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Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

ALL OF THE MASCARAS, $32 (were $45, $133 value)
Now retire to your laBOR-a-tory and don’t come out until you’ve figured out which one is The Best.

Silk Charmeuse Shirtdress, $59.99 (was $139)
You know how I feel about silk on sale. This jaunty number (“Hi everyone! I’m walking in to the restaurant now! Look at me go!”) also comes in black and a million sizes. Belt it?

Woven Palm Belt, $29.95 (was $48)

Spin Art Kit, $.99 (was $10)
There’s enough paper in here for 20 masterpieces. I bet you can throw a stamp on them too, right? PM me for my address.

Barbra Streisandwich Bagel Plate, $6.48 (was $12.95)
Even though there’s no food in that recipe, this plate still made me hungry. Did you know Barb turned 70 this week? Let’s toast her with my wine glasses which are also on sale.

Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Garter, $14.99 (was $22.50)
A simple garter to start your collection. (Or you can avoid the whole business with these.)

Johnny Loves Rosie Bow Headband, $27.27 (was $36.36)
How do we make this? It needs stiff stuff inside to stay poofy, but what? If you give up already, enter Bonus10 at checkout for an extra 10% off everything at Asos.

Lorac Croc Palette, $18 (was $35)
Throw this perfect bronze collection in with that mascara.

Icicle Elegance Necklace, $14.99 (was $29.99)
They should’ve called this the “Iced Out Elegance Necklace.” It would be perfect with this:

J. Crew Jersey and Silk Tank, $27.20 (was $68)
It’s the silk. Again. Not sold? How about this one:

Ksubi Cotton T-Shirt, $41.40 (was $69)
There. No silk in sight.

Leather Ankle-Strap Wedges, $49.99 (were $119)
Up to size 11 and they come in silver too. Look at the crookedy toe strap!

Balmain Embellished Suede Jacket, $6,952 (was $34,760)
Hahahahahahahaha. But also, you PM’d me for my address, right?


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