Friday, April 6, 2012


Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Friendly Forest Rings, $9.99 (were $20)
With rings like these, who needs friends?

Jason Wu for Target Pleated Skirt, $20.98 (was $29.99)
Seent it in person, but in the wrong size. This skirt is correct.

Silhouette Art: Papers, Instructions, and Patterns for Making Modern Heirlooms, $12.89 (was $18.95)
I went to some janky-ass elementary schools so I'm not sure how I knew of these in order to be jealous of people who had them? Great mysteries.

D-Cup Ruched Halter Tank, $59.99 (was $84)
Just one example of the many old school tank swimsuits on sale at J. Crew right now. Wear yours with these:

Floral Cat-Eye Sunglasses, $6.99 (were $16)

Footed Glass Beverage Jar, $39.99 (was $49.95)
The Beverly Hilton — hereafter known as "Deathotel" — has two of these by the pool: one filled with ice water and strawberry slices, the other with ice water and cucumber.

Flash Face Decorating Kit, $30 (was $60)
FINALLY get your Mike Tyson on. No, but seriously, you should get these:

Buxom Stay-There Eye Shadow Palette, $34 (was $68)
My new favorite eyeshadow, for sure. Sparkly, but not in a teeny bopper way, and really does stay where you put it for quite some time without creasing — which is weird because it's a creme eyeshadow but let's not question it.

Apres Soiree Dress, $80.99 (was $115.99)
Depending on which review you read, this dress that comes in tons of sizes is either super hot OR super not. Roll the dice, Joanie. But don't forget about the baby!

Baby Gourmet Baby Food Maker, $49.99 (was $150)
Saucy Hot COOOL baby food?

Messorio 2005 Merlot, $1,875
But it's a MERLOT!

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New Hoarder


New Hoarder

@New Hoarder WHAT are those forest friends doing to each other?!


@New Hoarder Right? It looks like the squirrel is giving the fox the business.

Daisy Razor

@New Hoarder I am so glad I am not the only one to see some inter-species sumthin-sumthin going on there.


@New Hoarder @Clare
i came down here to say the same thing. SAUCY FOREST CRITTERS!

New Hoarder

@Clare I KNOW. And I do not think both parties are consenting; at the very least, the fox is resigned to it.


@New Hoarder My dirty minded people!




@New Hoarder YES! I had to head right to the comments to see if anyone else thought the forest was getting awfully friendly!


@redonion haha. ME TOO. I didn't even look at the rest of the bin yet!

New Hoarder

@Statham If you teach middle-school bio, then yes it very well is!

New Hoarder

@Megan Patterson@facebook On the UO page for the rings, if you view the ring setup in the second picture it looks even dirtier. Imagine the... positions you can put these rings in on your finger! :-O


@New Hoarder Haha. I do not, but I do teach teenage boys.


@Megan Patterson@facebook dirty minded people?! i think the inter species loving has to be intentional. i mean ... right?! how can anybody NOT see animals humping on that ring????


@redheaded&crazie i just looked at it again and SERIOUSLY PEOPLE!!!

that one in the middle is in like orgasmic ecstasy!


@New Hoarder Is anyone else also concerned about this post-apocalyptic future in which giant squirrels are the (possibly animal rights-abusing) kings of the forest?


@New Hoarder I feel like this would be a great way to find friends. Put the rings in awkward positions and see who cracks up. Those shall become my bosom buddies.


Very Woodland Critter Christmas.

Spooky Behaviour

@teenie Saucy hot COOOL forest critters?


Uhh... are the forest friends on those rings more like a forest-friends-with-benefits kind of thing? Sure looks like it.


You guys! Sock Dreams has a 20% off coupon right now because they just got 40,000 followers on Facebook! My buddy just told me because she is a good buddy who looks out for her non-Facebook-having sock-loving friends!

New Hoarder

@frigwiggin Do the socks have themes? I enjoy themed socks (preferrably cheap ones). And I have been sad for the last week because I can't find my favorite Easter socks and the replacements I got at Target suck. =-(

New Hoarder

@New Hoarder CRITTER SOCKS. I am lost.


@frigwiggin Oooh! But how do you deciiiiiide? Or is being wracked with indecision about which freaking SOCKS to buy (of all things, really) solely a hulia problem? I have a feeling it might be a hulia problem.


