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Ooh Daydrinker

"Drinking in the day is an occasion unto itself, to be enjoyed on its own congenial terms. And there are terms. It shouldn’t lead to drinking all night. It can’t happen all the time. There is such a thing as starting too early. That said — we’re all adults here, aren’t we? — after lunch sounds about right."
Rosie Schaap's charming, low-key ode to day drinking is kind of a synesthetic, readable version of the "Jessica" cocktail she describes. Right? With the grapefruit? Is it too early for this?

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Jolie Kerr

Ooooh no I know you didn't just call out my beloved Breakfast Wine™, Rosie Schaap. Mmm-mm. Nuh-uh. HOLD MY HOOPS.


@Jolie Kerr I once had Beerios for breakfast. I'm gonna leave you to figure out what that means.


@paddlepickle Please, please, please don't let it mean what I think it means.


@SarahP Yep. That. It actually wasn't too bad with Blue Moon and Honey Nut Cheerios.


@paddlepickle I...would eat that?

Das Rad

@paddlepickle In college, when Beast Ice was the cheapest beer available, we would sometimes start the morning with some Ice Krispies.


@Das Rad This just made my stomach hurt.


this is pure gold@a


Two objections:

1. After lunch? No, AT lunch.

2. It shouldn't lead to drinking all night. Why the hell not? If you fail to fall asleep you are a BAMF and deserve more beer.



Of course at lunch!
People who think the B in "brunch" stands for "breakfast" need to take a minute to think about what time this meal is generally consumed and what they are usually drinking with it.


@City_Dater I prefer bwreckfast, which leads to drunken spectacles.

fuck fuck fuck

@paddlepickle my favorite method is to start in the early afternoon, get smashed, take a liiiiittle three-hour nap between 5 and 8, and start over when you wake up! TWO PARTIES IN ONE DAY


@lighter fluid That's definitely the way to go; a good nap or just a cooling off period in the evening is key to long term drinking. The college I went to had a 24 hour party that was usually pretty awful but did gift me with a great philosophy on drinking all day.

"Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint"

squid v. whale

I've never understood the taboo of daydrinking (day drinking?). Then again, I don't designate appropriate times for certain activities. See: breakfast for dinner, costume-wearing, sex.

P.S. That is a playlist after my own heart.


@squid v. whale Also? I drink alone all the time, the hell I'm going to throw a party just so I can drink a Longhammer with my sandwich.

And yeah making a deal about breakfast-dinner, cause what? apparently scrambled eggs and toast becomes more exciting after 5pm?

fuck fuck fuck

@Onymous pretty sure the drinking alone thing is more about getting drunk alone than having a drink with dinner/lunch(/breakfast?).


@lighter fluid Slippery slope.

Judith Slutler

This reminds me of a group vacation in Spain where we would make a delicious brunch every morning, take a dip in the pool, play some cards, and then break out the Campari by noon at the latest


@Emmanuelle Cunt
Was it Negroni Season?

Judith Slutler

@xine Possibly!

Michelle LeBlanc@twitter

So there's this cocktail that I love, that sounds a bit like "The Jessica" that is gin, (fresh squeezed) grapefruit juice and just like a splash of Grenadine? Does that have a name?

I only get to day drink on weekends and vacations really, so no way am I waiting until *after* lunch...


@Michelle LeBlanc@twitter I believe that is a Colonial.


@JennyM I have one that has nothing to do with gin but I love it poolside, we call it the Summer Blackout: ice in a short glass, half petron, quarter grapefruit, quarter cranberry juice, lime. Your face hurts the next day from the smile glued to your face.


I've always been quite miffed I was born a generation past the "Three Martini Lunch" generation.


@tessamae You are working in the wrong industry--last I knew, the tradition was still alive and well in some publishing circles.


@SarahP Only, not martinis, because they're expensive, and print media is not super profitable these days.


@SarahP True all around! And also: martinis are gross.


@tessamae HEY! :(((((((


@martinipie Nah, tessamae is right, the only reason martinis still exist is because Churchill didn't want to admit he just wanted a glass of gin.


@martinipie seriously!!!!! :,(


@SarahP Yup. My sister works in advertising, and there's plenty of booze to go around throughout the work day.
I suppose it's the least they can do when you're working 60+ hour weeks.


How do you not fall asleep?


@SarahP You do. It's not the point, but it's almost the point.


I prefer daydrinking so thoroughly to nightdrinking now that I'm out of college. Sunshine! No crowds! More plentiful access to munchies! Far less serious of a hangover the next day! <3 u, daydrinkie.

Science vs. Dinosaurs

@hallelujah What? Daydrinking gets better after college? Something to look forward to!


@hallelujah Seriously, day drinking means the bars/parks are far less crowded and half as loud and you have to deal with fewer annoying people. I kinda hate going to bars at night when I can drink during the day.


@parallel-lines Exactamundo.


@hallelujah Also feeling way less nervous about weaving your drunken way home in the dark, if you're me.


@parallel-lines Also, patios.


@hallelujah YES! Nothing makes me happier now that I'm too-old-to-hang but not-old-enough-to-stay-home-and-knit (um, not that I don't do that anyway) than getting in a full day of boozy fun but still being in bed by 9.


In related news, Patriots' Day, a holiday conjured up almost out of whole cloth for the purpose of day drinking, is this Monday.


@boyofdestiny And I don't care if you don't live in Massachusetts. Just celebrate Patriots' Day anyway.


