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Happy 4/20, Brah

Marijuana is a hot topic today for some reason. We'll join in to remind you of this 2010 New York Times story about the inner workings of legal pot dispensaries. Or how about the history of marijuana laws in the US? Or ladies who might be fun to meet at a party? And Floyd. And croissants. And scene.


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Today, everywhere will smell like San Francisco!

Porn Peddler

@parallel-lines It took me until just now to figure out why pot is a hot topic today. Or why I've seen multiple references to 420 etc. wow...


i agree with you@j

Jolie Kerr

I've listened to Linda Ronstadt's version of "Willin'" about four hundred and twenty times already today in celebration.


On 4/20 in 2001, I learned that the wrong way to enjoy ganja brownies is to down five of them in quick succession, then wash that all down with some Red Bull.

Porn Peddler

@applestoapples This is the thread for high stories, then, yes? You seem to have lived to tell the tale...

The first time I smoked weed, I was with my friend in Boston on July 4th, and I got all sorts of dopey and nonfunctional. And then I was told it was time to walk clear across the entire city.

Halfway through this walk, I began to hear this odd noise in the distance, and suddenly, the crowd on the sidewalk parted like the red sea. My friend quickly flung her arm in front of me and pushed me against a wall and said, "OH MY GOD YOU'RE ABOUT TO SEE THE BEST THING IN BOSTON."

Boston pinners, please help me out with this: Louie promptly came cresting over the hill before us, screaming away, and sailed by just inches from my face. I know Louie tends to inspire a range of emotions, but please imagine being high for the first time in your life and trying to hold it together on a long walk, and being completely unprepared for this experience.

And then I laughed so hard there were tears streaming down my face for a good half hour. I had to sit down and cover my face while my friends stopped in a Dunkin Donuts for coffee.

hot dog princess

@Third Wave Housewife Yes, this should definitely be that thread. I had the most ridiculous thing happen to me the first time I smoked when I was 15. I was hanging out in my friend's shed, which they had converted into a little room for us to hang out in. There was farm equipment around... I was barefoot and super high, and I actually stepped on a pitchfork! My foot bled for a long time and it did not. hurt. at all. I got the bleeding to stop and then my friend and I ate an entire family sized fruit plate from Publix. The next morning I woke up and my foot was very sore.

So, uh, no pitchforks and bare feet on 4/20. LEARN FROM MY LIFE LESSONS HAIRPIN.


@hot dog princess
The first time I smoked (but didn't get high), I was in that same shed! Except when I went to step out, I hit my forehead on a nail, which also didn't hurt, but I decided it would be funny if I dropped to the ground like I was really hurt, causing my friend, who was high, to freak the fuck out. That was not so nice of me, but I didn't know she would react like that!
Also, my freshman school picture bears the evidence of that misadventure.
So, uh, no sheds converted to hang out rooms to smoke in for your first time.


@Third Wave Housewife
I know of Louie. And of course Dunkin Donuts had to make an appearance in this story.


Ugh, I remember when I was going to school at UC Santa Cruz, every 4/20 there was a huge pilgrimage down to the Meadow, which is near Porter College (my college of choice) and which is where everybody goes to get high. My last two years they even closed off the West Entrance to try and stop non-students from coming onto campus and partaking in the Potfest, but that just led to people walking alllll the way up, like, Empire Grade.


Man, for the first time I actually live near a White Castle but I don't know any stoners in my new city.



Honestly tho, I think National Get High Day should coincide with National Free Pancakes At IHOP Day. They usually coincided for me in college anyway.


I think I'm just going to own this statement - but "It's Complicated" is my favorite romantic comedy movie of ALL TIME. When I was living at home for a bit, my father came home one night when I was watching that movie and caught the croissant scene. He came home the next day with a tray of croissants.


Also, not to toot my own horn (okay, a little toot) but I also made a bet with my friends that I could name 100 reasons why I loved "It's Complicated" and actually did it... while high. Defying stereotypes everywhere.



@orangeyouglad I LOVED THIS SO MUCH!!


@OhMarie Thanks!! I loved doing it!


There aren't a lot of stoners on the Hairpin are there?


@mackymoo There's some, but there also seems to be more judginess than I would have expected.


@mackymoo I'm more of a former-stoner-turned-intermittent-partaker.


@NeenerNeener @applestoapples Yeah I've picked up the judgey vibe before. I came to it after college and I've really only had experience with highly functioning/productive people who also smoke. My perspective is probably different than a lot of other people's.


