Friday, April 27, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

ALL OF THE MASCARAS, $32 (were $45, $133 value)
Now retire to your laBOR-a-tory and don't come out until you've figured out which one is The Best.

Silk Charmeuse Shirtdress, $59.99 (was $139)
You know how I feel about silk on sale. This jaunty number ("Hi everyone! I'm walking in to the restaurant now! Look at me go!") also comes in black and a million sizes. Belt it?

Woven Palm Belt, $29.95 (was $48)

Spin Art Kit, $.99 (was $10)
There's enough paper in here for 20 masterpieces. I bet you can throw a stamp on them too, right? PM me for my address.

Barbra Streisandwich Bagel Plate, $6.48 (was $12.95)
Even though there's no food in that recipe, this plate still made me hungry. Did you know Barb turned 70 this week? Let's toast her with my wine glasses which are also on sale.

Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Garter, $14.99 (was $22.50)
A simple garter to start your collection. (Or you can avoid the whole business with these.)

Johnny Loves Rosie Bow Headband, $27.27 (was $36.36)
How do we make this? It needs stiff stuff inside to stay poofy, but what? If you give up already, enter Bonus10 at checkout for an extra 10% off everything at Asos.

Lorac Croc Palette, $18 (was $35)
Throw this perfect bronze collection in with that mascara.

Icicle Elegance Necklace, $14.99 (was $29.99)
They should've called this the "Iced Out Elegance Necklace." It would be perfect with this:

J. Crew Jersey and Silk Tank, $27.20 (was $68)
It's the silk. Again. Not sold? How about this one:

Ksubi Cotton T-Shirt, $41.40 (was $69)
There. No silk in sight.

Leather Ankle-Strap Wedges, $49.99 (were $119)
Up to size 11 and they come in silver too. Look at the crookedy toe strap!

Balmain Embellished Suede Jacket, $6,952 (was $34,760)
Hahahahahahahaha. But also, you PM'd me for my address, right?

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I've tried on so many bow headbands, and have yet to find one that doesn't make me look like a cockney, jaunty street urchin in a musical.

Jane Marie

@KatnotCat that's a hot look.


@KatnotCat i think that's the point? not a look i want either, i think if you want to avoid looking like that, the bow trend is one to avoid.


@KatnotCat Consider yourself at home.


@teenie I've seen it done successfully! Sometimes I really love cute, babydoll looks and see other people pull them off, but I think I'm a too baby faced for it not to swing over to weirdly childlike and unnerving very quickly.

So I every once in a while, Forever 21 will lure me over to the accessories counter and then BOOM: "Elllo govnaaah!"


@KatnotCat And you dislike that look because...?


@KatnotCat Every time I contemplate wearing a hair bow, I remember this amazing Carolita comic:


@KatnotCat This bow thing is so timely. I just bought a cheap headband (from that Brash accessory collection at Payless) that has a little metal-mesh bow on it and I was worried about accidentally looking like a lady in a child costume or something. But some helpful ladies of the 'Pin advised me to wear it when the rest of the outfit is plain and simple (jeans, t-shirt, flats).


@KatnotCat I have a wide variety of hairbow headbands as does my friend. While wearing them, we've been carded at the mall since there was a period of time where children under the age of 17 had to be accompanied by an adult.

We were like, 23 or 24 at the time.

Granted, even without hairbows I am carded for "R" movies all the time.So maybe it wasn't the hairbows.


@jacqueline Haha, that's funny, but the "adorkable" girl actually looks like a cartoon version of me (hair style and wedges today), so I think my theory that giant bows tip my look from "cute" to "oddly precocious 12 year old" is correct. I don't think it would get me drinks from anyone I would want to buy me drinks. I already work about latent pervs.


@Statham I have been asked if I could drive when paying for gas while wearing work clothes (nope, just a middle schooler driving around wearing business casuals, thanks). I feel you.


@KatnotCat Frankly, this is the look I aspire too every time I go out. Unsurprisingly, I want that headband.


wear ALL the mascaras!

The Lady of Shalott

@charlesbois I kind of want to buy ALL THE MASCARAS with $30 I don't have, and then conduct a long, involved project to find THE BEST and post it on the Hairpin, complete with major close-ups of my eyelashes.