@boyofdestiny And pancakes. You need some carbs to sop up that booze.

Is there a drinking game for the Battle of Lexington?


@boyofdestiny Frustratingly, a few of my friends are shocked that I don't get Patriots' Day off. It is not a real holiday, people! Massachusetts made it up.

(I have to keep saying this because I am bitter.)


@wallsdonotfall Yes. It's called "The Shots Heard 'Round the World." I haven't invented the rules yet.

nevernude cutoffs

@boyofdestiny As well as Boston's 2nd Favorite drinking holiday, Marathon Monday.


@boyofdestiny I LOVE PATRIOTS DAY! It's my favorite thing about living in Massachusetts. I always forget about it so it's a pleasant surprise.

I also love the idea of Evacuation Day.


@boyofdestiny: Just don't drink (booze) if you're actually running the Marathon, 'cause that will end poorly. And get on the rules for that drinking game, already, only 3 days to go!


@boyofdestiny Sniff. Literally the best thing about Massachusetts. Marathon Monday, enjoy you guys.


i can't seem to daydrink without an occasional gripping fear that i'm going to turn into an alcoholic (see: children of alcoholics). not to say i don't do it. but i definitely limit myself because it makes me feel anxious.


@teenie YO HIGH FIVE. (Alcoholic/addictive personalities all around my family. I feel you.)

Judith Slutler

@teenie I get slightly nervous about this re: my penchant to open a beer right after work. But it motivates me to cook!


@Emmanuelle Cunt @The Everpresent Wordsnatcher
out of curiosity, have you guys ever seen the data for how much a woman is supposed to drink weekly? it scares the shit out of me, but then i don't know ANY of my female friends who drink below that limit, so maybe it's just a crappy guideline? i think it's like 7 drinks a week?


@teenie Yeah the guidelines seem really weird, at least in the UK. My dad and I have talked about how it makes his usual two small cans of beer (one after work, one around dinner) seem positively excessive. Then again the Brits are all about "units" which I do not and never will understand.

Das Rad

@teenie Just extrapolate that 7 drinks a week over the course of an entire lifetime, then figure you won't be drinking nearly that much as an elderly woman, therefore you can drink that much more now. That's my reasoning, and I think it's airtight.

Judith Slutler

@Das Rad Plus, as kids, we didn't drink at all!

Das Rad

@Emmanuelle Cunt Speak for yourself. ;)


@Das Rad: As an "elderly woman," I can confirm that you will be drinking much less once you hit middle age. Diminishing returns, people.

Carrie Ann

@teenie In terms of numbers, no one can really agree. Take a look at this chart which shows clearly how some countries trust women more than others (US) when it comes to alcohol consumption. http://blisstree.com/live/which-country-recommends-lowest-alcohol-limits-for-women/

Also interesting is how many countries recommend exactly half the amount of alcohol for women compared to men. Why? We aren't half their size (on average).


@Emmanuelle Cunt I feel this way about wine. The glass of wine gets me ready to turn on the stove.


@Carrie Ann oooh, that's really interesting. I mean, I definitely understand (and agree) that women metabolize alcohol differently from men, but it's a compelling argument that some societies see women drinkers differently than others, and how that skews their "medical" standards. I definitely don't think that a woman who has more than 7 glasses of wine a week is a problem drinker. Thank god I'm not alone! thanks for that!


Irish coffee anyone? I am a new coffee drinker so I did not know of this wonder before. I want to drink it all weekend.


@mackymoo Irish coffee FTW! Especially is you freshly whip up some heavy whipping cream to plop on top...nooooooommmmmmmmmmmmm.


Day drinking happens fairly often, but Drink All Day Days (DADDs?) are special occasions.


@whizz_dumb The organization names itself: "MADD Against DADDs"


My day drinking pals are now far, far away. And I find that day drinking by yourself is not a good idea.

Now I could really use a beer.

Oh, squiggles

As long as you don't act like an asshole when you drink (you know who you are, and there is no excuse for being that way) and you are familiar enough with your own tolerance level, then drink whenever the hell you want. Historically and even culturally, drinking throughout the day has been No Big Deal. It is if you make it one though.


@Awesomely Nonfunctional
Haha yes. When I was in Côte d'Ivoire we would do shots with breakfast before going out to the fields. There was no operable heavy equipment for miles, so what's the harm!


I'm actually not a huge fan of day drinking. I reserve it for special occasions (St. Patrick's Day in South Boston, for one). I always feel like the sun is extra bright and hurting my eyes and I feel like I'm sweating, always sweating, and everyone can see it in said harsh daylight.


Oh, good. Now I can tell the hilarious story of the Easter when I met most of my husband's extended family for the first time.

It began with brunch and bottomless mimosas that turned into bottomless champagnes. Then we went to his parents' house, where there was a platter of cream puffs. I LOVE cream puffs! Then his aunt kept filling up my wine glass. Then I woke up on the patio, alone, with the sun low in the sky.

Luckily they're all drunken Polish Catholics, and from that day they have accepted me as one of their own.

Jane Err

After lunch, lol.


Summer and day drinking go together like water and sunshine.


I daydrink only at girl parties, but when I do, it pretty much doesn't stop until 3am. Champagne cocktails and suntanning on the roof, whaaaat?


I am so very sad that it is raining outside and I'm at work instead of sitting on a porch with that Jessica cocktail in hand.


Day drinking is amazing. Nothing else to say but this.

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