@mackymoo I'm one! And a responsible, 30-something parent, even.


@mackymoo Functioning stoner here! I know that part of breaking down the stigma about smoking weed is having more people out themselves as regular smokers, but I get super nervous and palm sweaty just THINKING about doing that*. I have a kid and my partner works in a field where it would not be kosher, so there's always this fear about the consequences of getting found out.

*No, it's not the weed. Har har.


@mackymoo We had a robust conversation about the Launch Box vaporizer in the open thread last week.

I'm somewhat conflicted about it-- I'm a productive grown-up and an enthusiastic regular pot smoker, but I am weirdly averse to anything too "stoner-y." Maybe I am part of the problem. :(


@klaus I've had the same idea, too, for the same reason. There should a 'national outing yourself as a pothead' day.


@OhMarie Yeah, I feel about the same as you. I'm a productive grown-up with a grown-up job and all, and I am an enthusiastic regular pot smoker. However, I think you cross the line into stoner-ism when you start doing shit like driving while high, or going to work high. That is just not on. (Also part of the line: actually attending 4/20 parties.)


@OhMarie You're only part of the problem if you think you're in the minority. We're not all walking versions of Spencers! My partner's dad is a doctor and has smoked throughout his life.

Dr. Iris Puffybush

@mackymoo Responsible, 30-something stoner here too. I'm looking forward to smoking a bowl tonight and watching "Half Baked." This is about as close to celebrating 4/20 as I need to get. I have to finish my laundry first though. I don't like doing chores (or going into my creepy basement) when I'm stoned.
"Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you're cool, fuck you, I'm out!"
I like to ruminate on this when I'm having a particularly shitty day at work. Not today though, free lunch and a pinata! (It was part of a wacky going away party for a coworker)


@mackymoo 40, responsible, serious career-having pothead here. I'm probably a freak for a couple of reasons.

1. Never actually been high. I think it's something in my body chemistry - I feel altered, and often less anxious, but have never had the giggly goofy reaction that most people seem to. Lord knows I have TRIED.

2. Prefer to eat it - I use it pretty regularly for insomnia. Eat a caramel, brush teeth, crawl into bed and read for an hour while it kicks in. Thank gawd for dispenseries in Oaksterdam - I can buy what I need without having to stink up the house making butter.

P.S. Please don't hate me


New Commenter Name

@P.S. Please don't hate me
It's so unfortunate, but marijuana increases my anxiety level by like a million. I start having Crazythoughts in my head that go around and around and before I know it I want to curl up into the fetal position and crawl into a hole. It sucks to be me.
Oh. Yes, by the way I live in IL and would totally support legalization. It doesn't even have to be for medical reasons.

Summer Somewhere

@Curiouser and curiouser My anxiety level also gets poked, but in a way that makes me clean the house. Very convenient. Also sometimes in a way that makes me want to bake chocolate chip cookies at 1 AM but replace all the sugar with blackstrap molasses. Very inconvenient.


@Curiouser and curiouser Caitlin Podiak wrote on the Hairpin last year about different pot strains' potentially either relieving or inducing anxiety. The article's called "Cannabis 101," and it was posted on 4-18-11. I just realized that I totally missed it then that the date might have been significant.

New Commenter Name

@Gracious! Interesting.... thanks for the info. I'll have to take a closer look at this when I'm not at work. The husband would think it's too good to be true.

Atheist Watermelon

@Curiouser and curiouser totally with you on this. although now really want to look into that link about different strains. i've been a pretty regular smoker for several years, but usually get paranoid to varying degrees. i recently developed some hand problems (i'm a musician) that i think were actually exacerbated by pot- i would get so fixated on the pain when i was high that i think i totally made the problem worse!!!

<---- worst. pothead. ever.

and it's too bad, because i really love pot, but i've just had to stop completely.

New Commenter Name

I can't open a single one of those links here at work. Damn corporate firewall.

Cliterary Device

My 420 is pretty much shot. For some reason small, annoying groups of joyless tightwads have gotten hard nipples over the idea of shutting down dispensaries in whole counties all around California.

Now I get to drive at least half the length of this state in any direction just to get my stash, which is just not feasible for me. And I've got a spouse who works for the feds in a decently high rank, so risking arrest with the illegal stuff will be a slightly suspicious, albeit humorous slight on his record. Okay, not so humorous.

You crazy kids go on and have yourselves a fuzzy time. I'm just gonna set down here in the corner and curl into a ball.


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