Jane Marie

@The Lady of Shalott invoice me.

The Lady of Shalott

@Jane Marie Jaaaaane! Do it FOR us! Because you have beautiful eyes and probably do not have weird muddy green eyes that will look bizarre in photographs, and also your eyebrows will be perfectly groomed at the time.


@The Lady of Shalott This would be so great! I would love to know which one of these is the best, but I don't use up mascara very quickly and I already have like 4 tubes that should really be in the garbage right now.

Jane Marie

@The Lady of Shalott argh, i'm trying but sephora won't let me checkout! i think we broke it :(

The Lady of Shalott

@Jane Marie Keep trying!!! Keep trying! DON'T LET US DOWN, SEPHORA


@Jane Marie: PLEEEEEASE do this test so I don't have to. I'm still using a tube at LEAST 2 years old because I hate a lot of the new ones I've tried, and my eyes are going to fall out soon.

And include pictures of the brushes? I hate the ones that have long bristles on one side and short on the others.


@Jane Marie I had the same problem, and I called Sephora and they said it would be resolved in 1-3 business days. NOT HELPFUL SEPHORA!


@HunnyBee Nooooo! I was so ready to spend my non-existent allowance! I refuse to take this as a sign.


@Jane Marie The same thing is happening to me!! I went to buy ALL THE MASCARAS before I even read the rest of this.

Is anyone else looking forward to The Best Time I Wore 14 Mascaras At Once?

Hello Dolly

@Jane Marie We did break it! I too am having issues, and they said to try again in 24 hours.


@Spicy Bubbles : OH NO, and I was trying to buy blush! But not the mascaras thing, because Benefit's "They're Real" FOREVERRRRRR. Love it so much I bought three backup tubes, just in case.

Hello Dolly

@collier I can imagine the offices of Sephora "Every Friday, around 11:30, noon-ish, the website traffic SPIKES. What is going on?"

i make lists

@collier "They're Real" = BEST MASCARA EVER. I almost cried when my boyfriend accidentally knocked it in the toilet...


@i make lists : I KNOW. I even like it better than beloved (discontinued) Chanel Extracils, which I thought was unbeatable. No clumps and gobs, no flaking off, no end-of-day undereye smudges (which I am extreeeemely prone to). It is championship mascara.


@solidgold Ahhh just tried again and now the whole mascara set is out of stock. Wah waaaaaah.

But, continuing with the spirit of "this is not a sign", off to Sephora for my lunchbreak to see if they have in-store sales!

Hello Dolly

@hulia Wait, so if someone tried to place an order when their system wasn't working, we get screwed? I haven't purchased from Sephora before, but this... does not make me want to try again.


@Spicy Bubbles That's what it seems like. I kept trying to place the order, kept getting an error message, and then at some point instead of getting the error message, got a cart where the mascara set was out of stock. The fact that Sephora's response was that the error would be cleared up in 1-3 days or 24 hours (per other pinners' comments) to me reads "We're not making any attempt to do anything about this, tough shit." Also, as expected, basically nothing that is on sale online is on sale in stores.


@charlesbois Understandably, All the Mascaras are (were) getting a lot of attention, but I just want to give a shout-out to the Clinique Take the Day Off eye make-up remover too. That stuff works like magic, is relatively non-greasy, and isn't super spendy. It will take off All the Mascaras!!


@hulia @JaneMarie @EVERYONE Check your bank account and Sephora!! I tried to submit my order several times yesterday and got the error message, and this morning it turns out THEY CHARGED ME EVERY TIME I TRIED TO ORDER. Now I have to call and get them to refund $400 of failed orders.

Hello Dolly

@solidgold Well shit the bed, Fred. Over $600 pending for me (I was determined to have all the mascaras?) I have a feeling their phone lines are going to be really busy in about 7 minutes.


@solidgold It looks like (in my case at least) they're pre-authorization charges and won't actually go through (similar to what gas stations and restaurants sometimes do). I called and they said they should drop off of the pending charges on my CC within the next day or two. She didn't have any orders placed for me, so I'm inclined to believe it.