@hulia No, this is definitely a universal problem, or at least a hulia-and-frigwiggin problem. I want to buy one of every color of the extraordinarily longer thigh-high because I have them in teal and they are AMAZING. But then I would be broke. And it's coming on to summer, so thigh-highs will not do me a lick of good until November.

Anita Ham Sandwich

@frigwiggin AAAAHHHHH, I love Sock Dreams!!! BRB, off to stock up on socks.

New Hoarder

@frigwiggin Free shipping? What is this magic!

Anita Ham Sandwich

@frigwiggin The tentacle socks WILL BE MINE!

New Hoarder

@New Hoarder What just happened. It's flip-flop season and I just ordered 5 pairs of socks.


@frigwiggin whats the coupon code?


@iceberg According to said buddy, it is FB40K.


@frigwiggin I need to replace my Cuban thigh highs, so this is perfect!!


@frigwiggin thank you! <3 socks.


@frigwiggin Yeah they definitely look like they're doing the nasty nasty.

Does Axl have a jack?

@frigwiggin Aaah, thank you! Socks! I finally ordered these. Nom.


@armyofskanks Ooooh, girl! [/RuPaul] Those might be going on my list as well, I love that they have a wide cuff! (narrow cuffs dig into my fat legs. Sads.)


@frigwiggin Oh. my. god. I could kiss you for that coupon. I never realized what my sock collection was missing...

Does Axl have a jack?

@frigwiggin I know, right? My leg fat also dislikes narrow cuffs, and I love that the wider cuff actually looks like a proper part of the design. Also, purple and grey.


"Elaine, who put pencils in the baby food maker again?"


Can we talk about cute swimsuits for those of us without the requisite swimsuit body? I have literally not owned one for FIVE YEARS? Ugh.

And now I live in Texas and it's unbearably hot...

ayo nicole

@chapstick I might just be ridiculous and prematurely in the old lady stage where I don't give a fuck...but if it's 4000 degrees and you want to wear a little bathing suit, you might as well just do it! Haters to the left, etc.

Lily Rowan

@ayo nicole Yeah! Haters to the left.

Here's how I figure it: I have a body. It is in a swimsuit. Hence, swimsuit body!


@chapstick Please don't take this the wrong way - I only mean to give perspective and not to shame/be a bitch:

Just be greatful you can swim! I have a disease that requires a Hickman and infusion pump, so not only can I no long swim but just showering is an ordeal.

I'd fucking KILL to be able to get into water again.


@NeverOddOrEven *no LONGER

Gah, feelings.


@chapstick Esther Williams Swimwear

They come in regular and plus sizes (and none of that bullshit where plus size costs a million dollars more, I think it's like a dollar or two if that?). Lots of fabric choices, both in patterns and solids. Fairly modest but still super fucking sexy. I've gotten more compliments on mine (the classic sheath) than any other suit I've had, ever. Made in the US and not too expensive considering that fact. Seems to hold up pretty well -- I don't swim all too often but I've had mine for a few years now and it still looks like new.



@mustelid Question: are the EW swimsuits good for actual swimming or just lounging? Lounging is important, don't get me wrong, but I'd like to know whether they're good for both.

Anna Jayne@twitter

@chapstick I also have the EW classic sheath - my roommate (a little, smaller-boobed lady) and I (a larger, big-boobed lady) both got it in different patterns and it looks rad on both of us.

@thebestjasmine - if you mean actual swimming, like, you're in a lane and getting a workout, probably not. But if you mean going to Spa Castle and paddling around in between sitting in front of water jets, then yes.


@thebestjasmine I have used mine (classic sheath, one piece) for recreational swimming in an ocean and lakes. So like, paddlin' around, jumping into waves, etc. Nothing's ever popped out, which I can't say for suits I've owned in the past. No issues at all.

I probably wouldn't use it for like, swimming laps in a pool... it has a front "modesty panel" which would probably create a bit too much drag for that to be useful.


@chapstick M'am, I have wholeheartedly adopted the swimdress. Glorious, old-lady style swimdresses. I have the added delight of Mediterranean genetics (so much hair) + incredibly sensitive skin which makes all forms of depilation just the worst, so I like the extra coverage on that front as well. Though I think I might try to work my butch-ish lady friend's combo of bikini top & board shorts. She looks amazing & also: so practical!


