Thursday, April 19, 2012


Liquid Nitrogen: Still Liquid Nitrogen

Originally, Czar intended to serve vodka chilled with liquid nitrogen. This plan changed, however, after an incident last weekend with the liquid-nitrogen chilled beverages — an incident which sent one guest to the hospital. The restaurant group’s Director of Marketing, Simmy Ahluwalia, confirmed the incident but could provide no details except that the gentleman has recovered and that Czar has decided to scrap liquid nitrogen in favor of serving vodka in blocks of ice.

Finally! Sorry, anonymous person with a top secret injury, but someone had to pay for society allowing this wart-killer to go from "handle only with these special gloves and store in a Stanley thermos — actually, just let the teacher do it" to "go ahead and dump it all over the Top Chef kitchen or your bar in Atlanta." Leave it to the "experts", folks.

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Who in God's name thought this was a good idea? "Hey, we're going to get drunk around the same stuff they used to shatter Robert Patrick in Terminator 2! Brilliant!"


YES!! Beautiful. @j


Some fool swallowed some of it, I bet.

It'll cause a bit of frostbite but only if you submerge your body parts in it. You can pour it on yourself all day long and it'll just get a little chilly since the liquid floats on its own vapor and therefore the liquid won't actually touch you. But if you swallow it will expand 700x inside you and try to take whatever route it can out of your body. There are two available. Trouble starts when it decides to make a third.


@Ti:Sapph maybe? But drinking vodka that has been chilled even to some fraction of the temperature of liquid nitrogen could definitely cause damage. Also, it may not cause frostbitten immediately, but pouring LN2 on yourself freaking HURTS (I speak from accidental experience).


@Ti:Sapph Swallowing liquid nitrogen is the subject of a famous Darwin Awards post that has been passed around physics classes everywhere. Collapsed lung...shudder...


I thought this was going to be about the Czar vodka bar in Ybor City. Kinda glad it isn't? Florida is in the news enough for its people doing dumb shit.

Although I recall a Halloween dance at church in my youth where the punch def had liquid nitrogen in it. So it can't possibly be cool, right?


@DH@twitter It was probably dry ice (solid carbon monoxide), not liquid nitrogen. Still not smart to do, but I did hold a party during my crazier college years, where the signature drink was "witch's brew," basically a gin & tonic served in goblets with dry ice.

Not the world's smartest move.



Bwahahahaaaaa. I would come to that party! (and I would probably drink that drink) Yeah, it was most likely dry ice.


@travelmugs Mollycule Theory brought some dry ice to the halloween meetup, and not a single 'pinner was harmed! Though, she's the only one who put it in her drink, because she's a pro and can handle it.


@punkahontas Yeah, it didn't seem all that dangerous. My science-y boyfriend thought I was crazy when I told him about this party because SCIENCE (we hadn't met yet when "witch's brew" party happened).

If I do it again, I'll just put it in a punchbowl or something, instead of individual drinks. Any science-y pinners want to confirm that this is safe/okay to do?


@DH@twitter It's more or less safe! I mean, make sure no one swallows any dry ice, but drinking the liquid around it is totally fine. The main danger would be if people were *really* drunk and didn't notice themselves swallowing a piece. Our (biology) department has an annual party that involves something similar to your "witch's brew", and no one has been harmed by the ice so far. The alcohol, on the other hand...



She put some in mine!


I have an irrational hatred for bars that use liquid nitrogen in their drinks. Stop trying to be Richard Blais!


Next up: Irish car bombs made with Semtex demolition explosives


See also: White Russians with authentic Muscovites.


@melis: 7.62 and Seven


Skimmed and thought that quote was talking about the Czar...like, Czar Nicholas and his ilk. Thought to myself "No wonder Communism took root...".


Not really speaking of liquid nitrogen, I was going to the IVF doctor's office, and met the Fedex man in the elevator, with a tank on a hand truck. I said, "Oh, babies!" He said, "Yeah, I bring these every day. Once they let me come in at look at one through the microscope."



I don't know why, but this anecdote has filled me with a sort of childlike wonder at the modern world. Science! Little tiny babies in hand trucks! What a wonderful world.


@Diana that would be lovely! pretty sure they're just embryos though.


@iceberg No "just" about it, in that context.


my husband brings home a duer of liquid nitrogen sometimes to make me icecream. it's DELICIOUS. ngl though, i am always afraid he's going to burn a finger off.


@LeafySeaDragon Oh, liquid nitrogen ice cream is the best! The science-y people at my college would run a monthly "Science Night' at a local elementary school, and liquid nitogren ice cream was always the big finish. I was never brave enough to pour, though. I alternated between stirring and crowd control.


A few years ago I was browsing near the customer service desk at a bookshop. A well-dressed woman approached the desk and asked the guy if they had a lost & found. He replied that they didn't have a dedicated lost & found desk, but if any items were left at the shop they'd be stored at the customer service desk. She told him she'd left "a personal item" in the bookshop yesterday, and had he come across it? He asked if she could be more specific. She said "it was a vat of liquid nitrogen."

I still think about that woman.


@Decca Hahaha, did she happen to mention that she'd lost the keys to her Underground Lair as well?


@wee_ramekin (All she really wanted were sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their foreheads.)


@Decca That is amazing.


I blame Heston Blumenthal.

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