Spin Art! Is it like Spirograph? I miss Spirograph.


@cosmia I remember doing spin art onto some white paper plates at the state fair when I was a kid. Fond memories of that. Also, spirograph.


@cosmia Spin art is where you squeeze paint on a piece of paper spinning on a turntable and watch it splatter everywhere. It's the messy best. Also, SPIROGRAPH! <3


@cosmia I may have just set a world record on amazon.co.uk for fastest impulse buy, after I read the word "spirograph."


Somewhere near me in the Dallas area, there are multiple purchases being made of that last little number which will be worn to SMU or TCU football games by ladies with enough jewelry and hair to pull that look off. In a Texas kind of way, of course.


Oh, I want that Barbra Streisandwich plate! I've been listening to lots of her this week for her birthday. Her phrasing on this song is incredible.


@Decca She was so beautiful back in the day, wasn't she? A little unconventional but so charming, and her eyes are freakin' stunning.

Not too mention insanely talented, which is obvs more important, but I was struck by how lovely she looked in that video. I feel like she has a reputation now as, like, your mom's favorite singer of a gay icon, but she was pretty foxy!


@MoxyCrimeFighter Yeah, she was definitely a babe!


@Decca I am a shameless fan. Hubby surprised me with tickets to her concert at MSG the last time she was in NY and I was screaming like I was at a 1991 NKOTB concert.


@Decca She is so hot in What's Up Doc too!


@CrescentMelissa I think I would weep if I ever saw her live.


@CrescentMelissa Ahhh jealous! I don't think I will ever be able to se her live, but I have seen Barbra impersonator extraordinaire Steve Brinberg, which was almost as good.


@MoxyCrimeFighter Right? she looked soo gorgeous in that video! The way she moves and carries herself always strikes me as so beautiful. Also, GOD THE PIPES. I loveses her.

Ladies Who Punch

@Decca Thanks for that!! I don't think I've ever seen it & it was WONDERFUL!!
FUN FACT: I lied my way into a Louis Vuitton Fashion Week Party in Paris many moons ago by telling the security I was Babs' daughter. I think our mutual Jew noses helped sell it.


@Rebekah AMAZING! You're my new hero. The best time I pretended to be Barbra Streisand's daughter...?


@Rebekah This needs to be a Personal Best!!!

Ladies Who Punch

@Decca @Lucienne I like this challenge. I think I can write this one up. New assignment for the coming week!


@Rebekah I actually just keep rereading your comment and marveling at it.

Ladies Who Punch

@Decca :) This gives me the encouragement to come out of writing retirement & make it happen. Thanks!


@lora.bee What's Up, Doc? is amaaaazing. Babs, Madeline Kahn, Ryan O'Neal in his Ken doll days, Kenneth Mars, Austin Pendleton! Oh, the screwball antics! Oh, the farce! That chase scene in Chinatown! That's been a favorite of mine since I was a tiny child.


@MoxyCrimeFighter "There's a person named Eunice?"


Things that I really want: those wedges, that Lorac palate, SPIN ART!!!!


@thebestjasmine : SPIN ARRRRT. But not the wedges, because I just bought the cute green ones from LandsEnd. You guys, how adorable are these? http://tinyurl.com/7t3fffz This weekend they were marked down to $50, AND there was a 30% off thing.

I KNOW, "ha ha, Lands End." But I live in their Sun Life Cargo Skort (which they better bring back, damn it) and also they have the most adorable dress in the universe right now, but not in my size.


@collier whaaaat those are cute, well done!


@collier WOAH, those are so cute! But also, please link to the most adorable dress in the universe.


@thebestjasmine : THIS DRESS. I love it so much. http://tinyurl.com/dym257k

I just live-chatted a CSR to ask if they were going to have it in other sizes (right now it's only in women's, though they have a different style (sleeveless) in ladies') and she said nooooo. :(


@collier: People can go "ha ha, Land's End" all they want, but their knit tees are great, and their tissue tees are so affordable, you can get them for every day of the week, unlike some stores (cough J Crew cough).

Also, their new summer dresses are adorable. Restraining myself from buying that orangey-red striped one on the cover of the new catalogue.