@chapstick The thing that got me over hump and admittedly, into a bikini, years and years ago when I thought I didn't have the body for it, was a trip to Brighton Beach. Older Russian men and women, big round bellies, shining in the sun, just not giving a f*ck in tiny little suits, letting it all hang out and soaking up the sun and enjoying themselves. I sat there thinking, Huh. They sure don't care that they haven't done sit up's in probably forever and I've been killing myself at the gym and I'm sitting here in a one piece acting all stupid about it. Nobody cares more than you do, jump in the pool already. :D


@chapstick size 24/26 here, same boat as you with the "~5 years" thing, planning 2 weeks in Hawaii (!!!) next month, and JUST finished trying on several different swimsuits in my quest for THE ONE. I tried Land's End (frumpy, too expensive, not supportive enough), LL bean (ditto), ModCloth/Esther Williams brand (SO CUTE and surprisingly well-made, but not supportive and runs small - their 26 fits like a 20 or 22), Old Navy plus (3x was a good size, but fabric was a little on the cheapo side and suit was WAY not supportive enough), before I settled on, naturally - Lane Bryant. For one, their suits have ACTUAL bras built in, which ACTUALLY hold your boobs up. Go figure! Also the cut and fabric quality was just leaps and bounds better than any other brand of suit that I tried. They are expensive, BUT! I got my $119 suit for $70 after tax and shipping, just with a combination of coupon codes I googled around and found. That made it actually the second least-expensive suit I tried on. Hope that helps a bit! Edit* also I'll add: I fully expected trying on all those swimsuits to make me feel just miserable and exhausted, but honestly it was pretty fun. Round bodies are adorable, and turns out I look totally boss in a one-piece. So yay!


@maevemealone in Soviet Russia, sit ups do you?


@stonefruit or, I guess, Soviet Ukraine, as Brighton Beach's other name is Little Odessa.

Betsy Murgatroyd

@TheShe All the Charming Shoppes have lovely swimwear. I've seen some nice and sturdy plus sized ones at Fashion Bug (ugh that name) and decidedly less expensive than Lane Bryant.

ayo nicole

I am so nervous about ordering a swimsuit that I cannot return. But it is so cute! Agh


Does anyone have suggestions for one-piece bathing suits for those of us with, uh, ample bosoms that aren't completely frumpy/boring?

Jane Marie

@teenagewerewolf Modcloth has some great options for around $100. but they are really flattering!


@teenagewerewolf I have some two pieces from Pour Moi that are supportive and beautiful and the most flattering suits I have ever tried.
I have not tried their one-pieces, but they have some cute ones and I vouch for them 100% after trying their bikinis.

fuck fuck fuck

@teenagewerewolf i have been buying regular bathing suits my whole life, even though i've been DD-cup+ since puberty. i'm pretty sure i'm the least appropriate person at the beach, every time. i've started to just revel in it.


@teenagewerewolf Totes check out Etsy and eBay for real vintage suits - the kind with more formed cups and so on. I bought this one (http://img3.etsystatic.com/il_fullxfull.180512787.jpg) and, while not for super ample busty ladies, the idea that there are suits out there that have formed cups and BUTTONS on the straps to shorten/lengthen the torso has BLOWN MY MIND. My sister is a DD and I can't even fathom how hot she'd look in a suit like that.


@teenagewerewolf For me and my triple-D prow, the turning point came when I REFUSED to wear a swimsuit that didn't have underwire support. Keeping everything anchored in a flattering spot is always step one in avoiding the frump factor; it's no different in swimsuits.

(It also makes for speedy shopping trips where you just grope each suit in turn and keep moving until you hit wire. Don't even look. Just grope.)

I realize our definitions of frumpy may vary, but my shopping recommendations are as follows. I hit the underwire jackpot when I went to a local swimsuits only shop, California Sunshine. If you're not in the Northeast, I'm sure there's an equivalent. My other trusty company has been Lands End.

no way

Folks - listen to mustelid. You have heard it before and it is no lie, Esther Williams suits are great. They are beautiful, really well made, and you feel like a starlet. Also, they pride themselves on their customer service. You won't regret it.

Lee Van Queef

@mustelid I LOVE Esther Williams. I'm reading AND writing about her right now. (Well, not RIGHT now.) I just bought this bathing suit which is Esther Williams-inspired and I can't wait to get it, eeeeeee: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/onepiece-swimwear/bathing-beauty-one-piece-in-blue-velvet#


@mustelid @teenagewerewolf Eh, I found the Esther Williams suit I bought to be not great at holding up boobs. I had to sew an old bra into mine to get enough support, and even then the whole halter neck thing was a pain. I just bought one of these guys, which is similarly cute but also actually supportive!

raised amongst catalogs

@Jane Marie Ahhh, yes, I was just going to say the Mod Cloth Bathing Beauty one-piece. So fun to wear and supportive of my bosoms.


