Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Feist's "Bittersweet Memories" Video

For her latest music video, the Canadian indie-pop musician Leslie Feist aptly borrows images from Argentinean photographer Irina Werning's popular and much-blogged-about (there's got to be a better term than that) "Back to the Future" photo series, featuring side-by-side then-and-nows. (The track also appears on Feist's 2011 album Metals.)

Elsewhere in appealing content found on Rolling Stone: Willie Nelson covers Pearl Jam's "Just Breathe."

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Wow, I don't know how I hadn't seen that photo series yet, but it is AWESOME. I want to know how they found clothes that look identical to the childhood clothes and how they managed to find the same background (if people moved, got rid of furniture, etc.). Unless that stuff is photoshopped?


@olivebee No kidding! I want to know this guy's number and how soon he wants us to get started on the 2012 edition of the kid in the top pic.

emily eileen

@olivebee That's exactly what I was wondering!!


Oft be-blogged?

Edith Zimmerman

@lizardjellybean Oh my god


The girl at 1:39 is killing it.


Not to be all hipster, but zefrank did it first/also: http://www.zefrank.com/youngmenowme/. I love this whole project, whoever does it, though! It's super fun.


@@serenityfound Oh no, is Ze Frank all hipster? I was legitimately unaware!


@youresmalltime Nah. I just always feel weird when I pull out the "well ACTUALLY {x} did that first/years ago" or "the ORIGINAL [X] was [y]". I promise I'm not rolling my eyes in detached disdain!

Neve Garrett

Ahhhh, heartbreak


I may have something in my eye


Stop reminding me that my sweet little boy is going to grow up! And that he will be a big hairy man at that!

Quick Brown Fox

Definitely made me cry at my desk. The intimacy of family snapshots, coupled with the way people change with time, coupled by the goofy videos of the contemporary photoshoots, coupled with the beautiful sadness of the song. Ugh, desk tears!


Watching this immediately after reading Ghost. I will never stop crying again.

Kirston Rafferty@facebook

This was awesome, the thought and effort that they put into this is mind blowing, I miss being a kid

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