The Lady of Shalott

Aughghghhg Jaaaaaaane! How did you KNOW that I have spent three days going through past Bargain Bins and fantasy online shopping while avoiding packing???


@The Lady of Shalott She always knows.

Barry Grant


I'm thinking that at any given point there is a considerable fraction of 'Pinners avoiding work by click-click-clicking on links. Seems like it's typically grad students reading up on unsolved murders.

Daisy Razor

I used that Lorac palette for my wedding. It makes blue eyes pop like crazy.


@Daisy Razor Do you know if they are mineral shadows? I bought one of hers in these beautiful and amazing shades of wines and grays and could not wear them for the world. It was like having pink eye about three hours in but I loved them and I love how they went on and lasted and I want these but I also don't want to have the same problem, obvs.

Daisy Razor

@sovereignann@twitter Sadly, I don't think it is.


@Daisy Razor Well, I guess I could try it. They might have something in the store since I would know right away. Eyeshadow party at Sephora!


@sovereignann@twitter Some people are allergic to the red dyes they use in red, pink and purple eyeshadows. Maybe try something with no red in it whatsoever and see if you still have the same reaction.


I was not a huge fan of streisand until I heard this:


They interview her songwriters (who are the BEST-listen to be inspired about life), and she calls the show! Cornel West loses his shit!!


@hotdog Um, nope. That episode is no longer up. It is a socio-economist. Who I am sure is saying very smart things but there is no Babs.

Ladies Who Punch

@hotdog Thanks for this! It is super cute!!


@Yarnybarny initiative, lady-just type streisand in the search field, and there you go!


I cannot abide that icicle necklace, but I must must must abide that grey silky tank. Rule #1 is there is no such thing as too many tank tops.


@annev6 Except we are too late. Well, I am. So can I borrow your tank top next weekend (assuming you were not too late)?

nevernude cutoffs

I was gonna be all "boohoo, that shirt dress would look so terrible on short people like me" and lo and behold, it comes in petite! I'm getting it in black, does anyone know how j.jill sizes run?


@nevernude cutoffs And the petite is even MORE on sale! I've never had anything from j.jill before though, so I'll have to defer to others. But high five to a fellow shorty (shawty?), may you rock that dress.


@nevernude cutoffs My mom buys clothes from then and they run a wee bit big, but not too much. I wouldn't say a full size, so maybe purchase your normal size and get it tailored? They do well with lengths on petites.


@DullHypothesis I've never bought from them before so this is entirely unhelpful, but I just ordered that dress and another shirt dress in XS petite and I hope it works. I'm 5'7" and usually a size S, but it seems they have the "mom store" size chart where a small is a size 8, and I'm assuming the lengths will also be a bit modest, so I'm hoping the petite size will hit me mid thigh.

@nevernude cutoffs They run a bit big, but not a full size. Go off of their size charts, but don't order a size smaller than you would (if you normally wear an 8, get an 8 or the S/M/L equivalent of an 8). You might need to get it tailored.


I am a fat girl (and probably always will be) but my dream weight is one where thigh-high stay ups will actually stay up instead of rolling down as soon as I take two steps. They sell these in plus sizes too even though they do not work!


@aliceandstuff DO you go to sockdreams.com? sooooo amazing.


@aliceandstuff That's what garter belts are for!


@SarahP I love sock dreams! Do they have magic stockings that will stay up on my tree trunk sized thighs?


@aliceandstuff Oh honey that is not just a fat girl problem!
I get that unless I get socks with the sticky-ish rubbery stuff at the top, which makes my legs feel gross, like touching those squishy water-filled toys.

sarah girl

@aliceandstuff I have pretty slim legs, but have the exact same problem, even with the sticky rubber! I don't know who can actually wear those :(


@aliceandstuff I have a medium build, but my thighs apparently don't know that. The "extraordinary thigh highs" stay up well without any weird pinching or muffin-topping. Several other of their other thigh highs have plus sizes, though I can't think of any off of my head. I mostly just click through the pictures looking for chubby models' legs to help me decide.


@aliceandstuff I'm seconding iceberg, but I feel it needs repeating: those stockings WILL ROLL DOWN NO MATTER YOUR LEG SIZE.