@mustelid Marry me? I just ordered a bathing suit from there. I am so excited to have a bathing suit that is cute and doesn't make me feel disgusting about myself! Fingers crossed that it comes before next Thursday :) (possible hot tub immersion on Friday/Saturday ...)


@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas, @vanillawaif ... which is made by Esther Williams, according to the modcloth description! Full circle :)


@stonefruit Yes! You are going to love it (I hope)! Also I'll only marry you if you are proposing with a conflict-free diamond, or a ring pop.

And you know, I don't even really see these as a "I have to get a one piece because I'm not sexy enough for a two piece" thing, even. It is a fucking hot ass swimsuit, for hot ass ladies. Even if I felt like I had a "bikini body" or whatever, I think I would still prefer a vintage silhouette one piece. As someone said upthread, it makes you feel like a starlet!

no way

@quatsch Oh no - you regret it! Ah well, I guess like so many things, YMMV with Esther Williams swim suits.


Oh my god. Oh my god. The bathing suit! The sunglasses! I want both, and both are sold at places that are walking distance from my office. LUNCH HOUR SHOPPING BEGINS NOW.

Can I just say I'm so happy to find one-piece bathing suits that don't look like they're made for either 8 year old kids or 80 year old ladies? Bikinis are only flattering on mayyyyyyyybe 3% of the human population, and yet they are ubiquitous.

Anyhoo, see you dudes later, it's time for lunch hour store-scouring!


@werewolfbarmitzvah Boooooo, they didn't have the sunglasses in the store, so I threw caution to the wind and ordered them online. A pair of non-boring sunglasses can be hard to find!

sarah girl

You might also recognize the Footed Glass Beverage Jar from every hipster outdoor wedding photo set ever!


@Sarah H. Filled with a signature cocktail made from locally sourced ingredients and whiskey, no doubt?

Barbara Gordon

@hulia You say that like it's a bad thing!


@Barbara Gordon Well, that's only because I'm sad and jealous that I don't have a 1.6-gallon vat of whiskey sour made with locally sourced meyer lemons on my desk right now.

Barbara Gordon

@hulia Understandable. We all are.


The copy for the Apres Soiree dress mentions wearing them with "your tallest lace-up booties." At what height do your tallest lace-up booties stop being booties? WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE?


@frigwiggin Hmmmm I guess there is some ambiguity about whether "tall" refers to boot shaft or heel....I think about shoes too much.


@martinipie Ohh, that makes sense. I assumed they were talking about shaft. If I wrote that copy, it would say something like "your highest-heeled lace-up booties," which isn't perfect but is less ambiguous.


@frigwiggin Personally, I feel that the line is right before "wear with booties."


@frigwiggin I too would like to know this -- I don't know where on the foot/leg the definition of "bootie" starts or ends when I see things listed as shoe boots ("shooties," sometimes!) and they are basically high-heeled brogues. There ought to be a field guide.


Can someone please have this forest friends thing as an engagement ring?


@WaityKatie (I can't, because I hate The Family, Love, and Freedom, but I would like to see it!)


@WaityKatie <3

Lily Rowan

I want that Footed Glass Beverage Jar. If only I had storage space! For the 99% of my life that I would not be using it.

OH! Also, I got that pleated dress from a couple of weeks ago (in red!), and I like it a lot. It's not slenderizing on top (kind of blousey), but still attractive!


@Lily Rowan oh geez I also want it! As soon as I saw it I went into a dream state where I envisioned the future of me pouring wine into it and sangria from it and laughing gaily with my friends


@redheaded&crazie even better: I want an actual old-school punch bowl, with a ladle and tiny glasses so that people can drink many toasts together and there can be constant refilling, and ladling, and joyousness and cheer!
some day...


@harebell YES. My divorcing and downsizing parents have a glorious crystal punchbowl and ladle that needs a new home. But I have absolutely no space for it and it would cost about $250 to ship it cross country to me, but I WANT it. And the Big Jar. Basically anything that's purpose is holding and serving large quantities of alcohol.

