Sriracha hot sauce and lots of it!


1. Heat the olive oil in a skillet. Add the onion slices, and cook, stirring occasionally, for about 5 minutes until browned.

2. Add garlic and half of the carrots. Cook for one minute, then add the tomato sauce and lentils.

3. Add 3 cups of water. Simmer, uncovered, for 30 minutes.

4. Toss in the rest of the carrots, and simmer for 15 more minutes, until the lentils are tender. Add a shake or two of salt and pepper.

5. Add lots of Sriracha, taste. Add some more! I like to serve this room temperature, with crusty bread, cheese, and a simple salad. Or over polenta, with a fried egg on top. Ooh it’s really good with bulgur, too, and some sweet Italian sausage and garlicky sautéed spinach on the side. Or with a handful of almonds and some flat bread, or … oh, it’s just great, no matter what. I hope you love it.

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Natalie Eve Garrett's baby actually loves Sriracha.

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I need to learn to like lentils.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@QuiteAimable It's okay, it's something you'll change your mind about once you're older **ducks**



sarah girl

@QuiteAimable Have you tried red lentils? I like them a lot more than regular ol' lentils, they're softer. :)


@Sarah H. No, I haven't had red lentils. Maybe I will try them out.

crane your neck

@QuiteAimable Red lentils are pretty great. Here's a nice place to start: http://mynewroots.blogspot.com/2009/10/my-favorite-recipe-four-corners-lentil.html


@QuiteAimable Red lentils also cook SUPER fast. Like, toss 'em in with your onions, add water, wait 20-30 minutes, BAM.

If you would like to have the Best, Fastest Dahl Recipe Ever (@dahlface? hello, @dahlface?) here it is. If you don't want it, DEAL.

You will need
-a bunch of garlic (I have, on occasion, used an entire head, but as few as two or three cloves should be okay),
-one big onion or two smaller ones,
-a chunk of ginger root (or dried ginger, but ginger root is better, and cheaper, I think, and it will last a long time)-- slightly less ginger than garlic.
-cardamom pods (one or two)
-cumin seeds (like... a tablespoon?)
-turmeric (some)
-salt (lots, lentils suck it right up)
- red lentils
- some mild oil (butter works, but sesame & oil aren't great because you need to heat the oil up, and they get nasty when they get too hot)
- 3 cups of red lentils
- 6 cups of water

Dice the onions, ginger, and garlic.

Heat up the oil in a pan until it is very hot, and then TAKE IT OFF THE HEAT or you will burn your spices. Throw in the cumin & cardamom seeds and let them sit until they start making little popping noises, add the turmeric, mix them up. You want to do that all super fast, so the oil doesn't cool off. Put the pan back on over medium-low heat and add the ginger and garlic, stir a few times, and throw in the onions and some salt (maybe a tsp?). Cook everything on low heat until the onions start going transparent-y and sweet, then toss in your lentils and water, and turn the heat right up.

When the pot boils, turn it wayyy down again, give it a good stir, and let it cook covered for 20 minutes or so, stirring occasionally. Take the lid off, salt it to taste, and let it cook uncovered for about 10 minutes. Eat with rice. Eat alone. Eat eat eat eat eat it is tasty.

It sounds fidgety, but it really isn't-- you just have to get the knack of not burning spices, and I find that as long as you take the pan off the heat, it's fine. It is also delicious.

Neve Garrett

@QuiteAimable I adore red lentils too (and yes, they take 30min to cook -- as do all lentils). But don't make this w/red lentils! They're more like split peas than other lentils. But delicious, esp. in a nice curried soup. (Curried split pea soup is also quite wonderful - esp. with apples!)


@Sarah H. Red lentils are the best!!


@QuiteAimable If you're not crazy about the brown ones, try French green lentils, aka lentilles du Puy. They're a bit more flavorful and less mealy than your average lentil.


nice and cool.@n


This looks delicious, and in keeping with my desire to make more easy one-pot meals that generate leftovers. Yay!

Neve Garrett

@arrr starr Hooray! But also, confession: I actually usually do this as a two-pot meal! I cook the lentils separately while the onions/carrots simmer and caramelize. Mostly just because it'll be ready faster;) but also because it's easier for me to be sure the lentils get a good soaking. But this way totally works too. Leftovers!


@Natalie Eve So you cook the lentils and water together, and (half) the carrots and onions together, then mix the above two together with the tomato sauce and the rest of the carrots for a final 15-minute simmer?

Neve Garrett

@Exene I do! Usually. But apparently not always:)


@Natalie Eve I made a giant wok o' Saucy Hot on Sunday evening and it was off the hook! Yesterday at work I stirred in a glob of plain Greek yogurt and had a great lunch.

regina dentata

This looks awesome.


@regina dentata Nothing to add except that your username is FANTASTIC.

russell brandom

Thoughts on swapping out the tomato sauce for tomato paste + some other stuff? I've been trying to move to my own sauces, but I can't seem to make it come out right.

Neve Garrett

@russell brandom Maybe a tablespoon or two of tomato paste + a cup of water? This definitely has got *SAUCE*. Even a half cup instead of a cup would be great. (I'm part-Italian, I love my tomato sauce, what can I say?)