@aliceandstuff Gar-ter belt! Gar-ter belt! "Stay up" thigh highs are a lie, in all sizes. Don't use them as another excuse to hate on your body.


@aliceandstuff Magical magic - Japanese girls use sock glue (called sock-tachi) to keep their socks up.


@aliceandstuff : OMG SOCKDREAMS. I love that store so much forever.

Gave up on elastic-topped thigh highs years ago. Feel creepy, never stay up, and leave gross marks on your legs. Instead get the kind with NO elastic at the top (I think that's where I got all my giant mesh thigh highs?) and a good garter belt. If you're willing to invest a bit, Trashy.com makes garter *skirts* that are so much better than most belts, also cuter, and with nice metal clasps that won't break.

Marquise de Morville

@aliceandstuff Anyone has any recommendations for longer length thigh highs? I don't have particularly long legs, but long feet that take up space.

All Mimsy

I stalk modcloth so obsessively that I knew where the Icicle necklace was from without even needing to think about it.


I have a couple of dresses kind of similar to that silk one that I feel like should be belted, but they never quiiiiiite work when I do. As soon as I lift my arms or move around a little the fabric pulls up and then I have this big poof of material right over the belt. Does this happen to other people? Is there a solution other than continuously tugging it down again?

dj pomegranate

@crocuta The only solution I've ever found is to wear a chain or rope belt loosely. That way the poof SORT OF naturally un-poofs because the chain is slippery and does not hold the silk in place. However, I have given up on this whole endeavor because I can't figure out how to wear chain belts with panache and confidence!


@crocuta I have no idea how to pull off a belt, it confuses me so much. I try all the time, but I feel like it either does what you describe and/or makes me look fatter. I'm thin but not super thin, with small breasts, and I've come to the conclusion that maybe this look only works if you are either super thin or have big boobs? I don't know, I would also appreciate it if someone could explain it to me.


@crocuta This is why I have never been down for the PUT A BELT ON IT trend. I won't buy dresses like that unless it looks ok loose. Basically I'm embracing my ever evolving mom style.


@crocuta Yes to this. I'll wear belts with pants, but I've given up trying to belt tunics or dresses, because they always look wrong.


@jaimie I dunno I think it does depend a lot on your body shape. But I am "thin but not super thin" maybe with small boobs and i own a lot of stuff that without a belt looks shapeless and weird on me (not just because it's loose although this is sometimes true) but a belt gives me a defined waist that I otherwise lack. I think for me it works because there's not much difference between my waist circumference and hip circumference so belting dresses and things gives them a better shape for me.

i do often tug my dresses back into shape around the belt though.


also i think you have to figure out where on your torso belts look best? a lot of shirts i own come with fabric belt type things and they're always set too low to look good on me so i wear a different belt or wear it at a different place or what have you


@redheaded&crazie This makes sense. I am also "thin but not super thin" but with bigger boobs and birthin' hips. It doesn't do enough for my figure to make it worth the hassle, plus I hate wearing anything that needs adjusting throughout the day.


@redheaded&crazie It's funny, I actually think fabric belts that come with dresses work on me, but it's leather belts that give me problems. I think it has some thing to do with them being more adjustable and leather belts having no stretch and locking you into specific notches. But i do like the look of leather belts with dresses. Oh well! Those of you for whom they work, have fun with them.


@jaimie It sounds like we look similar!

Sometimes I think this whole loose-dress-or-top-that's-meant-to-be-belted is just a plot by clothing companies that lets them manufacture cheap shapeless pieces while avoiding the cost/effort of actually designing and tailoring them so that they fit. Sure, they look great in the catalog picture where they're cinched around the model's waist and all the loose fabric arranged just so, but they'll never actually anything like that in the real world.

dj pomegranate

@crocuta aaahhhh thank you. Yes. I feel this way every time I scroll through Shopbop or Revolve Clothing. Sure everything looks nice on skinny models in perfect lighting, but that doesn't mean there's actual *design* in those $150 shapeless tunics. Good "shapeless" clothing can be accomplished, but only with precision to drape well on an average body in imperfect lighting!


