Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Rita Ora's "How We Do" Video

Put Rihanna, Ke$ha, Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry in a blender, pulse it on low with a few cups of water, garnish with a stolen breath of Rye Rye's, and you'd have this Rita Ora video. (2:12 is a cute surprise, though.) Which is sort of interesting.

Who is Rita Ora? Rita Ora is a pop/hip-hop/R&B/soul musician who was born in what is now Kosovo, raised in West London, and will release her as yet untitled debut album later this year. (Another of its singles is the Tinie Tempah-featuring "R.I.P.") She is 21.

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I'm not liking this new wave of pop stars. I miss riot girls from the 90s. I'm old.


@Slutface I'm not liking pop stars who say windOW instead of windOH, and mAY instead of mE. I am also old.


@Slutface hear hear!


@Slutface Me three. YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN.


I'll NEVER understand how shit like this gets 33 million views. Its sad but music is so bad ppl will accept anything. There is absolutely NOTHING remotely special about this song. And it dam sure aint worth 33 million views. Whats wrong with yall? @j


It was very generous to include Gwen Stephanie & Rye Rye (even as garnish) in this smoothie. I'm going with 8 parts Ke$ha, 2 parts air, and a shot of Tanqueray even thought it ain't even no weekaynd.

ETA: "R.I.P." is listen-able.

ETA again: But you treat me like a stranger and it feels so rough.


@julia I get the Gwen Stefani thing in terms of look/style...


From other YouTube videos I've seen, Rita can really sing. But this song sounds so generic--I can't even latch onto it. If you're gonna yoink a hook from Biggie Smalls, do it some justice.


@applestoapples: Agreed! The chorus was so long, and just... I can't see myself singing that chorus in my car, at a party, anything. If you can't latch onto the chorus of a song, it's DOA.

Also, <3 u Biggie


@applestoapples Her acoustic version of Hey Ya! is good, especially for a song I could go without hearing ever again. But yeah, this roll out package is super safe/boring. Interesting to see where she goes from here.


@klaus They probably released the poppiest song first to get her as much early radio play as possible before her album comes out.

Also, I hope that guy in the video is her dad, because that would be adorable. I'm gonna keep thinking it is.


@klaus She's Jay-Z's newest protégée, so at the very least she'll get top-notch promotion.


I like it. I love that drunk sex feeling! It always feels like the best even though I'm sure if there were a camera on the proceedings it would tell a different tale.

Bon Vivant

Is it now required that every pop singer issue a blackout song listing as many different boozes and illicit activities as possible? It's bland, and autotuned, and generic, and not empowering. I mean, sing me song about drinking and fucking, but at least make it interesting, give it some power and reckless, intelligent abandon. This song and its ilk feel like two girls making out for the frat boys' attention.
I miss riot grrls, too. Also, get off my lawn, and why do my joints hurt?


@Bon Vivant Can you list some songs about drinking and fucking that are interesting with power and reckless intelligent abandon? Don't mean to demand that you become my DJ, but man, that sounds good.


Bitches in the back looking righteous! Where's the Biggie hologram cameo?


I was ready to be won over until she said "wind-OW."


Sometimes I get all jealous of videos like these because I want to be out dancing until the sun rises.


Alas for not having dance-y friends!


I love her ridiculous crown.


2:12 was a cute surprise!


she had me at "party and bullshit"

Valbona @twitter

Why are some of you surprised on how she pronounces some words? She is from London and has a VERY heavy accent.

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