Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Kate Moss: Time Traveler?

The NYC Department of Records has created an online archive of 870,000 photos – including creepy crime scene ones! – dating back to the mid-19th century. Everyone thinks this is very cool and their server is freaking out a bit. Here's a sneak peak from Huffington Post to tide you over. Doesn't Babe Ruth's wife Clare in the second slide there look like Kate Moss?

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I love the Pinner audience. We contain multitudes. We love tiny houses, gruesome murders and people being unable to do things correctly. How do you get sponsors? WE'RE A GODDAMN WACKY DEMOGRAPHIC


I know what I will be doing tonight after work...


Edward Norton lookalike in the second photo as well.


Wow, that website is very....1999 looking New York.
OMG these photographs are awesome though. And so clear! The dead body ones are eerie, because they look like something you'd see on TV.


@Megano! jealous you've been able to get through. I've been waiting and literally got to the point of marking my calendar to check back next week.


@bb Oh I just looked at the Huffpo ones, the actual site did not work, and I guess still does not?


As you surf in the land of archival goodness, lease shed a tiny tear for all of the interns (I imagine) that scanned these.


Speaking of interns, I have decided that my #1 goal in life is to teach everyone how to spell "sneak peek" correctly. Writers should know how this works. A peek is a gander, a look. A peak refers to a highest point, think mountains. You are not sneaking a mountain. You are sneaking a look. A peek. Sneak peek. Sneak peek. SNEAK. PEEK. PEEK PEEK PEEK.


Amazing 180k pics.. i can't believe it

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