@tortietabbie I have a ridiculous amount of empire waist dresses for this very reason! I used to think that dresses like the silk one in question only worked for slim women with smaller boobs, but I think having bigger boobs actually helps give it shape and also, WHO CARES OMG THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE.

Fig. 1 (formerly myfanwy)

@crocuta Yes, I think it depends on the length and shape of your torso.I am shaped like a cylinder (or a brick, depending) and have a short waist, so high or tight belts are uncomfortable. A loose chain belt slung over the hips, however...


@klaus: Yeah - like, since the dress is very straight all the way down, the curves underneath is what actually gives it the shape. It's really hard to explain, but a busty girl with a dress like that, belted, really pops. It must be something with the billowy shape in some places but the defined curves in others (contrast).


If I buy the mascara and the eyeshadow, I will get free shipping....


@Gertrude Right? Friday Bargain Bins are going to get me to Sephora VIP status much more quickly than I would like to acknowledge.


@hulia : If you guys are looking for stuff to buy, I have to proselytize about MakeUpForEver's Aqua Creams. I'm late to that particular party, but omg they are so amazing. Anthracite and Steel, yo.


Can I wear the shirtdress with the belt while doing the spin art? By "can I," I mean "damn straight I'm gonna." Arts-and-crafts kits are my weakness.

Nina B.@twitter

RANDOM: does betsey johnson going bankrupt mean things will go on sale?


@Nina B.@twitter Ooh I hate to say it because joy at the misfortune of others, but I actually might be able to buy it under those circumstances, so, hopefully?!


@Nina B.@twitter oh, I secretly hope so too. Can't fit in most of her clothing, but some of the earrings and necklaces are adorable.


AAAAAAH I want that LORAC! Tomorrow is a Major Mall Trip, so I must be patient and hope they have it in stock...


That Victoria's Secret picture looks awfully... anatomical... for a company usually so generous with the 'Shop. Do my eyes deceive me, or is the photo especially NSFW?


@special_boots HAHAHAHAHAA I think it's beigey lining fabric with a slight wrinkle in an unfortunate place, but I definitely scrolled back up and squinted for a while.


where my curvy girls at? Beyond the Rack has some decently cute plus-size stuff on clearance right now!


Jannnnne, I bought the wedges in black! Thank you! So perfect, I used to have a similar pair from Nine West that I wore with everything but foolishly threw out instead of taking to a cobbler (My PSA for the day: since I feel like it's so hard to find comfy dress shoes and boots, NEVER throw out the ones you love if there is even a small chance they can be salvaged. I have a shoe guy in NYC who does AMAZING things and has resurrected so many of my shoes)...but now I have wedges again!


@DickensianCat Where? My cobbler keeps doing weird things like fixing only one shoe of the pair or dyeing the heels of my shoes when I bring them in to have new endcaps put on? I mean, express yourself, dude, but red heels on beige wingtips?

Oh, squiggles

I look at the things, and I want the things, but having limited money to buy the things, and also not wanting to be the person who is always "Buying Things"....

Wouldn't a weekly post about doing something nice for yourself, like something pretty cheap/non-consumerist, be a nice addition to the Friday Bargain Bin? For the people who can't/won't/don't want to spend money, but still want to treat themselves at the end of the week?


@Awesomely Nonfunctional Great idea! We should start it right here in this comment section. I suck at having ideas though that are not the overused classics, take a bath, read a book, home manicure?


@Awesomely Nonfunctional This too, this too! I have really been enjoying the pieces over on Billfold, but one thing they've instilled in me right quick (Dang you Mike Dang--but thank you) is that in so many cases Buying the Things isn't as satisfying in the long run as taking a week (or two weeks, or three-however long you can manage before you start feeling deprived) to put the money you would spend in your savings account and finding your jollies elsewhere. I would love this feature.


@redheaded&crazie Or maybe "shopping your closet" and either re-purposing something you no longer wear, making a point to wear a necklace or some earrings you haven't worn in ages, giving yourself makeovers with what's currently in your beauty supplies, etc. Also, clothing swaps!