Prostitute Robot From The Future

@Lily Rowan Me too! I need homemade ice tea and it will only taste good coming from a jar like that. Too bad they don't sell 'em in this country :(:(

I also need those glasses, to go with the ice tea, of course.

Lily Rowan

@disgruntled co-worker Or tall glasses and long silver iced tea spoons???


@Lily Rowan I waited a day to order that dress to make sure I still liked it and then it was SOLD OUT IN MY SIZE and I was heartbroken. It is so lovely!

of course I made up for it a week later by ordering $200 worth of other clothes, and the dress didn't come in petite sizes so it probably would have been way too long and oddly proportioned in the torso anyway, but...SO PRETTY.

Lily Rowan

@Lorelei@twitter Oh no! But yeah, it probably wouldn't have worked on you....

Which actually reminds me I need to return the gray one, and get that money back!


Please, everyone knows silhouettes come from that one shop on Main Street in Disneyland!


Helloooo, cat-eye sunglasses!

Also, since I probably won't be around for the Open Thread (getting out of work at 2:30! Yay!), does anyone have any suggestions for kosher wine? I'm going to my first seder and I don't know what to bring!


@meetapossum What's your price point?


@maebyfunke I'd like to keep it under $20 or so.


@meetapossum So I don't know where you are, but my favorite over $10 wine is Goose Bay Sauvignon Blanc. I can't get it for under $20 in Manhattan, but I've seen it for $17.99 in Queens. I also really like Baron Herzog Chenin Blanc which is suuuper cheap but kinda hard to find. Their Pinot Grigio is good too. I don't drink as much red, but when I do I usually go with Tea Lake Shiraz or Cab Sav.


@meetapossum I waaaaaant those sunglasses. I gasped when I saw how cheap they were! My sunglasses collection is already consuming my desk though ... and they probably don't have good uv protection ...


@redheaded&crazie shut up boring person, buy the sunglasses!


@maebyfunke Well, lucky for you, I work in Manhattan and live in Queens! Everything is cheaper in Queens, though, so I was going to wait until I got home to get one. I'll keep those in mind. Thanks!


@redheaded&crazie Buuuyyy them! I usually get $2 sunglasses at the bargain store on my old street, but I will probably splurge the $7 for those. Have to make sure not to break them, like every other pair of glasses I've ever owned...


@meetapossum Everything is sooo much cheaper in Queens. I live in Manhattan but I hang out there a lot. I really wish I could do all my grocery shopping there, but there's only so much I can lug on the subway!


@meetapossum I like the Bartenura moscato, buuuuuut I am basically the kind of person who only likes soda-pop wine. So take that with a whole salt-lick essentially.


@redheaded&crazie Get the sunglasses! Get the sunglasses! I just got them about an hour ago, so it'll be like solidarity. You know how whenever you see a really reeeeeeeally spectacular pair of sunglasses, and you tell yourself, "I don't need those; I HAVE sunglasses, even though they're not even half as spectacular," and then you change your mind about a week later but by that time they're gone forever, and you never see another truly spectacular pair of sunglasses again for like 5 years?


@maebyfunke Well, the only white kosher wines they had were chardonnays (which, ugh, gross), so I ended up with a Baron Herzog cab sav. Thanks for the tips!


You had convinced me to get them, and then I saw that shipping was $10. :(


@Changeling Yeah, I had to add other stuff to my order to make the shipping cost worthwhile. Now I'm also getting a watch that looks like an owl!! Otherwise, the shipping costs more than the sunglasses themselves.


I am thinking I will put the footed bev jar on my carrel for the final month before my senior thesis is due (aka now). It will be full of whiskey sour. The library permits "beverages in closed containers...." that counts right?


@martinipie As a librarian, I wholheartedly support this! (Everyone knows we take every opportunity to get our drink on - you should see us at conference!)


omg the hairpin is running today?

good find y'all ... good find


@redheaded&crazie Is it a holiday in Canada?


@Brunhilde yes! I find it so bizarre and hilarious that we have it as a holiday but you guys don't! I thought y'all were supposed to be the ones repping religious whack jobs (sorry RWJs)!


@redheaded&crazie Good Friday is also a public holiday here in Australia. One of two days a year when almost everything is closed! And Easter Monday is also a public holiday, which means it is a four day weekend :D


@redheaded&crazie I guess this makes up somewhat for holidays that we get but you don't :)

I feel like we get more holidays?


I mean, I only get New Years, Memorial day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Xmas, but my Ma works for the county and gets ALL of them.

