Friday, April 6, 2012


Just a Small Slice of the Head

"Before I figured that out, I had a lot of bunnies with detached ears and with loose eyes and noses": a guide to making rabbit-shaped bread.

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I first read that as bunny shaped beard. So you can imagine my disappointment when I clicked through.


haa, absolutely LOVE this@n

Tuna Surprise

When I was 6 my birthday was on Easter. The bunny shaped cake I got would still make the highlight reel of my life.


@Tuna Surprise My husband's birthday fell on Easter one year, and it happened to be the same year he was sporting a creepy pedophile mustache. I made cute bunny cupcakes with little mustaches made out of rolled out tootsie rolls. (This was way before mustaches were played out, so it was cute.)

I think they were my best-ever cupcakes, so I get what you're saying.

Also, belated (I'm assuming) Happy Birthday!

Porn Peddler

As much as I theoretically like adorable food I am also...totally unable to eat things that are cute in any way.


For my entire life, my aunt would make all the kids in our family little individual Easter breads shaped like bunnies (with raisin faces). I thought this was a common thing, but I just tried to find a picture of it online and there are none so I feel special.


PS. My mom acquired a terrifying bunny suit (somewhere?) and wears it every year. She also makes a centerpiece out of bunny-peeps on skewers and has about a dozen sets of bunny ears that we all take turns wearing. Easter bread or not, Easter with my family is definitely "special."


@punkahontas Does she look like a pink nightmare?


@meetapossum A white nightmare. With a yellow polka-dot vest and bow tie. It's the bunny face that really does it though. It almost looks like it's screaming.

oh, disaster

I'd take bunny bread over coconut-covered lamb cake.


@oh, disaster Was is ever red velvet? I've been meaning to add a red velvet coconut lamb cake to my menagerie of easter delights, but my mom is keeping the mold for now. I currently stick to just an easter nest bread covered in baby animals, peeps, and green coconut.

oh, disaster

@maevemealone It might be? I'm not a fan of coconut, so I don't know if I've ever tried it except maybe once when I was a kid.


@oh, disaster The key to eating coconut lamb cake is a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. You have to like coconut a little bit though. Also, my mother in law uses fresh-grated coconut (as opposed to that gross stuff that comes in a bag) which makes a difference.


Mmm, my birthday's this Sunday - I never imagined the crossover possibilities. Although maybe a Zombie Jesus cake would be more spectacular.

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