@Awesomely Nonfunctional Ooh GREAT idea. I enjoy blowing bubbles, they're cheap (in a pinch a repurposed wire coathanger and some dish detergent will do, otherwise dollar stores usually have little bottles) and they bring joy to small children.


@DickensianCat Oh man, clothing swaps are so great! Even at the swap I went to once where I arrived to find out all the other girls were wee size 4 people (I'm double that), I still came away with some lovely scarves and jewelry.

Does Axl have a jack?

@DickensianCat A shopping your closet series would be great! Like, with unusual/trendy ways to combine basics and whatnot.


@Awesomely Nonfunctional Dude, I fear that I'm turning into a spammer, but thats what the Sharepin is for!


@Awesomely Nonfunctional I would like this a lot!

tea tray in the sky.

@DickensianCat Thirding a shopping your closet feature.


Interfacing! Heavyweight iron-on interfacing is what you need to make that headband and you can buy it at any fabric store!

fondue with cheddar

You make the bow by using the ribbon that has thin strands of wire along the edges! Like this!


Can someone please talk to me about how THOSE WEDGES of hotness are from J JILL. J JILL. WHAT. That is the High School English Teacher Who Has a Lot Of Snakes Shop (I may be referencing my actual high school english teacher who had a lot of snakes ... and most certainly did not wear Wedges of Hotness).


@fierce_pierce It's weird how some of the Mature Lady shops (places where 94% of the clothing is too staid or frumpy for the average young person, like J.Jill, Lands End, Chico's, etc.) have some of the kickingest-ass accessories. I've a J.Jill necklace for about 15 years that I still get compliments on all the time, and some of my Lands End shoes are my faves.

Does Axl have a jack?

@fierce_pierce J. Jill clothes are hit or miss, but their shoes are mostly kind of amazing. And also expensive. I'm currently stalking a pair of boots; if they go under 100 bucks, they're so mine.

Lexa Lane

@SuperGogo My Lands End ballet flats are the best money I've spent in a long time. They're comfortable and they go with *everything,* and plus, they were on sale. I think I got the black for $20 and the brown for $30.


@Lexa Lane @SuperGogo @armyofskanks I am legit amazed at J Jill's shoe offerings. My High School English Teacher Who Had a Lot of Snakes NEVER wore shoes like this. Just lots of tunic-y mother earth-y dresses and, you know, snakes. She was definitely a Mature Lady Shopper. PS Lands End ballet flats are the best!!

Does Axl have a jack?

@Lexa Lane Speaking of Land's End, I just went to the site to investigate the ballet flats and found these instead. Omg, the cute.


I used to make those spinart things on an old record player! I wonder what happened to the record player (aside from being splattered in paint and marker ink).


Okay, just bought the dress in red. And some leggings because I will not go with bare legs. I had to get the hell off their web site though, because last time I checked something out on Jane's rec I ended up dropping ohmygodsomuchmoney at Land's End. I did get some cashmere out of it, so I can't complain too much.



Domino Dollhouse is offering 25% off with the code FCBK25, good through April 30. I am considering petticoats.

Also, if you're in Boston, next weekend is The Big Thrifty, a plus-size thrifting event in Davis Square. More details on Facebook!


@anachronistique Tell me more about this domino dollhouse place!


Sharepin sharepin sharepin. Broke people and/or recovering hoarders, come join us!


@nyikin and/or burgeoning hoarders?


@redheaded&crazie anyone with past, present or future hoarding tendencies. WHICH IS ALL OF US


@redheaded&crazie the sharepin is not responsible for any relapses.


@nyikin Sharepin is so much fun! I got a wee tiny perfume this week, it's lovely.


I like BeneFit's Bad Girl waterproof mascara in black. It comes off easily with that Jane Iredale magic face mitt that needs no soap, that a pinner recommended a few beauty posts back. I love that mitt! I'll never have to buy eye-makeup remover again!

Any One Ninja Plot

I am thisclose to buying like 20 Spin Art kits and giving them to everyone I know as birthday presents for the rest of the year.


It's weirding me out that we coincidentally sell the spin art thing where I work. International Craft!

the angry little raincloud

This is out of place (and two days late!) but it was great meeting you briefly at the Pinup, Jane! Thanks for the beer!

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