MLK, Ceasar Chavez (I'm from CA), Presidents Day, Lincoln's Birthday, Columbus Day...

Porn Peddler

Ugh, swimsuits, why are you so expensive. I need a new one so badly.


@Third Wave Housewife
15dollarstore? My sister got one from there that she quite likes. She's not very demanding in the breast region, but since they have overstock suits from fancy stores, it could be worth looking into?


For those of you bemoaning the lack of bathing suit options in whatever size you are, I most fervently recommend Lands' End. Poke around in the sale section and you'll find lots of options. Even the full-price jawns are worth it, since they wear like iron.


@Clare Seconding Lands' End bathing suits, they are great and last forever.


@Clare Yes, I like Lands End suits a lot! Also, for those who are looking for a swimsuit for exercise swimming purposes, Title Nine Sports has good suits!

Anna Jayne@twitter

@dinos as a former employee of Lands' End, I thank you for adhering to their "we know this is wrong" punctuation.


@Anna Jayne@twitter Haha! I actually confirmed that was the way they do it before I posted.

Anna Jayne@twitter

@dinos it was a printing error in their very first catalog! I explained it MANY times.


Ughhhh, swimsuits. I haven't owned one for over a decade. A DECADE. The thought of buying one makes me want to vom. I only go swimming about once a year, and I just wear an old bra, tank top, and boyshorts or boxers rolled up.

Susan Sullivan@facebook

I third Lands's End. If you take your chances on size/color availability at the end of the season you can score some really great deals. I got the cutest suit last year for $19.


A cream shadow that doesn't crease, stays put, comes in a bunch of pretty colors, is mostly compared to Mac Paint Pots, and is available for about $6 apiece at your local Target or RiteAid: Maybelle Eye Studio 24hr Color Tattoo.



Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter

Do any Hairpinners have an opinion on the Baby Food maker? As a first-time soon-to-be parent I'm all for snapping up useful bargains, but I don't know if this is somethign I really need.


@Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter I don't know, I'd think that if you have a blender, it'd work just as well? My mom was totally granola when we were wee, and she just used the blender when she made our food.


@Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter

Do not need, especially if you already have a BPA-free food processor. Also, the pureed-foods-only phase does not last long!


@atipofthehat @Jean Alien-Spouse@twitter I've also known some parents who did baby-led weaning, which involves introducing them to (manageable) solid foods directly and skipping purees altogether, and it has worked pretty well for them.


@Jen Alien-Spouse@twitter Someone gave me one, and I used it a lot. It's basically steamer-plus-little-food-processor, but the beauty is that you're washing the one bowl plus blade instead of saucepan, steamer, bowl and blade. Even if all that goes in the dishwasher. I was surprised at how useful it turned out to be, and even once they start doing some finger food, mine really liked the purées, and they're good for practicing with a spoon. Mine got a ton of use, and I gave it to someone who also uses it a lot. But I wouldn't have paid retail for it.


I'm sorry Friendly Forest Rings...I'm just going to share this

Reconsider supporting a company who's CEO gives massive amounts of money to Rick Santorum.


I love that bathing suit, but I am deathly afraid of bathing suits. I have not worn one since college because I am so self-conscious of how I look in them. So, I usually wind up wearing jorts and an old t-shirt or tank top if I'm in a poolside/beach situation. The last time I went bathing suit shopping, I wound up asking the salesgirl if they had old-timey bathing dresses. She thought I was kidding.


I got so sick and tired of stressing about bikini season and then I dropped $150 on a fancy ass 1 piece swimsuit very similar to the one above from Anthropologie. And you know what? IT'S FUCKING AWESOME. For the first time in my life after puberty I can go swimming without flashing everybody from one end or the other. I have the confidence to just get in the damn water - not just aesthetically because it covers more skin but because I know none of my friends are going to get introduced to my bikini line. I'm never ever going back. 1 piece suits are more flattering, more comfortable, and more practical. I don't wear a swimsuit to show off my abs, I wear a swimsuit because I want to do something fun that involves water - inner tubing, swimming in the ocean, whatever. Now I can just stop thinking about what I'm wearing and start focusing on having fun. It is the best.


Ahhhhh, I have that Jason Wu skirt. It is AMAZING, but it kinda clings a little, so be aware of what kind of tights you wear under it (if you do that sort of thing!). It's too cold to know what it's like on its own. :/

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