Neve Garrett

@russell brandom (I got into jars of sauce when I stopped using cans/bpa, and haven't looked back. But homemade sauce sounds glorious. As long as you have tons of onion/garlic/[canned, erg] stewed tomato and oregano, it's bound to be good!)


@russell brandom You can add some tomato paste + veg or chicken stock for extra flavour.

And for me, I never buy tomato sauce, but a jar of plain ole' pureed tomatoes instead. I add my own seasonings to that, or add it to curries instead of canned tomatoes.


@russell brandom Tomato puree + tomato paste + spices (make sure you include some sugar!) is the way my Philly-Italian grandma always taught me to do it!


Despite my lack of grocery shopping, I have all of this in my kitchen. Dammit, I have to cook don't I?


So are those dry lentils? Do I need to soak them?

Neve Garrett

@Megan Patterson@facebook No soaking for the lentils! Hooray for lentils, they're so easy!


@Megan Patterson@facebook
Dry lentils require no soaking!


@Dancercise I DID NOT KNOW THIS. I thought they had to be soaked like all other beans I have used, which obviously does not appeal. I must make more lentils then!


@Megan Patterson@facebook soaking lentils isn't required, but it's better, and will cut down on the time necessary for cooking. Sprouting them is even better! See my favorite cooking website:

Nicole Cliffe


Neve Garrett

@Nicole Cliffe Yay! Tell me if your baby likes it tooooo!


This looks like....the tastiest. Thank you so much!


Vegan? Lentils? Hairpin (Natalie), how did you KNOW?


This looks awesome. Sriracha has actually been great for my marriage. I am only ok with none to medium spice (and my definition of medium is probably not the same as yours), and my husband loves spicy stuff. He basically just dumps sriracha on fucking everything I make him. Fine with me as long as I don't think too much about how he's ruining my lovely cassoulet. Then he makes something too spicy and I dump yogurt all over it.


I started to make this... and then I realized I didn't have tomato sauce. And then I realized I didn't have lentils? So I made curry.


This looks like such a good recipe! And it's vegan so I can satisfy my parent's diet restrictions when I go home!
I would definitely eat this on top of couscous. And with some chopped green onions on top. And maybe paprika. Yes, definitely paprika.
I only say this because I eat everything with couscous and add green onions and paprika to like, all of my recipes.
This looks so good!

Neve Garrett

@MissO Green onions! Green onions became my nemesis when I was pregnant. And who knows why, but the aversion lingered, and I still can't look a green onion in the eye. Horrifying. But yes, PAPRIKA. Sweet or spicy paprika :) And couscous!


@Natalie Eve Haha I like you a lot.


this looks sooo good. And with an egg? Put this in my face, now.


Just to clarify. When you say 'tomato sauce' you mean passata, right? Obviously not ketchup.

Neve Garrett

@Craftastrophies Ketchup! (Yes.)

sarah girl

Anyone have suggestions for something to sub in for the garlic? I am allergic (weeeeeeeeep); I can do a clove or two, but any more leads to stomach sad times. I sometimes put ginger in instead because... ginger is good? But I feel like there's a better substitute out there.

Neve Garrett

@Sarah H. Can you do shallots? Try shallots!


This will be dinner tonight. Thanks!

oh, disaster

I cannot wait to eat this.


This reminds me a bit of koshari only probably better because koshari has too many grains and I ALWAYS ruin it. (Koshari is the national Egyptian dish, and it is made with lentils, rice, onions, spicy tomato sauce, and macaroni - it sounds gross but is actually delicious).

Neve Garrett

@MissMushkila Ooh, kindred dish! Sometimes I serve this over pasta, I totally get it. YUM.

Elvis Costello's Spectacles

Given that I basically view food as a vessel for Sriracha consumption, I heartily approve of this recipe.

Spooky Behaviour

I made this today for the feast that we had to mark the last class (yay, Aboriginal Studies! Boo, end of the year!) and it was a resounding success! Addin' it to the meal roster.


I AM MAKING THIS RIGHT NOW. it's currently at the first simmer stage. i am so excited and i love you.


My nights this week: roller derby practice, euphonium quartet practice, band concert, roller derby practice. Making this and eternally grateful. (Also, adding kale, because when I woke up I decided that was the hippie-ass vegan I would be today.)


I just want to add to anyone who's thinking of making this: I used yellow split peas instead, because they were what I had on hand, and it worked out great. Also added ~1.5 tsp of cardamom seeds & ~1.5 tsp of dried dill when I was caramelizing the onions/carrots. This was awesome!! Thanks for the recipe.


I just made this with red lentils and a few other modifications! I subbed canned whole tomatoes for sauce and added cumin, tumeric and curry powder and it turned out delish! i put it over quinoa but it can def also be a stand-alone dish. thanks for the inspiration!


@rexmanning Solid additions, that sounds perfect! I usually make a soup with lentils with those seasonings, so I am excited to try this.


I just made this and I wish you would have warned us that it makes like a HALF A GALLON.

This is only a problem because I decided to double the recipe. I guess I'll be eating this forever. Or I can freeze it.

At least it's super delicious! Yay!


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